Having problems with your 1998 Ford Explorer ?

1998 ford explorer, when comming to a stop, wants to keep pulling, have to put in nutural,then when you put back in drive goes dead. was just doing it when clod, then stops when worms up. has done it

\015 Not giving any code, didn't do it much at all during the summer,\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Possibly the TTC (torque converter clutch) solenoid
in trans
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1998 ford explorer, when comming to a stop, wants to keep pulling, have to put in nutural,then when you put back in drive goes dead. was just doing it when clod, then stops when worms up. has done it

Possibly the TTC (torque converter clutch) solenoidin trans ... 1998 Ford Explorer

2001 Buick LeSabre battery goes dead after 3 to 5 days of no use. Bought new, has done this since purchase. Dealer claims all background power uses are within specs. Garaged when not in use. Can a toggle switch be put in to end drainage when garaged? Are there other solutions?

Have alternator checked car may be running on battery power only. Check alternator belts as well. At night, look at lit dashboard while car is in idle, if dashboard lights are pulsating a bit the alternator may need to be replaced. ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

My 1985 Fiero is hard to start and when it starts it idols but when I put it in gear it goes dead ?? I put in a new Idol control valve and a new Throttle position sensor, I did notice when I put the TPS on the lever on the side that looks like it should adjust the lever on the carb was causing the car to idol at full throttle so I had to remove the lever from the TPS and then it would idol correctly. But it goes dead when I put it in gear ?????

Try the fuel presure regulater it should be on the fuel rail ( that is if it is the V-6 ) it hasone vacum line on it and it has i think like 6 screws holding it in. it will cause just that same problem it will also cause it to flood at idle and foul ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

My clark forklift goes dead when i put it in gear but cranks and idles fine goes dead when put in forward or reverse where do i start to fix this problem

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When im driven my 02 pathfinder with the lights on the lights goes dim and the car starts to **** then goes dead while driven i have put a new battery and a new alternator on and it still does that so

Could be starter or any number of wires best bet from my expirence is auto electician i had this fault on a customers car a year or so back and spent days on it then gave up and took it to my electrician who sorted it in no time for not a lot of cash ... Nissan Pathfinder

2000 alero Has a charging problem new alternator runs fine for a couple of hours then battery goes dead but the alt puts out 14.6 volts but the batt goes dead

Hi...\015\012\015\012If the alternator giving out a power of 14+ then the alternator is fine.\015\012It seen the air condition or something is sucking power from the battery instead of the alternator. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

My battery goes dead after 3 days alt puts 14.6 volts back to battery 12.4 but it goes dead after 3 days if i don't use my truck

Sound like you have something left on.. i had the same thing with my truck... you think that you went all over the truck in noting left on.. but their is... my was a ground wire that went to anything so i cut the wire.. in it never went dead again ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado

Clutch problem...? I am searching at what would cause, occasionly, hard shifting in put, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd with grindeling in reverse . When I manage to put 1gear on I will have sometimes clutch chatter and only there with pedal pushed. It happens when the car is worm only and the phenomenon comes and goes. When it goes it shifts like butter with not slipping, noise etc. the Flywheel, pressure plate, pilot bearing and disc has only 10 000 miles on. No visible leaks, either from master or slave

Hi Amiralred, I believe the problem is to be found with the clutch plate and most likely to do with a defective center boss. When it is removed I believe you will find that one or more of the torque absorption spring has broken and possibly the ... 2005 Scion xB

1990 toyota corrola dx automatic goes dead when put in reverse

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1998 ford explorer wont go from 4wd low back to 4x4auto...one day i put the car in 4x4low to get out of my show filled driveway when i was done I put the switch back to auto and about 10 mins later i start hearing a buzzing noise under the floor boards. This goes off and on until finally the car is no longer in gear. Even putting it in park doesnt stop it. ,,,,,had to use the E brake. Got it towed and when it got to the shop it would only drive in 4wd low. dude at the shop wanted to charge me 20

You need to replace the transfer case, the transfer case is bad, replace it, a used transfer case goes for about $200, new one is around $900, takes about 4-5hours to do, and labor is about $80 an hour. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Timing how do I know if the timing is to high or low on a 1992 Toyota Camry V6? the car was running at one point. then I put 10 bucks in gas in it and i didn't go 2 minutes and you know was kinda sputtering like and quit and wouldn't start back up. Fire. Well I put two pieces on it. I put a piece that consists of something to do with the timing and it starts up you just got to keep your foot on the gas cause if you let it off then it goes dead???? What do you think

There can be several reasons for the lousy idling. if you have fuel injection you have a Tps (throttle positon sensor) this controls the idle. you could have a weak fuel pump. it will start fine ,but the system will lose it's prime. as far as timing ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Vibration Good day. At speeds between 80 and 100km/h my 730d goes into a vibration. I was told that it might be gearbox mountings that need replacing. Tyres are all balanced and wheel alignment is correct. Also from time to time the computer just kicks out. sometimes there is a 'cluck" sound. Everything on the dash goes dead and the gearbox puts itself into "safe" mode. When you turn the engine off and restart it the problem goes away !! Is this a common problem and how do i reslove this. The BM

Solution in problem with the occasional when dash kick it and restart in Safe Mode - make use your car on I-BUS RESET. What vibration with gearbox covers, I do not think it will be bad gearbox mountings. I suggest to ... 2003 BMW 7 Series

Car will start but goes dead when you put it in gear

You may need to replace your throttle body that may be the cause of this problem, but first have your engine diagnosed ... Hyundai Motor 2004 Sonata

Rough idling goes dead when u put it in gear r

This could be a engine missfire, a tune up may be required. You will need to have the computer tested to determine which cylinder may be causing the missfire then testing on that particular cylinder could be performed. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Ranh out gas now car put when started and goes dead after seconds

Fuel injection doesn't like to be run out of gas. You can get all the sediment and junk in the bottom of the gas tank, sucked up into the fuel strainer. (Sock)This will make the 'sock' collapse. Think of the fuel strainer 'sock', as a ver ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2001 nissian sentra GXE 1.8L we have changed every sensor the car has oxygen, trottle, mass air flow....... even sent the computer to get checked no problems found, and still the RPM goes up to3 while ldoling and will cut it self off at times when it put into gear. when we attempt to drive it it don't want to change out or it goes dead .PLEASE HELP.

Hi, have you checked the idle air control valve? This valve controls the engine idle. It is sitting on top of the engine near the throttle body and looks like the picture below. You might want to try disconnecting the valve to see if the engine id ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

I own a Scorpio 2.6 crde 2006 model. the problem with my car is that it runs for about 5km and then stops if accelerated high. On idle the RPM goes upto 2500 to 3000 max when accelerated after that the engine check light comes and turns down the engine. the car is being stuck with various mechanics since 15 days nobody yet is able to troubleshoot the problem. Things that were done already since the day first. 1) ecm check done and ecm works fine as they have put an other ecmto id

Please scan it the problem may be the brake light switch ... 2006 Mahindra Scorpio 2.6

2002 sub. battery goes dead every night i can put it on charge for 15-20 min.the next morning and it starts right up and runs fine everything works battery charges up park it for the night and same thing the next morning dead nothing works until charged 15-20 min starts right up again Help! please

Your battery is no good and you need to buy a new one.\015\012Alex. ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban

I am working on a 2002 chrysler sebring with a 2.7 L the problem is that about every two to three days the battery goes dead. put a new battery in and had alternator tested and is still going dead. do u have any ideas where to start as i am not very firmilar with this vehicle.

Perform a current drain test ... Chrysler Sebring


If the voltages are varying wildly, it is an indications that the voltage regulator is toast, kaput, etc.The regulator should be putting out STEADY voltage. If the voltage is varying, it negatively effects how the battery is recharged or not r ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

1998 Dodge Intrepid ES Okay, here goes. Had an overheating problem last summer. Had the water pump and timing belt on that replaced then. I have had the "new" fan system put in as the old one is not sold any longer, had that done in July. I had a new thermostat and radiator put in, January of this year. I think that covers everything on the radiator system, except the overflow tank! We have made sure that there is no air in the system (repeatedly), even disconnected and reconnected the

\012Auto inspections of the vehicle may produce results contributing towards restoration. For example, the auto technician makes the evaluation as separate arrangement from which problematic areas are ascertainable. The res ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

My 2004 High Performance Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland all of a sudden when idling, the motor begins to race and the temp gauge goes over to 260. When you put in gear and drive it goes back down quickly. It has done this 3 times in the last 3 months. I took it to a Jeep Dealer and they could not reproduce the problem. Any ideas?

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

04 clk500 w209 stored for winter. Battery was dead, jumped with spark box and have 2 Malfunctions:BAS and ESP and also break pedal goes to the floor. Fully charged battery and errors disappeared, but the brake pedal still goes to the floor.... No Malfunctions presently listed. When car was put away in late Nov no issues at all,,what gives with the brakes.. The fluids are good, no sign of leaks..

... Mercedes-Benz CLK

Automatic gearbox When putting it into gear it has no power at all including reverse, the car just goes along at around 10 mph,and when engaging any gear, it seems to be dead at first. Also, when starting it up there a huge noise which sounds like a belt rubbing, it goes away after a while, then now and again, it comes back.

Have your torque converter checked ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

944runner v6 I did a heads replacement have new belt put cams in place I think right but want to make sure it was done right . do I find top dead center frist and then put the belt on or do I set the cams frist

Align both at same time, remove spark plug rotate crankshaft so no. 1 is at TDC of compression stroke, fly wheel and transmission housing timing mark's should align, camshaft sprocket timing mark should align with bearing cap mark, start with the cra ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner
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