Having problems with your 1997 Saab 900 ?

I was rolling down a window when all of a sudden the follow 4 things STOPPED WORKING and haven't worked since: - All power windows - Heater blower - Horn - Wipers All of the relays I've found seem in tact and the fuses are fine. I've even tried replacing the ignition switch module per another Saab owner's advice. Does anybody know what could be wrong?

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Answers :

Is the car a convertible? If so the window controls operate through the convertible top computer.
By ignition switch module are you talking about the part under the lock cylinder? They do fail a lot.
What do you mean by the relays are intact? Have you checked for power at each fuse with the key on?
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I was rolling down a window when all of a sudden the follow 4 things STOPPED WORKING and haven't worked since: - All power windows - Heater blower - Horn - Wipers All of the relays I've found seem in tact and the fuses are fine. I've even tried replacing the ignition switch module per another Saab owner's advice. Does anybody know what could be wrong?

Is the car a convertible? If so the window controls operate through the convertible top computer. By ignition switch module are you talking about the part under the lock cylinder? They do fail a lot. What do you mean by the relays are int ... 1997 Saab 900

My 95 ford ranger won't start. it's a manual transmission with 227,000 miles on it. We've replaced the solenoid, the battery, and the starter and alternator are both working fine. When we try to start it, nothing happens, it doesn't even click anymore. We're trying to replace the neutral safety switch and the ignition switch, but we can't find either. Or could the problem be something else entirely?

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After jumpstarting my truck several times it wouldnt jumpstart anymore. I replaced the battery finally and it will not even turn over. Alarm works and all electrical seems fine, engine wont even try to crank. Had the ignition switch replaced several months back. My vehicle is a 1993 chevy k1500

When a battery is weak it wears the starter down. i'd say the starter is bad now. it problably just clicks when you turn the switch ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

Dash lights i have a 1997 Volvo V90, one night i went to start the car and the dash lights did not come on. Ive checked all the fuses and there fine, ive tried replacing the dimmer switch, headlight switch, and headlight control relay and nothing seems to work. What could possibly cause the dash lights to not come on?

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My 98 jeep grand cherokee wont start. It doesnt even click or turn over. battery is fine, headlights, dome lights, all go on. Radio doesnt work with ignition on. I checked ALL the fuses, I replaced the starter, ignition relay box, ignition switch and STILL nothing???? I dont believe im getting any power from the ignition to the starter. Any suggestions?

Fuse 8 40a supplies power to starter relay and ignition switch, to close the starter solenoid and engage the starter which draws directly from the battery. check to see that the starter relay is closing, if not ensure that the park neutral switch is ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 2001 potiac grand prix with no tail lights the same bulb work turn signal an brake lights they r fine ive checked all fuses and replaced all bulbs even replaced the light switch still no tail

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No start this lincoln mark 7 equipped with a 5.0 HO has no spark i have rebuilt the distributor replaced the coil replaced the ignition switch ecm seems like ive checked all the wiring it does have injector pulse i was going to replace the ballast resistor but i cant find it on this paticular Licoln im not trying to just throw parts at this thing even though i know thats what it looks like but **** im at a loss

Do you have fuel pressure if not check the inertia switch in the trunk i dont know if it stops spark but it does stop the fuel pump from running good luck ... 1987 Lincoln Town Car

The key wont turn over the ignition cylinder. it was working fine 12 hours ago now it wont let me turn on the vehicle. ive tried wiggling the steering wheel. made sure it had plenty of fuel, everything is working fine other than i cant turn the cylinder from the lock position. i cant even replace it due to the fact it wont turn to the on position to push the release pin for the cylinder. what can i do? it like a tumbler is jammed

Alot of the time the antitheft security goes bad and can lock your ignition up. Is there a light somewhere on the dash that says security? Or has a picture of a car with a pad lock on it? If so, this is your problem. Read about it on this link. Might ... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

Car wont start (wont turnover). The shift interlock solenoid is broken because I can now move my shifter to any gear even without having my keys in the ignition. Would this cause the car to not start? No click or anything when turning the key. BPP switch was recently replaced and I had the starter checked a month ago and it's good. Battery good, fuses good, lights turn on, cd player works. Lights dim slightly when trying to start. tried to start in neutral too and got nothing.

Yes it could very well keep it from starting get that fixed first ... Ford Escort

No spark my 93 integra randomly stopped working about a week ago. when it died it was like someone took and just turned my key off. it has plenty of gas and oil. i took apart the distributer and everything seems to be just fine. the cat still acts as if it is trying to turn over. all the spark plugs are just fine. everything seems in good condition at sight. she just wont start. this is the first problem this car has prsented. ive heard to check the battery, alternater, ignition switch, and even

Its a timing belt ... 1993 Acura Integra Hatchback

I have a 1998 Craftsman cv16s. My blue 15 amp fuse keeps blowing and at one point when I turned the ignition off it kept on almost trying to start itself even with the key out.I replaced the fuse and it was fine for a few minutes and it blew again. Any help with this would be great.Thanks!

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My katana has no power at all.. My battery is good. Checked all the fuse and even the main.checked the starter relay and is workin fine. I even got a new starter relay and still nothing. Also tried a new ignition switch and still no power. Checked all my grounds and they all seem good.. I'm stumped and don't know why when I turn my key I'm not getting power to anything. Bike just seems dead.. Some please help..

Sounds like bad ignition. By pass or jump the ignition wires while unpluged from key ignition. Jump terminals on starter also, with ignition in the run position. ... Cars & Trucks

After replacing starter on 99 suburban 5.7 L, when hooking battery back up it tries to start. even without the starter relay, ignition fuse, and other fuses in. what to do?

You have ONE Option ONLYThe thing you needed months agoA WIRING DIAGRAMUntil you learn how to read a wiring diagram& can logically figure out exactly the only thingthat could cause such a problem,you can't even ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

Vehicle won't start after replacing starter, the positive battery cable heats up, even after disconnecting the ignition wire harness. All fuses and relay switches are fine. What would I need to check next?

I believe I would go and recheck the starter installation make sure you have no ground wires on with the battery wire on the starter If it did not do it before and now that you changed the starter you need to go back and recheck your install. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 97 Saab 900 and randomly, when I rolled down the windows: All of the power windows stopped working, the heater blower won't turn on, the horn doesn't work, and the wipers won't come on. All at once! I've checked all visible relays and fuses and I've even torn apart the center console per somebody's advice and tried replacing the ignition switch module with a used one I got at a junk yard. Any ideas?

Used ignition switches are just as likely to be junk as the one you are replacing. Check for power at both sides of the each fuse for each affected circuit. IF the car has an ignition lock relay swap it, and make sure the it has power, ground, and is ... 1997 Saab 900

My dash board lights on my 1994 mercedes E220 have stopped working even though all my headlights and fog lights work. ive checked the fuses which are all fine and i tried turning the dashboard dimmer switch a few times and it still doesnt work?? also my blower heaters have completely stopped working.

... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Our truck worked fine then next morning it wouldnt turn over Just click We have replaced the starter. Replaced the park neutral switch. ignition switch and wires test fine. Crank fuse is fine. Purple wire to starter has been replaced and tested

You have a earth problem/neg on battery check the battery wires i suspect a dirty connection.get that starter checked again and test the most common problem[ THE BATTERY].adrian,,,, ... 1992 Oldsmobile Bravada

Ignition switch So the wire to the ignition switch seem to be shorting or something, when I try to turn on the car on all the dashboard lights dont work, neither does the radio auto headlights, heater or the fuel pump. So I took the radio out to take a look at the ignition switch. And when I move the wires around it turns on just fine. I checked fuses and have no blown fuses so im at a lose on what else to do.

My bet is the ignition switch itself or the connector on the switch is bad.You say things seem to work when you move the wires. This is classic indication that the switch is bad. Let us know if this fixes the problem. Robert ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

Van started but then stopped - was unable to get it to even turn over to start - changed the ignition switch but still wouldn't even turn over - checked the starter and was ok - checked the fuses they were ok - checked the fuel pump and it was ok - was able to at least get it to try and turn over by using a wire connected to the area in the fuse box and the battery and it would not start - if no wire then it won't even attempt to try to start - checked computer and found no loose or broken conne

Hi, if there is an anti- theft system installed in your van, you mght have a faulty computer. I had the same problem and it was due to the anti - theft system. Ihad to replace the computer. If it is the anti- theft system, there would be a tiny red l ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

Cranking problems My 89 240GL Volvo takes for ever to crank in the morning, especially if it is wet outside..The starter will turn the engine over for a while and no go..but when I let go of the ignition it will sputter for a second and then nothing. I have replaced the 25amp fuse to the fuel relay with a enclosed type fuse holder, I have replaced all plug wires, the fuel pump relay seems to work fine and the external fuel pump seems to work fine (I tried replacing the fuel filter but could not

New battery, new rotor and new distributor cap and a couple of vacum hoses and the flame trap all replaced and for fairly cheap (execpt the battery).It did the trick. ... 1989 Volvo 240

My 97 blazer s 10 4.3 vortec has no spark.have replaced ignition switch, disributor cap and rotor. replaced the brain and coil. have checked all in line fuses, fuse box and replaced the ignition module.still get no spark .gages with irratic movement even with the key off.cannot find any loose grounds or bad wire. please help

There should be no action on the dash even with the key off.\015\012problems like this are most of the time related to an extra starting system or after market alarm system being installed wrong or the wrong system was installed.\015\01 ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee,turn signals dont work. I bought the car this way. ive replaced the flasher, the ignition switch and the multi function switch. ive check all the fuses and they are good, ive also checked continuity from positve cable to the fuses and got continuity to all evcept 1, but the diagram in the owners manual and the haynes manual are incorrect. any ideas?

Since the lights are also tied to the hazard system, If the hazards do not work either then you will need to check for ground at each light ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2001 s500 and my driver side door switches do not work,none of them,even door won't close by itself when you almost shut door fully.can you tell me what fuses to replace if that is the problem cuz i made a mistake before trying to replace bad fuse and by pulling fuses out i had to have the computer reset for the airmatic.this door switch problem is a headache.p.s window won't go down either.thank you.

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2004 chrysler sebring GTC convertible, 2.7 liter. Keeps blowing the #8 fuse. Go to start vehicle, nothing, not even a click. At first I would replace fuse and it would start fine. Now, replace fuse, hear fuel pump kick in and then go to sart and again nothing. Turn off key and try to start again and then nothing again. Blowing the fuse now everytime i replace and attempt to start.

Your starter is drawing too much current. Recommend you replace the starter. Perhaps you can do it yourself using my tips at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5973094-starter_re ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Trying to replace the stock stereo in my 1999 chevy prism but someone who owned it before hooked up a xm receiver and took out the inline fuse. I have power to my switch power line but none to my constent.. I followed the wires and could not find any inline fuses all other fuses are fine.. Any idea why my switch power line has power when switch is on but my constent power line has none with or without the switch on??

... 1999 Chevrolet Prizm
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