Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet Blazer ?

Transmission wont shift into reverse or second, its a automatic with a 4.3L and the gear shifter is in reverse but the vehicle still moves forward

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like your transmission wrecked.
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Transmission wont shift into reverse or second, its a automatic with a 4.3L and the gear shifter is in reverse but the vehicle still moves forward

Sounds like your transmission wrecked.\015\012\015\012sorry ... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 4.3L V6 automatic transmission at 99,000 miles. Yesterday when I started it and put it in reverse, it took a few seconds to engage into reverse. Even then, it still didn't feel fully engaged. Then shifting into Drive to pull forward, the same thing happened. While accelerating out of first gear, it didn't seem fully engaged. As soon as the truck gets moving enough to be in 2nd and other gears everything works fine. What could cause Reverse and 1st gear not to engage? Also, it was well b

Check your fluid level, it is probably low-check it when the engine is running, after the vehicle has been driven, on a level surface-if it is up to full, you will probably have issues with the trans, and you should at least consider having the trans ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1987 Ford Bronco11. It has a automatic trans. and when I bought it I drove it about 20 miles home and it was fine. Two days later I went to drive it (for the first time sence I drove it home) and it would not go forwards, it would go in reverse strong. It did go into gear but would not move!! The only responce I could get was to shift the shifter from nuteral to low severl times than it would move very slow forward. I checked under the trans and found a plug that was not pluged in on to

It sounds like at one point in time someone changer the transmission.there is a possibilty the connections didnt match and they made a new lead.i would call ford because there is a way to find out the problem with the tranny using the computer.it fla ... 1985 Ford Bronco II

The transmission startedwith a loud clunking noise when shiftinginto reverse. It progressively got worse until it no longer moved in reverse.The lady had her son change the fluid but did not mention if he changed the filter. This did not fix the problem which when she told me I did not figure it would. As far as I know the car still moves in a forward gear setting. It's a 96 Saturn SC2 1.9 l cid, 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic transaxle w/OD & uphill shift stabilization/downhill bra

Yes, change the filter and use proper fluid and level. filter might not be a stocking\012item at parts store. After you changed, pull negative battery term\012overnight to reset trans logic memory. May also be servo pack if it has\012one (does it mak ... 1996 Saturn SC

Hello, names gary, recently bought 97 oldsmobile bravada and am having tranny problems. when started from cold tranny shifts great in all forward gears, and reverse works normal. when up to normal temp, still shifts fine in all forward gears but reverse feels like (if it was a clutch) you would be reving the engine and holding clutch half way, it barely moves. two weeks ago when bought, it had 5 codes, I forget but solenoid A electrical, sol B elec, TCC.... somthing. i found a blown fuse that sa


Was running perfectly, great milage, drove 35 miles home from work. Parked at grocery store. Got back in, started fine, shifted fine into reverse. Put it in drive and it shifted hard, then things were fine. Got back in 10 min later to pick up children about a mile away. After stopping at stop sign, the car wouldn't move forward until I put it in 1st gear. Tried shifting up but wouldn't move. Back in first and still no go. No reverse either. Just finished 2000 mile trip with no problems. Here sli

I was having problems with 2001 Lexus also at the end of November beginning of December of this year. I needed inspection, the 3rd oxygen sensor was replaced. Mechanic stated that the noise from my car seemed to be coming from the Transmission. m ... 2001 Lexus ES 300

1992 Nissan Pickup Extended cab Automatic Transmission with Overdrive. Shifts into gear o.k. but will not move forward. It feels as if it's trying to pull off but doesn't transfer the power to the wheels fully. Transmission fluid is full. Problem began with first gear only. Would run fine once out of first. Now it will not pull away in first or reverse. I can feel the transmission trying to transfer power so it's properly in gear. Pulling off in first would sometimes not move forward at all then

... 1992 Nissan Pickup

1992 Honda Accord automatic: 110,000 miles/10K on rebuilt tranny.: I lost all forward drive, reverse worked then went away. After car sat for 2 days I returned and locked shifter in 1st gear, the car went forward, I drove it to safety after up shifted gear select to 2nd gear. Is the automatic transmission gone? Or could it be fixable for less than a full rebuild which is more than value of car?

Sorry but this is far too complex a fault to be able to solve remotely. There's the added complication that nobody on FixYa has any way of knowing whether the transmission rebuild was done properly, or was just a cheap replacement of a few obvious br ... 1992 Honda Accord

My 2002 Buick Century will not go fully into park. All the gears appear to work normally, but the shifter will not fully go to the park position and the indicator lilght stays at "R" , with the vehicle being in nuetral. When I move the shifter down slightly it will go into reverse and work just fine, as do all the other gears. Also, when it was working normally the door locks would automatically disengage when it went to park; they currently do not automatically disengage.

Your shifter cable either needs adjustment or replaced. If the shifter is stiff to move in cold weather it has to be replaced. If it moves well then you can go under the car and loosen the adjust ment and try to take up slack on the cable. If that st ... Buick Century

The vehicle in question is a 1985 Ford Ranger 2x4, 5 Spd, with the 2.3 Mitsubishi Diesel. The truck will not move in 5th or reverse gears. The truck all of a sudden started to make a grinding noise in the 5th, reversae gears when clutch is released. The shifter still felt normal and gears 1, 2, 3, 4 all work fine. Everything looked normal when we pulled the shifter out of the top of the transmission. What are the potential causes, parts failures, and / or diagnostic steps to take? Can we pul

Your syncronizers are shot in those two gears and need to be replaced. the trans will have to come out to perform this replacement ... Ford Ranger

1993 Dakota, V6, Automatic. At first it seemed like it would shift into neutral and rev between 1st and 2nd gears. Now, it will start fine but the transmission will not move the truck in ANY gear. When I put it in reverse or drive the engine idle changes slightly but there is no movement whatsoever, it just revs up and won't go. Fluid level is fine, more brown than red, but doesn't smell burnt. It feels as though the shifter is shifting through the gears but the transmission never engages.

Hello Micory.Unfortunately it's time for a transmission overhaul.One or more of your internal clutch packs is worn and not allowing engagement.Inside the transmission there are drums that have several discs in each one. Fluid pressu ... Dodge Dakota


This is caused by the gear oil,there is none in the gear box, so get a transmission fluid and fill the gear box with it, run the engine idle for some minutes and then try select the gear. ... Chevrolet 2500

I replaced the solenoid pack in my 2003 Chrysler Concorde LXI, after doing so and reinstalling everything then filling to the correct level with ATF+4 transmission fluid, the car would roll backwards easily in reverse but when shifted into any of the forward gears it would move forward only about a foot then stop suddenly as if I shifted it into park. I did not have to remove the tranny from the vehicle to swap the solenoid pack neither did I touch any of the shift linkages. Any help would be

What were the issue before you replaced the solenoid pack?why did you?check engine light? kinda sounds like a park paw issue! but don't really make sense because it goes in rev. did the valve body getremoved? ... 2003 Chrysler Concorde

Mazda Tribute 2002 LX V6 Automatic. After I shifted the gear to reverse, the gear was suddenly stuck up and I couldn't move anymore, and so, I decided to turn off the engine but it did not turn on anymore.. and the gear still stuck up to reverse. Please help.. Thanks in advance.

... 2002 Mazda Tribute

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and it has the following strange problem. when it is shifted out of park, into gear it acts like it is still in park. It can be felt going into reverse,and all forward gears firmly. To get the car to move, it has to be rocked back and forth several times, then it can be put in gear,and it will move as normal. When I helped a friend drive it off a dealers lot to his place before I bought it from him, we rocked it several times, I put it in drive, and it took off

One of three things. Inside the trans are clutches, bands, sprags and planetaries. I believe that either a set of clutches is sticking together or the input sparg is not free wheeling when it is suppose to or th ... 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Hi. I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana. I started it today and went to shift from park to reverse. The gear shifter just moves up and down. It doesn't feel like its hitting any gears. The indicator light does move from P. The gear shifter just moves freely up and down. The van has been shifting hard lately--I would say about 40% of the time. I've noticed when I start it sometimes that its hard to shift out of reverse--mostly when I am parked at an incline.

Sounds like a low pressure problem that commonly is due to low ATF \015\012fluid condition so check your fluid level and color first. If the fluid \015\012is at the right level with the engine warm running and in the park \015\012position, there are ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

2003 Ford Escape only shifts to Reverse. The shifter DOES move all the way through the gears but only engages Park and Reverse. (More Detail in the detail section.)

... 2003 Ford Windstar

2013 Ford Escape will only shift to Park and Reverse. Shifter DOES move all the way through the gears but only engages Park and Reverse. (I descibe problem in more detail in the detail section.)

Make sure you tested the level correctly. Sounds strange to be high, unless it got flooded. ... 2003 Ford Escape

I have a 1996 cavalier with an automatic trans. I am puzzled by the problem. Park still engages and i can shift into any other gears(nuetral, reverse drive ect.)but the car will not move at all. I can hear it shift into all gears but as soon as i hit the gas nothing. I have dropped the pan and found no shavings, the fluid smelt a little burnt but not cooked. (I dont think that it has ever been changed) the car has 109k and was driving down the road just fine, I had to hit the brakes kinda hard b

That would be a 3t40.sounds like you got a final drive problem if you can hear it shifting.Possible broken drive axle? ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 95 toyota camery which is an automatic~ slid into ditch and after i had it towed out ~ when i put it in reverse it almosts acts like its in drive and reverse~ it wont move~ and when i put it into drive its like neutral. 2nd seems like its now drive because it shifts gears up and down no problem, its weird cuz it makes no noises or has any problems other than the gears are not corresponding to the shifter position~ what is causing this~ how do i fix it~ is it a part~ a computer reset~ which w

When you went into the ditch you bent the shift select lever on the transmission. You can either replace the lever which is what I would recommend or readjust it to compensate for the bend if it isn't too bad. You'll want to check the engine transm ... Toyota Camry

Stuck in reverse. Forward gears stall engine. I was trying to check fluid level and realized I was removing wrong plug when it started to get harder to remove, and it was above the driveline, so I tightened it back up. After removing gearshift I noticed that the plug I was removing appears to be an adjustment for an "arm" inside the tranny. I moved the gears around to what I think is neutral and put shifter back on; still stuck in reverse. Done this 3 times. Please help.

... 1984 Ford F 250

My 83 chevy truck was a daily driver. It was parked and not moved for 3 yrs because I was in a nearly fatal injury at work. When I recovered to the point I could drive again, I fueled it, started it and tried to move it. It will engage in reverse fine, but will do nothing in any forward gears (automatic tranny). I then checked the tranny fluid and it was severely low. I put the correct fluid in and no change. I actually drove it for a mile in reverse, still no change. I tried an tranny ad

I bet it's clogged also.\015\012Also check any linkage cables for sticking in any way,use spray silicone on cables.\015\012If they need cleaning try liquid wrench ... 1983 Chevrolet Chevy

Transmission problem my transmission is an automatic it seems to shift gears fine i have changed the fluid and filter problem still there. the problem is when i come to a stop after a min or so the transmission goes out of gear the shifter dont move it just acts like you have put it in nutral and when you take off it takes a couple of seconds to take off you give it gas then it jerks and takes off it is like you shift to drive and take off before it engages it only does this when you are stopped

Its because your saturn motor is manual and your car is automatic i have the same problem thats whaat they told me ... 1993 Saturn SC2

My 97 escort wont go into reverse or neutral. I starts in park, but if you place it in reverse or neutral it still goes forward. It takes alot of rmp's to get it to move forward when in any gear. this is an automatic

I assume this is an automatic since you mention "Park". If so, it seems as if one of the planetary cluches is worn out (or you have insufficient pressure in the tranny). Either way, it is tranny rebuild time. Is the transmission fluid brown and burn ... 1995 Ford Escort

The gear shift is locked in place and will not shift into reverse. The vehicle has a shift release button on the console to the right of the shifter. When depressed the button unlocks the shifter and the vehicle can be shifted into reverse and into gear. There does not appear to be any transmission issue when driven. Once shifted into park you must repeat this process.

It has a brake-transaxle shift interlock. You should just push the brake in to shift, but if you have done that, and it still won't shift, with foot on the brake, push the shifter all the way into park. Sometimes they don't always go into park all th ... Pontiac Grand Prix
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