Having problems with your 1997 Toyota Tercel ?

Can I install a 5 speed manual transmission on a 1996 toyota tercel? it has a 4 speed currently!

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Answers :

Yes, since both transmissions were offered that year it's an easy swap.
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Can I install a 5 speed manual transmission on a 1996 toyota tercel? it has a 4 speed currently!

Yes, since both transmissions were offered that year it's an easy swap. ... 1997 Toyota Tercel

I have a Toyota Tercel 92, manual transmission, with 120 000 miles on a rebuilt engine (225 000 miles total). When I engage the engine in first gear the speedometer needle doesn't move until the engine reaches a speed of 5-10 mph. This is accompanied with a noise that sounds like gear slipping? Could this be a defect flywheel ? If so how hard is it to fix? I hope I can do it myself.

Is it a new clutch?If not,this could be the problem,flywheel doubtful.Wrong size tires,or a speed sensor could be the problem with the speedometer. ... 1992 Toyota Tercel

Toyota Tercel 92, manual transmission, with 120 000 miles on a rebuilt engine (225 000 miles total). When I engage the engine in first gear the speedometer needle doesn't move until the engine reaches a speed of 5-10 mph. This is accompanied with a noise that sounds like gear slipping? Defect clutch, flywheel, drive cable?

Your speedometer gear is probably worn or missing teeth. After 225,000 miles it could use a new cable. ... 1992 Toyota Tercel

Transmission Shift 2000 Toyota 4Runner, 4X4, V-6, Auto Transmission. With speeds over 60 MPH and then slowing down to a complete stop, the transmission will not engage, i.e. you will not move unless you manual place the transmission in "L" or Drive "2" then you can go and excell and shift into Drive. On speed less than 60, everything works like it is suppose to, you can start and stop and the transmission shift as it is suppose to. Had the transmission rebuilt and the problem is still there. The

Could be a solenoid in the tranny, or the throttle position sensor need calibrating. ... 2000 Toyota 4Runner


You may need another speedometer. The speed sensor sends a signal to both the speedo and the odometer. So if the sensor fails, both meters would stop working.The speedo gets power from the same circuit as the warning lights. ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

Can a Manual Transmission be installed in a 1986 Toyota MR2 which can with an Automatic Transmission.

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1995 Pontiac TransAm w/5.7 l v-8. Overheats at slow speeds because the elec. fan does not start until the engine temp reaches 220 or more. Could I install a toggle switch w/ a diode in the coolant temp sensor circuit to bypass the sensor and manually turn on the fan at a lower temp. during low speed driving? Or is there a sensor available that would replace the current sensor in the water pump w/ a lower (185 deg.) to replace the existing sensor? I think the manual switch would work but a more

I think 220 is the proper temperature for the fan to turn. 220 is too hot and that's why it is turning on but should never have to ideally. What your car likely needs is new coolant and a new thermostat. I recommend a 185* thermostat. ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

How do I know if my 1996 Toyota Tercel has a 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission?

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Need a exploded view of 5 speed manual transmission for a toyota corolla

... 1989 Toyota Corolla 1.6

How do you repair a 5 speed manual transmission on a 1987 toyota corolla

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2001 Toyota Tocoma 5 speed manual transmission

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Chevy Transmission I bought a 3 Speed Overdrive Transmission and had it installed and from the git-go had a problem. It shifts out of 1st into 2nd and no matter what the RPM Range will not shift any further. It seems to stay in 2nd. From what I was told, Chevy used a Allison Transmission for their 2500 Series 4WDs. I have checked in the Chilton Manual and they refer to the posibility of an adjustment to the Throttle Valve (TV) cable. I've tried everything else to rectify the problem. Could this

For a dammed manual and dont be such a lazy driver .try the vacumn pipe that runs from the inlet manifold to the gearbox as this is what makes the older cars change gear till the introduction of electronics with more to go wrong.the cable mentioned s ... 1995 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I have a '94 toyota 4WD truck. When I put it in 4WD the front wheels are not engaging. The driveshaft from the transfer case is turning, but the front wheelsare not engaged. My mechanic said the "automatic hubs" were not functioning, so I had him install manual hubs. When in 4WD with the manual hubs locked, the front wheels are still not driving ! Are there any electronic switches or vacuum lines that might be the problem? It is a 5spd manual transmission. Please help. Thanks, Kurt

What I bet is happening is the locks are working and that is what is turning the front drive shaft. If the hubs are locked then that will lock the differential and the driveshaft will turn. You really need to put the truck on a lift to put in gear to ... Toyota Pickup

I Need a diagram of 5-Speed toyota corolla manual transmission

... 1989 Toyota Corolla 1.6

Where is the transmission fill on the manual transmission of a 1994 Toyota Tercel 4wd station wagon?

Check both sides of the gearbox for a plug (screw) simular to the drain plug on the bottom. This is a level screw remove it then on the bottle of trans. oil their should be a lid with a pipe on it put the pipe in the hole and squeze the bottle until ... 1984 Toyota Tercel

I also purchased the Instrament Cluster from a 1998-2003 S-10 Pickup which has a Tachometer in it. The truck had an automatic transmation. I also installed it, but the Tach worked and the Oil Pressure and Heat Gages and Volt Meter worked, but the Speed Odometer and Gas Gages and some of the warning lites including the Low Fuel, Battery, Securty, Brake lights stayed on. Can this Insturment Cluster be adapted to work in my 1999 GMC Sonoma, 5-speed manual transmission truck?

You need to contact the dealer parts dept or a salvage yard with a cross over reference book for this model and years you have. ... 1999 GMC Sonoma

I have a 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier with a 3.1 engine and 3 speed automatic transmission. This vehicle set without running for two years. I have recently installed a motor and brought it back to life.The engine runs smoothe without any missing and drives without any issues until it gets to the operating temperature. At that point if you go to stop it bucks and jumps and stalls as if it were a manual shift transmission and you didn't put the clutch in when you tried to stop Then the engine will rest

There is nothing wrong with the engine. it is funny you stated that it feels like a stick shift that you forgot to push in on the clutch, because that is what is happening, your transmission is equipped with a l ... Chevrolet Cavalier

How do I install the rear transmission seal on a 1996 gmc sierra 3500 5 speed manual transmission?

For the rear seal, remove the drive shaft, and the seal should be very visible there. Very fortunate, as this is the easiest and cheapest seal there is to replace! Be extremely careful installing the new one, if using a hammer or similar installation ... 1996 GMC Sierra

I was wondering how do i check the transmission fluid on my 98 toyota carolla? it is a 5 speed manual transmission.

Find the fill hole up on the side. It will probably be a 3/4 pipe plug. Remove the plug and stick your finger inside. If you touch oil, you are ok. If you don't touch oil, you will have to pump it in with a special pump. Use 80 or 1 ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

My 1997 Toyota Camry Manual 5 speed is slipping a little bit and i need to know how much fluid the transmission takes and what kind. I also want to know what it means when my rpms go up but your speed only gose up a little bit

Sounds like you need to replace the clutch if the rpm's increase alot and the speed increases a small amount the clutch is starting to have excess slippage. If you go to Autozone web site and search a bit you should be able to find the needed type o ... 1997 Toyota Camry

I have an 1989 Toyota Camry 2.0 liter 4 cylinder manual and I'm experiencing lack of free play with the clutch. I keep adjusting the locknut but today i couldn't reach 40 mph. At one point i was losing speed. When i opened the hood smoke came out from the bottom where the clutch push rod is. I smelt oil burning off of it. I believe that i have an oil leak but don't understand how that would affect my clutch and speed. What should i mainly be looking at transmission, a clutch issue or just an oil

It might be your rear seal on the engine block leaking,there should be a metal plate on the bottom of the bell housing of the tranny u could take off and might be able to tell something ... 1989 Toyota Camry

1. Can you tell me if a 1998 Toyota HiAce 3 litre van has a manual or digital odometer? 2. If a speedometer cable is malfunctioning, ie showing a reducing speed though the vehicle is maintaining the same speed, caused by a faulty 'sender' on the transmission -- will this malfunction affect the mileage indicated on the odometer, and by what amount?

... 1995 Toyota Pickup

I changed the 3 speed automatic transmission in a 96 cavalier. the transmission that i installed was from a 98 that was in a roll over so i know that it was working b4. my problem is that it will not shift now. if i shift manually sometimes i can get 2nd but nothing in drive am i beating a dead horse or am i missing something

Cars that roll ove can upset a electronic transmission. It will need to be torn down and inspected. A thrust washer is most likely out of place causing the shift problem. The thrust washer must be centered and the tabs lock into place so the 2nd gear ... Chevrolet Cavalier

How do you fill the transmission fluid in a 1984 toyota 4wd tercel with a manual transmission

Look for the dipstick it will have a small cap on it possibly red in color cap not one as big as oill dip some have a flip lock on side of pipe use a small funnel with the proper grade of fluid ... 1984 Toyota Tercel

I changed both cv axles on my 91 tercel with a 5 speed manual transmission and have to replace the fluid that leaked out of the transmission. Where is the fill point and what is the process?

A plug with a square or a hex female machined set into the head is what your looking for to remove to fill the trans with fluid. It will be full when the level is up to the opening and starts to run out ... 1991 Toyota Tercel
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