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Why does my 1998 Expedition sound like a helecopter?

\015 Started two days ago, and first was just kind of jerking. Like it wasnt getting gas. When I started going over the bridge, the check engine light started blinking. After I got over the bridge, it went off. Changed plugs, and now it sounds like a helicopter, even when it is just idling. After changing the plugs, it does seem to be jerking less while driving it though.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Could be bad plug wire try unplugging them one at a time and starting it if u unplug one and star it and it sounds the same if its plugged in its a bad wire
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Why does my 1998 Expedition sound like a helecopter?

Could be bad plug wire try unplugging them one at a time and starting it if u unplug one and star it and it sounds the same if its plugged in its a bad wire ... 1998 Ford Expedition

2006 mazda6i making clunking sound in passenger side front end when going from 0 to 65 then sound is not as bad, no steering vibration new strut all bolts are tight, im thinking half shaft is bad but like i said no grinding sound ,and it sounds like the front end is falling out

Try this link\015\012http://www.fixya.com/support/r4024292-front_end_noise_steering_suspension ... 2006 Mazda 6

I have 2000 Ford Expedition. And July 4th I had to get my boat out of the water and you have to put ithe Expedition in 4lo to pull it out the water. Pulled it out and took it out of 4lo. Did what I had to do to the boat> Giot back into the Expedition and checked to see if it was out of $lo and took off. Went about 50 yards and all of a sudden I heard like a real loud noise. And now it makes a rattling sound every once in a while. And it kinda feels like there is a drag went letting off the brake

The noise you prob heard was the rear brakes. Sometimes when you get them wet they will rattle and or get stuck for a few moments. did you use your emerg brake when pulling the boat on? it could just be the e brake arm or cable rattling. ... Ford Expedition

I have a 2007 Ford Expedition EL I bought used last year. The Air conditioner stopped working last year after making a really funny sound and causing me to pull of the freeway to investigate. After replacing what sounded like everything front and rear (compressor blew and put medal through the lines) it worked again. It just made the same sound yesterday and the AC stopped working again. Is this a common issue with the Expedition? The interesting thing is both times it happened my travel trailer

... 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer EL

How to know if my brake booster or my master cyclinder is the problem on 1997 ford expedition? My brakes don't go to the floor when they wanna fail but I hear a sound near my dash where I'm driving, it sounds like a tumbling rumbling sound and they seem like they aren't gonna stop my ford but they do after some distance of trying to stop.It is rather scary cause there is no warning when this is going to happen. I may drive it for 2 days with no problems and then all of a sudden it does this. Hav

If you have drum brakes, check to make sure the wheel cylinders are not leaking, if they are not i would throw a master cylinder in the vehicle because its not the brake booster, all the brake booster does is provide assistance for braking making it ... 1997 Ford Expedition

I need some help to understand what is happening with the a/c of my 1998 Ford Expedition; when it's parked the A/C works perfectly at any level; but when running, when acelerate over 40 miles/hr the A/C sounds like something is obstructing the ducts (air is still there but sound like obstructed); when remove the acceleration the A/C is back; so basically sounds obtructed only when accelerate. Any ideas?....Please advice [email protected]

Yes, this sounds like your heating system may lack vacuum. The system is designed to fail in the defrost mode. Some vehicles shut down ac compressor under heavy acceleration, but you did not mention heavy throttle.\012\012So, look for vac ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 93 Nissan Altima (AT transmission) and while driving my car....sometimes the speed ometer stays on "0" and the RPM goes up while I have my foot on the gas and it sounds like it is stuck in first gear. Then after a minute or so it will shift over and the speed ometer will go to normal and you can hear the gear switch over & the car will also **** a little while it goes into the next gear. Does this sound like it needs a new transmission?

Speedometer failed when the cable is broken; if the gears wont egnage, its possible that you have any propblem in the Torque Converter or Solenoids. First try with mainenance and check fluids. ... 1993 Nissan Altima

2001 Ford Expedition Premium Sound System suddenly stopped sounding premium, I thought I heard something hit the truck when I was on the highway but no marks outside and the stereo suddenly started sounding tinny, like a cheap transitor radio instead of the Big Bass Sound it had before. It wasn't even cranked up. Suppose it could have been an electrical short that made the sound instead of something hitting the truck. I checked fuses and and changed relay, no help. Is there a pre-amp away fr

Your best bet,and I never recommend this,is a dealer,because they would be familiar with your sound system. ... 2001 Ford Expedition

1998 Expedition making a schllling sound when started and keeps going. making the same sound later on in the engine running. also when it stops it sounds like metal is rubbing together. Also the truck shuddders when i drive it at around 1500 rpms. Same problem? help please

Sounds like Starter shorting. Flyweel may be shot now too. Don't drive it till its fixed. Theres just so many things that can go wrong here. ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition. When I go to start it it wont turn over, but you hear this clicking sound behind the fuse box under the steering wheel. When I turn the knob of the lights the clicking sounds stops, but when I turn the lights back off the clicking sound starts back up. After dickering with it for awhile its like the computer automatically resets itself and you can hear an click then it starts up. Any suggestions?

... 1999 Ford Expedition

1998 ford expedition 4.6 making a clacking noise, sounds like a valve

... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 2006 Ford expedition limited, whenever i run my AC their is a hissing sound in the rear of the truck sounds like air leaking and a few days later my air isn't cool anymore, what in the re

... 2003 Ford Expedition

The dvd player in my 2006 Ford Expedition is making a strange sound. It sounds like there is something hung up in it. We tried pressing buttons 3 and 5 but it doesn't help. Thanks for any help. M

... 2006 Ford Expedition

2007 ford expedition makes sound like if it was running hot, but temp. indicator stays a little bit below normal. Air conditioner stops working when making this sound.

Hi,\015\012\015\012First, DO NOT open coolant system while vehicle has been running...Danger of sclading\015\012\015\012Make sure radiator fluid is at its proper level. vehicle being low on coolant can cause this problem. ... 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer EL

2003 for expedition. I have a continuous clicking sound coming from the back of my SUV. Its not the heater door because that has already been fixed and the noise is constant when the tuck is running. It really sounds like a pump running. I was told that it was my fuel pump but I thought the fuel pump was in the tank. Any ideas? I've owned this since it was new.

The fuel pump is in the tank but if it gets loud enough it can be heard inside the car. try take off the gas cap and putting your ear to the tank and see if sounds like it is coming from within ... 2003 Ford Expedition

98 buick lesabre oil pressure dropped to 0 and engine died. added 1 quart oil, waited 30 minutes, started and drove 5 miles then oil pressure dropped to 0 and engine died. does this sound like a bad oil pump? where is the oil pump and is it hard to change for a "handy" person? thank you.

My sister had the same problem. There are 2 sensors that can cause this when they go bad. One is the oil pressure switch, which is located near the oil filter. When the PCM reads this switch, and gets a low reading, it will automatically kill the eng ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

I have a 98 lincoln mark viii I bought a few weeks ago. Everyone raved about how much i was going to like the JBL sound system in it. It sounds no different than the radio in my base model expedition. Could the external amp that lincoln installed be blown? If so, is there a way to test it to be sure? thanks.

Check the radio settings see DSP if it is set to news it will sound crappy ... 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

My 2004 ford expedition xlt sound like is choking for air when i start the engine is ok but when i start moving start making noises i think is the pcv but i dont know where it is i check on top of the engine but dont know how it looks like i try looking for a diagram but cant find it..

Could be a bad coil or bad cat . Is there a loss of power or is the check engine light on ?Is it making a hissing sound ? If it is then it sounds like a bad cat ... 2004 Ford Expedition

My check engine light is on and it shakes like crazy and while idiling it sounds like it is running out of gas even when its full. 97 ford expedition 4.7L XLT 2WD

Never heard of a 4.7 are sure its not a 4.6 anyway if check engine light is on it knows what your problem is just drive it over to a auto zone or advance auto parts and they will pull the codes for you for free. that is the best place to start chance ... 1997 Ford Expedition

My expedition cuts out when i try to excelerate quickly, acts kinda like a missfire. it sounds like a four stroke dirt bike . any suggestions on what it might be?

Try to check the ignition high-voltage cables ... 1998 Ford Expedition

1998 Expedition An alarm sounded that we had never heard, it sounded like it came from the glove box. The dash panel instruments all went flat (gas, tackometer, oil pressure etc.) the alarm system light was on and then is just died. NOTHING no turn over dead. Any ideas? Kristine

I'm not sure, but the turn signal flasher may be behind the glove box, If it is, you probably heard it shorting out and blowing a fuse or fuses. ... 1998 Ford Expedition

My expedition is making a clicking sound from the area of the right rear wheel well. sounds like a solenoid switch clicking on and off. noise stops when making a left turn

Does it stop when you turn off your rear A/C? This happened to us and when we turned off the air the clicking stopped. It was the relay for the rear A/C. ... 2004 Ford Expedition

I have a whooping noise coming through my filter tubing sounding like exhaust manifold leak like a blown gasket sometimes it will stop now my oil pressure is dropping down to 0 after my oil get warm but he engine doesn't knock

... 2000 Chevrolet 3500

2003 Expedition 4 wh drive noise coming from underneath front can't tell which side sounds like a spark knock. This happens when going up a grde and soon as you let off the excelarator it will quit for a few seconds and start back. Like a vacuum problem. The guys at ford can't figure it out. I sure hope you have heard about this it the past.

Is your expedition a manual shift or an automatic. ... 2000 Ford Focus

It sounds like something is rubbing up against tire but can;t see anything, and have heard it when turning left and going straight. like a grinding noise, it's a 2003 ford expedition

I would check the wheel bearings first. ... 2003 Ford Expedition
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