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1998 dodge caravan fuel light comes on at half tank. Just started it. Why?

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1998 dodge caravan fuel light comes on at half tank. Just started it. Why?

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I have a 2000 jimmy,when i bought it the fuel gauge was not working.it was jumping up and down and was unreliable.I put in a new pump,tank ,filter and gas cap. The guage again is not working properly.One minute you step on brake the fuel gauge will drop to empty and low fuel light will come on,after driving, it might shoot up to full when tank is only half and sometimes it is where it should be.Also when you leave truck parked for 8 or more hrs it seems you have to crank it to start as it not ge

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Everytime I run my car low on fuel then add more,whether I fill it up or not,it starts missing and the 'service engine soon' light comes. WE thought it was something to do with the firing system at first so we have changed the O2 sensor,ignition module,crank sensor,all plugs and wires and all 3 coils. I now know it is fuel related.The last 4 times I have run it down to a quarter tank or just below the added fuel,this happens.As long as I keep it above a half a tank,it runs fine. What should we c

U must have dirt or rust in the fuel tank, when the level gets low enough it gets sucked into the system. Remove the fuel filter and check if it is full of dirt/rust if so you will have to flush the fuel tank. good luck ... 1996 Pontiac Firebird

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 Limited started up the other day (and all last winter) no prob. I tried to start again and it will not catch. I am getting no spark to the coil.The interiors come on and then go out leaving only the check guages and LOW FUEL lights on.My voltage goes up as does my fuel guage then the fule gauge drops out. I know I have a half tank of gas so that is what is bugging me. it seems to mean something but after searching ALOT of forums im still stumped. I have tried a whole

If you happen to narrow the problem to the ecu, the only parts in the ecu that need to be changed are the three power capacitors, which cost under $5. They supply power to the fuel pump relay and the ignition system relays. Jeep won't start if those ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 Dodge Durango won't startMy 2001 Dodge Durango all of the sudden will not start after running fine. Turns over but no spark or fuel. Replaced coil. Sill nothing. When I turn the key over the security light flashes on and off then stays on, check engine, check gauges, and gas light comes on, gas gauge does not register even though there is almost 1/2 tank of gas. Mileage flashes a couple of times then NO BUS in odometer. Towed it to dealer to have them check if PCM was bad. They said their c

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We have a 2003 kia sorento diesel which just cut out whilst towing a caravan at 60mph. no loss of power at any time, no smoking. been working perfectly. we can prime the system and it starts, but having used all the primed fuel it cuts out again. we've had new fuel injectors fitted but there is no pressure in the system. The garage says there is no internal fuel tank pump. theyve tried a different fuel pump but it dosent help. any suggestions. theres no engine management lights come on and its

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I have a 1998 dodge grande caravan that was sputtering. So I tried to change the fuel filter. In doing so I broke a piece of the fuel pump. So I replaced the fuel pump and it run the pump motor but nothing would come out. sO I TOOK IT BACK AND THEY TESTESTED AND IT WOULDN'T PUMP. sO i WENT TO AUTOZONE AND PURCHSED another one put it in and the same thing. I have about 2 and a half gallons in the tank and the filteris full of fuel but it is not pumping. Is my luck that bad I bought a secon

There could be a common supplier/builder of pumps to both parts houses that has a real quality control problem. (The pumps may be running backward). Did you prime the pumps with a squirt of gas in the intake before installing? I'm not sure that it is ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2004 pontiac montana. for about two years the fuel guage would fold over and read 125 degrees when the tank is full. it woulld stay there until tank was empty and the needle would drop to empty, turning on the fuel light. it is now getting worse. when i fill the tank, the needle reads full as soon as i start the vehicle. it stays there for about 30 seconds, and then drops to empty and the fuel light comes on even though the tank is full. the check engine light is also coming on at the s

... 2004 Pontiac Montana

1996 Dodge Caravan 2.4 liter . fuel gauge. temperature gauge , speedometer will not move when engine is started also odometer light does not come on check battery voltage when vehicle is at rest voltage read 12.86 volts start engine voltage read 13..86 battery is charging . What is the likely cause for the gauges and odometer to remain dead when the vehicle is started?

... 1996 Dodge Caravan

97 Dodge Ram 1500 has ran perfect until this afternoon. It started but idled rough for about 3 seconds then died, second time it lasted a couple of seconds idled rough and died. Now it will try to start but won't completely turn over not for lack of trying. The idiot lights are all working like they normally do when we start the truck, nothing unusual coming on. Battery is charged, oil pressure looks fine and there is half a tank of gas.

Thi sounds like the fuel pump ,you can check this by terning on the ignition you should hear a huing sound from the tank , this may take two people ,or you kan put your hand on the top of the tank and feal for a vibration . if you dont hear or feal a ... 1997 Dodge Ram

I have a 98 dodge grand caravan sport. a few days ago the check engine light came on and stayed on. yesterday, the van acted like it was running out of gas. i was low on gas, but not below the E line. we put gas in the tank. it turns over, but doens't start. it is fuel injected. we checked the fuel pressure on the fuel rail and there is no pressure.

There can be a misfire too from the cylinders.An engine that \015\012hesitates, stumbles or misfires when accelerating or when\015\012 it is under load is an engine that is either sucking too much air, not \015\012getting enough fuel or m ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1993 F-250 non turbo diesel,The fuel filter light came on and stayed on.I replaced the fuel filter and the light stayed on.The truck started to stall out but would start back up,I would remove fuel filter and top off with fuel,it would be down about an inch from top.then start and run.It started stalling out every 5 minutes so I changedfuel to rear tank and light went out and did not atall but if you go over a hill or get into the throttle hard the light will come back untill u let off

Possibly sediment on the fuel tank or a blocked fuel line. Don't take that as gospel since it will involve you in a lot of mess and work, because it's only a guess, but if ... Ford F-250

I have a 1989 dodge dakota v6 3.9 tbi. when i start it up, the whole truck shakes violently, then when i get going it calms down a but, only to come back at a complete stop. also, it will stall when i come to a stop. and when i fuel up to lets say half way, and i go 25 min of driving, and i park, the next morning it will say a quarter of a tank. plzz help me, i love this truck and want to keep it. any suggestions?. anything will help, thank u

... 1989 Dodge Dakota 2WD

My 1998 Dodge caravan started missing and chugging when accelerating. Now at stops it is dying out and when it does the cruise control light is on. I had the fuel pump changed, fuel filter, changed the oil and filter, plugs and put in an injector cleaner into the tank. Today it's even worse, can't get any speed up and the engine is just tugging and pops when I try and get up speed. Any suggestions? Could the EGR valve be doing all of this?

Catalytic converter sounds plugged up. The popping back through the throttle body kind of gives me that suspicion. EGR valve stuck open could give that too, but I would think either one of these would throw a computer code. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I have a 97 dodge caravan se,it won't start .i've replased the brain under the hood and the fuse relay center.when you turn it over the lights come on but the starter won't engage and the fuel pump doesn't come on.

Hi...Hard time with your Dodge it understandable, First check your Cable on your battery.. make sure it solid and clean .. also check your connection at your starter see if you don't have any broken wire ...Solid connectio ... 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2002 XKR and from time to time even when the tank is half full the fuel guage drops to empty and the fuel light comes on, if I turn off the engine and re-start it is ok again, any ideas why and how I can fix it?

This sounds like a bad sending unit which is inside the tank, or a bad connection, check the wiring and the ground going to tank for the fuelpump and sending unit, the unit is located inside the tank, ... 2003 Jaguar Xkr

My 1995 dodge v10 just quit while running driving it. It started up but would barley run. t would not move. seemed to be starving for fuel. Then quit . The next day the truck started right up and I was able to drive it about a half a mile in which the truck ran fine and then it just stopped again. Fuel tank has 3/4 of a tank. I also poured in a bottle of injector cleaner and fuel line anti freeze into the tank. The temp outside was in the teens but should not be cold enough to freeze the fuel li

I once had a 302 ford van that ran really bad going up a hill and I thought the transmission was dying. Turned out that my catylitic converter had broken apart and clogged so the truck wasn't exhausting at all. This will make a vehicle hard start a ... 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

My 2001 Dodge Caravan won't start. lights and everything come on, but nothing else when I turn the key. Full tank. Plus, yesterday, while driving, I heard some clinking under the hood, sounded like metal. Any thoughts?

Does it click when you turn the key or do you get nothing? if nothing its prob. the starter. mine went last month and sounded similar ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Gas gage is at half a tank but when you start the car the low fuel light comes on and ithe gage is almost on empty

... 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 92 grand am se with a v 6 It Has a bunch of problems but I'm trying to work through them 1 by 1 also I don't know much about cars I'm learning as I go I've noticed that the fuel gauge is not accurate at half a tank that's when it starts to go up and down a little and I've found out the hard way about the gas light will not come on

New sender unit required ,or carry a spare can of fuel ... 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

1997 dodge pu. some time ago my truck would state to shake badly when the low fuel light came on then would die or not run more than a few miles per hour. since then the problem has increased. now it starts to act up at half tank full of gas. no one can figure it out? i am lost...

Sounds like its time to replace the fuel pump ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

1994 Dodge Grand Caravan - Start car, showing 3/4 tank of gas, drive 12 miles, guage has dropped to empty and gas light come on. Restart car and showing 3/4 full. Any ideas?


1998 dodge caravan 2.4 4cl eng - eng service light flashes ,eng hesitation , shuts off , starts back up . some times , early morning or late night start up , veichle stationary , light flashes ,shuts off , smell of fuel , start back up no problem . sometimes on the hwy diffrent speeds ,light flashes , engine hesitation , does not shut off , thank god . i have changed the fuel pump & filter , spark plugs - what else should i change .

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012Sounds like fuel delivery problem. Since you already replaced the fuel pump and Fuel filter. Take into consideration also in replacing the fuel pump relay. Here is ... Dodge Caravan

When key is in the Problem with the Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996 Grand Cherokee when key is in the "on" position my dash lights (check engine, brake, etc) will run their post and then the normal lights will remain on, however my instrument panel doesn't operate at all. The fuel light will come on to indicate that the tank is empty...even though there is a half tank. I've checked the ignition switch, and ignition cylinder. I have replaced the relay for the fuel and starter. I have replace the fuel fi

Well I have never had this problem with a jeep but I have had this problem with some Chrysler mini vans the same year. The problem always ended up being a cold solder on the instrument panel itself. If I resoled the pins on the back of the circuit bo ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 dodge intrepid would cut off while driving,no sputter ,engine just stops, no check engin light,but the cruise control light would come on. let it sit 10-15 mins and would start back up, have been looking through your web site and have done everything , others with this problem have had, replaced crank sensors ,cam sensor, fuel pump and filter, fuel pump relay ads relay,fuel pressure regulator and pcm now car wont start at all. it turns over , but wont start.

Do a compression check, if you have lost compression on 2 or more cylinders try replacing the timing belt. If the compression is good across all cylinders and you have an alarm installed by pass the alarm by removing the in line fuse from the power ... Dodge Intrepid
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