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Can I use P235/75R15 tires on my 1998 chev lumina when the tires on my car is P205/70R15

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Can I use P235/75R15 tires on my 1998 chev lumina when the tires on my car is P205/70R15

... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Front suspension 98 chev lumina. when car is on jacks should there be play on front tires or should it be stiff. i can move tire is it my tie rod?please help thanks

Jacking car on frame rail, the front end should be very tight. No play in tie rod ends, ball joints or wheel bearings. GM has sloppy front end parts. ... Chevrolet Lumina

When I use my left turn signal i have no brake lights. My husband tested the wires at the lights and found the problem under the steering column. My car is 1997 Chev Lumina.

The flasher switch is defective you have to remove the stering wheel to take it off pierre ... Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2000 Volvo s80. I bought 4 used tires and had to upgrade to 225/60/16(from a 225/55/16) tires because that was the only tires the dealership had used (I wanted 4 cheap tires). As soon as I picked the car up and drove off the lot and started to accelerate the tire slipping light came on in my dash, this is the STC warning light, and I was pushing the accelerator and the car was not accelerating. The past couple days this has been occasionally happening when I am going about 20-30 mph. Th

Yes you most likely have a speed sensor issue probably from one of the wheel speed sensors check wiring and connections at wheels ... Volvo S80

I have a 2002 SC430 problem with the alignment. The car has 50,000 miles on it and i bought it used at 46,000. For about 2-3 months the car was driving fine. The car now ALWAYS pulls pretty hard to the right, most often on side streets. The highway isn't as bad for some reason. I've gotten the car aligned TWICE at the Lexus dealership and they've told me that the tires are the problem bc they aren't "runflat", but the tires were new when i bought the car. What should i do? Replace the tires? ive

Let me 1st explain about right pull on the highweay and on city streets, all streets and roads are "crowned" this means that the street is high in the center than on the sides for water drainage, so a slight pull is nothing to worry abou ... 2002 Lexus SC 430

2008 Honda Pilot EXL extreme road noise from rough pavement. It has Goodyear Integrity tires that have about 6000 miles on them. Used car dealer put the tires on new when I bought the car. A smooth interstate causes very little noise. When I come to a section that has been resurfaced, the noise is intolerable. I can't even hear the radio. Will a different tire solve this or is it a defect in the car?

... 2008 Honda Pilot

I have a 2004 (bought new) honda crv. a couple of years ago i replaced the tires with the same tires that came with the car: bridgestone dueler h/t d684 bl p205/70r15 95s 40,000 mi warranty. the first two sets of tires were a perfect ride- smooth. about six weeks ago, i went in for new tires and the dealer i have always used (with free balance and rotation) suggested a 65,000 mile warranty tire: firestone 047150 fr710 ws p205/70r15 95s. i said great and left the car with them. within a few hours

I recommend taking your vehicle to a shop (any shop) that use a Hunter tire balancer. These machines can detect all variables that affect ride quality by not only spinning the rim, but it uses a roller to inspect the tire itself for its "road force". ... Honda CR-V

Honda passport 1998 problems 4x4 . I have noticed that the 4x4 lights on dash are flashing and when i went to use it i heard a click but the front tires arent taking the 4x4 . the last thing i did was put the back tires up in the air and started the car put car on natural and pressed 4x4 botton and put car on drive rpm 3500 and heard something grinding . please help me determine issue. thank you

Sounds like u are having front drive line problems. the press button 4x4s are not a good idea to have. transfer cases go out very easily. so check front drive line. ... 1998 Honda Passport

Thumping sound in front tires - tires end up with flat spots - dealer couldnt find problem while car was starting second year of use and still under new car warrenty. had others check it out - one changed front drivers side wheel bearing - put new tires on and still thumping

... 2006 Toyota Corolla

While driving the car after having a rack and pinion put in the car 6 months ago, the car has been making this whriling noise which is getting louder. I do not use the same mechanic because he had to repair the problem more than once on the rack and pinion. I have used 3 right front tires in 6 months any ideas what this could be?

Did he bleed rack and realign??? ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Dont start hi, Im driving a pontiac 2000 grandpix..We having a problem in our car,and its getting tiring..2 months ago the car all of a sudden dont start no power at all,we think maybe we need a new battery,so we get a new one, after a few weeks its ok, then it did the same problem again, so what we did ,we both a chargeble jumpstart because that the only way we can use the car we need to jumpstart then it will run,but yesterday even using the the jumpstart it didnt work anymore.totally dead the

You have a charging / electrical discharge fault....unless you are competent to measure voltages and chech charge rates then leave it to the experts...the local garage. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

I thinking on buying uses mercedes benz 300E ( 1991). the car has not been used in 4 years. need new tires, tune-up. what do you think it will cost to repair and value of the car.

It all depends on the exterior paint and the interior,for 4 years of not running you will need a fuel pump which will not work so thats 200. dollars 4 tire new so that 300 dollars, change all the fluid so that 200 dollars, now the engine condition do ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Actually, this is not a car problem. I know from experience most 'car guys' know how to repair lawnmowers as well. Since you don't have a listing for lawnmower repair well, you get the rest.... I need to replace the back (drive) tires on a Toro Super Recycler Walk-Behind Mower model 20042. I have the correct rear wheel's but I need to find out how to remove the old gear and place it on the new tire. I've tried using a gear puller, but that doesn't work. I'm assuming I need to buy a new gea

Have you checked the Toro web site? I looked and found the rear wheel assembly and it looks like the tire, wheel and gear come as one assembly.\015\012Here is the web site you can look up the part and see the drawing. ... Chevrolet Camaro

I recently had my 2005 Chev Aveo LS have ther thermostat housing blow up and replaced at the Chev Dealership. At the time I smelt rubber burning but figured the thermostate housing replacing would solve??? I've had the car back in 2 times to locate the rubber smell inside and outside the after driving locally and dealership said it was a lose clamp on thermostat and tightened it???? I STILL smell rubber smell inside and outside of car especially when using the A/C? The thermostate gauge stay

Hello\015\012make sure that they check all of rubber materials that could be burning which is a number of things, The ac belt could be slipping and getting hot, other hoses could be burning on the exhaust, sound insulation or under coating on t ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

2001 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas - took it into a tire center to have a slow leak repaired. While waiting in the showroom, I heard my alarm go off several times. The tech said he shut off the alarm using my remote switch. When he was done with the tire, the car turns over, but then dies. We tried disconnecting the battery, and various gyrations with the remote and key...to no avail. Called my mechanic. He thinks it may be the fuel pump. The car has been running great until the alarm issue. Is

\015\012Yes it does have a cut switch, located on the fire wall in the engine compactment. If you push the black button it will reset it.\015\012--------\015\012The emergency fuel shut off is located in the ... 2001 Jaguar XJ8

I bought a 2008 impala, used (26,000 mi.) It made awful noise going down highway. took it to dealer and was told nothing could be done because tires were out of round and it was the tire co. problem even though I had bumper to bumper warranty. Now the rear tires are shot and I found out that rear alignment problems are common on these cars. Had to buy two new tires and have it aligned. I was lucky because the day I found tires were worn down to radial (it was sticking out) I was driving freeway

You obviously didn't change the tires that wre out of round so the dealer could trouble shoot the problem. You obviously didn't chase the tire company and you obviosly didn't harass the warranty people so why would you think that a forum that offers ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2001 Olds Alero. Went through the little surging and fuel gage fluctuation. Went through the intake plenum gasket leaking water into the oil (fully rebuilt the engine and used upgraded plenum gasket). Car worked great. One day my wife parked the car and, when she came back to it, it would not shift from Park to Reverse. I was finally able to get the shifter to move, but the car acted like there were blocks at the tires. The car was finally backed up enough to move out of the space, and

Here are two links to your transmission shift linkage system, inspect all moving parts for damages or anything that may be binding your shift linkage. Also when you get a chance, inspect your transmission fluid or bring it to a transmission shop and ... Oldsmobile Alero

My blitz turbo timer calculates time fine and displays how long the car will continue running but when i turn the car off the time sets to 0 and turns the car off, it used to work fine but now i dont know whats wrong with it, i messed with a few settings and set the minimum tome to 30 seconds but the car will still turn off.

... 1997 Mitsubishi Galant

Car shakes i have a 2002 chevy impala the car shakes when acclerating between 35 and 65 when i coast it stops so only on acclerating i bought used rims off another impala a year ago i thought mite be those rims so i changed back to my original rims that came with the car. i relly cant afford to spend 40 here and 40 there changing rims and tires i think an allignment might help but the car doesnt pull or anything just shakes really bad till speed over 65 any help would be appreciated thank you in

The problem sounds like a bad axle shaft or cv joint especially if the shaking stops when there is added weight to the back because this is taking some of the load off the front of the car where the axle shafts are located ... 1984 Toyota Pickup Deluxe

I have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 with 80,000 miles on it,my check engine light came on and the code showed a P008 camshaft position system misalignment.I have taken it to several places and they have yet to fix the problem. The car was running fine even though the check engine light was on. But today the car began stalling and the check engine light began flickering. I was told to bring the car in tomorrow but I have children and need the use of my car and am tired of getting the run around. Is there an

Did you resolve this problem? I have the same car. 2007 77k miles in it just the light came on and not sure why the repair shops don't know that code. If you did could you email me pandor96 at hotmail? ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I am having a hard time changing the tire on my 1996 toyota camry. Although I am still getting used to this car for only having it 3 months, I have changed tires on previous vehicles. I was able to get all the lug nuts off and as well as the rim, yet the tire wont pull off. There seems to be a circular disc in the middle of the tire? Does this have something to do with it? I have tried turning it and so forth with no luck. Any thoughts??

Is it plastic or metal usually they put these on too hold the rim on the hub its sshould be just a spacer ... 1996 Toyota Camry

Car won't lower the rear wheel was replaced by a used tire place.

Sometimes you can trick the module by opening all the doors,turning on the air ride switch and starting the car. Let it run for aboout 5 minutes.That should straighten out your ride. Let me know if you need more assistance ... 2003 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1992 chev lumina Z34 with a 3.4 motor when the car is off the brake peddle is rock hard but when i start the car the peddle becomes soft and low. i have bleed the car more than once and the brakes become the same way everytime... the rotors and pads are new, lines are all good; i'm puzzled help

Master Cylinder (Brake System) :\015\012Worn or leaking brake master cylinder. \015\012Brake Power Booster :\015\012Damaged booster vacuum line/check valve, or diaphram .\015\012Brake Proportioning Valve :\015\012Imprope ... Chevrolet Lumina

Drivetrain vibration Ever since I've owned my 240sx, there has been an annoying vibration, especially at lower (2000-3000) rpm in the higher gears, that seems to rumble the whole car slightly. This car has three universal joints in the driveshaft, then 4 cv joints total in the two halfshafts. I bought it used with 115k miles and now it has 130k. The car has never been wrecked. It's not in the wheels or tires, I've replaced them. It's not a big shake, more of a sound. If you have ever driven a ca

Try your drive shaft common problem for 240sx ... Mazda MX

My 98 pontiac sunfire is burning gas, what's the average gas mileage for these cars, anybody? I put brand new tires on it, don't beat it, not heavy on the pettle, Is this normal gas mi for this type of car , if not , what could it be? .. . .Oxygen sensor? this car is breaking me. Or am I just used to my old blue smokin Honda prelude? help?

Check sparkplugs,fuel filter,use fuel injector cleaner with fill-ups and have intake flushed. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire
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