Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet Astro ?

Vehicle unexplainably ran rough and now won't start

\015 I think my timing belt needs to be replaced, how do I know if it does?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

If it no longer starts, the easiest way to check for timing chain failure is eyeballing the distributor rotor. You'll need a helper.

  • Pull the air filter assembly
  • \015\012
  • Loosen the distributor cap mounting screws. (They won't come completely out) Some distributors have 'half-twist' fasteners that look like screws. With these you push down and give it a half turn.
  • \015\012
  • Pull up on the cap and set it aside.
  • \015\012
  • In side you'll see a round plastic thing with a piece of metal going from the center to the outside. This is the rotor.
  • \015\012
  • Have your helper turn the engine over while you watch the rotor. WARNING: Keep clear of the engine while doing this. It won't start, but it can still cause damage.
  • \015\012
  • Is the rotor turning? If not, your timing chain is broken.
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Vehicle unexplainably ran rough and now won't start

If it no longer starts, the easiest way to check for timing chain failure is eyeballing the distributor rotor. You'll need a helper.Procedure:\015\012\015\012Pull the air filter assembly\015\01 ... 1998 Chevrolet Astro

The car ran fine then engine light started flashing ran it for a 5 min started running really rough cut car off tried to start it but it only clicked like the starter was stuck all lights good thou ,got a jump still nothing so i got a wrench turned the crankshaft a lttle then it turned over but still wont start

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. A flashing light means there is major engine damage. You need to get your computer scanned asap to find out what is wrong. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

1991 lesabre wont start after shutting down. If it sits a few hours starts up great again. changed plugs, plug wires, coil pack, and Ignition control module but still same problem. ran a little rough but since new coil pack runs better but wont start after shut off.

Best to do a fuel pressure test, pump might be weak and dosent show up until it gets gets warm. Best to do the test after it quits again when pump is at its hottest. If you havent done it yet chg. fuel filter too. ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

Change battery in BMW X3 SUV 2005, but the vehicle still won't start. It starts if it's jumped, but once I turn it off and try to start it with the key it wont turn over, ran a diagnosis. test but no problems were found with the vehicle. would like to know what is wrong.

Possibly a short in your wiring. Is the new battery dead? Has the alternator been checked for output? \015\012Please see my tip at http://www. ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

91 acclaim v6. starts and runs good, but once its been running for awhile (hour or so), and i turn it off, it doesnt want to start back up, or does and dies. wait 2 hours and it starts right up. recently happened again but i didnt wait 2 hours and kept trying to start it. it did start but ran rough then died and hasnt started since. plenty of gas and i think i can hear the fuel pump. engine turns over but wont start.

Sounds like either you have a clogged fuel line and or clogged fuel filter or the fuel pump is failing. What happens when the vehicle runs the fuel pump heats up, as it heats up it produces less and less fuel for your car. Eventually ti stops working ... 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

My Dad's 1985 Ford F150 Died on him yesterday. He says it started running rough like it was runnning out of gas but he thinks there is about 50 miles left in his tank(s) (his gas guage is broke so he calculates it by the mile) and so he put about five gal. in the tank and it ran smoothly for a few min and then did the same thing. well long story short he died on the way home and now the truck wont start at all it just cranks and cranks and wont turn over. We think it is a bad fule pump because i

Yes there are two fuel pumps of there are two fuel tanks. One in each tank. I assume you tried both tanks? Best way to diagnose, put fuel in both tanks, and check each one. The fuel pump relay in under the hood on the relay ba ... 1985 Ford F150

99' honda civic started to run rough suddenly, engine light began to blink I changed spark plugs, still ran rough, i put on new spark plug wires, now car wont start at all. what could have happened just putting new wires on.

... 1999 Honda Civic

Ecu vehicles hi, i disconnected the battery to reset the ecu on my toyota mrs year 2000 and now it wont start. it ran for approx 100yds and cut out, it will turn over but wont start, please tell me what is wrong

... Toyota MR2

95 tahoe 5.7 liter engine. I ran out of gas twice with it but did a plug change after and it ran fine but then about two or three weeks passed and this started... runs rough (first 1/2 hour in the beginning but now it is constant), has no power especially on hills and now has started to backfire. it is getting worse with each trip. When u put pedal to the floor it sputters and spits and wants to die doesn't die but lets u think its going to. I can no longer get on the highway as it just wont

Did you replace distributor cap and rotor? These are common on these engines. If you pull the cap, look at the contacts on the cap. You will probably find a lot of build up on them. ... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 1991 sonoma/s-10 (v-6) and its hard to keep running after its started,rough idle. When driving the motor will sometimes backfire and cut out. After about 1 mile or so of driving the problem goes away. When the motor is again started ,hot or cold the rough idle problem comes back and sometimes wont stay running at all until its ran for a few minutes. I tried all the tune-up stuff and still have the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

... GMC Sonoma

The engine suddenly started running rough, added fuel injector cleaner, ran that through for ~10 miles and then refilled tank with high octane fuel, still rough, exhaust smells strong like rotten egg, and the exhaust seems much hotter than normal. Also the check engine light is flashing, my code reader does not work on this vehicle so don't know what code it's indicating. Do you think it's an O2 sensor, MAP sensor or spark plugs? Car has over 200,000 miles ran fine until now.

CHECK YOU'RE catilactic converter ... Lexus RX 300

I have a 2004 dodge stratus that wont start or turn over, the dash lights head lights and radio work but just no start or attempt to start however it will start when being jumped by another vehicle but will run rough and backfire and then shut off. The battery is good I've checked all the grounds in the car. I don't know what the problem is and it's driving me crazy.

No idea without a play under the bonnet but try charging the battery up so it starts on its own then see how it runs, a low voltage will cause the symptoms you describe ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se 3.4L turning over like brand new, but not starting. Tryied the key trick, the fuel pump relay is fine and ran fine since last september untill I went to my girlfriends last night and as I was going to leave, I hit the auto start a couple times and didn't here the car start like normal. So went outside and tryied it by the key and still does nothing but turn over but still wont start. I know that you cant always hear the fuel pump on newer vehicles, but its a 2002. I

It sounds exactly like the fuel pump. Are you positive you're getting spark at the plugs? If so change the fuel pump. Good Luck! ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2004 dodge ram 1500, 2wd, 4.7 ltr quad cab short bed, gas. vehicle started and ran great to store. came home, 29 minutes later went back out. cranked and would not start. i oulled the code and got a p0522, oil pressure sensor. i relaced the sensor and still wont start. cranks strong, not smelling gas. i changed around all relays and fues. nothing, any ideas? Rich

Hi, try the fuel pump for it may not be working, have it replaced, check the fuel filter too for it may be dirty and clogging the fuel flow. hope this helps ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

2007 checky tahoe, passlock turned on and wont let the truck start. had a ignition interlock put in, and the vehicle started and ran fine for about 20 minutes, now it won't start anymore.. the car icon with the padlock is on in the dash.

Call where you had the ig. interlock installed and have the problem rectified. them and the products reputation is at stake... lets hope the prod. came with a warranty.. ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Have a Kohler commander pro 15.5 h.p wont start not even with starting fluid ran last year .but was rough starting

Could be spark plug fouling by improper fuel flow...Clean or Replace the spark plug...Review the E3 plug availability for your model...Hope this helps. ... Cars & Trucks

99 4JX1 Jackaroo presented with hard start and running roughly / cutting out. I have replaced the injector harness (full of oil) the ORPC (set factory default and vehicle started and ran) and the gaskets on both oil pick ups in the sump. No DTCs now but will start and run well for several minutes before dropping rail pressure. It usually stalls shortly after but if it doesn't it struggles for a bit then pressure resumes and runs well for a little while before repeating. (monitored with Tech II)

... Isuzu Rodeo

Wont start I got home form a 37 mile trip from work and the car sat for a couple of hours and i went to get back in and it wouldn't start. I finallly got it to start and it ran rough and white smoke came out the exhaust pipe. I checked the oil and it looked fine but it was low on coolant. I did an oil change 3 weeks ago and all levels were fine. Does it sound like the intake manifold or head gasket?

Yea the white smoke,low coolant and probably overheating. sounds like poss cracked head or head gasket... intake maybe but i think thats wishful thinking... ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Started vehicle one morning and it was running rough, service lite came on. Codes are; 1) P0136 bank 1 sensor 2 2) P0156 bank 2 sensor 2 3) P1131 fuel/air mixture 4) P1151 5) P0171 lean I ran the vehicle for 3 days before I had it checked. If the O2 sensors are bad they would trigger the other ones. Should I replace the (2) rear O2 sensors?????

... 1999 Ford Expedition

Check engine code po301. replaced coil packs started up once ran rough and wont start again. White smoke coming out of exhaust while cranking. THis is on a 1998 olds 88, 3800 engine.

I would suspect an intake gasket for this engine because they are known for these to go out, I have seen very few head gaskets go on a 3800 engine. ... 1998 Oldsmobile 88

Car ran fine, I then cleaned the erg ports. Now when I start it, it wont turn over unless I give it gas. Could I just not of put it back right, or think I migth have knocked something loose on it? I just bought this thing, and it had a rough idle but other than that ran smooth, and once I get it going it runs fine.

Is this a vacuum style egr or digital that makes a difference in helping you diagnosing the problem ... 1994 Honda Accord

Vehicle just quit running. it started bac but ran rough then died and would not start again

Check engine light on ... 2001 Ford Windstar

Hi Guys, Greetings from the middle of nowhere. I am currently in Tanzania on an African trip from Cape Town to Cairo, so finding an english-speaking mechanic seems impossible!!! The problem started a few days ago as i was going up a mountain in low range....carrying half the village on the back! Almost at the top, the engine started to idle very roughly, so much so that the whole vehicle would shake. If i raised the rpm to jover 1000 the shake diminished a little and at higher revs it ran fine

Try a new set of plugs in it first,,,,if you can get a compreshion test done on the engine check all the cylinders are the same compreshion if one is low or maybe two to gether are low you have a head gasket on its way to poping out ... Mazda B-Series

Recently bought a 97 wrangler, it ran a little rough when i first started it but only for about 15 or 20 seconds so i tryed to tune it up. replaced the plugs and plug wires and cap. now it sounds worse then before and wont even start up?? HELP

You better check the wires going to the plugs, is sounds like you may have got them switched aroung. Make sure you have the proper firing order it should be stamped on the top of the intake ... Jeep Wrangler

I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee that will start,but idle is rough,wont accelerate.replaced brain,throttle position sensor,map sensor,idle sensor,coil,distributor,cap,rotor,plugs,wires,fuel filter.when i replaced the throttle position sensor it ran perfect until we shut it off.when we went to start again it went right back to the original problem.looking for an answer.thanks john

Check the fuel pressure on the fuel pump ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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