Having problems with your 1998 Buick Riviera ?

I put my key into the ignition but it doesnt turn over or start at all what could be the problem

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Truck will not crank over while turning key switch. If you cross over the starter solenoid it will start right up. According to a manual that I have, it says the problem could be the ignition switch. I replaced it and it still doesnt crank over. I checked the volt rating through the small wire that connects to solenoid and it reads 4 volts. Also tried to start the truck in neutral and that didnt work, What could be the problem

It is likely the fuseable link on the starter is broken or a wire is loose on th starter \015\012it is a ford so check the selinoid ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

Starting problem went to start car ths morning turned the key ignition lights came on but starter moter failed to turn, ignition lights stayed bright and did not go dim clicking noise coming from under the bonnet battery in good condition doesnt need charching, could someone please help!!!! PLEASE NOTE ITS A MITSUBITSHI DELICA SPACEGEAR NOT A PASSENGER WOULDNT GIVE ME THE OPTION TO SELECT DELICA, TKS.

Sounds like starter motor or there is a switch for the gearbox this does fail ... 1987 Mitsubishi Passenger

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion, I was having problems turning the key in the ignition so I removed the key lock cylinder and took it to a locksmith. He said that the problem could be solved by making news keys which he did, I than put the cylinder back in and the key turned just fine but now the car starts runs for a second and then dies. I tried the passlock trick of turning the engine to start, started the car, it dies than going back to accessory for ten minutes and trying it again 3 consecutive

I just got off the phone with a dealership by me to confirm what I suspected. Once the system was disconnected, it put the car into theft mode. Now matter what "tricks" you try at this point, it is not going to reset. The system MUST be hooked to the ... 2004 Saturn ION

My key will start the car but it wont turn the car off i have to unplulg the distributor to kill theh car. Also the ignition switch in the car rotates all the way around but it has always done that it just recently started not working to turn the car off.the key will turn but the car will still be on. what could be the problem i took it to a mechanic with a new ignition switch and he said that wasn't the problem

The ignition switch is an electrical part. The lock cylinder is whre the key goes and it activates the ignition switch. If you pulled the lock cylinder out, you could operate the car with a screwdriver.\015\012Either you have damaged the igniti ... 1992 Mercury Sable

1999 Peugeot Diesel Estate car has developed starting problem, when turning key in the ignition the glow plug light goes out as it should do but the car will not start first time, only starts when ignition is operated 4 or 5 times then a big plume of white smoke comes out of the exhaust and she finaly splutters into life, problem has only developed this week (since weather has turned colder) she is due a service and oil change could this be the problem?

Hi you seem to have worn out glow plugs.. cheap and easy diy fix!! ... 1989 Peugeot 405

Toyota Tercel 92. Manual transmission. When I turn the ignition key, not every single time but most of the time, I hear a single, hard clunk. Starter problem? Also, recently I had my car not starting at all after engine being hot. E.g it always starts when engine is cold but won't start again -after a short stop-when engine's hot. I have a lot of juice in my battery -almost new- and when I turn the ignition key on I can hear the click so wouldn't be the spark plugs either. Could this be soleno

The noise u hear is the starter solenoid starting to engage but failing to make a connection to supply power to the starter motor, this car uses a Denso design started motor and the large copper contacts burn away and create the clunk no ... Toyota Tercel

Turn ignition key and motor starts up, next day turn ignition key and motor just turns over and wont start. could it be anti theft problem its a 2002 f150 4 wheel drive with 4.6 liter

This could be caused by either a faulty Crank Shaft Position Sensor or the anti-theft system. Try put key in, turn to ON position for EXACTLY 10 minutes, As SOON as anti-theft light shuts off or stops flashing, then IMMEDIATELY start the engine. ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 2000 Honda Accord Lx and have recently had problems starting the vehicle. It has had a basic tune up ( spark plugs, oil, oil filter, and spark plug cables.) and all the fluids are good. battery good starter good altenator good fuel pump good and does not seem to be a ignition problem. Seems to be a fuel problem. Once the key is turned to start the car it try's to start but does not have enough to turn over. what do you think could be the problem?

I would suspect the starter if the battery passes a load test - even though the starter turns over it may have such a high resistance that it cannot turn fast enough. The starter can be tested at your local auto parts store but you'll need to remove ... 2000 Honda Accord

I put my key into the ignition but it doesnt turn over or start at all what could be the problem

... 1998 Buick Riviera

1987 Porsche' 944: Replaced Alternator, New Battery, but will not turn over with key. Will tow start and run but will not turn over with the key. When ignition is turned on most electrical systems function, except: No oil pressure registering, No Power seats operation, No Wipers and No turn signals. You can hear fuel pump functioning. Please tell me what my problem could be and how to remedy that problem. Thanks a bunch!

Hello! The ignition switch, also called the ignition starter switch, can be purchased at (example) www.rockauto.com for $50...Gain access to the ignition key/switch...Unplug connector...Two screws hold the switch in place...Remove and replace...Inspe ... 1987 Porsche 944

I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, 3.3 ltr Engine, All Systems turn on when key is turned on, but engine won't turn over, Check all relays and are good, new that is proven good, Brown wire to staer coil is NOT getting electricity to it, I can hear the starter relay click when the key is turned to the start position, so it doesn't seem to be the Ignition switch, I know there is a ignition coil. Is that between the starter and the starter coil relay, and could that be the problem? Can and ho

You need a wiring diagram before you start and get out your meter. How did you check out the relays? Remove them,power up the coils and read OHM's across all contacts or use the buzzer on the meter? You missed one The fact the solenoid is good does ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 2004 kia sedona van, when i put the key in the ignition and turn the key nothing happens. sometimes if i turn the wheel the car will start,it seems tricky like the wheel is locked. i have 3 keys they all have same problem. could it be thhe ignition switch, or something with the steering wheel lock? please help

Check your battery is properly working also check there is not any lose connection to battery and switch. ... 2000 Lexus LX470

My 2003 honda accord wont start even if i turn the key all the way, it worked fine yesterday, people tell me its locked from somewhere but i cant find the problem. i put the key in the ignition turn the key to start the car but it wont; the car doesnt make a noise all it does is a ding ding noise which i suppose is the noise it makes when you open the car. it like if its dead, the lights tuen on fine, also the brakes are really hard when u try and press on it. please help asap

... 2003 Honda Accord

My 94 probe will not start key turns all dash lights come on, it doesnt click or turn over, I noticed in the pasted that sometime you would have to turn the key several times before it would start like it wasnt connecting...Could this be the ignition switch?

Yea this is possible/but look for the battery cables to be corroded or loose.have battery check ,,,load test to be sure battery isnt the problem ,,i have seen this happen before short in battery ... 1995 Ford Probe

Ignition problem when i start my car everything is fine, but when i shut it off it wont tturn all the way back to where it is supposed to. "you know that little notch its sposed to line up with". i jiggle it and it takes 15 mins of jiggling to accually get it into place. i can also take the key out while running, and since my key doesnt turn all the way back my car will start with anything you can stick in there. also my battery dies from it not turning off. what exactly is wrong with my ignitio

Did you buy this car used or new, if it was used somebody could have tried stealing the vehicle like you described by putting anything in it and possibly jammed the ignition switch which could be why it takes so long to get it into position.good luck ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Starting problem put in a new starter new battery when you turn the key it clicks once and then nothing.... keep on turning key off and on and it will start could it be the ignition switch?

Sounds like a bad earth. Locate, check and clean if required. ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

My engine was having a slow start. Thought I needed a new battery. Bought one and stalled it. But the entire electical system went completely out! My installer also accidently hooked negetive and positive cables to the wrong post. But I didn't turn the ignition key. found the mistake before turning the ignition key. could this be the problem?

When you connect the battery backwards you can cause major damage. You can blow the alternator or its fusible link. You can destroy electronics, particularly the various computers - and these are not cheap ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

1996 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8L 4 Dr. Sedan doesn't start; no clicking sound when turning ignition key; power windows don't roll down; and AC doesn't turn on. I have a battery charger and charged the battery to 100% but that did not solve the starting problem. Things that work: Horn; dome lights; head lights; and hazard blinkers. WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM?

Here are the things that you need to check: 1. Alternator2. Check the wires on the solenoid, make sure that they are on the correct terminals.3. Check for a blown link or fuse in the link/fuse box in the engine bay labeled BAT ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

Ignition switch? my 1989 subaru has problems starting. sometimes it starts right up but other times won't for a couple days. when i turn the key all the dash lights come on, the radio, and the heat, and there is a click that comes from the engine but it won't fully turn over. battery and fuses are fine, could this be my ignition switch?

Nope, it's the starter or more specifically, the copper contacts under the removable 3-screw plate. Make sure that your battery connections are clean and tight - I've been bitten by that one too many times. ... 1989 Subaru Gl Wagon

Starting problems I have a 89 Camaro, v6, sometimes it will start sometimes it won't. At first I thought maybe it was the shieldguard for the starter, but it has set for 2 days without being started and I went out and it started so I moved it 50 ft and a bit later I went out to start it and turn it around but it wouldn't start, so I am figuring the shieldgaurd isn't it. I know it could be the ignition switch but also could it have something to do with either the security system or even the key?

Make sure it is all the way in park, or try starting it in nuetral. could be start/nuetral safety switch if the transmission is automatic. ... 1989 Chevrolet Camaro

We had a new key made based on the original key specs for this vehicle. The key was made my a GM dealer. We have trouble making then key turn after inserting it into the ignition. It turns, eventually, but takes a lot of working with it to Make it start. The original key never had this problem. What could be the reason the new key isn't working, correctly?

Worn tumblers in the ignition switch or a bad key cut--it happens does not take much. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have mazda 3 hatchback petrol model 2005. The car is giving problem while starting. There is no ignition or click on starting. No response of whatsoever on turning the key to ignittion. All lights / dashboards / radio all work fine. Its not a battery problem. The car does start on pushing. What could be the problem? Please respond and feel free to ask any further details.

Check the fuse under the dashboard, read the diagram IGNITION and check if the fuse is busted,replace it and try to start the engine. it happened to me a month ago on my m3 2005 hb. ... Mazda MAZDA3

97 jetta 4 cylinder will not turn over. All power on when turn key to start but nothing happens. Tryied to jump battery didnt work. Could it be the ignition switch? when turn to to start head lights dimb till I release but all other power is fine. Car doesnt even sound like its trying to start.

Check, clean and tighten your battery posts, and the power connection to the starter and ground. Make certain the battery is good and charged, Perhaps you have a bad starter motor, or the engine is frozen (will not turn over). I think the ignition ... Volkswagen Jetta

Same problem Have replaced: - Starter - Battery - Alternator Each of these components was verified as "bad" before replacing, each time a part was replaced, car started/ran more reliably for a few weeks, then the same problem returned. Won't start consistently. Seems like it could be a problem with the ignition switch, except that the car starts with a jump. Does that make any sense? If the switch is failing to make a connection, why would turning the key after a jump start the car? Does it caus

Make sure you have the proper battery with the right amount of cranking amps because if your car doesnt have the right amount your car will act like it'll crank but it wont and as long as the car is cold the car will crank with no problem until the c ... 1992 Toyota Corolla

My 1989 Camero RS will not turn over when the key is turned to the start position. I can jump across starter and get it to turn over but not from the key. The ignition switch is new and it does not have the key that has the chip in it and the old one did. Could this be the problem or is it more likey the fusable links at the starter. Is there another fusable link behind the drivers side kick panel.

The key must have the chip key in order for it to start, hire a good lockshp to programme same for u ... 1989 Chevrolet Camaro
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