Having problems with your 1997 Saturn SL ?

My 1997 Saturn sl2 has no heat. Where do I start?

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Assuming the rest of the car is operating normally either your heater core is bad or the little door operated by the temp control is stuck open. Both issues are in the heater box, just above the passenger foot well. You may want to take a search on youtube.com as pulling a dash assembly is a pain in the a** and you may want to just live with it as opposed to going through that problem. Alternatively you could call around to some repair shops which do car air conditioning and get a price to have them replace the core. When you pull 2 or 3 dash boards out every week you get good at it and know the tricks.
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My 1999 saturn sl2 will not start. It cranks, fuel pump is working but I no spark from the ignition coils or spark plugs. A few months ago the wipers started acting funny (going off when they wanted to) it stop by itself. Then the car started shutting off after running for a while I thought it was because of the car overheating so I replaced the coolant heating sensor and the crank shaft sensor. I have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, ignition control module, battery, and alternato

Sounds like a bad timing chain. ... Saturn SL2

My 1997 Saturn sl2 has no heat. Where do I start?

Assuming the rest of the car is operating normally either your heater core is bad or the little door operated by the temp control is stuck open. Both issues are in the heater box, just above the passenger foot well. You may want to take a search on ... 1997 Saturn SL

Manual '99 saturn sl2 is not starting intermentantly. Replaced clutch safety switch, which is what the mechanic concluded was the problem, still doing it.. Not battery, all radio and heat lights

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My daugther has a Saturn sl2 v6, she went to give her grandpa a jumstart using cables but grandpa decided to start up his car before i turned the ignition on her saturn. Grandpas car started right up but after cables were removed and she went to start up the saturn the key won't even turn, steering is locked, cant move gears. The dash lights up the remote to lock/unlock still works. I tested the battery and is showing fully charged (only 6 mons old). My options are limited...i need to move the c


We can not get my car to start it is a 2001 sl2 saturn

There are only a few things left, check the radiator or send it to a radiator shop to see if it is clogged, if its fine then it should be the water pump. What is the condition of the antifreeze? If it has been neglected the passage ways in the motor ... 1991 Saturn SL2

Why heat then no heat in sl2 saturn

Is your blend door staying open,remove heater hoses and flush heater core,may be bad. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a Saturn L200. The car will start for about 2 sec. and then dies. I've put a new battery in and fuel injector cleaner. I started for a little bit yesterday, however it won't start now. The fuel pump is working and there is plenty of pressure in the fuel line. Can you please help me? I have a 2000 Saturn SL2. Just had the ignition replaced because key was stuck. Mechanic said it was hard to get out. Following that repair, it will only run for ~2 secs when started, then it dies. Now I'm

You should try re-learning the pass-lock system first. Turn the key to the on position and leave it on for 10 min, or until the security light goes out. Turn the key off for at least 30 sec. Turn the key back on, very important not to turn too far an ... 2000 Saturn SL

Erratically will not start or even turn over. Sometimes will start but a few seconds later dies. Next day will start and run fine. 3 Saturn dealers and an independant mechanic unable to find a problem with the battery or starter or anything else It is a 2001 Saturn SL2

Guessing there may be two issues. One might be "burning and arching" of the fuse box. My 1999 SL2 would periodically not even make a noise to turn over and that fixed that. It also had issues that some electrical components wouldn't work at the sa ... 2001 Saturn S-Series

I have a 1996 Saturn SL1 and have just replaced the thermostat and replaced coolant. I still start off with very little heat then just slightly warm air blows. There is a hose outside the firewall that when I kink it a couple of times the heat starts pumping inside but then it goes right back to the way it was. What do I ned to do to get some heat?

Change your heater core. its usually behind the dash passenger side. ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

I have a 1997 Saturn SL2. I have no heat. We have replaced the thermostat, the water pump and flushed the system. Still no heat! What's next..replacing the heater core or power flushing? If its replacing the heater core are there any FREE instructions how to do this on my Saturn?

It is your heater core, there is nothing else left. \015\012The heater housing is usually under the dash, and it must be removed to gain access to the heater core.Procedures for removing a dash, and heater core vary. But for the core: ... 1997 Saturn SL

Saturn SL2 Hello, I was just wondering what your fix action was for the Saturn SL2 that wouldn't start. I know the door locks, radio don't work, but my daughter doesn't have remote entry. Anyway, my daughters car has the same problem, did you get this fixed?

I had a similar problem on my 94 SL2. Turn the key…..Nothing.Even worse, it was intermittent, the worst type to troubleshoot.At first it was rare. Pulling out the key , putting it back in and turning usually worked.Over ... 1998 Saturn SL

My 1997 saturn sl2 wont start - 1992 Saturn SL2

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I replaced the ignition on a Saturn SL2 with one from the auto wrecking yard. Still ran. Put it in my sl2, but can't seem to get the passlock to reset, using the "start for 2 sec, sit for 10 min (or until the security light goes from blinking to solid) then try to start it". Am I missing something?

If i remember correctly you have to do the 10 minute wait procedure a total of three times then attempt to start. ... 2002 Saturn Sl

My saturn sl2 alarm starts to beep when I try to start the car and won't stop for about a minute. Car won't start. My power locks have been disabled(over a year now). It started acting strangely and beeping twice every time I shut off the car yesterday or when I tried to start (which took several tries for it to finally start).

This sounds somewhat similar to a problem I had with my 1999 Saturn SL2. There was "burning and arching" on the fusebox and it was replaced. The first few times my car would make an extra beep noise when locked or unlocked and I believe the radio/c ... 1998 Saturn SL

Saturn sl2 is hard to start once it has been initially started. It starts fine first start of the day or if it has been sitting for a few hours. When it is hard to start it spews black smoke.

Egr valve stuck ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have a 1998 Saturn SL2 and when I go to start it, it clicks like it doesn't want to start and then will finally turn over. Once its warmed up it starts up just fine. Is that a starter problem? At first I thought it was the battery but now I'm not so sure. :-/ Also its running really rough and leaking oil and just recently starting smoking a lot of white smoke. I'm assuming head gasket? I had the gasket cover valve replaced last yr.

... 1998 Saturn SL

I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 that is over heating and has been for a while. Now it will start and run but when I turn it off and try to start it again, it will not fire. It turns over, but will not start. I usually have to give it at least an hour before it will start again. When it does run, it runs fine, with the exception of the standard over acceleration these cars are notorius for. Any suggestions?

Find out why its over heating ! Sounds like it is wrecking the rest of it! ... 2001 Saturn SC

Have a 2002 saturn sl2 sometimes when i start it and go into reverse it kills then i try to start it again i have to crank the key a few times before it starts again then it starts.. would it be a o2 sensor or intake air temp sensor?

Both of those are dobutful but could easily be tested with a scanner. I had similar issues on a 98 that were due to a bad coolant temp sensor and wiring. does the car happen to appear cold via the gauge when it should be warmed up? the crank sensor, ... 2002 Saturn Sl

Difficulty starting I have a 1999 Saturn SL2. When I turn the key to start it, although it doesn't take long to start properly, it is beeping and lights are flashing as it starts. What is the issue? Thanks.

It sounds like the car has a passive alarm , you will have to call the dealer and give them the vin# and see if they can sell you a remote to deactivate the alarm. ... Saturn SL2

I have a 1999 saturn. when the engines cold i can start it and drive for a little while. as it heats up to normal, it will start to sputter when i accelerate. the check engine light is on. the sputtering gets worse as i go. at red lights it will try to sputter but i will put it in park and rev the engine and it seems normal. but as soon as its green and i put it in drive, the sputtering starts again. when i park and she gets cold it starts all over again


1999 Saturn SL2 Electrical Issues - Gauges not working / Not starting / Radio Off when Turn Signal is On / Etc.

Sell your saturn ... 1999 Saturn SL

My 1999 Saturn SL2 started theother day but a few

Where is located the fuel pressure regulator on a saturn sl2 1999? ... Saturn SL2

I did not use my 2002 saturn sl2 for 2 weeks because I was out of state, when I came to use it it would not start, I had to "floor" the gas pedal until it started, then the service engine soon light came on, I did an oil change because it was time for it but the light stayed on, then the change oil soon light came on for several seconds whenever I started the car (but never stayed on up to 30 seconds). What is wrong?

Well most likey you may have a Coolant Temp Sensor concern causing it to flood but it could also be from sitting as well.The SES probally come on due to it running a bit rough after starting & set a Misfire code.The Oil Change Light Is easy to re ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I have a 2000 saturn sl2, when i go out to start it i usually have to crank it over several times to get it to start, or i can hold the pedal to the floor and it will start, could the fuel pump be loosing its prime and the pump needs replaced.

Sounds like the fuel regulator might be bad. it can cause too much fuel at start up. thats why it will start at wide open throttle. more air for the fuel mixture ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have a 1996 saturn SL2 dohc can you tell me why sometimes it will start and then sometimes i will try to start it and it acts like it is trying to start but never turns all the way over

Bad ground will do that. Check battery terminal first, then the second place to check is grounds on the side of the motor where transmission bolts are. Then the starter itself can be corroded right where it lays against the motor, where it is bolted ... 1996 Saturn SL
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