Having problems with your 1997 Saturn SL ?

When it rains, the inside of my saturn gets wet and now it will not start when it is wet or cold

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Your condemer got water in it put stp in
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When it rains, the inside of my saturn gets wet and now it will not start when it is wet or cold

Your condemer got water in it put stp in ... 1997 Saturn SL

2006 Saturn view gets wet inside when it rains, which causes it to smell AWFUL!! I haven't actually seen water in the floor boards but it smells moldy and musty when it rains. EVERY TIME it rains this happens. I can't figure it out. So I guess water is getting in the car somehow. PLEASE HELP, I son't kmow what to do.

... 2006 Saturn Vue

I have a 1999 saturn. when the engines cold i can start it and drive for a little while. as it heats up to normal, it will start to sputter when i accelerate. the check engine light is on. the sputtering gets worse as i go. at red lights it will try to sputter but i will put it in park and rev the engine and it seems normal. but as soon as its green and i put it in drive, the sputtering starts again. when i park and she gets cold it starts all over again


My 1999 saturn has trouble starting in the cold morning and sometime does not, when i do get it started it sputters a bit til it gets warmed up, and sputters when going up a hill, when i do get it started it starts throughout the day.....fuel filter/pressure regulator????

Try changing the fuel filter. ... 1999 Saturn SL

No problem when fine, but when it starts to rain it is a nightmare. I can start the car when it rains but after I've drove the car, if its only down the road, it seems to get wet and won't start. It needs to dry out for about half hour and then the car will start up again only to do the same thing again if its raining.

Rain going to inside...could be radiators, thermostat,.... air filter,.... spark plugs,...or alternator. Look like need replace. The motor doesn't like water. When you drove on downhill?Or... its cold start? could be throttle or carby ne ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

2007 Chevy Cobalt, automatic, runs awful ONLY in heavy rain, NO code When driving in heavy rain or if driving through standing water on roadways, my Cobalt will start making a roaring noise (almost like the noise that a car with a big muffler makes) and seems to drag and not accelerate well. It seems like if the water dries out quick enough, it kind of surges and drives normally again. But if whatever it is that's getting wet stays wet longer, something starts making a knocking noise. I'm ass

It seems related-module may be an aftermarket made in mexico--chec engine area for any abnormalities--may need tuneup and injector service--but fuel pump/delivery 1st--consider scanning car with a tech II cause this runs a data stream for precize ana ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

I have a '92.5 Mazda Navajo. Lately, I have been having intermittent cold start problems. Sometimes, I can move or adjust the contacts on the battery points to get good starts for a while. This morning, I went out to start it up and it wouldn't turn over. I tried moving around the contacts, but still no start. I'm getting full electrical inside the truck. My battery is of high quality (Les Schwab 65 60mo) and not that old, 3yrs, maybe. The contacts and posts are free of corrosion and other debri

For your issues Iam giving below two links which may give you some tips.\012 \012http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5843031-tips_check_car_not_start ... 1992 Mazda Navajo

My 2001 ford focus recently started getting a wet carpet on the front passenger side of the floor. This occurs only when the roads are wet when I am driving it. If it is raining and the roads are wet and I don't drive it, it doesn't get wet. Please help. We pulled up the carpet and did 't see an obvious hole or any rust. The door and windows do not appear to be leaking.

If its not raining then you will need the heater core inspected. Chances are your coolant is low so better check it. ... 2003 Ford Focus

I have a 1991s10 pick up4x4 4.3 I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit/fuel filter/relay and checked all the weiring when i turn the key on no power to the pump then i hook up my tester to the computer its telling me that the relay or short circuit put new relay in when its worm out it will start when its cold out its hard to start then i poled out the spark plugs and they wear wet dryed them then i can get the truck to start it seams like its getting to much gas what do you think it is

Its drawing moister replace the dis cap and rotor ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2000 saturn ls 1 starts when its cold and runs but when you turn it off and want to start it back again it sounds like it will stay on but will turn off. wait till it gets cold then it starts and runs fine till you turn if off.

Your getting a ICM failure (ignition control module) you know where the coil pack sits on, thats the ICM, just a sour note you may not be able to reuse the coil if the connector has too much corrosion . ... 2000 Saturn SL

1995 c-220 that seems to not hold it's rpms when it rains or gets wet. When the car is warm or dry it idles at 750 and is fine. When it gets wet it drops to 100 and stalls allot.I have to put it in n to get it to start.

Hi, sounds like you have a spark tracking problem caused by damp etc, worth spraying all HT system with something like WD40, if that stops it going on to three cylinder it will prove you need to renew parts of your HT circuit etc, good luck. ... 1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Hi my 93 saturn has starting problems in cold wheather but when it's warmer out usally starts up fine, like you can hear the fuel system start but when you turn the key over it's as if the engine doesnt get a spark or something and dont know what the problem is so any help so i can get the issue fixed would be great thanks.

... 1993 Saturn SC2

My 2004 Alero has a problem when it rains. It won't start after it was rained and it seems to me that something is getting wet under the hood and causing this that I have to let it sit after it rains, maybe to dry out? But then it'll start after ours been sitting a day or so after rainfall. Any idea if this is a ground wire or where I should begin to look? Thank you

I doubt anything is getting wet, but you could be right on a bad connection. You could have enough humidity in the air after a rain to cause a weak connection to fail completely. It could also be a faulty relay.Someone would need to figure out ... Cars & Trucks

The audi was water flooded on the inside of the car in sept 09....cant get the car to start...cranks but wont start....ive tried everything tested everything......all is good....its not getting any spark i do know that...but the engine didnt get wet...it was fine until it flooded....

Did the computer get wet? did the Ignition control module get wet? if they did they must be replaced, as all connector must be pulled apart and checked for any corrosion, this will be allot of work and may not be worth the expense and labor time.. ... Audi 100

I have a '99 dodge 1/2 ton ram (5.9l). The problem I am having is that on three occations it has just lost power and runs very rough. I can wait 45 min to an hour and it starts up and runs great for months then it happens again. THe first two times it was raining and I thought maybe the distrubtor was getting wet but the last time it was not raining and had not rained for a few days. Any ideas where to start?

Could be a lot of things, but with the info that you have given, I can suggest a couple of things. The fact that you can wait about an hour and restart suggests a couple of things. The first thing that comes to mind is that you are possibly having ... 1999 Dodge Ram

The ac compressor blew out the o ring on the eclectrical conection on the bottom of the compressor i changed out the compressor pulled to vacume and when i charge the system it gets cold from the suction line port back to the compressor and starts freezing back but only up to the suction port does not get cold inside the car i am thinking maybe a restriction in the line but i dont know where i should check or how i can check that

2004 Toyota Solara has a running water sound when leaving a stopped position.\015\012\015\012Please help. ... 2004 Toyota Solara

The day after rain my nissan altima will start but after 15 minutes it cuts off. something is getting wet and the mechanics can not find what is getting wet. Help

... 1995 Nissan Altima

Rain leak on the inside front of my BMW 318i, water running down thru the front speakers every time it rains. Can anybody help me find a solution? because the carpet on driver and passenger side is getting wet, and the glob box compartment gets full of water

... BMW 318i

2000 hyundai elantra , only when the car is wet and cold start the car will miss and throw the CEL , code po302 . After the engine warms the miss goes away . I've changed plugs , wires and looked at the coil but can't see any cracks . I drive the car for 100 miles and light goes away . Till it rains & cold start again ?

... Cars & Trucks

Cold start girlfriend tried to start this morning. cold and wet morning on Aug 31. I had to crank to get it to kick over and hold the throttle up to 1500 for several minutes, then it ran just fine. I suspect a choke issuel, but know nothing about cars. Is this a simple fix? Also, new warning on the dash. A triangle with an ( ! ) in the center and a counter clockwise circle/arrow around it. It is a used car with 86,000 miles. once she got to highway it ran fine.

Jim, 2 recommendations: to figure out the warning symbol on the dash, check the owners manual. If you don't have it, log onto this site, where you will create an account for BMW owners, and you should be able to get FREE access to your manual. http ... 2002 BMW 5 Series

My 1999 will not start in the rain. It does not need to be driven for it to get wet. It could just sit in the rain and not start. Thanks, Ron

It is the damp causing shorts, either in the HT leads of the connectors from the motor, get some good water displacing spray like duck oil and soak all the electrics, if this works get some new HT leads and distributor cap. ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

Wet Headliner My Headliner in my 1990 Ford Ranger gets soaking wet when it rains. I can't find any rust holes in the top. There is no water running down the windshield on the inside when it rains so I don't think the windshield is leaking. Do you have any idea what it might be? Thanks

You likely have a water leak around the 3rd brake light mounted on the top rear of the cab. I had this same issue on my 96 Ranger Supercab and found that the foam seal had gone bad and was allowing water to leak into the back of the headliner around ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a vw Jetta 1999.. And my problem is that when ever it rains or i take it to wash and it gets wet from underneath it wont start and if running will shut off... So what can it possibly be when it getting wet from top and bottom?

... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1995 mitsubishi galant s 4-cyl. once in a while when its raining mostly or cold outside my car won't start but it will try to turn over. Then i can jump it with another vehicle and it starts but when it gives me a hard time (in the rain) as soon as i let off the gas and press the break you can see everthing shutting down. the lights get dimmer, the radio shuts down and if i don't press the gas a little bit the whole thing will just stall. i bought a new battery about 4 mos. ago and at t

No, it is not a distributer problem. \015\012The problem is in one of three places. \015\012Either the alternator does not have enough output, the battery is not accepting the charge, or since you said you have had these checked poor batt ... 1990 Mitsubishi Galant

98 saturn it won't start when the engine is cold i have to put the gas peddle to the floor while I turn the key till it starts. when it does start I get large cloud of blue smoke. once the engine is warm it will start every time without a problum.

Replace The Throttle Positioning Sensor...When you put Accelerator to the floor ... It rolls the Position Sensor Cam to tell computer etc to put Injectors Etc..into cold start mode...as soon as the motor fires..injectors take over and do their job..T ... 1998 Saturn SL
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