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After driving and hot turn car off try to start and drops offidle and stalls

\015 I will start when cold no problem. After it is hot turn off go inside to house or wherever go to start car it does but it drops off normal idle and wants to stall and sometimes it does any help appreciated is it idle speed control\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Have you checked the plugs/points lately? Find when "loading up" or not running correctly, that is the first thought. Maybe it is time to get things cleaned. Another thing could be a sensor. Do you have one of those mini computer scanners to download your make/model to it and attach it to your car, check it out? Wouldn't have a 'fleet" of kids and cars without it. Cheaper than running to the auto shop constantly when you can perform this simple check in your own driveway. My kids were born with their heads under the hood of the car, so mom has to sometimes know more than them.
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After driving and hot turn car off try to start and drops offidle and stalls

Have you checked the plugs/points lately? Find when "loading up" or not running correctly, that is the first thought. Maybe it is time to get things cleaned. Another thing could be a sensor. Do you have one of those mini computer scanners to downloa ... 1997 Saturn SW

Car stalled I was driving and my 94 Acura Vigor with a leaking water pump. I put water in and while driving tempature was showing fine. I did not realize the tempature gauge only works off of pressure so it might have gotten hot. Car acted like it was running out of gas and then stalled. I checked and it has gas but no water. It cooled down and tried to start and acted like it was mis-firing. Now when I try to start it the car only turns over and will not start. Your thoughts please. Thanks.

These vehicles overheat real fast when u noticed the water pump leak yu should have replaced it now i think that you have over heated the head and the heads have to be removed , check for cracks and most probably you will end up doing a valve job and ... 1994 Acura Vigor

Car won't start after it is hot. Turns over and almost starts but sounds like it stalls out. after about 1/2 - 1 hr will start. Now it actually stalled 2-3 times after 10-15 sec of driving. Mostly just wont start after 1/2 hr or more running. Tried Fuel inj cleaner seemed to help for 2-3 wks but weather was cooler 50 -60, changed fuel filter, loosened fuel cap no change. Now discovered I dont here the fuel pump whirr when I turn on the key when I have this problem. Engine "seems" very hot, temp

That would be a wet soak concern, Likely fuel pump failure ... 1999 Ford Taurus

1991 Daewoo leganza temp guage goes off the dail past hot, engine is not over heating. while driving speedo guage and tachometer guages drop to zero and car stalls, but i can stop it from stalling if i turn the a/c onto full, radio cuts in and out as the guages fluctuate. Car hasn't been able to start for last few days, just managed to get it going and when i turned off the key and REMOVED it from the ignition, car continued to run. managed to turn car off by turning on the indicators!!! its ha

... Daewoo Leganza

Engine is hot after 5 hour drive. shut off engine. 10 minutes or less try to start car, but will not start right up. takes 2-4 times to finally start. sometimes have to pump gas pedal. Stalls as pulling out from driveway. engine cold no problem starting up car by just turning the key.

Sound like your fuel pump is on the way out. ... Toyota Avalon

I have a 2002 mustang gt it stalls while i am driving i have tryed to pop the cluch to restart but that dose not work i have to turn the key off then back on and it starts right up then stalls again after a block or 2. the weard thing is if the car sits in the sun all day and i try to drive it in the afternoon it stalls all the time if i drive it in the morning or at night i can drive for about an hour or more till it starts to stall. i have no cheack engine light and i have change the mass air,


My 1994 Honda Accord is stalling after starting and running for a few minutes. I have had a problem of the car wanting to stall out or heave and act like it wanted to die while driving in normal conditions. Usually this happened after shifting into another gear and giving gas to it--other times you would turn the car off to go into a store and come out and it would turn over but not start. We took one of the plug wires out and tried to start it and there was no spark UNTIL the car turned over (u

... 1994 Honda Accord

2002 Toyota Corolla S. Replaced battery this morning, drove car 6 miles. Engine tachometer jumped twice while driving, them engine stalled. Tried starting car, engine tries to turn over but will not. Hooked up jumper cables and tried jump starting. This didn't work. Car battery not the problem. Did not smell any gas fumes while trying to start car, did not hear fuel pump trying to prime. Any suggestions?

Look for a lose connection at the crank shaft sensor. This is a signal needed for obtaining tachometer as well as turning on the fuel pump. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2001 mercury sable. frequently, it will not start until several tries. when the turn on the key, it makes a kind whining noise, and usually takes 4-5 tries before it finally turns over. once it starts and you try to drive the car, it will barely move, and it blows hot air out of the air conditioner. i have to turn it off, then restart it, and it runs fine. i have had 6 mechanics look at this car for this problem in the past year and none of them knows what is causing this. i've had the

If they fix it let us know so we can help someone else. Please mention the fuel pressure. The whining sound is usually the fuel pump pressuring up the system. But electrical parts can do it on bad connections. The "4 or 5 times till it turns over ... Mercury Sable

Stalling Having a problem with stalling. It seems that when it gets hot or on a really hot day or after driving for 20 minutes or more the truck stalls. I can pull over, and have to do it quickly because it seems after a min. or two there are no brakes at all, put it in park and turn the key on it starts right away. Drive for a few more minutes and it stalls again. It will do this all the way home but after it cools down it runs great again, until I try driving for more than 20 min. Also after

The break cylinder in your engine goes into a item that looks like a pie. it is a big cylinder. This controls vacuum in and out. The reason it stalls is because this item is bad. I had the same issue and my son and I reoplaced it and all is well. So ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

2000 monte carlo ss 3.8L V6. Car sputters at random while driving at hwy speed. Some times when coming to a stop it will stall then start back up. Just recently i drove it 20 miles home turned it off for about 10 min then went to get the mail 5 blocks away it started up just fine i drove to the post office and it stalled. I tried to start it up but it just turned over and over and over i could hear the fuel pump prime. Finaly i gave up. Turned the key one last time and then it started like their

Does anyone know answer to his question i have same exact problem on same exact kind of car ... Cars & Trucks

After I drive car for 15 or 20 minutes and then stop at intersection car will die when I start to pull forward. It will start again right away but will contine to stall when I try to pullforward . After a few attempts it will finally go forward but does't perform well thru a turn. Seems like it boggs down. Car starts every time I try to start it and runs really well out on the open road. I have changed fuel filter, fuel filter, and had a tuneup on engine. Any thoughts

Sounds like it could be a leak in the intake manifold (probably a gasket) and is causing a loss of vacuum ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Alternator started vcar battery light came on after driving for a few minutes car stalled like alternator wasnt working lights went out and it wouldnt start while waiting for tow turned on lights and they seem bright so i tried to start the car and it did after five minutes running it started cutting of as if no current was available and it stalled again, battery is brand new so is the alternator, starter, ignition coil, apart from the obvious which is the alternator what else could be causing

Try checking you belt tension. That happened to me once while I was driving. Turned out to be a broken fan belt. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

I have an 89 honda accord sei. The car starts and runs fine when u first try it in the morning. Go to put it in rev or drive the idle drops so low it stalls and it will not start back up somtimes I get lucky and it does.italso does it when I come to stop light or if Isimply shut the car off and try to start again I've replaced plugs wires cap n rotor coil even another remaned distributer. It gets good spark when its not starting fluid.please help thanks

... Cars & Trucks

5letting the car running for 20 minutes. After driving the car for 10 minutes more the car was turned off then started 5 minutes later. Car stalled 3 times when trying to start it and acted as though it was flooded. Once started the car spit and sputtered and I had to hold the gas pedal to the floor in order to get it started.

My first guess would be that you have a bad fuel filter. Once a car sits for a while, all the sediment in the filter settles to the bottom, allow fresh fuel, when you first start it, to travel over it to the engine. After five minutes of run time, ... 2004 Chrysler Concorde

2002 pontiac gran am son was driving it ran hot I put in coolent and check oil no oil put in oil tried to start it car will turn over but will not start getting gas heard the fuel pump

Check oil to see if there is rad fluid in it. if there is you have a cracked head or head gasket. if no rad fluid in oil, check for a spark.pull out a spark plug attach spark plug wire hold close to engine block with gloves and turn over engine. it i ... Pontiac Grand Am

My car randomly stalls while I am driving. I have went about a week without it acting up but eventually the problem occurs again. When this happens the lights on my dash illuminates and the vehicle looses power. When i try to start the vehicle back up, the car doesn't turn over for at least 5 tries, and does not give me the impression that it has a loss a power anywhere. Everyday, my initial starting of the vehicle is no problem. There has been many occasions where, when at a stand still, The ca

... 1999 Honda Accord

Car stalled I was driving to work and stopped at a red light, within a minute the car just shut off. I tried to re-start, it sounded like it wanted to catch but didn't. On the 3rd try (after about 2 minutes) it finally turned back on but my 'check engine' light also came on. I only had to drive @ 2 more miles but there were no more problems (just the engine light). Any ideas??

Could be the fuel pump...get sum stp gas treatment or seafoam. ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Sonata

My 2004 Sebring, 2.7 liter V-6 stalled out while I was driving. When I tried to start it, It will not turn over at all. The lights were bright and even the radio played while I waited for the tow truck. I replaced the alternator. It worked for a day. One the second day, again, I was driving down the street and the car just shut off. Under the odometer, the words "no bu5" appeared both times. I did not get any diagnostic codes either time that the car stalled.

No bus could be from a bad battery connection or bad instrument panel connection. have you checked the grounds and all the battery connectors for no corrosion? You may want to consider having it looked at my a professional as a problem like this can ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDI 2000, i was driving down the motorway today when it gave a massive **** and lost power. i dropped a gear and the revs went up, but yet no power to the car which by the time i got to the hard shoulder had died. The radio and all electronics are working, brand new battery. Turned key to try start, the starter motor was going anyway and it was trying to start but with no joy. Oil light came on also, checked under the car and there was a puddle of oil and a trail from th

Well than it might be that something went wrong with the timing area, oil could come from one of the cam seals, the only option is to remove the top cover for the timing belt and have a look at it, as well as some engines have the injector pump drive ... 2000 Ford Focus

2000 buick lesabre- was driving and engine stalled but did not lose electrical power. tried to restart and nothing no clicking, turning over but still had power. Turned key off and tried again and car started has not done it sense but afraid to drive. What's wrong?

I had a similar situation and after some research, I discovered it was doing what many referred to as "Phantom Stalling" It would only happen once in a while and when I wanted the mechanic to see it, it never happened for him.Keep an eye ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1995 chev lumina 3.1 engine. The car always starts and runs fine when cold. After driving the car for a while and the engine is hot it will restart right away after turning off. BUT if the car sits for 15 minutes or more after shutting off it will not restart. Fuel filter ok fuel pump running ok.It will try to start but sputters out like all cylinders arent firing. Once it cools down enough it starts fine again????

It almost sounds to me like your EGR valve is full of carbon and not able to open properly so your engine is running rich. ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT 2.4L and my car was driving great and all of a sudden my car starts to stall and it wouldn't go over 20 mph and my check engine light starts blinking and my oil pressure light came on. I pulled into a gas station and my car turned off, but the lights didn't. I tried to start it again, but it seems like it's not getting any fore to ignite. What can I do to fix it?

Read the codes in the computer to find out what codes are stored in the computer and then we can get more info to get it fixed email me at [email protected] ... Cars & Trucks

Car stalls my 94 olds ciera runs well. it starts up just fine and runs great in the morning and at night when its cool. the problem is when i drive it in the middle of the day it stalls on me. i dont believe its overheating because the temp gauge is only in the middle and i havent seen any smoke from the engine. it wont start immediatly after it stalls. i have to turn it over at least 5 - 10 times and sometimes when it will try to start but when i give it some gas it just sputters and dies again

I finally took the car to the mechanic. They had to replace the sending unit and the fuel pump to begin with. After this the car would run but then had a problem charging and the alternator had to be replaced.In hind sight - this could ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1996 grnd voyager se, just replaced cam shaft position sensor (P0340).When the Service light came on first time my friend told me press gas pedal to restart even though is fuel injected car and the car actually started. Going about 3 1/2 miles after making a left car the stalled,tried to start it 2-3 times would not turn over. waited 3-4 mins the later the car finally started.I didnt drive the car for a wk. A week later drove to work, found where the cam sensor ,disconnected it a couple tim

No need to pump the gas on fuel injected vehicles. Make sure CPS was installed correctly. ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager
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