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In the 1995-97 Suzuki Swift/Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly the engine won't start if the auto. transmission is in any gear other that park or neutral or if the manual transmission's clutch pedal isn't depressed ALL THE WAY, or if you have a kill switch on it. If the car shuts off power to the radio and more specifically if it blacks out the indicators it means that the car is refusing to start the engine, not that it can't start the engine. If you are stepping on the clutch properly or have it in the right gear (auto) and it still won't start you might want to check on any sensors that tell the car where the clutch pedal or gear shifter are. You might also want to check on any electronic anti theft devices you have in the car: if they are worn or damaged than they might be stopping the engine from starting.
First check groud termenal &change it if it seems in bad condition. then check batrry &charg it or replace if still not good.after starting engine check charging from genarator if its bad or no charge fix genarator
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Here my problem with my 1990 intergra wont start getting fuel n pump is hmmm. when i try an start the vehicle all it does is make a loud hissing type noise an when my friend help me start the vehicle while im in front of the engine the noise is coming strongly from where the cap & rotor is and remember vehicle wont start an wont turn over does nothing please help me with this issue i have going on for a month now.

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I have worked on a similar problem with one of these vans. You either have spark or fuel issues if the engine turns over. I would say jugging by that it will start after long cranks that it might be fuel related and you should have the v ... 1996 Ford Windstar

I have a 2005 trailblazer and codes p0306,p2101, p1516 popped up my vehicle eats gas and u can tell there is a major miss , the other problem is my vehicle wont start at times my dash lights will be very dim it wont start so flip the ignition on and off till the dash lights lightr bright and then it will start most of the time sometimes it will turnover but just stop and be dead then i would have 2 flip the ignition back and forth agian

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Vehicle cranks but does not start have replaced crank sensors have replaced cam sensor and PCM only two of my coils fire u can use one of the working coils to check for spark at other coils plugs and there is none...wen starting the vehicle it sounds like its out of time sometimes and others it spens over fine....i am getting fuel to cylinder jus not spark to all cylinders.....at times vehicle will start and run fine for about 1 minute then die after that it wont restart.....can u please help me

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I have a 2006 jeep commander, V-8, 5.7L, hemi.....it has 58k miles on it and a few days ago, the vehicle was parked and the lights starts blinking. When i tried to start it up, it wont turn over. I jumped the battery and it started right up. I drove it around and then parked it, attempt to start it up again...to no avail...I jumped it again and then disconnect the negative termanal and the vehicle died out. Pls help

Don't pull the negative terminal off the battery to test the alternator. That was old school and can not be done anymore. It can damage the cars electrical system.It sounds like your battery is junk but you need to run diagnostics on your charging sy ... 2006 Jeep Commander

I have a 1997 dodge 2500 van . When i start the vehicle it wont start unless the generator light lights up and stays on. the trouble i am having is that, i have to turn the ignition switch on and off in order for the generator light to stay on, and the vehicle will start . I am have this problem mainly when the van is cold. Once the van is hot, it starts right away. Would this be a fautly ignition switch?

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Vehicle wouldnt start one day after driving all day. it eventually started. I changed the ignition module and plugs. vehicle starts great, but if you drive it for a while, turn it off and try to restart it, it wont start until maybe 30 mins later. I can hear the fuel pump engage every now and then when you swith to on. its a 1991 buick lesabre 71K miles, 1 owner my grandfather. clueless on what the issue maybe

You should first try replacing the fuel filter it is a cheap and easy fix that is most of the time very effective. otherwise it could be a number of things that are expensive to fix, so before you start spending a bunch of money on other parts i reco ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1994 jeep grand cherokee it will not start . It cranks but wont start check for spark and fuel . I notice if you level the key in the run postion for about ten or fifthteen minute check engine light comes on the vehicle will start . Alsoe notice when it wont start only warning light that come on are abs air bag and also notice overdrive light flashing . check all connection all fuse and relays remove ecm and check wiring and ground and voltage replace ecm with one from junk yard it

Your right about the temperture. Your temperture sending unit as its cool or cold may be shorted to ground making the whole system short out. It does'nt have to be the coolant tempsenser though as any senser shorted will do it. You can find the pr ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Python remote starter wont start,the vehicle doors will not unlock with the remote or start the car but will arm the alarm. The problems started when I went to use the remote starter afew weeks ago and the alarm went off and I had to shut it off by starting the car with the key. Then the daylight running headlights would not work or the keyless entry. also the vehicle would not shut off when I took the key out of the ignition,had to repeat it to get the car to shut off. The following day my wive

You must to restart your car alarm ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Where exactly is the fuel filter located at on the 02 bravda? I can hear the fuel pump running when i turn the key. The vehicle wouldnt start but i give it a shot of starting fluid and it started right up but wont stay running. Im not familar with the vehicle , but i want to check the fuel filter first. just wondering where the fuel filter is located? along frame? engine compartment? fuel tank? where?

Fuel filter is under vehicle, passenger side, below seating area,\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\ ... 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

Change battery in BMW X3 SUV 2005, but the vehicle still won't start. It starts if it's jumped, but once I turn it off and try to start it with the key it wont turn over, ran a diagnosis. test but no problems were found with the vehicle. would like to know what is wrong.

Possibly a short in your wiring. Is the new battery dead? Has the alternator been checked for output? \015\012Please see my tip at http://www. ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

Can a speed sensor failing cause my Peugeot 307 HDi not to start? Vehicle wont start showing camshaft sensor failed new one fitted still wont start Peugeot dealer now claiming speed sensor in the cause of non starter

An approved/competent peugeot dealer with peugeot diagnostic equipment can connect it to your vehicle and check the signals from the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. there shouldn't be any doubt about it. the engine control unit(ecu) needs both ... 2005 Peugeot 405

2004 Jeep wont start , hear ''clicking'' sound , battery is good , all fuses are O.K....tried jumping with another vehicle , continues 2 ''CLICK''.....was starting fine , simply parked it went into store & now wont start...??????

Sounds like a bad starter. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Vehicle will start at first but when driven wont start

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2001 chevrolet wont start. The truck has a small v8 vortec motor. I moved vehicle to rearraqnge cars in my driveway and when I tried to start it to move it back it wouldnt start. It has no spark.

Autoshutoff relay controls the fuel pump and the ignition system from the keyswitch..if you turn the key to the run position, does the pump come on for 2-3 seconds?if you dont hear it in the gas tank, then there is a good chance this relay is burnt o ... Cars & Trucks

Vehicle wont crank/ wont start

Have you checked to make sure you have no blown fuses,relays and that the starter is not stuck outward and drawing the battery down? If the starter is stuck engaged it will draw the battery down and it will not start with a jump.\015\012attempt ... 2004 Volkswagen Touareg

My 2005 JGC, I have been having big Problems. all of the sudden it wont start, it would just hear a click sound from the hood. thats it I have to bring cables and jump it with some of my cooworkers vehicle. I took it to autozone and said everithing was perfect. I have no idea what to do. the only thing you can hear is click thas it, and it wont start, only if you jump it.

Did you try to see if the ground wire on the starter is lose because that is what just happened to my ford truck ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My husband got in his ford f150 1990 and went to turn the key and it was like there was nothing there. He figured He needed to replace ignition switch so he did that and still wont start. He put a new battery in it, still wont start. please help we are desperate, no money to pay for mechanic and we both need vehicles to get to work.

It could be the safety neutral switch (ignition switch located at the base of the steering column)..try putting it in neutral,reverse,drive then turn the key.could be a fuseable link blown thats connected to the battery cable,could be a starter solen ... 1989 Ford F 150

The fan that is to cool the engine only runs a few moments, and then quits allowing the vehicle to overheat. Then it starts missing to the point it wont keep running. Once it cools down, an hour or two later, you can start the vehicle again, and repeat the process. It was going abour 30 or 40 miles before stranding us on the side of the road...now only 10 or 15 miles. what can I do to get it going....

I think you have a bad coolant sensor. is the check engine light on!! a bad coolant sensor symtoms are--poor cold idle, stalling, will cause rich mixture, retarded timing, slow idle speed, cold hesitation or stumble, poor fuel milage. the sensor s ... 1995 Mercury Villager

2001 Ford Expedition dome lights, wippers and windows dont work. Live in Cali water is not the problem. One day my husband went to start the vehicle and it would not work. I went online to see how I could help him, and I asked him to put it in neutral and turn it on like someone had posted. Now the vehicle starts on park with no problem but now the windows wont go down, the dome lights dont turn on and the windshield wippers dont work. He has checked all the fuses as stated on similar postings a

I would say you sound smarter,than most of the lost soles on here,with vehicle issues.\015\012Have him check out the transmission selector switch,mounted on the side of the trans just above the oil pan,I believe on the driver side.\015\01 ... 2001 Ford Expedition

Vehicle rev's or accelerates fine when started for just a minute. Then it wont rev up. When you push on the gas it just struggles. Wont really go much above 1500-1700 rpm. idles ok. It is a gasonline engine. V10 Triton XL. I did notice if I pulled off the air cleaner and sprayed some carb cleaner as my wife pushed on the gas it would start to rev up ok.

That sounds like a fuel delivery problem. either the filter is clogged or the pump is not delivering the right pressure. i assume you have no check engine light. this would not set one but other problems like sensors would. being 11 yrs old i would ... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

Car wont start,sounds like out of gas but gas mkarker indicates 1/4 tank full. Running fine, push button on ceiling when vehicle off and now it wont start

Gauges lie sometime, put a hose in tank, if they dont have something blocking it, and blow hear anything moving? ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

1990 lexus ls 400 security system went off now vehicle will not start. keys open door, turn alarm off but starter will not engage. had problem 2 months ago changed car battery. vehicle started, but the same thing happen again the doors was not locked just open the door and alarm went off and now car wont start.I chandeg the lock mecahnism in Jan 2010 car worked fine now problem with the alarm system. do anyone have a solution to this problem.

Okay you may want to check to see if the sensor on door lock cylinder hasn't fallen off from the lock itself. Pull of the door panels and check the wires at the door lock cylinder. Hope this helps. ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

Volvo xc90 key will turn from 0-1 but wont turn from 1 on to start the vehicle, all lights and radio goes on but the key wont start the car???? all of SUDDEN

Ok, this just happened in our 2000 V70. The key would turn to position 1, the srs light pops on, but the key refuses to turn to start the car and the ... 2004 Volvo XC90
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