Having problems with your 1997 Pontiac Grand Am ?

When i turn the ignition nothing will happen but when i hook it up to jumpers it wants to turn over ,as soon as i remove the jumpers there's no power

\015 When i turn the ignition it wont make a sound unless it is hooked up by jumpers than the motor wants to turn over but wont, as soon as i take the jumpers off no power any ware?????\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Battery is junk, buy a new one.
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When i turn the ignition nothing will happen but when i hook it up to jumpers it wants to turn over ,as soon as i remove the jumpers there's no power

Battery is junk, buy a new one. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Power freakout turn the key to start car and the power shuts down, turn off and pull key out the lights start blinking and the battery buzzer starts going rythmically, if i put my foot on the brake the lights and buzzing stop, but as soon as i remove my foot it starts up again. the car wont start on its own, but will start by jumper cables and runs fine once it's started, but i do have to hit the battery reset button to stop the flashing and buzzing once it is started. the button does nothing

Sounds like the battery won't pass a battery test, but if it does your explaining dirty battery cable connections clean and or replace as needed as this is the number one reason for a no start . This corrected and known good battery and it still act ... 1999 Subaru Forester

On a 1996 vw golf the only way i can start it is to hook a wire from the hot to a jumper on the starter selinod and it makes it engage but if i hook the jumper wire up normally nothing happens when i turn the key .theres no power coming out the jumper wire could it be a relay or something simple

Hello, I take it you twist the key to start and nothing? I repaired my Postmans Vw with the same problem. Firstly it is common and the dealer way of solving is to replace the whole ignition barrel. However I went to Maplins bought a 10 amp push to ma ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

Power window The driver's door window on my 4 door won't come up. I can hear the motor turn and want to remove the door panel to see what is happening. I've removed screws and small corner pieces but can't tell if it's held by clips or some unseen screws. Please advise. Thanks. Michael Huff

There is a little plastic peace that rides on the inside track ,at the bottom of the window,its probably broke.Beware taking off the door panel is a pain,anyways,there is an arm that is attached to the motor ,with a ball on it & hard to see,you w ... 1989 Buick LeSabre

I have 1995 ford escort lx, engine 1.9. i replaced the old battery for a new one. it worked fine for a couple days then died. i tried starting it and nothing. theres power but when i turn ignition....nothing, wont even crank up but when i jump start it it starts right up, i let it charge up for awhile but as soon as i pull the jumper cables it dies right away. what could be cause of this? please.

Hello feletityrell.Your alternator isn't charging. If it was, your car would continue to run.It ran on the new battery power until it died as well.Make sure your alternator belt is tight and all the connections to it are ... 1995 Ford Escort

2001 cadillac deville want start with the ignition key. I have no security faults, just want start sometimes. I have moved shifter from park to neutral and back to park. Sometimes turning the key 20+ times before the car finally starts. Dash lights go out when the key is turned and nothing happens. I have checked battery and ground connections to the body as well as added an additional ground cable from chassis to the engine. I can remove the cover from the start relay located in fuse panel unde

Replace that relay for that is at fault ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

When the fuse in the FWD box in the engine compartment is installed, the FWD light comes on and the vehicle is only in FWD mode. No power is appeared to be distributed to the rear wheels. When you remove the fuse the light goes off, power to rear wheels is restored, yet the rear wheels seem to fight the front wheels when you are turned the vehicle at low speeds. This happens particularily when in turning in reverse.

The FWD fuse is working the right way from what you describe. The problem with the wheels sounds like a alignment problem. ... 1994 Subaru Legacy Outdoor

Turn signals Hi, Thanks so much for the fuse#- My husband removed 2 fuses the other day trying to find the power antenna fuse- #10 happened to be one that he removed. Now my turn signals (and a few other minor things don't work) He is now out of town!! Do you think he blew the fuse or should I just make sure he put them back properly???? Any help would be much appreciated I am a nervous wreck having to drive back home from work today!!!!

Go to this website:\015\012http://www.genuineservice.com/genuineservice/en/default?page=genuineService\015\012 ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My car will not start when i turn the key nothing happens. the radio and lights will not come on there is no response. But if i take a jumper cable and attach it to the positive post on the battery and then touch it to the top bolt of the starter and turn the key the entire car comes to life when you disconect the jumper cable the car stays running but as soon as you start to move the steering wheel the entire car dies. Could someone please tell me how to fix this problem

Sounds like a dead cell in the battery and the alternator and regulator are dead because of trying to charge it. I would start testing those parts first. ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus. The headlights will not turn off, even if the headlight switch is turned off and the car is off. I've even removed the headlight switch and the headlights remain on. The headlights can toggle on/off before I turn the engine on, but after I turn the engine on the headlights remain on until I unhook the battery. The same time this started happening, I also lost power to the tail lights and dash lights. The wiring, fuses and circuits all work as I can get them to light up

I think this is one of those models that has the running lights. Running lights are the lights that come on as soon as the vehicle is turned on. Ford had a lot of electrical problems in their cars from 97-01, especially Tauruses and Explorers. There ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My 2001 Eurovan did not start the other day: no power to anything when key turned - no indicator lights, interior lights, radio, nothing. The only things working in the vehicle are powered by second battery. Battery connections seem good - nothing happens when I try jumper cables. Is there a main fuse that cuts power to everything? Where can I find it? Thanks.

Hi.There is no main fuse that turns everything off from battery.First check if dome light is turning on. Eventually remove the aux. battery. If dome light is turning on, then start testing from ignition. Test ignition switch, ... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

Hello, I have a 1985 winnebago chieftain, I pulled all three batteries because they were dead. only one, the main that starts the rig was able to charge, so I installed and tried to start without the two others connected and as soon as I turned the key it turned over twice and went dead nothing! I had a feeling before I turned the key should have ALL batteries connected. So want happened did burn a fuse or what? what's my next step?

That really shouldn't be necessary just to start engine, I'm guessing something else wrong as well. Has battery isolator been checked? ... Cars & Trucks

No start condition new battery , good starter, turn key to start position light come on dash, go forward to start light go out and you hear click under dash area like relay, no power getting to starter. happens intermittently - remove battery cable let sit for a bit . starts right up . happened twice to my wife , then would not reoccur . got into car & finally happened to me. bad relay ?? is there a relay under drivers dash area that's bad ?

No starter relay is always at the fuse relay box at the engine compartment. The relay that you hear is the relay for the accessories to turn off the power during starting position. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

I have a 2003 330ci and I get these wierd warning lights intermitently. All 3 of these lights come on at the same time and they are orange, the brake light, the asc/dsc light, and the eml light. When this happens it goes into a limp mode where it doesn't have any real power. As soon as I turn off the engine and restart it's fine and then it might not happen for days. The mechanic said it was the abs control modulator so I had that replaced but it's still happening intermitently. Any suggestions?

... BMW 330Ci

I think the switch (or relay?) is blown that controls the power windows and locks. The wipers started for no reason one day so we found the fuse and removed it - the wipers stopped midway and then only came on if set to high and you had to time when to turn them off so that they were in the down position. Not sure what else my friend did other than test fuses but as soon as wipers stopped, THE POWER WINDOWS AND POWER LOCKS STOPPED WORKING - SUNROOF AS WELL. He then checked each of the relay swi

Check in the under dash panel on  your right side. There is a "circuit breaker" there just for the power windows. check the breaker that is above the radio.\012A BMW power window unit is basically composed of four parts (minus all the elec ... BMW 535

2004 saab aero want crank. Turn the key and power comes on, but turn to start the car and no noise.. The starter is not turning over. Nothing is happening...The car says it checks out ok. NO codes.

... 2004 Saab 9-3

2003 corvette, parked inside a heated shop last year. boosted the battery & started on a dime let run and moved to another place in the shop. It sat for another year and we want to move it again, would not start. I charged the battery like last time and it will charge up when you turn the key as soon as you turn the key to the 3rd position it will show all the dials going down to nothing and nothing will happen. A friend looked at it and thought it was something with the security on the vehicle.

Hi and welcome to FixYa,Initially, have the battery externally charged and load tested. A possibility to consider is the deterioration of the battery on the long period of non use. Even if it has a security system (to my ... 2003 Chevrolet Corvette

1997 jaguar xj6 passenger side engine bay fuse box fuse # 10 IGN control (low current) 5 amp blows as soon as turn the key then the battery drains and car dies what is happening and how do i fix it. Also does this fuse have anything to do with the key tumbler because my new problem is now when i start the car i can take the key completly out and the car will still run and drive even though there is no keys i must remove the battery cable to turn the engine off. do i need a new tumbler or could i

The fuse failure is a direct result of a short to groundthe car running after removing the car is a tumbler issue or an ignition switchhowever, looking at both concerns you can speculate that the ignition switch is the source ... Jaguar XJ6

Driving when car just turned off tried to start but cranks over slow like it has no power. i have a new battery. checked fuel filter not clogged, vacumm lines no visible signs of damaged hoses, removed 02 sensor and tried to start, removed 1 spark plug and checked for the blue spark test. i wanted to check timing belt(teeth) not serpentene belt but i thought if there was something else i could try that might help.

If it is slow to turn over then that indicates a battery problem. If your battery is new it is possible for it to be bad, not likely. Your problem could be the alternator. The alternator charges the battery and runs the vehicle. So if the alternat ... Daewoo Leganza

I was having problems turning my steering wheel on my 2003 Dodge Durango, it seemed to not want to come back and was very hard to make right or left turns. the tank is full of power sterring fluild but it was happening a lot, espically in the morning, but today it worked fine?

Check your power steering pump and the power steering pump pulley. The sporadic aspect makes me believe the pump is on it's last legs. J. ... 2003 Dodge Durango

Electrical problem 1997 jaguar xj6 passenger side engine bay fuse box fuse # 10 IGN control (low current) 5 amp blows as soon as turn the key then the battery drains and car dies what is happening and how do i fix it. took out battery completly charged it and when i re hooked it up imediatly without even putting key in or anything my cooling fan and instrument pannel lights came on then when i went to start car the fuse reblew and when i went to shut car off turned key off and removed key the en

Your ignition likely is shot and will need to be replaced ... Jaguar XJ6

97 cougar xr7 will not start. Ran fine the other day, no problems, but this morning would not start, not able to get it to start all day. Tried charging battery, removed battery for charging (about 10 min or so), checked to see if wiring was fried (cant see any damage), has fuel, has oil, etc. Really strange. When you first turn key you hear the fuel pump working then when you turn further (to start) nothing.. no click - nothing. Tried jumper cables, nothing makes a difference. I have power

That is most likely correct. The starter Solenoid may be junk. What i can recommend you do is take that starter out and run it down to your local auto parts store like Autozone Pepboys o'reilly's or a place similar to that and they will test it fo ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

The driver's side lock is jammed on my '93 Topaz. It appears that the power lock actuator/solenoid has seized up. I want to know if there are any other possibilities, and if not how do I replace the power lock actuator? I already have the door apart, but I can't figure out how to remove the actuator. I got the door open by inserting the key and turning to the 'unlock' position while repeatedly pulling the handle.

... 1993 Mercury Topaz

My brother, who lives 100 miles away, called me about his '92 Ranger (2.3L 5-speed) that died on him while driving throgh town. I had him check the fuel pump for electric power (remove gas cap, turn ignition to "on", and listen for a several-second whirring noise in the tank, which DID happen). So the fuel pump is getting power, but possibly not pumping. Other posibilities are the electronic ignition module, the computer, etc. How does one check the module, the computer, etc. without replacing e

The 2.3 is almost bullet proofI have over 300,000 on minelets talk about how it doesn't startis it a fast crank, slow crank or normal crank?does he have spark!of all the possibilities I can think of are... ... 1992 Ford Ranger

1997 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GTP 3.8L supercharged: 4 months ago, my GTP had problems starting. Car started fine, then after stopping (for ex. getting gas), does not start again. All that happens is the clicking sound of the starter engaging. All displays light up brightly and the fuel injector sounds like it has normal power at first turn of key. I replaced the starter with a high torque one but the problem was still there- I turned the key and nothing but a click sound. However, with jumper cables

The positive battery cable is prone to corrosion at the battery end. Many times, the connector will completely decay loose at the cable end. Replace the cable if that is the case--don't use a clamp-on replacement terminal as they are prone to failure ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
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