Having problems with your 1998 Audi A4 ?

Head light coming on when i press brake pedel even with ingnition off

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Hi, are you sure it's the headlights and not the sidelights? If it is the sidelights, check to see that it has the correct stop/tail light bulbs fitted in the rear. If the bulbs have a single instead of twin end connection it will short across to the sidelight circuit when the brake lights are illuminated. If you're not sure just temporarily remove the stop light bulbs or disconnect the multiplugs on the rear lamps and check to see if the fault is still there.
\015\012Hope that helps Matt...
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Head light coming on when i press brake pedel even with ingnition off

Hi, are you sure it's the headlights and not the sidelights? If it is the sidelights, check to see that it has the correct stop/tail light bulbs fitted in the rear. If the bulbs have a single instead of twin end connection it will short across to the ... 1998 Audi A4

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The turn signal relay keeps ticking even after the turn signal switch is in the off position. when I hit the brakes it stops, but if I press too hard on the brakes it makes a rapid clicking noise. The thing is the turn lights don't come on when this happens, only when I turn the signal lights on do they come on. and so far there are no warning lights on the dash. Plus a friend of mine pushed down a little on the 4-way flasher switch on the top of the steering column, and it went away if he held

I had the same problem and I took the switch a part due to the almost $600 new one. You have to be patient everything is plastic. But once a part I found that the contacts were tracking ( a lot of dirt and grease build up.). The steering wheel doesn' ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2001 hyundia tiburon I notice my rear brake lights come on when I turn on my head lights? When I press down on my brake my rear mount light comes on ? What could be the problem?

Your electrical lines are grounded. Have it checked by an automotive electrician ... 2001 Hyundai Tiburon

My rear lights wont come on even though the brake lights and the head lights work. is it the running light modulator

If your car uses a modulator it might be the problem. Or the tail light fuse or the headlight switch.The tail lights are on a different circuit from the brake lights. ... Cars & Trucks

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My rear brake lights won't go on when i press on the brakes or they stay on for a few minutes even when im not pressing the brake but then it'll go off and won't come back on?

Hi the most likely thing which is causing your problem is the brake light switch, which will be situated on the footbrake pedal assembly bracket. Usually rotate the switch ( after pulling off wiring connector ) a quarter of a turn to unlock it ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1996 nissan 200sx, The brake lights stay on even when car is off and not pressing brake padel. I pull the plug from the car to the brake switch and it cuts off. I got a new one and plug it in, but the lights just come back on. Any ideas??

... Nissan 200SX

When head lights are on, the brake lights are not on but when I press the brakes the lights come on. how can I solve the problem?

Check parking lights fuse and relay. Let me know if you have more questions. ... 1990 Toyota Camry

Hello brothers i have Suzuki Reno 2007 ...few days ago the shifter was not coming out of park and brake lights was not working ..i was pressing the shift lock release button to move the shifter out of park .and the car was slowing down suddenly even when i accelerate stay slowing down until i turn off car and start again after few minutes it moves normally...but after 10 minutes slows down again especially when i reach a turn...i went to a mechanical he fixed the brake light switch ..the brake

You may have a fault with your number 2 lambda sensor. You need to get the fault codes checked to see if there Is any faults stored on the ecu.If this helps let me knowCheers ... Cars & Trucks

My 1994 toyota Corolla will not switch out of park to reverse or drive and the brake lights won't come on no matter how hard I press on the brakes. I have changed the brake light switch and even checked the fuses and it still won't change gears. If any one can help me with this I would be very grateful.

There is a small plasic acess cover (1/2" x1/2") on the base of the shifter. Pry it open and press the button. You should immediately be able to shift.\015\012\015\012The button is needed because the sensor on your brake pedal is broken (won't acti ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Indicator waring lights, brake light faliure. rear fog lamp blown, tyre pressure not monitered.. all these keep coming up when the brake pedel is pressed.. i have checked all the bulbs and they all work.. any ideas...

Try the earth point behind the dash ... 2005 Peugeot 405

09 Malibu service traction, service esc and abs light comes on after driving until warmed up! But after car is turned off warnings go away! When warnings are on car has a shudders at highway speeds and when coming to a stop brake pedal shudders! Even at dead stop while in drive while foot is pressed too brake pedal it shudders until remove foot from pedal any suggestions on what might be the issue?

... Cars & Trucks

When I turn on the Headlights the brake lights stay on and the cruise control won't work also when the head lighta are off the cruise control works but the dash lights come on everytime I press the brake pedal. What causes this?

Hi poss one or both brake light bulbs filaments are touching causing a back feed note if the brake lights are on the cruise control is cancelled ... 2002 Honda CR-V

When i press on the brakes the warning light comes on even though my brake lights work

Check if the level of fluid in the pump the brakes this bien.Cuando alo minimum level is reached that will produce ... 1999 Toyota Camry

My 2011 Lexus RX350 has just 100 miles on it and the slip indicator light comes on, flashes a few times, and then goes off when I step on the gas. This has only happened a few times. Also, it rolls back on a hill in the second it takes me to take my foot off the brake and press on the gas. Are these related even tho the slip indicator light only come on when I'm on a flat surface? Thanks!

... Lexus RX 350

2001 kia sportage soft brake pedel still doing a complete brake job same as before changing the calipers/pads/ shoes /master cylinder /brake cylinders rear/ bleeding comp. system ? ANY HELP .yet the low pressure light dose not come on even when the pedel is to the floor.

Hi from the uk have had this problem on a customers car b4 who had replaced frot calipers and pads and pedal went to floor on inspection of caliper i found that the steel spring clip that fits into two holes in the front face of caliper and ... 2001 Kia Sportage

My 1996 mazda mx6 wont start, when I press on the clutch the brake light comes on. the car won't even turn over, but all the lights on the dash come on when the key is turned. can you help me?

Try unplugging the neutral safty switch on the transmission ... 1996 Mazda MX-6

Brake padal pressed , and head lights come on ?

Check your brake light bulbs. remove them and check to see if the 2 contacts are touching eachother. ... 1990 Ford F150

Steering/brake chatter when i stop fast for a yellow light, after that i get pulsating in the brakes and steering, baking up and going forward even if i am at a stop with brake pedal on and tunring wheel from left to right, did brakes 2 years a go they look really good.sorta feels like the brake pedal wants to come back when i press it in and the wheel wants to turn the opposite way that i want to turn it,could this be a power steeting pump or a hydro boost? dont want to spend money guessing. li

What you describe could be warped brake rotors or bad wheel bearings. Doesn't sound like the power steering pump. ... Hummer Cars & Trucks

I have a 1993 nissan sentra xe car. the problem is that i cannot get the tail lights to come on when i turn on the head lights. the head lights work, the back up lights work, the brake light works, and the blinkers work. but the darn tail light does not work. i am referring to the lights that when you turn on the head lights the tail lights in the rear are suppose to come on but they do not. i have tried buying new bulbs, checking fuses and nothing seems to work. the brake, backup, and tail ligh

The most common causes of the issue you describe include:\015\012 \015\012A connector in that circuit which has become disconnected.\015\012A buildup of road film or corrosion inside ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

I have no tail lights or dash lights. I DO have head lights, turn signals, and brake lights. when i use my key pad to lock the doors all the lights flash including the lights the wont come on while the van is running. The lights DON'T come on when i turn the head light switch on. My daytime running park lights come on during the day and the automatic heads lights come on when it starts to get dark . The park lights and headlights DON'T come on together. I have already tried replacing ALL the b

Typically this is caused by a bad dimmer switch or a connection at the plug to the dimmer switch. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I have a 2000 Accord LX 3.0 liter V6 Sedan. The brake lamp warning light comes on when I press the brake pedal. When the pedal is pressed the high mount brake light comes on but the left and right ones do not. I have changed the lamps on both and they turn on when the headlights are on. Just don't work or brighten when the brake is applied. I also hear a clicking sound under the center console, when I press the brake??

The clicking sound under the console it the solenoid that is releasing the shift lever to allow you to put it is reverse or drive. Without pushing the brake pedal you cannot shift into gear. This is a safety feature and it is normal to hear that soun ... Honda Accord

Head lights not coming on. Only day time running lights on. this car has two sets of head lights. I see other jaguar drive by with the out side head lights on but my only lights that come on are very dim inside set of lights,even when the head light switch is turned to the on position.The outsde set of lights never come no matter what swich is on or high beams.

Where doyou find the headlight relay ? please as i have the headights on but only one full beam comming on.And also i have not got a vechicle manual. ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type
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