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Wipers wont go down when turn off. They stay up

\015 Wipers wont go down when turn off. They stay up\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The wiper motor has a return swich built in to its gearing that switches the motor off when the wipers are in the correct possition.Relace the wiper motor is the only answer
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Wipers wont go down when turn off. They stay up

The wiper motor has a return swich built in to its gearing that switches the motor off when the wipers are in the correct possition.Relace the wiper motor is the only answer ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

My left signal light starts slow for about 4/5 blinks then goes double the speed (the front signal light doesnt blink) Also the indicator on the dash stays on solid weather or not the signal is on. My left headlight is also extremely dim, and new bulbs were put in about 3 months ago. My wiper blades wont move. When i turn the wipers on, they move about an inch and then stop moving. I plan on checking the relays for wiper blades but I don't know about the blinker. All these problems started about

Check your grounds. You can use a jumper wire from the battery ground post to the ground circuit of each component. For testing. ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 1998 dodge 1500 the intermittent cycles on my windshield wipers will go up half way and stop then go all the way up an stop and so on ( very intermittent) but the high and low cycle works fine ust wont turn off in the park setting wherever u turn it off they stay.

Sounds like you have a bad multi function switch ( the wiper switch that is also a turn signal switch) ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Windsheild wipers The windsheild wipers on my 97 Buick Century stay up when I turn them off. This happened when I left the wipers on when I shut off my car and it snowed and turned into ice. I turned my car on and the wipers have been staying in this position ever since. They work when I turn them on its just when I turn the wipers to off.

Take off the end caps of the wipers loosen the bolts and put them where they should be tighten back up try your wipers again should be good as new/ Pleasr rate my response thank you vvery much ... 1997 Buick Century

The winshield wipers on my 1999 mitsubishi montero sport limited wont turn off. I can change the speed but they stay on. how do I fix this?

Switch will have to be replaced. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have 2006 vectra the wipers are working but they stay upright and wont go back to home position when you turn them off

... 2004 Saab 9-3

Windshield wipers wont go down.. They work but when you turn them off they stay up instead of going down

... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2001 Camaro Z28 5.7L V8 wont start. Battery is showing full charge, Have not had any starter noise or problems, Ran fine. When I turn the key, most of the dash lights go out, but some stay on, dome light stays on and radio stays on. It just does one click and wont even turn over as the dashlights go out. When I let off the key, the dash lights come back on.

... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

Stats: Ford Bronco xlt. 1985. 170,000 miles. New Starter. Oil & Oil filter replaced as of a week ago. Carbs cleaned with "Carb Cleaner" and a toothbrush. All original parts, otherwise. Now my issue is, my car wont STAY running. I turn the key and it starts - no problem. Engine turns over and sounds fine..just like it normally does. If i sit there though, or even if i drive and come to a stop light, the car wont STAY alive! It will bog out and die. This ride wont keep an idle. Why do

This is a carb vehicle right. You didnt say whether or not you adjusted the idle screw on the side where the cable attaches. This could be your reason. . \015\012Also there are a couple real small holes in the venturi where you cleaned. Is it ... Ford Bronco

I have 2000 Lincoln LS and the wipers wont turn off unless I turn off the ignition. If I keep the key in the accessory position the wipers turn on and off fine but once i start the car and turn on the wipers they will not shut off unlesss I turn the car off

Try adding a ground wire, just take a wire and rub it on the motor ad the other end to ground on battery. i find alot off problems are caused by bad body grounds or on gm wiper motors the internal ground goes bad. grounds are one of the biggest pr ... Cars & Trucks

1998 plymouth neon highline wipers wont turn off

... 1998 Plymouth Neon

2005 Chevy Colorado Wipers not working properly.New wiper motor replaced 1-month ago.Wiper switch replaced yesterday. With the switch in the off position turn the ignition key on the wipers come on for 3-seconds then go off. wipers do not return to the park position.In the low postion the wipers come on for 3-seconds then go off. In the hi position the wipers come on and stay on but do not return to the park position when turning the wiper switch off.I can monitor the command from the switch and

... Chevrolet Colorado

My right turn signal isn't working correctly. When I'm driving down the road my dashboard indicator for my right turn signal will turn solid green but wont flash, But when i turn my headlights on it will stay solid green even if i have my left indicator on and flashing when turning left or changing lanes, but neither of the two lights that are meant for the right turn signal wont even turn on if the headlights are on. But they will work for hazard signals but if the headlights are on the

I had the same problem on a 92 & 95 Dakota years ago, replaced the turn signal switch in the column & found a loose ground wire in the harness back by the tail lights. Never had a problem again. If you're gonna try to replace the switch you will need ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

My car wont start!!!...help please!!! i turn the key over to start it and the fuel pump/auto shutoff relay/fuel pump relay all start to click rapidly, and the starter wont engage. after about 30 mins of screwing with it....it finally turns over and the fuel pump seems to go off after the system is pressurized. then it starts but you have to rev up the gas in order for it to stay running. after about ten minutes of that.....i can let off the gas pedal and it usually stays running. seems to run ok

I would replace the relays first, then check fuel pressure. Also change the fuel filter. You can use a multi-tester on the ohm setting where the relay is to see if the voltage remains the same ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

Cts wiper I jumped in the car this morning and when i tured it on the wiper came off now they wont turn off.How do i fix them the everthing else works the speed the washer but they wont turn off. can any 1 help me with that?

Hi, disconect your battery positive cable for few minutes,reconect them back and see if this works ,(it should)if not ,play with the wiper swith back and foward,....good luck..... ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

When i turn the wipers off they stay in the up position instead of coming down. also they seem to be lose. whenever i am driving at high speeds the wipers will actually go past the windshield when wiping. and when you turn them off they stay in the up

Sounds like you need a new wiper motor and control unit that comes with it ... 1994 Lincoln Town Car

Involved vehicle: 1999 Saturn SL - 4 cyl, 5 speed manual I have two problems: PROBLEM #1: when I turn on the windshield wipers - any position ( mist, intermittent, slow or fast) I can not turn them off - wipers only stop when I turn off the engine and the wiper blades are in the park position. When they are going there is only one speed - slow and steady. PROBLEM #2: involves engine speed - When I start car - RPM goes to 2K RPM and stays there even after warming up. When I shift into 1st or reve

Try to reset the computer if that doesnt work reset the idle speed it may have picked up bad codes ... 1999 Saturn SL

Headlights and turn signals do not work. Wipers stay on.

I'm going to say you blew a major fuse or fuseable link wire you have not found yet.The wipers need power from a battery source to stop, the headlights probably are on a battery circuit too. The turn signals would go thru the key switch but the ... Nissan Pickup

My wipers wont turn off, when I turn my headlights on, my right signal won't work and my blower turns off. This all started at the same time and i thought I was losing my mind. I have checked all the fuses. The only way to turn the wipers off is to take the fuse out, but the other problems still occur. HELP!!!

Sounds like a ground wire loose ... 1996 GMC Safari

I recently jump started my 2008 cadillac cts after that the radio wont turn back on, the lights of all my dashboard do turn on the problem is when i turn off my car and get out those lights stay on and they wont turn off. which causes to kill my battery over and over again, what can this be? help PLEASE i've just had my cadi for about a month barely. any smart comments are appreciated. thankyou.

... 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

My Ford Focus zx3 has decided that it will not have working wipers, windows, fan, brake lights, turn signals, and it wont go into gear unless I stick my key into a slot at the gear shift to put the thing in nuteral and start the car that way. I took it to a mechanic who replaced the relay. All was well for a whole day. Then when I went to turn on my bright lights, my lights turned off. My wipers turned on by themselves. now im having these problems again. I had two mechanics saying different thi

Try redifulating the black man ... Cars & Trucks

2002 dodge dakota. Wiper timer problem. More info... started when I hit the wash button. Usually the wipers will go for a few seconds... then turn off. They stay on. I changed the wiper motor, switch in steering column, and swapped the relay under the hood with the AC relay (both had same number). Wipers will still not turn off. Thank you to vetteman3002 for the relay suggestion... just didn't work this time.

The problem here is the wiper motor itself, theres a cuircut board on the back of the motor, this is what goes bad and controls the wipers, you will need to replace the motor to replace this board, i think they should be replaced in a pair,this will ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab


It is bad wireing or badly connected or burned fusestart with the fuselook in the car manual, which fuse you should replacegood luck ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

I have 2000 gmc sierra that the tow/haul light wont go off it's staying in tow mode when it first started about a month ago when i first started the truck it would be on everytime and i would have to push the button to turn it off and the next time i turned the truck off and then started it it would be on again and i would have to turn it off but now it wont turn off i checked the switch (tow/haul) and it is good i checked for codes with scan tool no codes does anyone know what is wrong or has a

... 2003 GMC Sierra 1500

My wipers will go on, but wont turn off, unless i turn my car off, or my ignition switch back one notch, and turn it back on...1984 oldsmobile delta 88..The switch has been replaced..Is there a relay for the wiper motor...if so where is it

The relay is built into the wiper motor its called the pulse contol module and comes with a new wiper motor. make the wipers come on and then get them to stay on while wiper switch is in the off position, then tap the wiper motor and see if it turns ... 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88
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