Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet C1500 ?

High idle truck surges and has a high idle

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82 F150, fuel injection, 5.0 RPM's go high and idles high, happens when driving, when you stop and put in park or nuetral will die. found when we had very slight dusting of snow on the street, could not control to stop...was like a surge working against the stop. Tires have good tread and and air pressure. Have any ideals on the cause of this? When starting the truck, sometimes will idle normal and sometimes jumps into really high idle.... when weather is normal, have had surge or jump when sitt

I would first check the idle position sensor,located where the throttle cable ends at the tbi. check for broken wires or hoses, try un-plugging and see if the problem goes away. get back to me if you need more help. please rate my fix. Thanks Ray ... 1982 Ford F 150

High idle truck surges and has a high idle

... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

1995 Chevy silverado with a 5.7. Was running fine i stopped at a stoplight and it died. It was hard starting, i had to turn the AC off to get it to start, then had to 2 feet it home. Now it starts and idles rough, it does the surge thing when in park. When i put it in gear the truck dies, when i turn AC on the truck dies. When i try to drive it, and give it gas the truck runs rough and has no power at all once i get RPMS above 2200 the truck runs just fine. Truck runs great on the high way b

I have experienced this problem on similar vehicles. You should try and replace the coolant temp sensor. If it is not reading the correct temp to the ecm, it will not get the right fuel map. Also, the cts will not always throw a code. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The truck is a 1992 2500 5.7 liter truck and it surges from high idle to almost stall and accelerator dosent change any thing the compression is good and distributor is ok what can it be?

Try carborator cleaner and a tune up for it also if this does not work. Hope this is helpful ... Chevrolet C2500

I own a 1998 Ford F150 V8, 4.6L engine with approx. 273,000 miles. My truck has a high idle problem. Whenever I am driving for awhile and come to a stop, the engine idles well pass 1500 RPMs. In fact, the idle is so high, it requires me to keep my foot on the brakes to prevent running into the car in front of me. Once it starts idling high, it continues until I turn the truck off. Can you advise on what is causing the truck to idle at very high RPMs after being driven?

Vacuum leak or the IAC. Check the PCV hose behind the throttle body at the elbow and see if it \015\012is sucking air! Common problem on all F series with the 4.6.The first thing to look for are vacuum leaks, pcv, lines going under \015\ ... Ford F-150

Toyota 626 1991 idling high at 3000 rpms and then surges with a continuous pattern... idles high and then surges, idles high and then surges

IAC - Idle Air Control sounds bad ... 1991 Mazda 626

CAR IDLES AND SURGES HIGH - Crown Victoria Ford Cars & Trucks

With the info provided, You most likely have an engine vacuum leak. To start, you must inspect all vacuum hose's and connections to verify there are no cracks or disconnected ports. After this procedure is performed and a vacuum leak is totally ruled ... Ford Crown Victoria

1998 chevy k1500 vortec 305, high idle, surges a lil bit, new plugs cap and rotor, coolant temp sensor, any suggestions, bad tps cause this, or intake leak confused help,love the truck,runs rich i can smell it.

TPS probably not cause surging idle. Could be IAC motor, could be MAF sensor. If you dont have a check engine light I would be thinking IAC motor. ... 1997 Chevrolet C1500

Codes are reading low tps voltage, mapps high voltage ignition on low voltage at idle. Idle surges sputers and stalls when driving. Replaceed mapp and tps with no improvment?

Have you consider to check the battery power. I believe the main problem you have is either the battery or the alternator. Due to these two things with low voltage the brain ( ECU ) does not have the enough power to work. Good Luck. ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1989 f150 302 V8 fuel injected emissions problem. Installed new engine from Ford, blew SKY HIGH on low and high idle emissions. Emission numbers were 10-20x max legal limit (over 3000). Replaced the catalytic converter and EGR valve and cleaned the idle air valve and took back to emissions. Truck passed the HIGH IDLE test very well, but still failed the low idle test. The low idle numbers were cut exactly in half, but were still 5-10x the max allowable. QUESTION IS, what can cause JUST THE LOW I

Did you install new spark plugs? Definitely replace the O2 sensor. ... 1995 GMC Sierra

1989 f150 302 V8 fuel injected emissions problem. Installed new engine from Ford, blew SKY HIGH on low and high idle emissions. Emission numbers were 10-20x max legal limit (over 3000). Replaced the catalytic converter and EGR valve and cleaned the idle air valve and took back to emissions. Truck passed the HIGH IDLE test very well, but still failed the low idle test. The low idle numbers were cut exactly in half, but were still 5-10x the max allowable. QUESTION IS, what can cause JUST THE LOW I

... 1989 Ford F 150

92 pick up that has a high idle,changed o2,idle air control valve,and tps.Truck still idles high even when at running temp.Even checked all possiable places for vacume leaks,the only thing I never changed was the EGR and map sencor.Where do I go from here?Can drive from Tex. to Cal. and truck will idle high if I stop for gas along the way.Truck does not hav A/C yet

There are only a few things that cause high idle speeds, one is vacuum leaks, did you use propane to check for leaks? as far as the EGR goes, that would cause the engine to stall if if it was help open, and if it is in ... Chevrolet C1500

Truck was idling high at 2200 rpm.I replaced the air control censor.the truck is a little hesitant taking off when cold.during this time the ck engine light comes on.letting the truck idle for about 5 to 10 min.the light will go off. the idle is around 1200 and seams to be holding smooth.I filled tank and added Lucas fuel treatment.I took battery cable loose for 15 min and then let idle for 15 min.light stayed off until I drove it .ck eng light comes on and stays on.what next? 1990 ford pick up

I would check vacum lines or system for leaks ... Ford F-150

I have a 83' lincoln Mark 6 with a 302 V8 and a 2 Barrel thottlebody. My condion is When I start the engine idles high and then drops to a low idle when it warms up and then it runs rough surging high and low until I place it Drive and then it smoothes out and sometimes stalls in Drive. This surging rough ilde only happens in Park and Neutral. What is my cause and correction?

Put a throttle position sensor on the throttle boby this should fix the problem! ... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

High idle Truck Idles high in between gears, and when sitting. Once in a while it will kick back to normal idle, but mostly its high. Dang thing increases speed without gas in all gears

Time for a IAC (idle air control ) motor ... 1991 GMC Sonoma

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota, 3.9 V6 engine... When outside temp. is below 40 F and after engine is to operating temperature, engine has a surging idle in park or drive. Seems worse in drive, like dead solid miss. Sometimes in drive the idle will flare up and truck will lunge forward. In park idle surges. Happens intermittently. When first started cold, idle rises higher than noticed in previous years then drops suddenly to what I consider normal. Seems to run ok off idle but fuel mileage is poor

... 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Have a 1988 Ford F-150 4X4 5.8 Windsor with 173000 miles that I am having problems with. Problem #1 - The truck has a really high idle when started it does not go down unless after it has been drving for a while and has been restarted it will sometimes go to a normal idle. When it does go to a normal idle after about 10 minutes of driving the check engine light comes on, but while at a fast idle the light does not come on. Problem #2 - About a month ago the truck started to die after it has been

... 1988 Ford F 150

Engine starts,reaches high rpm,then slowly returns to a rough idle, misses badly,no backfire,surges as if searching/adjusting air/ fuel/est,timing light shows mark constantly changing/erratic,engine then races to high rpm,only at that time(high rpm)does timing mark maintain correct 10 deg consistently,then returns to rough poor idle- engine cycles like this and wont maintain proper timing mark alignment until high rpm... anyone care to reply about this??? and what would be probable cause / possi

Vacuum leaks. Check all hoses and intake bolts. Leaking EGR or plugged PCV valve. Air filter plugged. Leaking head gasket. Worn timing chain. Camshaft lobes worn. Valves burned or leaking. Fuel idle control system or sensor. Good luck! ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1990 Tracker. When cold it idles very high, 2300 RPM, then goes to a surging idle as it warms up< 1400 to 2000RPM, then after it is warm it idles nicely. How do I reduce the idle when cold and get rid of the surging

Sounds like the idle air control sensor is bad or it could be the idle speed control sensor(module) both can be found on the throttlebody. but to be sure you can take the car to auto-zone and they will run a free diagnostic even if you dont have a ch ... 1998 Chevrolet Tracker

1991 F-150 has a very high idle. when I unplug the map sincere the idle goes down but the truck does not run very well so I replaced it but its the same high idle any suggestions

... Cars & Trucks

Truck idles high, does not run rough, idle adjust screw is bottomed out still seems to idle high, does this hot and cold.

Will it fluctuate the idol? ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

I have a 4x4 89 s-10 4.3 v6 fuel injection. When I start my truck it idles high. After 30 to 50 seconds the idle goes back to normal. If I put in in reverse or drive when idle is high my back tires spin with my foot on the breaks. What do I do?

Sounds like the rear pads are worn out, your front brakes are keeping the truck from rolling. You need to have the high rpm checked for that 30-50 seconds as it is called the "cold start routine" and is meant to rev the engine for that time period. ... Cars & Trucks

'94 Nissan P/U 2.4 4cyl started reving high. Replaced Idle control valve-aftermarket; continues with same problem. truck idles normal for a few minutes when cold and soon as it warms up it idles high!!!! Please help. Cornfused

Sounds more like a vacuum problem -temp activated vacuum port -distributor advance or loose vacuum line to or from evaporative control canister if engine bay equipped \015\012does it have a throttle position sensor starting to fail ?\015\ ... 1994 Nissan Pickup

2005 dodge ram 2500 diesel truck... when i put the truck in gear, (any gear) with the brakes pressed down the truck tries to take off on its own, kinda like idling high when trying to stop.. its the strangest thing!!! someone indicated it might be the torque converter engaging or not dis engaging, because it tries to take off... but why does it rev the rpm's as high as 1700 when doing this????????

... 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

Idle trouble when i start my truck it will idle high when i drive for a few miles and have to stop at a stop sign it will idle high

... Cars & Trucks
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