Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet K1500 ?

Brake hoses and the pit arm assembly needs changed

\015 I need to change out the front left and right brake hoses and the pit arm assembly in a 86 chevy half ton with a 350 how hard is it change these items and can i do it myself\015
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Answers :

The only thing i can see you would have a problem with is the pitmen arm, for that you will need a special tool for that, it can be rented at autozone or someplace like that. Be aware they can be a bear to get off. you might be further ahead to have a shop do that for you, and you can do the lines.
\015\012The break hoses are fairly easy if they come loose from the hard line, the thing to do is to get some good penatrating oil lik PB blaster and spray the fittings where the rubber end meats the hard end and let it set for a while so it can penatrate, you will also need line wrenches as to not round off the fittings. its up to you if you want to tackel this project or not. This at least give you an idea what your up agenst.
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Brake hoses and the pit arm assembly needs changed

The only thing i can see you would have a problem with is the pitmen arm, for that you will need a special tool for that, it can be rented at autozone or someplace like that. Be aware they can be a bear to get off. you might be further ahead to have ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Bake hoses and the pit arm assembly needs changed

Pitman arm assembly isnt hard with the right puller for the job.Brake lines need a double flare tool involved if doing it with only steel line and connections.Local auto part stores have made up lines that would work if you had the lengths you needed ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

2002 buick century over heats unless ac is running. I changed antifreeze, thermostat, temperature sensor, coolant level sensor, and all hoses. Also coolant light won't come off even though its full. I also changed out front brake pads, rotors, calipers, hub assembly's, and axles along with rear brake shoes, brake drums, wheel cylinders, and hardware kits but brake light won't turn off. There is no problem with the master cylinder. Is there a way to reset the brake light? Just brakes did it befor

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I agree, it probably has something to do with ABS. It could be sensor on the right wheel. ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

I disconnected hose to calliper when changing the front brake pads. Now when i press the brake it goes to the floor and no brakes. do I need to bleed the brakes or what? and how?

Yes. Whenever you open the hydraulic system it needs to be bled. On the caliper itself, on the inboard top you will see a bleed valve (looks like a grease fitting) Fill the master cylinder and open the bleed valve on the caliper. Have someone gentl ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brake rotors I'm trying to remove the rear rotor from my 2006 Toyota Sienna AWD. The old brake pad wore down and bit into the rotor, which I'm trying to change. I've released the emergency brake, and removed the caliper and caliper arm, but the rotor, although loose, won't wiggle off. What else do I need to do?

Are there small retainer clips on the studs still? More than likely its just rust built up on the center hub. Take some sand paper to the center hub, as long as e-brake is released and caliper is off, it will come off. I'm not familar with the toyota ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

Rear end accident.Left rear side caved in just past rear door.Large piece which connects brake assembly (drum),shock, 2 arms to chassis and one arm with ball joint to cross member. The large piece broke where the ball joint connects to it. In order to remove the large piece it was neccessary to grind off the nut on the ball joint. Now I need to replace the arm to the crossmember but I cannot remove the bolt through the crossmember. Is it pressed in? How can I remove it? Any help would be greatly

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Just changed rear pads and rotors on my 2000 chev blazer..after test driving rear brakes were hot and smoking...brake pads seem to be sticking..are the calipers shot or do I need hoses or both?

\012Well when you looked at the brake pads after your drive were the pads stuck to the rotor? \012First thing to do is double check your pad and rotor installation.\012Also ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My 97 2500 diesel ram starts shaking uncontrolably at 25 to 30 miles per hr. I just replaced the pitman arm pass, side hub assembly and stering stabilizer, the pass side of the drag link is loose at the bushing, i need to change that, but none of this shaking was happening before i changed the parts i listed . what would be causing this shaking, the stering wheel shakes back and forth, the front tires shake, every time i go over the slightest bump i can feel the front end wanting to shake unless

Recheck your work., All of it. All nuts,bolts,cotter pins, evwverything, Good luck. I'm sure you will find something that got ocerlooked -Ned- ... 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

I need a brake assembly diagram 2005 silverado I was trying to change the rotors on a 2005 silverado 1/2 ton I had a little trouble getting the brake caliper off as it was well rusted as it is a snow plow truck. I removed the caliper and the bracket which the caliper fits inside but when I got to the rotor I could not get it off.... in my past experience rotors have a tendency to stick so before I wacked it with a mallet and it came loose this did not work... I am wondering if there is something

If its a 1500 4x4 just pound on it a lot with hammer ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

I need some diagrams of the brake assembly. I was changing the front brakes on my 2000 Chrysler Concorde and they don't line up poperly.

Make sure the calipers are all the way retracted as the new pads will require all the space available. Make sure the caliper is right side up (the bleeder nipple should point up)There are several sites that have diagrams, but auto zone ha ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Brakes I turned in my car to change my brake pads but, after 2 months it needed to be changed again. This time they said I also need a new brake disc. How is it within 2 months I needed to replace the pads and disc when it took me three years to wear down the original brakes? Now again I need to replace both pads and disc. It also makes a knocking sound when the brakes is not engaged. What causes this? Is it something the mechanic did that's not right.

It sounds like the rotor (brake disk) is warped. That would cause the pads to wear much more quickly because the disk "wobbles".\015\012The warped disk can also cause the noise, depending on how bad the warp is.\015\012When most shops ch ... 2004 Mazda 3

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If you have a meter.... check the bulb socket for 12V DC with someone applying the brake or watch for a 12V DC pulse on the meter when the meter leads are on the socket contact with the emergency flashers on. (+) lead to socket contact and ( - ) l ... 2000 Suzuki Esteem

Do I need to remove the brakes to change hub assembly on a 2000 toyota corolla

Yes you will have to remove the brake caliper. then the rotor. although its not necessary, some people find it easier to remove the tie rod end as well, just to allow for easier turning of the wheel. Then once the rotor and caliper are off, you wi ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

2003 Nissan Maxima I recently changed my rear right hub assembly including a new ABS tone ring and now my Brakes or ABS is pulsing and pinging or whatever you call the sound at all speeds above 10mphbut my ABS light is not on. Do I now need a new sensor?

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04 ford freestar- cable driven latch assembly for the rear hatch stuck shut, when you pull the handle cable pulls safety arm, but will not release latch mechanism. So the hatch is stuck closed, need to open it to change tail light.

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Hi the brake pipe going to the nearside rear wheel has split and leaking fluid it is the part that sits inbetween the rear susspension arm would getting braided hoses sort this out or would i need to replace the whole length from front to back

... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Having trouble removing a wheel hub assembly on a 99 mercury cougar, not sure i need remove the control arm, already removed the tie rod, sway bar link, brakes, rodor, and all visible bolts including axle nut

Some wheel hubs are pressed in you can rent a tool at a local parts store to press it out ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I'm changing a front whell bearing/hub assembly on 2003 yukon xl 1500 4wd and need to know if the brake caliber is pressed on and off or if I can remove it without a press?

I agree w/ Dieselpro, once you take off the wheel the only thing you need to do is by using a breaker bar, unloosing the 2 nuts that is holding the calibor bracket and then you can remove the calibor, brakes and calibor all as one unit. The rotor wil ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Have a brake light out on my 2007 Volvo XC70. It is one of the higher bulbs and I can't seem to access it through the rear panel (in the cargo area). Can it be changed at home or do I need to take it to the dealer (and get charged and arm and a leg)?

It is one of the toughest bulbs to replace unless you have done it many times. Although it is possible to do it "at home", you may be better off taking it to someone that has done it before. Some independant shops will do it for the proce of the bulb ... 2001 Volvo V70

Need diagram for the two hoses going from the radiator to the oil filter assemble. The oil hose from radiator are taken off as well as the filter assemble. Need to put back and need to know where the hoses go so they are not backwards.

No year was mentioned with engine size as well ... Chevrolet 1500

I need to change the A/c Hose that is linked with the bottle (Lower pressure). The hose is leaking but so slow. I have to change or can I seal the leak with some sealer or special glue? If I have to change it, Could someone give me some tips or steps That I need follw in order to change it?.

There is a sealer you can try,but the best bet is to replace it,you have to have the system evacuated then you can replace the hose,right after you remove the hose put some duct tape accross the fitting untill you install the new 1 so nothing can get ... 1995 Mercury Villager

Change Brakes My boyfriend is going to change my brakes on my 2005 Scion XA, and we need to know exactly what kind of brakes I need to bye.

If you want to avoid problems, buy from a Toyota dealer's parts department.\015\012I tend to stick with the original parts on brakes since I have had a generic disk brake pad fail; only the light traffic at that point saved my **** since the car shot ... 2005 Scion xA

Right rear shoe brake assembly on a 1993 cadillac deville---i need to see a schematic to see howv parts are assembled because all parts are missing---i need to know what to buy and then how to assemble, this is emergency brake also--do you have some pictures i can eyeball? thx

Buy the "rear brake hardware kit" for your vehicle; it will have all the parts for 1 wheel, typically both wheels are done at the same time.i recommend buying the haynes manual specific to your type vehicle, it will have easy to follow step by step i ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

Need to change rear brake pads on mercedes benz vito van. Have managed to remove everything i need to. Putting it back together and they now brake does not work. Think I may need to change the cables but not sure how difficult it will be - any help will be much appreciated PLEASE NOTE ITS NOT THE E CLASS AS STATED HAD TO PICK SOMETHING BEFORE IT WOULD LET ME POST AND COULD NOT FIND THE VITO VAN BUT IT IS A 2003 VAN

I take youve changed the hand brake shoes in the disc as you say the cable, have you adjusted the shoes through the wheel stud hole. ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
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