Having problems with your 1997 Toyota 4Runner ?

Rpm running high - 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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Answers :

If its running high while in park and carborated then try adjusting the idle speed screw.
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As a first course of action try removing the throttle cable. Spray wd40 on the throttle cable to loosen the dirt. Put the throttle cable back and observe how it goes. If the problem still persist, I strongly suggest that you replace the MAF (mass air flow) sensor.

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Rpm running high - 1997 Toyota 4Runner

If its running high while in park and carborated then try adjusting the idle speed screw. ... 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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You need to remove the cylinder head youe cylinder head seal is gonne and you do not have enough copression in the cylinders take the cylinder head to a machine shop have it rectified and then reinstall with new seals ... 1987 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

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