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Wont start - 1998 BMW M3

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Is the your car engine cranking when you try to start, first check spark plugs ignition coils, remove one ignition coil and spark plug fix the spark plug in to the ignition coil then connect ignition coil to wiring and keep spark plug body touching on ground of engine head mettle parts, ask some one to crank engine then you can see is the plug sparking or not, do the same way to all the coils and plug otherwise you have to buy a ignition spark tester, is the all the coils and spark plugs are OK then check the fuel pump, it's sitting in under rear seat, before that do one thing disconnect oxygen (O2) sensor wiring and crank engine, the thing is if your oxygen sensor completely dead fuel pump will stop working, if engine start after disconnect O2 sensor, replace new O2 sensor, otherwise need to check fuel pump relay fuse and fuel pump. is this information helped you? please vote me and give a comment.
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While warming up the car something just shook and then the car shutted off and wont start. When I try to start it again all lights go on it makes the click sound but the engine wont start. BMW 04 325X

Does it crack? if all the lights come on .look at the starter ... Cars & Trucks

My immaculate 2001 BMW 530 diesel occasionally wont start. It has been to a few specialists with money wasted on fruitless attempts to fix. When it wont start (it is now & then, about 5% of the times I start it), and once it won't start it "locks out with the problem, until you leave the car alone for an hour or so) It is not heat dependant, the battery is 100%, the starter motor fine, it is as if during the starter spin cycle there is a "cut-out" that comes in, and it won't then start.

You may need to get a mechanic to cheak the crank angle sensor as if it is faulty if it gets into a certain position it wont let the car start ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

My x5 bmw wont start you have to jump start it you then take it out for a drive come home turn it off and it wont start again my wife ran it low on diesel i filled it backup but thats when the trouble started could it be a pump issue?

... 2005 BMW X5

Wont start 1995 bmw 525. just stopped on me pushed out of road day later it started and ran fine for 15 min. now it wont start unless it sits for a few days and is cool outside. when it starts last few min. not sur if its fuel or fire how do you check?

Next time it wont start, spray some starter fluid into the air intake on the engine, if it fires then you have spark, if not.....prolly a spark issue. ... BMW 525

My bmw 520i 1983 won't start all reds come on but engine wont crank. This only happens sometimes and usually starts after a while. Today the car started this morning moved it in the yard and know wont start again

Sounds like the ignition switch could be worn. Not the key part but the electric part the key turns on. ... BMW 5 Series

Wont start 99 bmw z3 coupe it started when i let car sit for a month battery completey dead of course i tried a jump box then my truck wouldnt jump off replaced battery ,car turns over but will not start after poping the hood smoke arised from computer had a 1 brown wire burn up where computer is the computer also burned a transister on it as well belive too be going to the fuel pump took too bmw they replaced computer but couldnt fix car had it for 2 months been 2, 3 mechanics nobody sems too k

DME relay is faulty, its seperate from the ecu and was most likely fried when the ecu went........did anyone try to run an on board diagnostic code pull? ... 2001 BMW Z3

Wont start hello, I have a 1997 dodge neon that wont start, it makes a single click which sounds like its coming from the solenoid or starter, i tested the voltage of the battery, got 11.4 v, tested at the small wire on the solenoid at teh starter and got 4v, tried at the large wire attached to teh starter and got 0 when tryign to start it, not sure where to go from here...

The other solution is the alternator.. or the spark plugs arnt firing ... 1997 Dodge Neon

I have a BMW L reg 316 and wont start..? started up one day then cut out a few seconds later... since then, it turns over, trying to start and wont fire up. spark plugs are ok but arent sparking? any help? please?!

Fuel pump packed in or fuel starvation. check these out first ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

I have a 2002 bmw x5 4.4i and i have a problem with the immobilizer the car wont start till i disconnect the odometer but the alarm start again once i plug in the odometer and the car wont start if i turn it off so i have to do the same thing again

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My bmw 330xi 2003 wont start when you turn it over the lights on the dash come on but it doesnt even crank over did get it to coast start but wont start any otherv way

... 1999 BMW M3

I have a 1997 bmw 328i and it wont start. it was working just fine until the battery died, i replaced the battery, all the lights and everything els works fine but it wont start, dosent even sound like it is trying to start

I have the same problem i was told to wack the starter with a hammer good luck ... 1997 BMW 328

How to tune twin carbs on a mini from start ? the car wont start unless i use easy start then runs rough and wont idle im not to clued up on these 14/ su carbs any tips? its the old one not bmw

First***Stop using starting fluid*** It will destroy your engine.\015\012To set up the carbs, you will need to buy a vacuum balancer. This is a device that will show you how much downdraft each carb has. You then, have to adjust the linkage, ... 2000 Mini Cooper

My 94 bmw 740i wont start after you shutitoff sometimes,it will work fine then one day it just doesnt start, some times it will start the next day and sometimesit wont its like im losingpower to the fuel pump,ive checked the fuses and replaced the pump and filters, it like a spoiled little brat or theres a grimlin in there somewere

All i can give you is a good place to start. The transmission control module- It is behind the bottom panel that houses the speaker on the passenger side (by your feet) it could be loose or it could be shorted. Also check if there is an aftermarke ... BMW 750

My bmw 318 ti wont start anymore it over heated now it wont start

Do a compression test-make sure its not junk ... 1996 BMW 318

1988 bmw 325is was checking out my diagnostics connector all i did was unscrew lift up and looked at the pin connections then replaced as taken. this morning my car wont start but also wont compression start either what could it be, please hurry i have to get to work and im already late thanks a big time

Double check all connections at the diagnostic connector. It is possible to have just pulled it loose enough to create this issue. Look at anything you may have leaned on without realizing. It's usually the dumbest things that even as professionals w ... BMW 325

First off when i am driveing down the road at a speed of about 30 then the speed gage drops all the way to 0 then it will go up and down back and forth the RPMs just go up and the truck wont grab or it just winds the engine rpms up and wont drive unless i stop and then start driveing easy and build up speed and ease into it then when i try to stop anytime dry weather wet weather it dosnt matter the ABS starts working and the light is on non stop it will go off every now and then i dont know if i

Your cable could be bad to your odom. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2001 bmw 525i wont start cranks but wont start

You should try removing the spark plugs and going over the end with some sandpaper. The problem may be something else completely, but sometimes the ends get a little dull and they don't 'spark' as well as they should. Be careful though - only r ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

My Bmw 1 series sometimes wont start when i press the start/stop button it is just dead. Sometimes it starts and just cuts out however there is no pattern as to when it does this. I have had it in to BMW and they say there is no fault stored. Can anyone help? Thanks Kaye

Hello I have a 325i automatic drive E90 (2005). Maybe once in the 10 times (random) I push the start button and nothing happends. I have changed the keys for a while but both keys have the same problem. When it fails and I get my feet from the brake ... 2005 BMW 1 Series

I just replaced the battery on my 94 montero and it still wont hold a charge. everything will be fine for a while but then the radio goes out and the spedometer reads 0 mph as well as the RPM. The battery meter says it has no power. The car will then only go about 30 mph so I pulled over and turned it off and it wont start. Finally after turning all everything including the headlights off for 20 mins it started back up but keeps having the same problem. I am charging the battery right now b

Check all your grounds for a good connection and same with the positive terminal check for a loose connection clean the cable ends good . all it takes is a bad ground not making connection . ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country Inline six. It wont start. It tries to turn over but wont start. The distributor cap, starter, and ignition coil has been replaced. We got a code reader and it read 0 codes. I have no idea what to do?

My 89 jeep was running great then it shut off on me and now wont start whats the problem? ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

Hi i have a 2004 bmw 320d just fitted a recon engine and wont start coming up with crank shaft sensor fault put a new one on and still wont start any suggestions please thanks

Hi Mountview,\012\012First thing I'd suggest you do is delete the fault codes from your scanner....The engine management computer stores them, and they may be from your old engine?\012\012Run another scan and if ... BMW 3 Series

Volvo xc90 key will turn from 0-1 but wont turn from 1 on to start the vehicle, all lights and radio goes on but the key wont start the car???? all of SUDDEN

Ok, this just happened in our 2000 V70. The key would turn to position 1, the srs light pops on, but the key refuses to turn to start the car and the ... 2004 Volvo XC90


... BMW 1 Series

Every morning my 1997 325 BMW starts up .. when I try to restart it during the day it wont start .. I press down on the gas pedal and it sounds like it wants to start then then it dies..there's a whirring sound before it tries to start. finally I have to press down on gas pedal and hold foot there till it finally starts..yesterday it took about seven tries ...

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I have a BMW 528i 1997. Last night, the battery light came on, followed by the traction control light, then the ABS, and finally the brake light. It went on for a few minutes then the dashboard started flicking/blinking then everything went out. The car ran for a little while with all the lights off. I parked it and tried to start it. It started a couple of time and would do the same thing after a few minutes. The car finally wont even start. Does anyone know what the problem could be? you can e

I had a BMW 540i 2000 and that happen to me, my advice is to get the battery out of the car and recharge it. It would be advisable to have it check for malfunctioning. If it is ok, put it back on and the car will start. If not good, put a new battery ... 1997 BMW 5 Series
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