Having problems with your 1997 Volkswagen GTI ?

97 vw golf 2.0 ac wont come on checked all fuses good checked relay good checked gas level good

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97 vw golf 2.0 ac wont come on checked all fuses good checked relay good checked gas level good

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I have a 1994 jeep grand cherokee it will not start . It cranks but wont start check for spark and fuel . I notice if you level the key in the run postion for about ten or fifthteen minute check engine light comes on the vehicle will start . Alsoe notice when it wont start only warning light that come on are abs air bag and also notice overdrive light flashing . check all connection all fuse and relays remove ecm and check wiring and ground and voltage replace ecm with one from junk yard it

Your right about the temperture. Your temperture sending unit as its cool or cold may be shorted to ground making the whole system short out. It does'nt have to be the coolant tempsenser though as any senser shorted will do it. You can find the pr ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a 2002 monte carlo ss. The ac wont come on ,nor the blower. If i shut the blower fan the Cruise contro light comes on. I checked the fuses and they are good. Also when i removed the ac/fan fuse the blower started working and stopped when it was replaced. If this is a relay problem , where is the relay located?

... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I shorted out my CRNK fuse while hooking up a horn to that fuse, it gave a big spark and melt the fuse and power never come back there. after I could not start any more i check and the injector did not spray any more. I poured some gas in the throttle body it tries to start but it wont stay long. I spent $80 on a secnod hand ECM which they say come out of a crash car it should be good but I still did not get started. ad like to know how can I get power back to that CRNK fuse?

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis and sometimes it wont start, but i hear a clicking coming from the EEC power relay box when you turn the ignition on. Before this started happening there was/is a whine coming from the engine and when you pressed on the gas while driving would go away so i had the alternator replaced because sometimes at night when you pressed on the gas the lights would get brighter. All the fuses are good and i did hook it upto one of my buddies diagnostic testers and all it

Starter may be drawing too much amps. take it off and have it tested ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

I recently changed the headunit in my 83 camry and now the cluster lights or the parkers wont come on at all, no front or rear even the selector light is out, i checked the fuses and they are good all bulbs are good, i used a test light at the fuse box inside the car and there is no power getting there. when i flick the switch i hear the relay tick, and now im stumpt any ideas on what it could be? even a wiring diagram, any help would be appreciated thanks :)

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Hi i have a 2006 3.5 chrysler 300 and the electronic throte control light comes on and it wont start i can hear ma relays clicking and all my fuses are good i checked them and i also checked all my relays i also charge the battery just incase it was that so if anyone might know what the problem might be please let me know

The warning light is telling the driver there is a problem with the throttle control and that component would need to be tested with a meter.The first thing you should do is have the computer scanned for trouble codes to point you in the right d ... Cars & Trucks

Batery is good new starter new starter relay wont start dash comes on when key is turned but wont turn over or even click its like there is no power to starter it all starter when i jumped my lawn mower i have also checked the fuses

Did you check main fuses under hood, and also check for brunt fusible links,(looks like wire but inside bruns like a fuse).if everything is good then next step is ignition switch. hope this helps. ... 1996 Dodge Neon

No spark no fuel no start! replaced and checked everything,fuses,grounds,relays,coil, plugs,wires,distributor,crank sensor,jumped fuel pump, works. timing right on, last code given was P1500, changed fuel pump relay, still nothing, checked for ecu power supply relay #.3 is none? also checked for relay #13 ho2s also none? Fuse 18 & 15 good, 1996 VW golf gti 2.0 L4 Automatic...now what?

Funny thing is I have a 2002 GTI with the exact same problem. have spent the last three days at work trying to figure things out.. best of luckn email me if you figure anything out. [email protected] ... Volkswagen GTI

My fuel pump wont come on but the relay is good what all do i need to check for

Check the ECU ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

99 jimmie fuel pump let go replaced and now wont give gas to start . fuse ok for pump relay seems ok run on eather . new pump is good bench checked

Relay seems ok ??Do you have power and ground at the fuel pump plug where it goes into the gas tank ? ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I have a 01 chevy suburban that wont start. The engine turns but it's not getting gas. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires and disabled the theftlock. There is a fuel bleeder on the fuel line on the passengers side above the injectors. No fuel comes out. I have checked the relay and fuses. I don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a 99 olds alero that the coolant fans wont come on. I have switched the relays, tested the fuses, and wired the fans direct to check them out, and they were good. what do you think is the problem ?

If you have access to a scan tool, you can command the fans on manually. if the fans turn on manually, there could be a ECM related issue, or possible coolant temp sensor issue. if you cannot command them on, most likely problem is wiring. with the f ... Oldsmobile Alero

I have no headlights on 1988 mustang gt turn signals brake lights and parking lights and dash lights all work but the head lights wont come on checked all fuses and relays there all good thanks

Check headlight lamps... then follow the wiring from the bulb connections back and make sure you're getting a good solid ground connection. It may have a loose, broken, severed grounding wire.. it's usually attached to the car body at some location n ... 1988 Ford Mustang

I have a 2008 Town and Country and the temp gage gets to dead center and I smell antifreeze. Never remember the gage ever reaching the center before either. So I Checked to see if the radiator cooling fan comes on. I ran the engine and watched the fan it did not come on. So I turned on the AC and eventually the fan came on. I check the fan, fan relay behind the left headlight, and the Lo radiator relay in the fuse box. The all chek good. The relay behind the light had power and the wire from the

Ok this might sound crazy but you say you smell coolant but never said if you checked to see if it was full posible bad coolant temp sensor or no coolant passing the sensor please more info on coolant usually if low coolant fan will stay on however y ... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Engine cranks but wont start fuel pump doesnt come on. i have checked all fuses relays replaced the PCM checked emergecy shut off switch jumped across foel pump relay and pump run but car wont start what eles can i do?

... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

Ihave a 1996vw jetta it wont start,it cranks but wont start, i checked for gas and there is gas,i don't have spark coming out of the ignition coil,ibought a new ignition coil but it seems like it's not the coil because after installing the new coil it wouldn't start,timing belt is good i checked it,i think is some kind of sensor but i'm not sure,I do have a scanner but there is nothing on the computer memory,I would really appreciate any help thanks.

On the front of the engine at the crankshaft pulley is a sensor. Ck the sensor and connector. This sensor provides the timing pulse for the ignition system. make sure all is secured properly. Also listen for the fuel pump working. It's a low hum at ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 2002 VW Jetta. 2.0L automatic. When I try starting it, all of the dash lights come on as usual but it will not turn over. I checked the fuses, good. Checked the battery, good. Tried jumping it, nothing. Replaced the ignition switch, starter relay and starter. Still the same thing. Lights come on but will not turn over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/re ... Cars & Trucks

2002 ford explorer 4x4 xlt 4.0 eng. 111,000 miles. Tail lights will not work. I checked all fuses and relays, all check is good. When the wiring hornes are unplugged from the driver side fuse box under the dash with the light switch on, when the hornes' are plugged back in and the door chimes comes on the tail lights come on briefly and then go back off.

Even though you checked all fuses and relays and have power the relay could over heat and shut them down. switch relay with another relay and check again. does the front markers go out also or just the rear? ... 2002 Ford Explorer

2006 cobalt.replaed starter relay fuse all lights come on dash ect. fuel going to fuel pump but wont crank over

... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt LS

My A/C blower will only work on lower speeds and wont blow on high speed. I checked the relay for the blower and it ohmed out good, and I swapped the A/C relay with the fuel pump relay to ensure is wasnt the relay. Power is getting to the relay but its not system voltage. Would I need to check the BCM if the car has one, or replace the fuse block in the cabin?

Check the blower motor to see if it is getting power,and check the blower control switch,andd it1s connector. ... 2000 Saturn SL

My 1998 dodge ram 2500 will not start. I believe my asd my be activated. I have checked all relays and fuses all are good. I have 12volts at #30 slot on the asd relay, and when jumpered to the 87 slot I have no voltage at the coil or injectors. I do not hear the fuel pump coming on either. I do have an active ground, at the asd relay. On the fuel relay, when I jumper that, I can hear the pump coming on. Any Ideas?

Pound on gas tank an see if it runs if so replace fuel pump ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD


I listen the same problem in '94 TC, finally someone suggested a Integrated Control Module, (I belived that was its name). Its located over the radiator on the drivers side \015\012right underneath the radiator shield just to the left of the battery ... Lincoln Town Car

I have no power to the fuse in the fuse box that regulates the fuel injectors(all others have power,has been replaced with a good one) which cause the relay to have no power and the pump wont start. after we cross wired the fuse we got one side of the relay to go hot (input) but no output and still no pump action. Can you bypass any of this .If not how can you check the ignition or is it woth it seems all of the other fuses have power when the key is turned on

Hi.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Replace the fuel pump relay.Check if there is power at the grey wire from fuel pump relay when you turn on ignition. That goes to the injectors passing through the fuse.\015\012 ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

93 gmc sierra 5.7 liter engine, injection carb, will turn over won't start, replaced fuel pump fuse, replaced fuel pump relay, replaced fuel pump inside gas tank, no gas flow to carb , gas gauge has always read improper gas levels, so i tend to run on empty alot, one week prior to trouble "check engine" light came on, but truck was running normal, no sluggestness in engine, all fluid levels were normal, everything was fine...thanx in advance "

You say you replaced the fuse, but does the fuse have power? the gray wire at pump should have power when cranking, or for 2 seconds when turning key on. At fuel pump relay, put power onto gray wire, the pump should run if the wiring is good. if it d ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500
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