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98 Cad Deville..How to recover from sudden night alarm signal...removed bat connection

\015 Alarm went off for whatever reason...unknown and we removed the battery cable to silence. reconnection at the time reenergied the alarm.\012Any help welcomed\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Put the key in the driver's side door and unlock the door. This should disengage the alarm.
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98 Cad Deville..How to recover from sudden night alarm signal...removed bat connection

Put the key in the driver's side door and unlock the door. This should disengage the alarm. ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2001 mercury cougar, the headlights were left on last night and the battery died. So when jumper cables were connected to the battery the alarm started to go off. The fuse was removed and put back in several times but the alarm keeps going off. Whats a way to fix this? i do not have a remote for the car.

You can probably pull the horn relay to kill the horn while you are working on the problem.With the battery connected to a jumper, try locking and unlocking the driver's door with the key. If that works, make sure the battery gets charged befor ... Cars & Trucks

Every night when i put my 88 Camaro in the garage the battery would be dead. Nothing was left on. I do have an alarm system in the Camaro the siren is not connected. My left electric door lock does not work properly and my electric truck lock does not work properly.

Have the battery tested - could have dead cells..\015\012And have the charging sytem tested..\015\012Any power drain when the car is off can easily be detected.. ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

I purchased a new car and the alarm keeps going off without sufficient reason. At first it seemed like a sensitivity problem, since it would issue a warning blast for loud noises(slamming doors, garbage trucks). But the dealer said they turned it to the lowest sensitivity yesterday and it still went off again twice in the middle of the night. Could something with the car electrical be setting it off - bad connection, interruption of power supply, etc.?

Hi take it back get them to sort it out don,t be fogged off for the alarm to be going off on its own there is a fault which is usually on hondas caused by faulty locking switchs the usually get knocked out of aligment due to doors being closed this m ... Honda Civic

Horn My car was parked in the garage today and suddenly the horn just went off by itself, constantly. I couldn't get it to stop, so I disconnected the battery. Then when I connected the battery again, the horn didn't go off (at that moment) but the airbag flashed on the dash constantly and the daytime running lights wouldn't come on when the engine was started. After about 10 minutes after the engine was stopped the horn started going again! There are no modifications to the car, no alarm, or re

My horn did the same thing - we disconnected the horn (which in an 02' is behind the passenger side headlight) I'm sure it's wearing out and we need to replace it. ... 2004 Dodge Neon

95 camaro 3.8 v6 . was driving and car suddenly died .charged battery over night. had it tested, was good. removed starter, it too tested fine. All I get when i try to start is a click. cleaned connections at battery and starter, didn't help

The starter is not the issue as you say the car suddenly died. That would not be caused by a bad starter or solenoid.\015\012\015\012You car needs the battery to be charged to continue to run. While normally the alternator or charging lig ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

My truck has no power. it wont go above 2.5k or 3k rpms and struggles with the slightest of hills. this problem developed slowly and then suddenly got worse while driving recently. the check engine light is on and on my way home last night it would blink from time to time. I check fluids and they seemed ok. I noticed the big tube that connects to the airfilter was slightly ajar. I think maybe the airfilter is clogged or somthing

When is the last time you replaced the fuel filter? air filter, Tune up?\012\012It could be many things..... ... Dodge Ram 1500

Last night my Alarm on my '06 Tacoma went off twice (a little after midnight and again around 1:30am)...and again at 7:20 this morning. Pretty windy last night, but I've never noticed my stock alarm be that sensitive. One of my Tenents said they heard the Neighbor kid getting yelled at yesterday for making his mothers alarm go off...is it possible he's got some kind of transmitter to make my alarm sound or is this just a fluke?

I'm not sure that is possible without having your key in your ignition. When reprogramming keys or transmitters they would all have to be reprogrammed to work with your vehicle at the same time so as long as your current keys and transmitters work I' ... 2007 Toyota Tacoma

I am trying to connect an aftermarket alarm to my 1998 Pathfinder. Everything is connected and working, except the remote door lock and unlock. There are two output wires from the alarm (1 for lock and 1 for unlock). Either wire can be set to have a positive or negative pulse. When set to a negative pulse and each wire connected to the light green/red(lock) and brown (unlock) wires on the pathfinders keyless entry module, only the passenger doors and rear doors work. The drivers door does not lo

... Nissan Pathfinder

About 1 year ago, locking system stopped working, then interior lights. lights sometimes come back, but not for long. Gas door also would not open to refuel, so i pried into it. 2 nights ago alarm started going off, about every half hour, and car told me the trunk lid was open. alarm went off immediately when i opened trunk. last night car would not start, battery IS NOT DEAD. can hear starter solenoid, but won't turn over. So, i rolled and jump started it this morning. no more alarm going off,

Passats are notourious for ground problems , check as many as you can find for loose , or coroded ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

Car alarm Hi there bought a car a few months back with a concept 300 car alarm fitted. All was fine until a couple of weeks back when it started going off a few times throught the night. Last night it beeped once and today is going off continually. What could be the problem and how can I fix it. thanks carol

If you have recently tinted the windows in your car, the metal in the tint can adversly effect the microwave sensors that are built into the concept 300. There is no fix for this problem if this is the case, other than turning the microwave sensitivi ... 1988 Mazda 929

Giordon car alarm manualI installed one actuator for the central door locking system and connected all of the wires to their corresponding colors. i then inserted the white plastic thing into the mounting receiver and connected the red wire to the positive end of a 12 V battery, it is not working, do i need to install the alarm system too, i just want the keyless entry to work on the drivers side door 2000 ford ranger

... Cars & Trucks

Fitting a portman car alarm cannot find location off central locking interface to connect alarm wiring (checked behind both kick panels)or can it be connected to the door lock switch on the drivers door

In my x-90 door lock box is just above fuse box, near ECM. Colour is pale brown ca. 9x5x2cm.\015\012\015\012Write me if You still can't find this - i'll make photo. \015\012\015\012I have a problem looking for door trigger wir ... Suzuki X-90

Alarm in 2003 windstar keeps going off from 8pm until 4am. sometimes every hour. sometimes ten minutes later. sometimes two hours later. last night i slept with the keys in my hand so i could turn it off when it would start again. my neighbor came screaming at 4:30am that he'd been up all night listening to my alarm....yah, me too buddy!

... 2003 Ford Windstar

Alarming situation Hi I bought a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder used of a car lot. I didn't get an owners manual with it and I have had a problem with the alarm system since I bought it 9months ago. I don't know how to set the alarm or disarm it. I open my car door and go to put my baby in her carseat and the car starts beeping, then I know the alarm is about to go off. (the horn starts blarring!!!) Other times I could be just sitting the car and all of a sudden it starts beeping and I know the alarm is

Check for a little toggle switch under the drivers side dash , if you see a small switch flip it off and try the alarm again ... 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a hawk microwave sensor connected to a viper 330v alarm - because of multiplexed inputs the warn away pre alarm comes on when microwave sensor is activated. This does not change to full alarm because the signal sent is less within 0.7 of a second - which only activate the warn away. I need the signal to be sent at 0.8 of a sec to get full alarm trigged. I think a relay may help but am unsure how to wire. thanks for your help.

... Renault 181

The alarm goes off when i connect the battery, and it won't start over, i dont have a fob for the alarm, only a key for the alarm box ( where is the alarm box on a 1996 golf gti ?

It has an automatic alarm which you need to lock and unlock the car using the key in the driver side door ... 1996 Volkswagen GTI

Hello, we have a problem with our Saturn SL 1997. Suddenly the alarm system started. We did not do anything which could start an alarm system. We tried to put the key into the ignition but nothing happens. We locked and unlocked all doors and treid to turn the car on again, but nothing happen except the alarm system sounds. Now we figuered out which fuse is responsible for the alarm system and put it off. We tried again to start the motor, but nothing happens. And yes it is an automatic an

My guess is it has something to do with the anti theft security system. This is the system that has to do with that little black chip in the shaft of you key. Is the SECURITY light lit up on the dash when you put the key in? If you see it at all, thi ... 1997 Saturn SL

Hyundai accent alarm doesnot activate. I had an accident recently. I crashed into another car from my front left side. After repair, my car gets locked via remote, but alarm does not activate. The mechanic said maybe the staff unplugged a fuse, but they are not sure. Is it possible whether they forgot to install the plastic piece on the hood activating the alarm? (When the hood closes it touches a button connected to the alarm system) Any different solutions? Thanks..

... 2005 Hyundai Accent

525i alarm i have a 1990 525i and the alarm will not stop going off when the battery is connected. i only have 2 keys and none of them have a key fob how do i get the alarm to silence because with the alarm on the car will not start so it is now immoble

... 1990 BMW 525i

Hi, I have a steal stopper alarm which came with my honda civic 97, I changed the battery and now the alarm wont work. How do I reset the alarm. When I re-connected the battery the alarm chirps but does not work from the keypad controller? Any ideas

There might be a hidden switch under your ood or dash that you need to push to before doing any electrical work like on mine. If you dont push that switch it could short circuit your system. I would find that switch and try to reset it by pushing it ... 1997 Honda Civic

Alarm issue with '97 Jetta: Power locks lock all the doors, then minutes, sometimes hours later the alarm just starts going off. It stops when I unlock the power locks from the drivers side door. I've tried slamming all the doors tight, and looking at the battery connection, can't seem to figure out what makes the alarm go off. Locks still work and car starts and runs without alarm going off. Do it myself suggestions? (Please include details of what I should try at home).

If you have a remote try to change the battery in the remote. ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

2002 ford explorer-alarm goes off in the middle of the night...no one around Alarm goes of whenever it wants to. I don't lock my doors, because when I unlock them the alarm goes off and will not stop even with the key in the ignition. I have to unlock the door on passenger side to avoid the stupid alarm.

If the Solution that Nikki2913 suggests does not work, I have come across more than a handful of door and hood switches not working or incorrectly adjusted...drop me a message and I'll help you through some easy tests. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I bought my '98 Accord from a private person so I don't know anything about the alarm system. The alarm is supposed to be "partially" disconnected. ..However, if the battery gets disconected and connected back the alarm goes off. ..This time I came back to find that the lights were blinking but no sound at all and the car won't start. ...I don't have access to the button that will reset the alarm, because my driver side door is stuck and I haven't found any one who can fix and open that door. ..

You need to reset the alarm system to get the car to start. ... 1998 Honda Accord

After shutting off the engine, my Buick Park Avenue (94) makes a noise I've associated with the rear shocks. It still makes the noise, but suddenly my rear shocks don't seem to function. The car bounces in the reaar as I drive. This happened suddenly. Is there a switch or perhaps some electronic connection that is failing which might cause this? It happened too suddenly and nothing happened from driving the car that I noticed that would have caused the rear shocks to suddenly go out. Prior

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