Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet Express ?

No gauges and van won't start

\015 My husband locked the keys in the van and unlocked it by a hanger. Now the van won't start and they jumped the starter. Now no gauges\015
Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Ypu could have tripped the anti theft alarm and when you boosted it probably blew a fuse
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My 2000 chevy express van 4.3L has never had a problem until this morning. It was a cool morning and it started funny then died. Show i cranked it over again longer and it then started and stayed running. Later on in the day I went to start it again and it wouldn't stay running. I finally got it going and got it home. Now it wont start at all anymore and the gas gauge is reading full and theres only a 1/2 tank. Please help

... 2000 Chevrolet Express Cargo

The van started fine drove 1 mile interior lights radio and gauge lights stopped headlights dimmed almost off and now it wont start

Check battery connections first. check to see if you can jumo start. report back. ... Ford Freestar

I have a 1997 JGC V6 lately I noticed that the gauges don't work when the key is in the run position and the jeep wont start. If it sits for a while then I turn the key the gauges come on and the jeep starts yet sometimes the gauges don't come on and it starts...two seperate problems? I tested the inition switch it was fine every thing else works radio heater fan engine cranks but wont start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you ever get this problem fixed mine is doing the exact same thing? If you did any help would be greatly appreciated. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Berlingo van dash light wont come on or start the van i nserted the cd player wrong and it sparked and now the van wont start will it be the fuse or have a broke it completely

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Van got stuck in water and wont start speedometer and rpm gauge are buried to the highest battery keeps going dead after charging

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I have changed the alternator and battery in ford windstar but when driving short while the gauges go dead battery light comes on and the van evenentually dies and wont start. Any suggestions

The battery cables or the circuits that operate your alternator are probably bad. There is also a good chance that the alternator is no good. I have gotten several bad alternators straight out of the box. Remember: NEW is not the same thing as GOO ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Van wont start edc light on,new crankshaft censor fitted , had larger battery fitted started every day for a week then left for 3 days with solar powered battery charger on, now the edc light has come back on and it wont start again will only start with a spray of easy start once started it runs ok all day unto stopped for any long period the van is a ldv maxus 55 plate (its not in the product category)

... 2004 Chrysler Voyager

2000 blazer , every once in a while it wont start... let sit sometimes 30 minutes sometimes 2 days and it starts. Put external fuel pressure gauge on... B4, when key on... gauge shows over 60 lbs. when it wont start, the gauge does not move. Wiring short or intermittent bad fuel pump?

Hi:\015\012The fuel pumps on the Chevy blazer and their full sized trucks are prone to failing, as I had to change mine on my 1996, and yours is the same model . \015\012Ours started off intermittently dieing, then failed all together. I ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

96 ford Windstar turns over but wont start,also turning ignition to the start point i have to re-grip ignition once again to turn vehicle over normally,i just turn key once it clicks then starts.it's seems that i'm over turning the ignition to start the vehicle.i also have a immobilizer in the van and just wondering why the van wont start. Is it possible that the linkage or tumbler is gone in the steering column,is it possible that it's telling the vehicle not to start. Another Question i have

I have worked on a similar problem with one of these vans. You either have spark or fuel issues if the engine turns over. I would say jugging by that it will start after long cranks that it might be fuel related and you should have the v ... 1996 Ford Windstar

I will be driven and engine dies go to start it it wont start till 3hours later when u turn key gauges wont work then no buss comes up on miliage after u let it set u turn key gauges start worken and it will start whats causing this


Something in my fuel pump is draining my battery and the van wont start. Meaning this I charge up the battery to start the van and the van will turn over but not fire (start) I replaced the fuel pump and still no luck starting the engine. I notice that when I step on the fuel pedal it seems to put a drain on the battery. The other symptom that it had making me believe it was the fuel pump is that before the van quit working as I stepped on the gas to accelerate the van slowed down until it

Could be a bad ( tps ) sensor it registers the amount of pedal you give it so it knows how much fuel to give the engine if the starting volts are not where they should be it won't start. ... 2002 Kia Sedona

Changed fuel tank on 1993 chevy astr van and now the van wont start the pump is cycling great but van wont start......fuel is getting to the pressure check valve....its a 4.3 l engine

You might be getting fuel to the rail, but are you getting enough? Double check the installation and make sure you didn't kink the fuel lines when putting the tank back in. This could cause a reduced fuel flow resulting in a no-start condition. ... 1993 Chevrolet Astro

My theft light wont stop flashing and van wont start turns over but doesnt start how can i get the theft reset or atleast be able to start my van

Hi,Tell me the Year, Make and Model of the Car so that we could Proceed.Hope i helped you.Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!! ... Ford Windstar

My chevy 1500 cargo van wont star when it rains but will when it doesent rain , but now it wont, i can hear fuel pump working but still wont start?is there a in line gas filter an could that be the proublem?this just started all at once an i smell no gas so i dont think it floods out.even when i get mad an pump the gas pedel to death still no gas smell this van had yearly service done on it.

It should have an in line fuel filter, it will be located on the inside of the frame rail same side as the tank. Also it might have a hairline crack in the distributor cap witch lets moister get inside it and that will make it hard to start when its ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

Have a Ignition Problem with a E-450 Van with 6.8L V10 When the switch is in the on Position the radio comes on and the fuel pump runs, but no dash symbols or gauges read anything. If you continue to the start position the warnings and gauges light up and at the end of the start area the starter runs.when let off to the run position all lights go out. Thinking the switch is bad but could it be any thing else before I start spending a lot of money on this van?

... Ford F-450

My 94 ford E150 4.9L 6 cyl van has a mind of its own. The ac clutch burnt out so I replaced it.. ok.. then a few days later the van was having a hard time starting up... it would crank but wouldnt start unless I let it sit for hours first then try to turn it over and then all its fine with it. now the van will just try and try to start without starting.. its getting gas but wont start. the distributer had some white powder on it but I cleaned it off and should be fine now. I burnt out a star

Fuel pump. there is not enough pressure. or there may be an injector dumping ... 1994 Ford Econoline

Van sat for a few months i jumped starte it ran good for a few days.then seemed to not be getting gas so sprayed ethir and started then it wont start at all.checked and not getting spark. changed coil and ignition control module,and still wont start. cap and roter are new but it wont start

You may want to replace the fuel filter and run a fuel injection and fuel system cleaner . ... 1995 Ford Econoline

I have a 1995 Honda odyssey minivan 2.2 L motor. Started over heating, changed everything! Sensors, relays, belts, water pump, thermostat, exhaust manifold, radiator is only 1.5 years old. Head gasket. Was running fine then one night heat gauge was full hot and started smoking from under hood and under van. Died out. Tried to start after few hours and refilling with water/coolant when started all coolant water gushes out from under van and van died out. HELP!!!

... 1995 Honda Odyssey

I have a 1997chevy astro van with 4.3 engine my problem now is after i repl ignition coil wich was good advice from tech i drove van for about 4 hours then i park inside the garage when to restar engine no luck crank but no start good spak good fuel pressure but do not start remove air cleaner put some gasoline inside maf sensor engine start right away repite same after two ours with out gasoline no luck engine wont start only crank try again with gasoline run ok drve for two hours park van tr

Well since you say you have good spark and good fuel pressure, and since the car is running (at random times) the compression is most likely good. I would recommend replacing the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor. These have a d ... Chevrolet Astro

I have a 1997 dodge 2500 van . When i start the vehicle it wont start unless the generator light lights up and stays on. the trouble i am having is that, i have to turn the ignition switch on and off in order for the generator light to stay on, and the vehicle will start . I am have this problem mainly when the van is cold. Once the van is hot, it starts right away. Would this be a fautly ignition switch?

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

How much does it costs to replace or repair a fan system in my van? My van gets cold when I am driving but the moment I am stopped at a light or in traffic the temperature gauge starts going up closer to the red line to heat and then the cold a/c turns into a sauna. As soon as I start driving again then the temperature gauge goes back to normal and then the a/c gets cold again.

Befor you replace the fan you need to check the thurmastat. Turn on heater and see if cools down the motor. Could also be your heater core going out. this supplys the water through your system to cool. as well as heat. good luck If you do have t ... 2006 Ford Freestar

1999 jeep grand charokee wont start sounds like a small electric motor running under the hood has gas in it but gas gauge is on empty.We put it in our garage put rear breaks on it it ran fine when we put in garage. The battery was dead so I put a charge on it, the motor turnes over fine but wont start and showes no gas by the gas gauge..?

... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My van wont start i've checked the starter it's good, i've bought a brand new battery, and an ignition switch. why wont my van start

Because you are replacing parts instead of checking if you need them or not. First you need to verify that the stater has power on the large cable. then there is a small wire on the solenoid, this should have power when trying to start, if it does, a ... 1993 Nissan Quest

2006 Uplander- filled up, got in gas gauge said only 3/4 full, thought oh well, operator issues. Then I started out driving, suddenly my cd player made a electrial surge type of sound and stopped working completely. Radio still worked though. Arrived at destination, indicator came on warning low fuel, low fuel.(Distance of 7 miles from location of fill) Turned off the van. Came back to van, started up and gas gauge had risen up to 1/2 tank and screen on radio/cd player totally blank and not

Your fuel sending unit is on the fritz.The noise you heard was the LOW FUEL indicator buzzer going throught the radio (it does not have a separate speaker in your vehicle - the chimes play through the radio). It could be anything from the sendi ... Chevrolet Uplander LS

2000 escort van turns over wont start.have fitted new heat plugs van wont start with leads but starts straight away off a tow

The dearly beloved ford van ,love them or hate them ,i love a ford ,right now will not start off the battery ?? Now a few causes here come to mind ,have you hit it with a hammer yet and swore at it ,because if not then thats the problem.Next step is ... 2000 Ford Escort
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