Having problems with your 1997 Volkswagen Golf ?

Put new spark plugs in my car now it spits and sputters some one told me it could be power pack where is it located

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If it didn't do this before the new plugs then it is not the coil pack. Those cars are very picky about the plugs they take. If you went cheap on the plugs then you got what you payed for. But the opposite is also true if you bought the most expensive "fancy" plugs you could get then they can cause the same problems. You need to make sure you use exactly the plugs the car calls for. There is a huge difference between copper core, iridium and platinum plugs. Get the correct plugs in there and you'll be all set. But before you swap out the plugs make sure all your wires are on correctly. If 1 or 2 didn't click on to the top of the plug then the engines vibration will cause the wire to jiggle around and you'll have misfire issues.
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Put new spark plugs in my car now it spits and sputters some one told me it could be power pack where is it located

If it didn't do this before the new plugs then it is not the coil pack. Those cars are very picky about the plugs they take. If you went cheap on the plugs then you got what you payed for. But the opposite is also true if you bought the most expensiv ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

Main Problem: code reader scanner unable to connect to vehical computer. Vehical is also not starting has some issue with fuel delivery I believe. Motor turns over, has spark, I do not hear fuel pump going on the key turn (installed new one also). Was told by cert. GM tech that the grounds for the ECM could cause code reading errors and fuel delivery problems as the fuel injectors will not fire with ground ecm problems. QUESTION: All ground locations for the ECM. I was told there is one on the

Well, I don't know about the "cert.GM tech", but the WIRING DIAGRAMS for your vehicle say that there are 4 ground circuits for your Powertrain Control Module (PCM) They are pins 16, 56, 57, and 60 in connector 1 at the PCM. They all have the same gr ... 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I lose power when going uphill. i was on a small incline on the highway and it dropped from 50 to 30 mph. also its very slow to pick up speed. it takes about 20 seconds to even get to 35 mph. i have put a new head on it. new spark plugs, new spark plug wire's and a new fuel filter in it. we,ve put slick 50 in the oil also. and gas treatment. the car was a gift from my parents and sat for almost a year before driving it again. i was told that the timing could effect my power and acceleration.

If you have bad\015\012compression, you are going to There are\015\012other things that can cause you to lose power though. A dirty fuel filter, air\015\012filter or a clogged catalytic converter can also cause prob ... 1986 Honda Civic

Hello, My 1991 dodge dakato was running great before I changed the spark plugs & wires because they were old. Now, it seems to be running not nearly as good. It seems like their is a loss of power or hesitation. I know the fire order is correct. I even gapped the new spark plugs. It has a v8 5.2 engine. I was wondering if it could be that the new wires has such large boots on them, they are touching one another. I also changed the cap & rotor and it still is not right running. The first time I c

Mess with the TPS( Code 24)\015\012The center wire, is the sensor wire or output back to the computer.\015\012One of the two outside wires,is 5 volts coming to the sensor, and the other goes on and on to other sensors.\015\012If you ... 1991 Dodge Dakota

My car is Audi A4 avant 30v 2.8 1998 with only 30k miles. It started with misfiring and couple days later one of the coils burned. I got new spark plugs, new coil pack and spark wires. After running for couple weeks the coil burned again (stills 4 cylinders working) but this time with no previous misfire. I took the car to workshop but they couldn't figure out what was the problem. They just told me that ECU was getting code 18010 power supply terminal 30- voltage too low but seems that wiring

I bet that you have removed the battery recently. Or had a dead battery. The coil problem is a major problem on the Audi A4. They have been and still are. One thing that you are suppose to do, that is usually not done when replacing the coil packs is ... 1998 Audi A4

Have a 99 expedition 4x4 xlt, have suddenly got problems with starting (takes at least two tries) and lack of power when accelerating away from junctions. Also on occassions revs drop and loss of power while driving. Fuel filter is new, was told this could be fuel pump problem but am dubious as it was changed one year ago. What should the fuel rail pressure be? Recently had the dashboard removed to replace the evaporator on A/C system, which is when problem seemed to start, could this have so

Welcome to FixyaThe\015\012 Inertia relay is behind the passengers kickpanel. There is a push \015\012button that may need to be reset. When you push down on this button, \015\012next try to start the truck. If it does not start, ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a spark problem. One of the enigtion cails were bad, I replace it a put new plugs in my 94 montero. After putting back together i have lost spark on a diffrent plug. I switched the enigion coils around and that was not the problem. I have power going to the plug but noting come out. Could the new plug be bad?

... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

Ijust got my transmission rebuilt and i was told that i need new baljoints and a new tire rod for my 1995 lincoln continental. now ever since i got it back from the shop the power steering is gone and everytime i accelerate the car pulls to one side. i checked the power steering fluid and its full. what could the problem be? help me plz

The wheels pivot around the ball joints when you steer. The tie rod links the front wheels across the car to ensure the correct steering geometry. If the car wanders and wayward in the corners this is because the ball joints and the cross linking t ... 1995 Lincoln Continental

I have 2 problems #1 vehicle has a miss that in older vehicles could be attributed to a foiled spark plug but on this truck i cant seem to locate an access point the plugs. can you assist. #2 the truck goes in to reduced power mode at times while driving . what could possibly be causing these problems. i have been told that #1 could also be caused by a bad fuel filter. please assist if possible. my e-mail is [email protected] thank u

As far as your #1 problem, I had the same problem. I fixed it by throughly cleaning the throttled body. I used qtips and throttle body lceaner. I then had a buddy start hte vehicle and I throughly sprayed the insined of the throttle body. This se ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

1997 dodge dakota i believe there is no power to the ecm the ignition "key cylinder" was ripped out before i bought the car i've used a hook to start the truck for about a year. i was told the power for the ecm comes from the ignition switch. there is no power to the fuel pump the spark plugs i switched all the relays around into the horn and horn worked with all of them i'm assuming that the relays are good. could not find a fuse link. bought a new ecm when i wiggle the plug

Hello there are several ways to check these problems one way is to look at the ecm terminals and see if they are bent or damaged also if you live in a major city most large librarys have mitchell and motor manuals that will have the diagrams you need ... Dodge Dakota

Idling rough and low on power. Also getting oil in the spark plug wells. Possibly a valve cover leaking? Changed one coil pack and new plug wires, but when I took it apart this time after it run good for a week it had oil in the plug wells again. Could this oil short out the plugs and foul them? Or could it be another coil pack issue?

Probably valve cover gasket. This oil does not affect operation other than to smoke a bit. Idle and power issues are unrelated to oil. Unless it is missing, power and idle may be fuel mixture issue. Is the engine light on? If yes, get a scan at ... 1999 Kia Sportage

Ok lovely people lol here we go again lol....2000 S-type 4.0 V8....ok ignition coils and spark plugs have been replaced lol battery was no good so I had to buy a new one....put the new battery in the car and got in the car tried cranking it...still all the lights n radio n all electrical components r working fine but now the car isn't even cranking over or clicking at all.....I was told to check the starter which I will do....any other ideas out there??? Also where is the starter located, it wa

Check the starter as instructed, the starter is located under the car at the rear of the engine, the nose of the starter goes into the transmission bell housing, you must jack the car up and support it with safety stands to get to the starter. ... Jaguar S-Type

I recently bought my girl. A 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.5L. I was told upon buying her that she needed a tune-up. Well this is something I did myself. We replaced both the spark plugs and wires and I still have a cylinder 3 misfire. I drive a 5 speed and this isn't good to drive because I could knock it out of timing, but since we put new wires on her she starts fine but shakes roughly in idle, theres now a very obvious misfire...could this be my ignition coil? I ordered one offline and it should be

Do a compression test on all the cylinders, If all the cylinders are ok them I would be checking the #3 fuel injector ... 2002 Mercury Cougar

I have 2001 Durango that my son hooked the battery up backwards on. He realized it as soon as he touched negative cable and switched it. It has absolutely no power to anything. I have checked fuses and the battery along with a few other things but can't figure out what is wrong. When you turn the key you get absolutely no dings, lights, cranks or anything. I was told it could be fusible link but we can't locate one anywhere. If someone could help me here I would greatly appreciate it as I'm afra

If nothing was on then it should be fine. lights don;t care .only electronics like radio alternator and computer..so if the battery is good then the fusible link should be checked . ... 2000 Dodge Durango

My cylinder 1 is misfiring and i was told to change that spark plug but im not exactly sure where its located and how to remove the old one to put the new one in what am i supposed to do?

On the top of your engine there should be a cover that should be about a foot long and about 2 inches wide that should be bolted down with allenhead bolts.Remove these bolts and remove that cover and that will allow access to the coil packs and plugs ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Somerset Alternator I just bought a 1986 Buick Somerset used for $100, and I was told it needed a new alternator, So i picked on up at a junk yard took it to shucks and they told me it was in good working condition. So put it in. and now its not charging my Battery. I had my uncle take a look at it, and he is stumped at the moment too, I think it could be a fuse but Im not sure which one powers the Alternator, Anybody got any ideas why it wouldnt be charging? I know the Battery is good. Addition

I have a 1985 Buick Regal Somerset with similar problem. I solved issue by purchasing a high output alternator that would charge battery and power all accesories better. This helped along with changing the size of alternator pulley. If voltage output ... 1986 Buick Somerset

I have changed out my spark plugs and PCM as I had a misfire on coil 4 in my 2005 Ford Escape. Took it back to Ford and had them reprogram, had to have an extra key cut, plus they claimed they had to disable my breaks in order to move the vehicle inside their shop $600 later for labor, I am now being told it is a misfire in coil #3. I am over $2000 trying to fix this problem, and am still sitting at square one. What else could it be? They are saying it is the PCM but I just put a new one in

Sounds like they're taking you for a good ride. Most dealers don't specialize in electronics and will swap out every conceivable part on a vehicle and the original root cause remains. Yes, the powertrain control module sends signals to your ignition ... 2005 Ford Escape

My 93 Cadi Devile will not start after having a new cathlytic converter installed due to the stock one going out on me on the freeway. The engine lost power and shut down and would not start back up. Took it to a shop and they did a diagnostic and said there was some how 50lbs of fuel pressure at the fule rail and there is spark going to the plugs and can't figure out why the engine won't start. They then told me after further checking that the timing is retarded or has jumped and is the reason

Thats kind of weird how you would have a cat failure and then as soon as it was replaced, your timing is off.. It doesn't make any sense, actually. If you can give some more details about this problem, I'd like to help more. (For example: when you tu ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

E250 V8 5.4L van with 8 individual packs on spark plugs. I have 2 cylinders misfiring and have change both packs on those cylinders, still miss fires. Also changed the EGR, no difference what so ever. In addition, installed 8 new plugs and the van still runs with a miss and has no take off power. The one thing I havent tried was cleaning/replacing the mass air flow. What else could be causing the issue? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks! Ed

Go to Autozone and get free test for DTC codes. Report them here.\015\012You may have bad drivers in the PCM caused bu the bad coils. Just a maybe.\015\012More common with 3.0L V-6 in Escape. ... Ford E-Series

Changed a throttle body to an Edlebrock Carb. on 1988 one ton crew cab chevy silverado, 454 motor with dual tanks. Now truck runs rough and rich. Cleaned spark plugs (sooty black) but still acts the same. Has new inline fuel filter and regulator valve set to 5.5. We haul a 38 foot fifth wheel trailer and wanted better fuel mileage and were told it would increase power. I think its something simple, but don't have a clue where to look. Help please!

... Chevrolet 3500

1997 Ford Escort- lost the keys and need to locate the key code for the dealership to cut new ones. Any advice? I was told the key code could be found on the passengers door cylinder.

... Ford Escort


Omg leaking head gasket leaking valve pan gasket as well.\015\012make sure tension on belts is tight enough that you do not get more then 1/2 of play when trying to push belt up and down. ... 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

Wont start Hay guys, im having a nightmare with my civic. PLEASE HELP!! i got a 1996 1.4i Honda civic was driving it one day i was in 4th gear then all of a sudden it just lost all power and cut out. it tries to start but just wont fire up. it has spark so plugs and distributer are fine, the fuel pump is working fine fuel is getting to the rail ok, ive changed the injectors but still no joy. Any ideas on what it could be, where its located and how to resolve it? i have some knowledge with

Sound like a bad main relay, If the distributor is good as you said then the main relay is at fault. This relay control the injector pulse. To check to make sure that the injectors aren't working by using a can of intake cleaner, spay in ... 1995 Honda Civic

Stumper??????????????????????????????????????????????????? i just replaced the head gaskets on my 1996 cutlass supreme now the rocker tic if i crank them down it goes awy but then my valves are stuck open and the car has no power if i put them at 7 lbs they come loose and the tics back it is on a new head had to replace one it was the roller rocker set up but i have the bearing set up i was told i could convert so i did but somthing wrong and noone here has any idea can someoone please help

You failed to mention which engine you have.\015\012If it is a push-rod engine, the push-rods may need to be matched to the head you are trying to use.\015\012The condition you describe sounds like the push rods are too long. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

I have a 01' a4 1.8t quattro just replaced the alternator as it failed when i was driving, installed a new one and the car appears to be buckling when driving. going thru gears and appears to be misfiring, or lack of power. was running fine until the alternator failed. so what's up?????could it be the spark plugs????

You need to do basic settings. The readiness codes need to be verified. ... 2003 Audi TT
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