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My heater will only blow cold air. I thought that my thermostat needed changing but How do you get to it without tearing everything apart? Please, I need some help... This isn't the 60's models that I'm used to. Those were to good old autos that were fairly simple. I need an idiot proof information, please help. Thanks 1998 chevy lumina

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Answers :

If it's a 3.1 liter good luck. me being a skilled mechanic can get it out fairly easy, by just taking the top housing bolt out with a socket and the bottom with a wrench. then you have to be easy and turn the thermostat a certain way to get it out. if not you'll have to pull the exaust cross over pipe to do it.
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My heater will only blow cold air. I thought that my thermostat needed changing but How do you get to it without tearing everything apart? Please, I need some help... This isn't the 60's models that I'm used to. Those were to good old autos that were fairly simple. I need an idiot proof information, please help. Thanks 1998 chevy lumina

If it's a 3.1 liter good luck. me being a skilled mechanic can get it out fairly easy, by just taking the top housing bolt out with a socket and the bottom with a wrench. then you have to be easy and turn the thermostat a certain way to get it out. i ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Battery in my 95 sable wagon keeps draining after a few day's of no use. The battery and alt are good but the wiring from the alt to the battery is old, what is that wire called so I can replace? Also my door locks go crazy at times so Im thinking it may also be a electric issue draining my battery,m how do I check for shorts? I really need to find out whats killing my battery. Please help!!

That wire would be called a primary wire. You are probably correct about the door locks.\015\012First, go to a Autozone or Oreillys and ask for a free scan for your system. Tell them about your battery concerns and the primary wire. Their g ... 1995 Mercury Sable

I have a 1997 cadillac deville run n drives good. however my thermostat, radiator, water pump all checks out good and it dosent boil over, steam or shut off. however my coolant temp on the inside dash keeps registering very high. on day it got up to 248 just running in my driveway, so i turn the engine off. i really need some help with this car bought it used for $1900 n feel in love with it... Help please!!!


I have switched my 1991 integra ls auto to a manual with same engine but difff engine the problem is ive got the engine in the car all wired up bolted in ect ect i turn the key and i have no response at all ive read on the net that theres sumthin i need to do to the plug near where the auto shifter was to make it start say like tryin to trick the car into thinkin its in park well this is my first swap im doin it my self and need help on why this wont start please help im using the old wiring har

You need to take a jumper wire and connect the leads on the connector, closing the circuit ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

I need to know where my egr valve is and upper penium so that I can remove the egr valve the easiest way. I am a woman but I have to do it myself and I could use a diagram or good instructions and the typpe of sockets I need besides 1/4" socket. I want to clean egr and put it back. I am on low funds and this is the second time I have problems with this. I replaced once years ago and it is just about dying again at stoplights just like before. I NEED' HELP ASAP PLEASE?I have a 93 GMC Safari van 6

Nikki, sorry I don't have any pictures of your EGR valve but a lot of parts stores have on line catalog so you can see what it looks like. The EGR valve is there a two bolts that hold it to the intake manifold s ... 1993 GMC Safari

1999 gmc yukon no power to fuel pump, relay is good checked and tested all fuses i could find. used a ohm meter and checked ground next to pump connection all good. still no voltage at pump connect wondering if i have a broken positive wire between relay and pump do i need to put a ohm meter from relay to pump to check if gray wire is good or is there something else that could effect this? also the pump is brand new. running out of ideas...please help

Anti theft could turn off fuel pump. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ ... 1999 GMC Yukon

Hi I am a seventeen year old girl working at McDonalds. I need really good information on how much it would cost to fix a scratch from a pole that I got while backing into a parking spot. Please help. I need to know before 6pm tonight.

No one can really give you a good estimate without actually seeing the scratch. What I can tell you is that a good quality repair that will blend in properly and stay that way likely will cost you at least $500.Paint is very expensive and someo ... 2000 Audi A6

I need to convert my 1985 ford E350 van from a 300 inline six cylinder carburated engine to a 300 inline EFI. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to or where to find directions on what all I need to add to my old system....wiring, controller etc.. and where and how to connect it all. I just cant find a good used carburated replacement, so I am gonna have to go with a newer one. Thanks

You will need to change the intake manifold and add fuel rails and injectors. Then of course you will have to have the holes made for the injectors to be placed. a intake, carb, mechanical fuel ... Ford E-Series

Good day Sir, I'm having problems with my Ford Lynx model 2000. everytime am checking my car tension wires at night before going to work. There is a blue spark in the 2nd (Counting from left to right) slot. I think this is resulting for my engine to choke. Everytime I open the aircondition, the RPM is going up and down. An also, please advise me how to identify if and when shocks needs to be replaced already. I really appreciate the help. Thank you and have a good day

Hi there,\012\012I have encountered a similar problem 2-days ago of rpm going up and down\012 and engine shutdown... what i did was, i asked the mechanic to clean \012the pump filter, servo box (this act as carburator for old cars) and \012f ... Ford Laser

Installation problem hi I recently bought Digital 7 Plus and coil PN 8251 but the technicians have no clue how to fix these items. I have a HD 2500 6.0 litre silverado model 2007 and i need to fix the digital 7 plus and the coil on this truck. please help me out of this problem? Can the digital 7 Plus be fixed to the existing 8 coils on each cylinder without using the external coil PN 8251? i have aleady spent $900 on these parts and i dont want it to go wasted. please provide me with a solution

In my research of this digital 7 MSD product it will not work in coil over plug individual ignition systems. I am sorry for the bad news. I hope you can re sell your components and find some thing to work in your application. You may also find some h ... 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Hi, My cars central locking (C220 model) has stopped working all of a sudden. The doors will not lock/unlcok using the key & i am using the key (metal) bit to open and close the doors manually. When i press the lock/unlock button on the key, red light flashes, so battery is fine i think. Can someone please help/advise what might have happened and whats needed to be done to resolve the situation. Really appreciate your help. Thank you. SS

Replace Fuse 27 in main fuse box located under the hood black box in far right corner. Then try reseting your battery. Make sure to follow these steps as follow. Unhook the - then + of the battery. Clean both the negative and postive of the batt ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class


If it was a used one the regulator on the spider is most likely bad,dried up,and not working ,do not use your old one,cause that is most likely all that is wrong with the old spider,the fuel pressure regulator,you can buy a new regulator for about 50 ... 1996 Chevrolet G10

Mazda proceed I need to buy used Mazda Proceed Marvie Model KD-UVL6R of 1996 with >130,000km I need to know the best of these cars as most people prefer Mazda Diesel engines are not good. May you please confirm to me sir?

... Cars & Trucks

Are 1993 Oldsmobile Van was broken in to by some amature car theives. They basically FUBARD (really messed) up the colum and igntion. We are completely stranded and we have these lil old people who are letting us use their pc. We are cold and really need to get our van back up for the time peroid. Please someone help us figure out how to make our van work.

Hi, can you call me? 937 985-6095. I will try to help.\015\012\015\012Jeff ... 1991 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I replaced my ignition cylinder and key because my car would turn off but after i replaced that it does the same thing so i looked at the ignition switch and it is also good. so the only way i can start n stop my car is by using the switch alone (no keys needed), can someone please help me with this problem before someone steals my car or the police thinks its stolen AGAIN?

... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

Hi, Please can you help me - I'm told that I need to buy 4 new injectors for an Audi A4 1.9 TDI 2002 model. The car has done 180,000 km. Have a good, one. Dion (082) 876-9990

Why not have them reset in a bosch specialist garage ,cost about 120 euros each ... 2002 Audi A4

I have a 1992 Dodge Caravan, the gauges quit working. I believe it has a bad circuit board and tried a used one but it didn't work. I need a wiring diagram for the instrument cluster so I can find the problem. All the fuses are good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me with response to [email protected] Thanks

... 1992 Dodge Caravan

I HAVE A OLDS BRAVADA 2001, ENGINE LIGHT COMES UP. when using my OBDII shows error P0327,,, Its is dangerous, Do I need to go to the garage right away for repair?.. ?? When erasing the problem code, its cames back in a couples days... please help

Hi,It refers to :-P0327 Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Low Input (Bank I or Single Sensor)Now,On most Vehicles, The knock sensors are located on the side of the engine and can be replaced by you. They are held ... 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

Used jaguar good morning, i just buy JAGUAR 2004 X TYPE--30 000 ML V 3.0 i love this car,but evry one include mine mechanik say those cars thay do have a lot problems and thay very expansive to fix. for now,car runs and looks perfect .do i need wory so much -- those reviews and all other opinien really spoiled my pleasiore enjoying car. please let me know,did i made wrong decione to buy this car? thank you for help.

Hi, i wouldnt worry to much as they are built to a realy high quality and they do last well. They can be expensive to repair if anything does go wrong but this only tends to happen if the car has been raced around alot.The engines on these will ... 2004 Jaguar X-Type

Range Rover Vogue 1989 model 3.5l V8 fuel injected, with Automatic gearbox. I need the type of engine, gearbox, transfer box,and differential oil to be used on this vehicle. As well as the capacities/levels which to fill them to. Please help Regards Sean

Use 15w-40 for the engine, ATF for the gearbox and 80w-90 for the diffs and transfer box. engine and gearbox have dipsticks for the levels, the diffs and transfer box have removable plugs for level checking, fill until the fluid comes out the level p ... 1989 Land Rover Range Rover

My Hyundai sonata 1997 model it has got one of its head lamps so dim and dull then i used to think that its the halogen spot lamp itself that needs replacement then i replaced it with a knew one but there was no change it is still very dim and dull please help.

Check to see if you have seperate fuses for each headlight. Some cars do I have seen a blown fuse make a headlight dim. If not check the wiring harness that goes to that headlight to see if any of the ground wires from that harness to body ground ha ... 1997 Hyundai Sonata

I have a 2000 Olds Intrigue GL, and it makes a very loud rattling sound. The sound used to stop when I turned the AC/heat on, but now it just rattles, LOUDLY, almost constantly. The AC also seems to need to be recharged...or maybe it's my AC compressor that's rattling? Please help so I don't get ripped off when I take it in!

Hi Nikki. The key to not getting ripped off is to tell the repair shop that you have to have a free estimate in writing before any work will begin. Be pleasant, smile deliver the message and then listen to what they say. If they don't want to do w ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 91 toyota mr2 thinking about swapping to a turbo motor is it basically just plug and play ordo i have to change out alot of stuff like transmission cooling fan axles etc. what can be used from the na mr2 model and what needs to be changed out please help

This is by no MEANS plug in, u will need to change just about everything, all the cooling system parts, all the electronics will be different, sensors fuel injectors exhaust system, the list is huge, this is not a job for anyone but a professio ... Toyota MR2

I have a toyota vitz 2004 model 1000cc, my car has a problem which occured 1 month past, when the car is cold, not used for 4-5 hours, after atrting the car requires minimum 2 minutes on 2.0 rpm to get heated up otherwise it shuts down, the local mechanic says its tappets are tight and they need to be relaxed... help please, oil, oil filter, spark plugs all are changed but the same problem is there...

... 2007 Toyota Yaris

I need to get a part number to be able to order a repalacement pair of gas struts for the rear glass tailgate of my Japan Specification RHD pre 1998 Isuzu MU Wizard Auto 4 door 3100cc Turbo Diesel SUV. UK, USA and other European Dealerships cannot help because this model wasn't intended for export. Please please help because the regular impact of this glass on my head is becoming tiresome! ps Pop-up Choose a Model choise questionable.

U don't need a factory part number, u just need to measure the length of the gas charged support, then do a net search for a source based on that lenght. ... Isuzu MU-7
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