Having problems with your 1997 Volkswagen Jetta ?

When i turn the ignition on the electrics all cut out and reset to zero starter clicks

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Answers :

You have a voltage drop when you are engaging the starter,so i would check the battery voltage with a multimeter before you engage the starter and while you are engaging the starter.if there is not a significant drop in voltage,i would check the battery terminals,leads and the operation of the starter by giving the small terminal on the starter a live feed direct from the battery.
Check the condition of the battery. Take the car to an autoparts store and have them test the battery, alternator, and starter. Most stores will perform these checks at no charge. They can also scan the engine computer for fault codes that can narrow down the search for solution. Hope this helped.
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When i turn the ignition on the electrics all cut out and reset to zero starter clicks

You have a voltage drop when you are engaging the starter,so i would check the battery voltage with a multimeter before you engage the starter and while you are engaging the starter.if there is not a significant drop in voltage,i would check the batt ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, 3.3 ltr Engine, All Systems turn on when key is turned on, but engine won't turn over, Check all relays and are good, new that is proven good, Brown wire to staer coil is NOT getting electricity to it, I can hear the starter relay click when the key is turned to the start position, so it doesn't seem to be the Ignition switch, I know there is a ignition coil. Is that between the starter and the starter coil relay, and could that be the problem? Can and ho

You need a wiring diagram before you start and get out your meter. How did you check out the relays? Remove them,power up the coils and read OHM's across all contacts or use the buzzer on the meter? You missed one The fact the solenoid is good does ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 2009 tundra that will not start. Battery is fully charged. Have checked all fuses to do with ignition, starter and ecu. Have also had the battery off the truck overnight so battery was disconnected so reset is/was done. Cannot find any relays to do with the starter or ignition. Will look(again) tonight. I turn the key in the ignition to start but nothing. A click sounds, like the starter motor. I have been under the truck as a friend turned the key. The sound is coming from the bell hou

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Honda accord 95 model, just cut out while driving and the ignition lights went out and the dials all went to zero. When I got it home I realized the ignition lights won't come on untill you turn the key passed the point they usually come on and to the position just before the starter should engage, then all the lights come on as normal and I can hear the fuel pump aswell But the when you turn the last bit the engine will start but when you let go of the key it cuts out. I have no idea what the p

Run the scanner/computer for easy diagnostic and fix it.God bless youYou can have a faulty PCM+ignition coil+BCM+sensor, sparplug,etcsee the diagram attachements. ... Cars & Trucks

My 97 Acura CL 3.0liter stopped turning over. Pulled the starter and solenoid had it tested, was ok. Pulled the distributor and changed the ignition control module still no cranking of the starter. Replaced the ignition electrical part, still no crank. The engine light comes on then turns off and the relays click, the fuel pump makes noise as it should. Pulled the coil and tested it. Has same resistance as a new unit. What else is there? I know its not the Neutral switch because the key only act

Sounds as though you changed parts unrelated to the engine turning over. The ign module etc would be where you would check, if you had no spark.\015\012Do you really know that the ignition switch is okey\015\012Do you know that the neutra ... 1997 Acura CL

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry that won't start. When I turn the key, there is a faint click from inside the steering column, but the starter doesn't engage, turn or make any noise whatsoever. I have removed the starter and had it tested. That is not the problem. It fired up nicely at the parts store. I have replaced the battery, so that is not the problem. So now I'm thinking maybe a component of the ignition? Wiring? A switch? Or maybe the electrical system is wonky. When I turn the ke

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1988 mazda 323 hatchback, 212K miles. Tried to start this morning, no go. Cabin lights and radio came on, ignition switch turns, but no "click-click-click" sound. I think the starter isn't connecting with the engine. Electrical problem? Bad starter? Any thoughts?

I would have the system checked by a starting/charging analyzer. If the draw is 1 or 2 amps and the starter doesn't turn, the starter will have to be replaced to replace the bad solenoid. Also, if the draw is 75 to 125 amps and it doesn't turn, the ... 1988 Mazda 323 Hatchback

Ignition Problem.When I turn the key to start there is no electrical poweras if the battery is dead. If I wait 30 seconds electrical power comes on but when I try to start engine there is a click and electrical power goes out again. Does not engage starter. Can't start. Is this my starter or something else?

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My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 l won't start. When I turn the ignition, no clicks, starter won't turn over but the display panel lights illuminate randomly...some of the idiot lights just go on and off randomly....starter doesn't engage. The headlights and interior light come on strong so there seems to be electrical power....I charged the battery anyway. When I jumped the car's battery, I could get the car to start and it seemed to run ok including the display screen but I had to keep my f

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Iv recently had my clutch changed and clutch release arm,my car ran lovely for about an hour starting it several times.then i got back in it and it nearly didnt start it was like the battery was flat but then started,got home turned it off and tried to turn it on again and i got nothing not a click to the starter or anything!all ignition lights come on the electric windows work and everything just does nothing on the final click to start!please help im stuck!

Someone hasnt tightened the earth strap from the body to the engine ,if you cant find it to tighten then put a couple of jumper leads from body to engine and it should start ,then take it back to garage and ask nicely for them to have another look ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

My 1996 Chevrolet Blazer won't start most of the time. Engine don't turn over, or the starter when I turn the key. All I can hear is some clicking coming from the carbarator & a humming noise under my truck from the carbarator to the gas tank. I changed the fuel filter & it worked for most of the time but still had some problems with it starting. Now it is back to NO START at all again. Could it be my ignition switch, or my starter, or maybe my electric fuel line. Please help.

The humming noise you hear is the fuel pump. It is probably your starter soleniod. If you hear an electric click under the dash near the steering column when you turn the key then the ignition switch is ok and your starter needs to be replaced. This ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

2003 Chevy Tahoe engine won't turn over when I turn on ignition switch. All the lights work and the battery works fine. The starter motor is brand new. I don't hear a clicking sound in the starter motor so I don't think electricity is getting to it.

Your alternator is the blame for this. Easy fix, costs about $150. Depending on the model of the alternator you purchase it could very on the installation. ... Chevrolet Tahoe

When I turn the ignition all lights come on, radio works, air and heat work, everything is like normal except nothing happens. No winding sound, no starter engaging nothing just a click and it only makes that noise once not a continuous clicking. It did this one time before about 5 days ago and when I came back to it after it sat for an hour or so it started right away and have had no problems until now. I am guessing the starter is going bad or maybe an electrical problem.

Check the connections at the battery they need to be tight and clean. the starter draws alot more amperage than any other electrical componets. if all connectios are good than it sounds like the starter is bad ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

I'm having strange electrical issues with my 1974 Cadillac Eldorado. when the key is in the on position, something clicks on and off everytime i sit in the seat. if i sit up, it clicks, if i sit down it clicks. when trying to turn the car over- if i'm sitting, it cuts the power to the ignition, and nothing happens when trying to start. but if i stand up, outside the car, that thing clicks again and the car starts as it should... what the?? i traced the clicking to this ?junction/thing? mount

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I have a 93 explorer and i bought a brand new starter for it, and after placing the starter on i was able to drive the vehicle. all of a sudden it started keeping a clicking noise while i was driving it, and it cut off on me. the mechanic that placed the starter on took another look at the starter and said that it might be an electrical problem. now the vehicle will not start. whenever i turn the key, it keeps a high pitched noise. what should i do?

Try replacing the starter solenoid. It's usually on the inner fender well, passenger side. ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

I have a 1995 ford mustang v6 3.8 liter automatic, situation- pulled up to a store and got something to drink. went back to the car turn the key over and heard a click and lost all electrical power, the starter never had a chance to engage. now there is no power in the car anywhere. troubleshooting- pulled the battery terminal off and put back on and all electrical is restored but as soon as the ignition goes from run to start i loose all electrical again, i have repeated this process over and o

Check your fuses. I expect its one of you main uses located under he hood. You also have another fuse box under the dash in the drivers side footwell. Check all the fuses and if any are broken and replace if necessary. Further electrical probl ... 1996 Ford Mustang

1996 Accord EX with new battery, everything works great except: Won't start, all electrical comes on but I just hear a 'click' everytime the ignition is turned. Sometimes if I keep trying it will start. Friend says it might be the starter. If it is the starter (first question) Can this starter be rebuilt with new brushes?

Yes it is the starter, and yes it can be rebuilt. compare the cost of having it rebuilt to a remanned one. some times it is better to go reman for the warranty. ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire ... we've had below zero weather the past week ... just yesterday, when turning the key in the ignition one click prior to engaging the starter, there is a 'click

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Intermitent start Battery is fine. Turn the key and I get a click. Turn the key several times until it finally kicks over. Bad relay or ignition switch? I have question, no click from starter, engine will not turn at all. Leave it over night or for while and it starts. drive couple day, and stops working again. Took starter in for test and it works. Battery cables fine and also have put new battery in. Is this a fuse or switch sticking open that is between ignition and starter or is it starter.

Bad/malfunctioning relay. Let me know if you want to work on this. ... 1995 Mercury Villager

2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES Starter Problems: Battery checks out fine. Electrical systems working. No blown fuses. Cables and plugs seated properly. Fluids all at proper levels. Car will not jump. Will only click once when the ignition is engaged. Will not turn over / crank. I let the vehicle sit in the shade for 45 mins to an hour waiting for the tow, and lo and behold, the vehicle started right up once the tow arrived. The starter is positioned right next to the exhaust near the front right tire

I think the electric smell is from the wires getting hot, from the cranking amps delivered by the battery. When your car does'nt start it's normal for you to try, and try again, over and over to start the car . . . making the wires heat up with all t ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

My 98 Rodeo LS won't start. I turn the ignition and it tries to turn over, then just clicks. Plus all my radio presets have been reset. I had the starter replaced 90 days ago. My battery is under a year old and the connections are clean and tight.

This sounds like your battery. You may have a new battery but there could be a problem internally. Battery posts come loose and cells can die. Have your battery tested and if it only one year old, there should still be warranty. It also depends o ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

Trying to start my 05 tundra. My fingers slip off the key while trying to turn ignition on. Didnt turn over all the way then suddenly i heard a sound, like an electrical appliance burned. It wont start after. Replaced the starter, now hears metal clicking sound when tries to start it. What can it possibly be ?. Check fuses and relays, all are good. Please help.

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When the weather is very cold (below zero) the car will not even try to turn over it wil only click at the starter and ignition no turn battery is fine never does this any other time. only cold, but once the sun warms it up it will start like nothing happened

Sounds like the cold cranking amps ( CCA ) ARE TO LOW FOR YOUR ENGINE. COLD WEATHER HAS A BIG EFFECT ON CAR STARTING, WHEN ITS WARM OUTSIDE THE ENGINE DOES NOT NEED AS MANY AMPS TO TURN OVER. go to any auto parts store and they will tell you the c ... 2005 Saturn ION

My 1995 Mazda MPV van, 3.0L w/ac and automatic transmission was running kind of rough. I decided to cange the fuel filter and after I did this the van would not turn over. I can hear a clicking sound going to the relay, thats all. There are two wires that go to the starter, one is from the battery and this has 12v going to the starter, the other wire is from the ignition area and there is no voltage coming from it at all. People were telling me about a reset switch but I was unable to locate one

... 1995 Mazda MPV

The anti-theft system, cutting off the fuel system cause it did not recognize my key, started coming on more commonly. Now it just does not turn the engine over. It just makes a click sound when it goes to start. I have already tested the starter and it works just fine. I even pulled out the ignition relay switch and it was just fine as well, other then the anti-theft system keeps coming on. Is it just not registering the key and the anti-theft module needs a key fob? Or is it the ignition?

Good Evening, your anti-theft is in the ignition. If you go to start the car, then leave the key in the run position when it does not start for about 11- 15mins. Once the security light goes off then turn it off and try starting it. If it does not wo ... Pontiac Grand Am
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