Having problems with your 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD ?

Do u have a picture of the back brakes of 98 1500 ram truck

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Answers :

Look like this 11" drum style, Dodge Ram.? You may have to zoom it.769b08d.jpg
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD

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Do u have a picture of the back brakes of 98 1500 ram truck

Look like this 11" drum style, Dodge Ram.? You may have to zoom it. ... 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD

01 Dodge ram 1500. Oil pressure gauge keeps dropping to 0 while driving. If I turn the truck off and back on it goes right back up, then back down after driving a few minutes. Help?

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I have a problem with my brakes on my 2005 dodge ram 5.7L 1500. I have replaced all rotors, callipers, and pads and have bled them and only have brakes on the left side of my truck and even then they are not good. I have gotten fluid to come out of the front right calliper but the calliper does no compress the pads to the rotor, there is no movement and on the back right I haven't gotten any fluid to come through and I have tried several times pumping the brakes. This is driving me insane and I

I would have to see the truck in person, but there may be a couple of things going on.Somewhere on the truck is a proportioning valve. The valve balances pressure to all 4 wheels with more to the front. That valve could be faulty. You could f ... Cars & Trucks

Ok, I have a good for you! 1996 Dodge Ram, 4 x4 ,Extended cab, Heavy Half,Towing package, ect. Had new Trans installed, total tune-up,All new exhaust motor back,over sized heavy-duty trans cooler,all new brakes, ect. Here is problem: Start truck when cold, drive all day or not 5 min ride or 1-2 hr ride don't matter, after that once you need to back up and put back into drive, transmission doesn't want to shift, starts out in drive,(not first gear like it should) three tranny shops later no codes

After replacement was the system flashed with new software? this requires a reprogram of the system. ask the dealer if they have the latest programing for your vehicle. hope this helps ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 3500, 5.9 Diesel w/ high mileage. I have had the rear speed sensor replaced 2x in the last 5 years. And again the ABS + Brake light are coming on {again}. The back brakes are felling grabby. Is this a common issue with this year Dodge truck?

Have you had the rear diff serviced regularly? If not, this is most likely the cause. Metal builds up on the sensor, and "shorts" it out. Keeping your diff serviced every 30K should help them last longer. ... 1998 Dodge Ram

This evening my 2001 GMC Sonoma was in 4-wheel drive. As I was backing out of a parking spot, I heard a clunk and had no brakes. I continued to back up with no brakes and then finally felt my brakes coming to. I again proceeded forward and noticed I had no brakes again, so, I placed the truck in reverse and put truck in 2-wheel drive and got my brakes back again. Is the truck just not engaging in 4-wheel driver properly?

I would not drive that truck 1 more foot until that brake situation is rectified! No the 4 wheel drive cannnot make the brakes go out, they are 2 seperate systems entirely and have aero to do with the other as far as operation. This is a very dange ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Which fuse is for the back brake lights? - 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

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I have a 2003 Ram 1500 4WD quad cab. The truck started making a grinding sound like the 4wd was trying to engage then it made a banging sound and now my floor mounted 4wd shifter just swings freely back and forth.The rod and alignment pin that connects the transfer case shifter to the transfer case is missing and I can't find a picture or description of it to order a new one.

... Dodge Ram 3500

Looking for a wire diagram with color in order to get my back brakes to work for a 2000 dodge 3500 ram truck.

Check the fuses in the engine compartment. dodge has a separate (brake)fuse for driver and passenger side of vehicle. ... 2000 Dodge Ram 3500

99 ram 3500 front brakes sticking, Replaced the front flex lines. Calipers don't seem to be sticking as I can push them back with a C clamp. I drove the truck after I replaced the hoses and it seemed fine. After it was parked for a couple of hours they were stuck again.

First, make sure the pads aren't "frozen" to the caliper carrier. This is important, they must be free to slide. If the pads come out really hard, that may be your problem.\015\012Most calipers have a small stainless steel clip that the pads se ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Brake lights work, when headlights are turned on they don't work and tail lights don't work the other problem is when i turn left or right turn signal on they work properly in front but both go on in the back of the truck plz help me .... its a 1986 Dodge power ram

This is commonly an earthing problem, but can also be caused by a wrong bulb or blown bulb.Check all bulbs, and that they are tight in their bulb holders, with clean contacts.The stop\\tail bulbs can short out inside the glass from one fi ... 1986 Dodge Ram Wagon

Have a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 laramie 4 x 4, put new ebc rotors/pad (including springs, etc) on front and new ebc drum/pads, etc on back. Never had this problem prior. Now when I have to stand on the brakes (emergency (deer, etc)) the vibration is beyond belief. I had the rotors turn down with a pro-cut lathe on the truck. Put new pads on after that and still experiencing problem. Any suggestions.

Did you turn the drums? probably have a drum out of round if so it can shake the whole truck. make sure the shoes match up with drum when fitted indside most of surface needs to touch ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Bad Brakes Brake pedal is hard to depress and also pushes back against my foot when I try to stop sometimes. It doesn't do this all the time though oh and it make a hissing noise also. Sometimes it will pushes back hard and then the truck is almost stopped then the brakes come on hard and stalls the motor? I was thinking it might be the booster but all the lines are conected and when I shut the truck off and wait 90 seconds then hit the pedal I have power brakes, so the booster isn't leaking. Ma

I would be looking at the ABS valve. one way to test the booster is to start the vehicle while you ae depressing the brake pedal, you should feel the brake pedal drop a little bit, this is a sign that the boostr is working properely. you may want to ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

Brake issues I bought the truck used realizing the brakes needed to be worked on. I had the brakes worked on at Just Brakes to the tune of several hundred dollars. When the brakes are applied it feels as though the truck does not want to stop. Even when applied hard the brakes do not give a "positive" stop. I took the truck back to Just Brakes and was told that "that is just the way the Dodge brakes are." I find that hard to believe. None of my other vehicles have this issue. Unfortunate

When you hit the brake do you have to pump the brakes to get it to stop? and or do they go almost to the floor when you try to stop? ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Ram Brake Problems

If you are using seramic brake pads this could be your problem try using carbon instead . Seramic usally tends to slide and take longer to stop but if you have carbon the pads wont last as long but inturn will stop the truck better and quicker ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

When i put on my brakes my turn signal lights light up on back of my truck. when i put my turn signal lights all of my brake lights flash on and off on the back. everything on the frount of the truck works the way it should. this is in a 1999 gmc 1500

... 1999 GMC Yukon

When I am backing out of a parking space ad I cut my wheel hard to left or right my truck mercury mountaineer 2003 studders or feel like the brakes r sticking as I move out. I change my bearings ad brakes ad mech checked differential back ad front ad found every thing to b find but truck still vibrate when I pull out.

If this is a 4 wheel drive then this is due to a problem in the transfer case, make sure the fluid has been changed at least every 30,000 miles and and also add 2 ounces of friction modifier, Sta-Lube anti-lock differential additive is a good choice ... Cars & Trucks

We have a Ford Ranger F150 Edge Truck. My husband changed the brakes on the back wheels and rotated the tires. After he was finished we took a ride and we notice that we heard a clicking noise and the truck started dragging. We where on the interstate and we were going slower and slower. When we got home the front tires where so hot. We thought it was the back tires but no the brakes on the front tires where so hot. I hope you can help us. thanks

That's strange! try bleeding the brake system. you can find procedures on the web. google ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Back brakes began to stick and not release once the parking brake was used by a tow truck drive that took it to the repair shop and the shop pushed the truck into the shop.Now the brakes stay engaged you push on the brake pedal. Only after its driven a while and you stop and than start it again,driver passage tire doesn't turn. Any ideas, we disenaged the parking brake, new brakes any ideas?

Replace e-brake cables and more than likely both rear brake cylinders,shoes and drums ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

2007 Ram Quadcab 4x4 1500. Truck vibrates when switched to 4x4... feels like the tires are out of balance and stays in that condition even if I switch it back to 4x2.The only way to clear this condition is to switch it back to 4x2 mode and then turn the truck off and then back on. The truck drives fine in 4x2 no issues?

Look at the wheel joints,just inside the front spindles ... Dodge Ram 1500

I own a 2005 dodge ram viper pickup truck srt 10 which i bought 2 years ago. The problem is vehicle vibrates when braking at any speed over 20mph and the steering wheel shimmies from side to side After i purchased truck, about 2 months later in 2007. I had the brake pads and rotors repla ced with vehicle having 16,000 highway miles no city driving on vehicle. and since then I've had to change the front brakes every four weeks. Just today I picked up the truck from marino chrysler in

This One is One Of Two Things 1. Change The Rear Brakes!!!!!! Thats Right When Your Rear Brakes Are Worn You Go Through Front Brakes Like Crazy As They Are The Only Way Your Car Can Really Stop. 2. Check The Brake ... Chrysler SRT

I have a 2008 Dodge Ram that came with the tow package. When I plug in my 7-pin trailer (with electric brakes) everything works fine until I turn on the truck lights. When I turn on the truck lights, I loose both of my turn signals and brake lights on the trailer. The running lights stay on. I unplugged the brake controller and still have the same problem. I compared my trailer plug diagram to my trucks manual and everything appears to be wired correctly.

If you have amber signal lights & red brake lights, it's 2 separate circuits. You'll need to buy a small converter that you wire into harness to correct that. Not expensive, try autoparts store or RV/trailer sales, should have them. ... 2008 Ford F-350

06 Equinox brake problems. My wifes front rotor beat really hard whenever she brakes. I know i need to get them turned but i have to do this every three months. I think this is b/c the back drums need adjusting. My question is, is there a way to adjust them without taking the wheels off. Example my truck is a 97 1500 and all you do is pull up on the parking brake release and pump the parking brake a few times. Example #2 on 95 1500's whenever you back up the drum brakes automatically adjust.

You can turn a rotor once or twice but each time you do, you are removing metal...The rotors today are really not thick enough to put up with too much of that before they are too thin to be useful. In removing metal they will not dissipate heat well ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I need to know what is wrong with my dodge ram 1500 . When I brake the truck squeals and its not my brake pads cause they look like new .

Did you install Dodge Replacement pads or aftermarket? With the size of the rotors and pads on your Ram it is not uncommon for aftermarket pads to have squeal. Did you install and use the anti-squeal material that should have come with the pads? ... 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport

I have a 94 chevy truck and the e-brake will not engage, i push it in and it pops back out and will not put truck in park with e-brake, is this a cable type brake ? the brake fuild is fine....please help

... Chevrolet 1500
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