Having problems with your 1998 Cadillac DeVille ?

I just bought a new radiator and thermostat and my cadillac is still overheating

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Check for exhaust in the cooling system. norstar has head bolt issues, allows head to leak combustion into cooloing system, pushing out coolant. Extremely expensive to fix CORRECTLY.
\012There are two other issues that also happen, and check these first: there is a small coolant hose 1/2 inch or so, that bleeds air from the block, it can plug, check it carefully,
\012Some water pumps have an impeller that fails, pretty quick overheat, though.
\012the head bolt issue is more mysterious, almost intermittant, but definately load related, when heat goes up, like going up a hill.
The northstar engine is very well known for blown head gaskets as the head bolts pull out of the block. To check with the cooling system full and the cap off with the engine running watch the coolant go by. If it never stopps bubbling or it bubbles as you rev the engine ( rev it slowly as to not blow the water out. If the coolant shows alot of bubbles then it has exhaust leaking into the coolant. Most cadillacs are supposaed to be run with a large quaintiy of stopleak added to the cooling system to keep this from happening. The problem is when they do get started leaking then the stop leak can't win and the engine has to be towarn down and or replaced. Many times the head bolts screw holes are striped and the engine can be thread repaired but the sucess of doing this and then rebilding the whole engine might gety into more money and time than you have aviaible.
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Im also having the same problem, I dropped it off to my mech..the other day, he says I needed a new radiator so I purchased a new one and he installed it, still overheating...then he says one of my fans is not comming on so we fixed that, I also had to buy a new radiator cap since the other was leaking. still overheating. Still overheating, he says we need a new water pump and so I bought one, still overheating, I had taken the thermostat out already but the car is still acting like it has one

Check your oil dip stick and see if it is milky looking if it is you have a blown head gasket and the water is leaking out of the cooling system into the oil and your overheating because your runing out of water ... 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

I just bought a new radiator and thermostat and my cadillac is still overheating

Check for exhaust in the cooling system. norstar has head bolt issues, allows head to leak combustion into cooloing system, pushing out coolant. Extremely expensive to fix CORRECTLY.\012\012There are two other issues that also happen, and ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

We have a 1998 318i and it keeps overheating despite a few repairs that have already been done . including a new water pump. we also took out the thermostat and bought a new radiator cap. but still ov

Fan clutch is out. turn it off and grab fan with tip of fingers ans spin it. if it dont stop rite away its time to change it ... Cars & Trucks

I recently bought a 1995 monte carlo that has an overheating problem. I changed the thermostat and it didn't help. Put a new radiator in, no help. There is no anti freeze in the oil pan. It runs smooth and at a good temp until I drive it. When the temp guage rises i start to loose my heat. I tried running it without the thermostat to see what would happen and it still overheated. It gets hot and blows anti-freeze into the overflow tank.

Sounds like you have a pressure leak. It will boil over at 212 degrees unless the system is under pressure. Likely places for a pressure leak are the radiator cap, water pump gaskets, radiator hoses and heater hoses. There is a pressure tester availa ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Hi. I just bought a 96' Cadilliac Deville in mid Feb. and it gets to extreme temperatures. I have replaced the spark plugs (and wires), thermostat, and just purchased a brand new radiator. I have yet to install the radiator. I plan on doing it this week. I just want to know if changing the radiator will fix the overheating. And if not, will it be the water pump? .... The vehicle will inform me about every 2-3 days to "Check Coolant Level". I have to use my Cadillac ONLY as an A to B car.

I also get a check coolant light only it is about every other month.All I have to do is pour about an 8 oz. cup of water into the overflow and it goes away and I have had a pinhole leak for at least 6 years.The radiator may or may not fix the problem ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

Could a water pump be the reason my car is still overheating after the radiator has been flushed, a new heater core, and a new thermostat. My mechanic says that the anti freeze isn't circulating. After all of these steps my heat is now coming on very hot but then it gets back cool, and the fans are coming on and off by themselves when the car starts to overheat. My mechanic also says that it's not the head gasket because the car , which is a 2002 cadillac deville doesn't have white smoke coming

Hi, We spoke before about an issue with coolant circulation, and I see you have another posting with more info. I have a few questions; How many miles are on your vehicle? Was the radiator replaced or inspected? The fans are trying to cool the engine ... Cadillac DeVille

Its overheating within 5 minutes of driving. Someone saId I might have a blown headgasket, but my radiator was cracked so spent 76$ for used radiator, and 232$ for labor on putting it in, along with a new thermostat, and it still is overheating...I was hoping the new radiator and thermostat would have did the trick...but I know my fan is blown, But my question is why is the car getting HOT!? because the fans only kick on when the engine gets too hot, by **** is overheating so FAST. oh well time

Fans come on when temp is high via sensor that is appropriate. Make sure when the fan or fans come on check that they are running they are electric so they either work or don't. Make sure radiator is good after all it was used. You can buy a new one ... Chrysler Concorde

I have a 99 kia sephia..it started overheating so i bought a new waterpump and it still overheated...the radiator was leaking so i bought a new radiator..i drove it about 10 miles and it overheated again and steam was coming from the tail pipe...my cousin said he thought it might be the head gasket...how would i know if it was just the gasket or the head itself or could it be something else...and how could i find something to show me how to fix the peoblem myself...my email address is mschristin

Is there any water in your oil or oil in your radator or do you get bubles in your radator when cap is off and motor runing if so then its your head ... 2001 Kia Sephia

My 98 buick century overheats i bought a brand new thermostat water pump and radiator and its still overheating any solutions?

You should take it to a rad shop and get the whole cooling system cleaned and flushed,then pressure tested to eliminate it before goig any furter because an y other cause of overheating is going to cost you a bundle. ... 1998 Buick Century


Ensure motor tune or other motor mechanical condition is not the cause of overheating,\015\012I assume the motor is actually running hot, - ensure the high gauge reading is not just a gauge sender problem.\015\012 \015\012Check cooling fans are opera ... 1992 Cadillac Seville

Thermostat radiatot bought new radiator car still ran hot bought new thermostat car still running hot whats the problem

Look for bleeder valve on thermostat housing or other coolant hoses or lines. possible traped air in cooling system,will cause car to run hot. ... 1995 Mazda Protege

I have a 2000 mitsubishi,its overheating,i admit i haven;t had an oil change in a while,i took my thermostat out,tried that for a little bit,then i replaced it with a new new one,i admit i din't run the new thermostat long,but should you notice a difference immediately if the thermostat,so now i took it out again,and my car is still running hot;i took my radiator cap off to check to see if the water is flowing through and it is;my resevoir tank is full,and its still running hot.The main thing is

Not positive unless i done some checks but i would hazard a guess and say head gasket,but i would have to do some checks first to confirm ,forget the oil in water thing i would suspect a blow between two compression rings so its only running on 2+a b ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Overheating engine I have a 1985 Mighty Max 2.0 5 speed stick. I replaced the water pump,thermostat, new hoses upper and lower, new radiator cap, had the radiator boiled and rodded.did a engine block chemical test it tested ok no water in oil.Did a pressure test on radiator and cap there was no pressure loss for up to 8 minutes then only a half pound loss.Checked the clutch fan it has a drag in it then spins freely as motor runs. I even took thermostat out still overheats. I'm out of answers.

Was the thermostat put in backwards? I know this is a silly question, but I've seen it happen. The water pump will fight it if it is. Another thing are the coolant passages, are they flushed out? Also, if that fan clutch is the original one, I would ... 1985 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

1991 honda accord is overheating. Installed new radiator because of leak and the car started overheating because of cracked heater hose. Installed new hose and still overheating. Bottom radiator hose is cold and top hose is hot. Is the thermostat stuck close?

When the car is completely cool,check the electric fan(s) for smooth rotation.\015\012\015\012Clean/check/change the thermo sensor,contact and wire.\015\012\015\012===\015\012\015\012Excavate air pocket in coolant ... 1991 Honda Accord

Why would my 96' cadillac seville be overheating after i put a new radiator a new water pump a new thermostat and new fan motors in it

Someone would need to test the system and find out at what point the engine is overheating. Is the thermostat not opening - is the coolant not flowing - or are the fans not coming on when the coolant reaches 220 degrees ? ... Cadillac Seville

What causes 1991 toyota camry to over heat? we put a new radiator in it last year cause the radiator got cracked. but it didnt start overheating til this year. so we changed the thermostat thinking it wouldnt do it anymore. it kept overheating so we changed the thermostat again but it wasnt it so we changed the water pump. it still keeps over heating. an we cant figure out why. if we keep the car running when its parked its fine. but once we start driving it it overheats an steams after 10 minut

Change the radiator cap, it may be the wrong pressure rating which will cause the coolant to boil at a much lower temperature than designed. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Jeep Overheating? I have tried everything, from flushing the radiator, to putting new top and bottom hoses, thermostat, and changing coolant. I still continue having the same problem. I have even taken off the thermostat and tried running it with out it and still overheats a little. Another thing when I check the the radiator fluid it always seems to be missing some, I have to add fluid once in a while, but i have tried looking for the leak and can't seem to find it. I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler

I would suggest you have the radiator and cooling system pressure tested . .another option would be to get a new radiator cap and try that. If you want to do a quick test for the radiator cap .. try loosening it to the first notch and see if your o ... 2002 Jeep Wrangler

2001 Pontiac grand am overheating problem. I have done new head gaskets new intake gaskets, new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator, new reservoir w/ cap. system has no leaks pressurized for 2.5 hrs at 11 psi back flushed 2x, still over heating still over pressurizing and blowing out reservoir any one have any ideas on what to do im puzzled by it!!

Have a cylinder leakage test or co2 test done. my prefered method is a leakage test as it checks heads, head gaskets, valves, rings all in one test. ... Pontiac Grand Am

2003 hyundai elentra overheating and already did alot of standard procedures to fix the problem and still overheats. Car vurrently has 64k on it. Here is the history. Last year it overheated and changed the thermostat, radiator and fans. Work fine and now this year again. The radiator had a very muddy cap. As if mud was in the radiator. We flushed the radiator checked all hoses for leaks filled with new coolant. Ran okay for about 30 miles and problem started again. Changed water pump, timing b

The only other thing I can think of is maybe you put in the wrong kind of coolant? Not every type of coolant works in every car. Other than that, try head gasket sealer because if your head gasket is leaking, it can't be a big leak, otherwise you'd h ... Cars & Trucks

My heat started blowing out warm air. I reversed and forward flushed the system several times, still the same. I bought a Heat Control Valve and replaced the vacuum hose, still the same. I bought a Climate control Head, still the same. I took it to a mechanic and put a new radiator, cap, thermostat and heater core, still the same. He said that the Climate Control Cable could be stretched and not allowing the door to work properly. I took the cable off the Head & held the case while pulling on th

Hello, my name is Ben. Since you stated it got a little hotter when you manually pulled on the cable, it is possible that the plastic where the cable ends hook could be worn excessively. Have you tried to manipulate the door by hand, totally eliminat ... 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a honda accord 97 2.2, it was overheating an i changed the thermostat but it keep overheating. so the new thermo was not opening when it should had. i check for leaks, radiator cracks and i check the hoses i flushed the raditor and i changed the thermo for the second time but its still overheating. i think that it might be the water pump. and im also thinking on running the car without the thermostat./

... Honda Accord



1997 bmw z3 conv. 1.9 overheated, changed radiator, new thermostat, hoses car still overheating , fill radiator w/water but water does not seen to go through , released air pressure from radiator and car it seemed to keep from reaching the red boiling mark, could it need another thermostate & a water pump?

Hi jasso, I would recommend checking the water pump if you see no flow in the radiator. Make sure when you fill up the cooling system, that you fill it cold, and that the vent screw in the radiator is loose. fill system until fluid comes out the vent ... 1997 BMW 328

I did all new thermostat ,was leakin from seals ,so i did too ,new radiator ,cap radiator,i flush it put new coolat ,and i still having overheating ,and the head gaskets was fine

You have air trapped in the system that needs to be bled out. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2002 cadillac deville that has been giving me heating issues.My car has been blowing out cool air when I turn the heat on and also it has been overheating. My mechanic took my radiator to a radiator shop and got it flushed, he put a new heater core on it, and a new thermostat, after all of this the car finally started to give heat, good heat, and then it started blowing cold air again, and over heating. The fans are coming on and off by themselves when the car starts to overheat and my

Has the mechanic verified you do not have a head gasket issue. These cars are known for this issue. Everything you stated so far would lead me to believe this needs to be addressed first. Ask him what test have been done to verify its not head relat ... Cadillac DeVille
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