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Uses antifreeze and has a sweat smell out exhaust but no antifreeze in oil

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Uses antifreeze and has a sweat smell out exhaust but no antifreeze in oil

... 1998 Buick Century

My 2001 Hyundia Accent is not over heating, but I put three things of oil in it, drove one block, and a huge cloud of white smoke came out the exhaust. I never turn on my heater because the smell is horrible. It smell like it was submerged in water for years. I used Lucas Oil Stabilizer as suggested. The white smoke and droplets of water are not as bad but the smoke from the exhaust still makes it undrivable. Why?

Is it to full on oil that would do it or is it really steam mabe your head gasket is going out ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

Hi! We would like to know if anyone has an answer to our current problem with out 1993 Toyota Previa. When we first start the van the exhaust is very heavy, white in colour and smells like hot, burnt, antifreeze. Once the van warms up the white smoke disappears but you can still smell antifreeze once in awhile, especially when your just idelling. There is no antifreeze in the oil and there is no signs of antifreeze leaking anywhere. The antifreeze level does eventually go down but it takes a lon

Sounds like head gasket leak into the combustion chamber or a cracked head which does the same thing. ... 1993 Toyota Previa

Missing on passenger side of engine. Gas floods through and comes out exhaust. Replaced fuel pressure regulator.no change. Checked compression on all cylinders.120 - 190 psi. Dropped exhaust at engine,no change. While running,I disconnected both fuel injectors on passenger side and no change. Misses real bad. Has a whitish-blue vapor- like exhaust cloud. Smells of gas. No antifreeze smell. Gas was found in oil and it was changed.

That is too wide of a gap between cylinder compression readings. 190 psi is great and 120 is worn but workable. What were all of the numbers and which cylinders? ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

Smell antifreeze kind of behind the throttle body by the passenger side firewall but, no leaks. Everything is dry liek a bone. I also hear gurgling from the coolant reserve tank after my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan is shut off. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? No white smoke from the exhaust, no seeping water from the exhaust, oil in crankcase is clean, and no leaks anywhere...

Is it low in water?You have a heater control valve on that side . Your heater hoses connects to it to let hot water in the car when the heater is turned on. Check and make sure the passenger floor is dry. If it is wet you will need a heater core ... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

I bought an 04 f250 sd 142000miles labor day weekend changed oil at 145000 w/dealers motorcraft sae 5w-20 synthetic blend and replaces exhaust manifold gasket,,, now it smokes,, dont really smell like oil or antifreeze??? whats going on

What color is the smoke? ... Cars & Trucks

001 audi a4 1.8T quattro has had an itermittent oil burning smell (cabin and external) and as of recently I have noticed an occasional antifreeze odor as well. There is 77k on the car. The valve cover had a very slight leak and was tightened down with no signs of further leakage. The oil and coolant levels seem to be fine. Oh - and I have noticed on 2 separate occasions within the last 2 months while stopped at a light, that the exhaust appears to be heavier than usual. The later occurence was s

Hi tina\015\012it might be a few things unfortunatly, 77k is not much for these cars but allot can go wrong with them, i can start with, valve guid seals these tend to wear arround 100,000 but deppends on use, wether hard driving or town, so yo ... Audi A4

2000 civic ex iac issues my check engine light is on. its reading p0505. I have been fighting this for 2 months. i found the knock sensor broken and the wire grounded to the valve cover..replaced that. i have replaced the iac twice, ecu, pcv valve, had the induction cleanse done, plugs and wires, I've replaced the intake and exhaust gaskets and the problem is still this: erratic idle, jerky throttle response, bucking at desired speed, loss of power, smell of antifreeze and exhaust or oil inside

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 pontiac gxp that has been using oil and antifreeze but I checked the antifreeze and there are no signs of oil and also the oil dipstick has no antifreeze on it either.....I used about 3 quarts of oil every 3,000 miles and have had to replace about a quart of antifreeze in the overflow in the past 6 months.......

If you have the V-8 Engine, just totally disregard this post.\012\012If you have the 3.8L V-6 engine, your oil consumption problem is most likely to be caused by the PCV Valve if you cannot find any external leaks. These are also known f ... 2005 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 2001 Chrysler 300m. It ovrheated pushing water out resevoir so I put new thermastat in and did't fix the problem. I now have water pump out but it seems to be ok and no evidence of the belt rubbing on the pulley like the bearing seizes under higher temps. There was no noise from engine either and no antifreeze smell from the exhaust or water in oil but water is going somewhere because after letting cool down the resevoir is empty.

You really should have your water pump replaced i had the same thing happen to me and i had to replace it. do not drive it long with out the water pump trust me. ... 2000 Chrysler 300M

94 camry bluish smoke coming out of exhaust smells like gas but not burning oil or losing antifreeze? plus just noticed black drips coming out of tail pipe.

... Cars & Trucks

The car has had major motor overhaul, everything....but I think the fuel injection is bad.....car starts up perfectly, when it gets hot....after running awhile, it starts running very rough and black smoke out exhaust, uses tons of gas....smell gas and gas in oil....what is going on HERE? Car has been completely restored, but cannot drive any distance due to this problem....and I paid a mechanic $4600.00 to restore the motor....will not go back there....no no no.....should of put new motor in th

... 1987 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 190 Class

My 2004 Kia Sedona has started using oil. There are no oil spots where the car is parked each day. Little or no smoke from the exhaust. The car has 84,000 miles on it and has had oil changes every 3,000 to 3,500 miles. This problem started at about 65,000 miles and at 75,000 High milage half synthetic oil was put in and the car used 5 quarts of oil within 3,000 miles. The dealer has not been able to resolve this. With normal city driving the car uses about 1.5 qts between oil changes. T

Hello Robert. Do not let the car get more than one quart low before you add more oil. Carry it with you so you can add it when needed. That said, there are several possibilities. It could be that the valve cover or another gasket is leaking. If ... 2004 Kia Sedona

I have a 1997 dodge stratus 2.4 155,000miles oil is clean coolent clean and holding dose not run hot i seem to use 1qrt of oil every 1200 miles exhaust is blue sometimes heavyer than others the cat is

Does it seem to be a little bit noisy at times? if the oil is gathering at the top, it could be a leaky seal near the top, it might be leaking somewhere near the valve train on the heads. it could also be the head gaskets which if your engine's head ... Dodge Stratus

2002 Passat V6 smells like burning oil when I drive. The smell use to be minimal and seemed to disappear, now it is stronger and smells longer. I have checked under the car once I park it and do not see any oil on the ground, but I have noticed that before I am due for another oil change, the oil level is low and I add more. What could this be?

... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2000 Volvo S80, I recently noticed the oil was a little low so I added a couple quarts. I drove a little ways and I parked my car and next time I started it, white smoke was pouring out of the exhaust. It didn't have a sweet smell, it smells more like burning oil. I am not loosing any coolant, but the car does heat up fast but doesn't seem to overheat. I have not been driving the car because there is just so much smoke coming out of the exhaust. I have 115,000 miles on the car and feel

I have black smoke coming from tail pipe what could be wrong with it ... Volvo S80

I have a dodge ram 1500 4x4 pick up. I noticed a distinct smell and white exhaust out of the tail pipe. Upon further inspection I noticed the coolant level was low which made me think it was the head gasket. I also noticed that the oil level was also quite low. Could the oil level being low cause the exhaust smell and colour?

Dont drive it ,friend oil and coolant are and being forced into the combustion chamber under pressure. if this is a V8 then chrysler havent learnt much over the years ,i had a D5N back in the seventys that used to do this ,you probably need to tal ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I have a 90 civic ex 1.6 and it was mixing water in oil and blowing antifreeze out the exhaust when i got it. pulled head and the gassket was blown. replaced it and the problem remained the same. replaced the head and that fixed the water in the oil but im still blowing antifreeze out the exhaust???? Do i have another bad head or is my block cracked and how do i check it to determine which it is???? [email protected]

To check the block, you can magna flux it or have the machine shop do this for you. Also, was the head a new or used head or reconditioned? Is it warped and in need of shaving?\015\012\015\012Perhaps, the new head gasket is leaking, even ... 1990 Honda Civic

2000 toyota avalon seems to be using oil, but not leaking under car on pavement and smells occasionally of a strong oil smell

... Toyota Avalon

Engine smoke Hi, I need urgent advise. My car is hardly used these days, I started it yesterday after 5 weeks, to find lots of white smoke thru the exhausts. The RPM won't go over 2K too. I open the plugs, and they had oil. My cars is single owner and has not done over 32K miles. Can it be the oil my workshop used on my last service, he didn't use synthetic oil, he put mobil. Please advise. I don't want to have the engine opened up without a clue. Awaiting an answer. Thanks Cheers Sanjay Bhandar

Hi,i heard of this potential problem when asking an online lexus mecanic,about a p steering pump leak,he asked if i hald any white smoke from the tailpipe i didnt,but he said sometimes the power steering fluid can be sucked up through a tube or such ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

Oil blow by from tail pipe . car uses oil IT doesn't leak, I HAVE BEEN USING SYNTHETIC OIL REGULARLY. OIL IS COMING OUT OF EXHAUST

Well, a 1993 corolla that is still running in 2010 typically would have blow by if it has over 100,000 mi. on it, or so.\015\012\015\012Even if you use synthetic oil, regularly, the rings could be worn out, or the cylinders are out of rou ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Ran engine without oil. seized exhaust cam.replaced cylinder head with used head. Used intake cam from damaged head and exhaust cam from used head. Engine will not run with camshaft sensor plugged in but will run without it.

I think you have the wrong gearwheel from the new head ,try making sure you have the old gearwheels from original head on the engine as it might be a different year or build code,check you havent damaged the sensor and its off of the original head th ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

Head gasket? I have antifreeze coming out of my rear valve cover. thare is lot's of smoke that smells like antifreeze&oil. but thare is no signs of antifreeze in the oil. I need to know what this means

Definately a head job !! ... 2002 Buick Century

My 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe has an antifreeze smell coming from the vents no matter if I use the AC or heat or vent. When using the heat it fogs up the windows. Mechanics find no leaks and smell no smell. But it always happens when we drive it. What's going on and why can't these mechanics find it?? So frustrating.

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 2.5L Outback with 115K miles is using 1 quart of oil per 500 miles! I see no sign of oil leak under the car (not 'wet,' no spots on the floor.) The engine performs as well as ever; no loss of power, no blue exhaust smoke. I have recently had the timing chain replaced, but it was using a lot of oil before that. Ideas?

These cars dont really burn oil, but can. i would have the car put up on a lift and take a good look, i know they leak at the valve covers and the head gaskets ,i've done alot of them, if you are sure it not leaking then have the pcv system checked y ... 2002 Subaru Outback
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