Having problems with your 1997 Peugeot 306 ?

Fuel to rail but injectors not firing

\015 My 1997 2.0ltr petrol peugeot 306 cabriolet wont start there is spark and fuel is getting to rail but none of the injectors are firing any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Fuel system isn't working all pumps have been replaces along with the relays we know they work they have been tested we wired them directly to the battery they come on and don't shut off the motor will fire if fuel is poured into the intake we have fuel in the fuel rail from wiring them directly to the battery still won't fire think the injectors are inactive which would explain why it don't fire what sensor controls the fuel system or what is the problem we are stumped its a 1987 ford bronco 2

O2 sensors, camshaft position sensor, cranks sensor, and pcm ... 1987 Ford Bronco II

I have a 1992 hyundai scoupe it is not getting fuel throught the injectors i replaced the electric fuel pump in the tank and it is not getting any fire to the pump i can run a hot wire to the pump and it works but car will not start fuel gets to the fuel rail just fine but seems to not get through the injector. i replaced the fuel pump ,fuel regulator ,ignition control module,and have since purchased a fuel injection relay but i have no idea were it goes i have a new fuel pump relay also but i

Hello\015\012First i would like to say you may be chasing your tail on the fuel pump, the opump doesn't run for more than 1 second if the ignition is turned on unless 1. the engine is cranking to start or 2. the engine ... Hyundai Motor 1992 Scoupe

Fuel injectors not firing. After 1 hour tow and a wiggle of the coil wire and a qucick crack of the fuel rail which produced a nice squirt we had fire. Further inspection found TPS and IAC? connectors disconnected. Reconnection yeilded smooth running. after 3 hour of operation on a 12 stop delivery route injectors crapped out again. after a one hour rest at 65F in nov. It started and ran smooth. MAF readback of 1.4VDC was suggested out of spec Chiltons .1-.2. pick n pull maf gave same. I

There are several things to look at, there is an upgraded ecu you can purchase because this has become common place. the crank position sensor is another likely culprit. but from my days with volvo, i would strongly recomend getting an updated ecu an ... 1990 Volvo 240

87 F150 wont start. New fuel pump, rail, injectors, cap & rotor, EEC & Fuel relays. If I pour gas in the throttle body it starts and runs great until that fuel is gone. Fuel is getting to the injectors there just not firing. Any idea what would cause this? Does anyone have a close up pic of the EEC and Fuel pump relays and wiring? They were spliced when i got the truck and wanna make sure the wires are all in the right places. 87 F150 4.9 6cyl MPI Single fuel tank

Try changing the igniton module on the distribuitor in most cases it's the problem if you dont want to buy it you can take the ignition module to a autozone and they will check it for free ... 1987 Ford F 150

98 dodge ram 1500 5.9 has spark and fuel at rail but injectors wont fire? Has the right amount of fuel pressure at the test port. Has good blue spark. Changed out the fuel pump assembly. cleaned the throttle body and injectors. Getting power at the injectors. Could it be a sensor or intake plenium gasket anything with vaccum? Lost need help

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

5.0 fuel injected tpi 88 firebird replaced fuel pump map sensor and now the vehicle will start and idle great i can give it gas and will continue to run but excessive gas was leaking on manifold. i took apart plenum and runners and fuel rail and 3 fuel injectors appear to have been replaced by previous owner and o-rings appear to be new. Fuel pressure regualator also appears to have been replaced. I checked injectors while still hooked up and they appeared to be firing and i checked the socket a

Hi, Even though the Pressure Regulator has been replaced,It could have a raptured Diafram. Check to make sure your fuel return line is not Plugged, Other possibilities are Leaking Injectors or Damaged. Also check your Throttle body gaskets and Fuel F ... 1988 Pontiac Firebird

My moms 95 galant started great kast week, she drove it a couple miles to her sisters and when she left it started and ran about 20 seconds and died and would not start back. i went there today and the fuel pump was not running. i replaced it and now it works but no start. i checked fire and it is getting it. hooked up jumper cables and still would turn over but not start, i pulled the fuel rail and when cranking no fuel is coming from the injectors. i am getting fuel in the rail itself. also i

If you are certain you are getting full pressure to the rail, then the ecm is not opening the injectors.Just for verification, place a noid light on one of the injector connectors and verify that it is not being fired.The next ... Mitsubishi Galant

1995 dodge intrepid 3.3L cranks over and tries to start for a second then shuts down has fuel pressure at the fuel rail and is getting spark thinking possible that injectors arent firing does the crank pos sensor controll injectors or does the it have a cam sensor that control the injectors

The injectors are mainly controlled by the good output of an auto shut-down relay which is directly affected by the fuel pump relay straight from the PCM.The easiest way to check the fuel pump relay is turn on the key,wait a minute,and see if the fue ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I need info for the complete fuel system on a 1989 f350 FI. The truck turns overbut will not fire. I have spark at the plug and fuel in the rails, but injectors will not fire the fuel. I checked the pump it works fine. I have run out of ideas.

You have to check for error codes to find the reason that the injectors are not operating. ... 1989 Ford F 350

Fuel system engine will not fire, fuel is getting to fuel rail, but injectors aren't geting it into the intake for it to fire. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!


1990 Mustang 5.0L, good pressure at the fuel rails good fire at the plugs, checked pugs, not flooded, no signs of fuel on plugs (no fuel pulsing at injectors), I've checked and replaced numerous parts(electronics),and had parts checked for good working conditions, I've done continuity checks, and also checked power to the injectors with (key on)it's got power. I will say that I don't have power to the inertia switch with key on, I've jump the inertia switch wire connector by inserting a jumper w

Do u have injector pulse, make sure with the key on u have 12 volts to the injectors, if not u may have a defective ignition switch, they were recalled for this problem, the actual electrical switch is at the base of the steering column and actuated ... Ford Mustang

98 dodge ram 1500 5.9 truck has been sitting for 2 years with a blown ****** got the ****** rebuilt and installed it back in the truck but wont start has spark and fuel at rail but injectors wont fire

98 so its a older vehicle ?? Well i know nothing about layout of this american vehicle but for its age check the fuel rail as on the end is a vacumn controlled valve so make sure its connected and the vacumn pipe isnt cracked or perished ,Anything el ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

I have a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee with the 4.0 inline 6 and I have 48lbs of fuel pressure at the fuel rail and we used a pulse tester on the injectors and they showed that I have no power to them what could cause this I also sprayed starter fluid in it and it fired and ran so I have spark just no power to the injectors

You need to check with a test light now, and see if you have voltage at any of the two wire's going to the injector, if you do have voltage, reverse test light at battery and check other wire, that will be ground pulsation, if you have voltage and no ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Truck starts ok, upon driving right away it tries to back fire, taps to gas pedal elimates problem and truck drives fine. just replaced plugs and wires, used intake cleaner, checked fuel pressure its ok. injectors good, fuel rail good. it seems like something is sticking when gas pedal is pushed, because its back firing up by passenger side of motor by manifold. running out of options before going to dealer. What should i do next?

HI. Ok, there are several areas of concern here. I will list them below. 1. Timing - There may be some timing issues that are causing this backfiring you are experiencing. It is recommended to check the timing chain or belt for looseness. The chain o ... Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

2002 GMC Yukon won't fire at all. Replaced fuel pump and filter. Has fuel pressure at fuel rail. Runs fine for a few seconds when gas is poured into air intake, then sputters and stops. MAP sensor works. Maybe injectors aren't working? What controls them? Problem happened overnight. Low fuel light came on right before it was parked for the night, then wouldn't start at all the next morning, even after adding gas.

Did you actually check the pressure and what did you have for pressure?It needs to be 55-62 psi no lower.Also when you replaced the pump did you check the terminals at the connector.There is a bulletin for replacing the connectors when replacing the ... GMC Denali

Firing and got fuel at rail but injector not pulsing

... 1994 Honda Accord

Fuel to rail but injectors not firing

... 1997 Peugeot 306

My girl friend has a 2004 neon that will not start. The engine cranks over but engine will not fire up. I check for spark at all wires and I have spark. I check for fuel and have good fuel pressure up to the fual rail. It seems that it might not be getting fuel past the injectors into the combustion chamber. When cranked for 15 seconds the check engine will flash 10 times. Any ideas? thanks Darien

Darien, just because it's getting good spark at the spark plug wires doesn't mean that the spark plugs are firing. Now let's get your girlfriend happy again, Remove those spark plugs, check the center electrode and see if they are worn down, if ... 2004 Dodge Neon

1988 325i. new head, plugs, wires, water pump, rotor and cap, new injectors, new cranks shaft sensor(pulse sensor). car is very hard to start, and only fires on 2-4-6 cylinders. have spark at 1-3-5 but no fuel. checked pressure at rail and its 46lb, have continuity between ecu plug and injectors 1-3-5 but they are not opening. can hear 2-4-6 injectors tic but not 1-3-5. i figure its the ecu. what do you think

That's it. ... 1988 BMW 3 Series

Hi, i recently had my transmission replaced on my 94 cadillac deville, and now my car will not crank. It had been sitting for about a year after it broke down. i chked to make sure the fuel pump is working properly, it was putting out about 38 lbs of pressure so i disconnected the fuel rail and cleaned it out with sme fuel injection/ carb spray. I removed and cleaned the injectors. and still nothing. i knw its getting spark because i sprayed starter fluid into the intake and the engine fired up

It could be but i would say you may have injector problem, you have spark and fuel pressure and car starts if you spray starting fluid into it, i know it dies after burning out the starting fluid, this sounds like the injectors are not plusing, this ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 92 jimmy that i replaced fuel pump, injector set and filter. Now it does not want to start. Turns over and is gettin fuel to bleeder vaule on fuel rail and is gettin fire. what the problem? want start

... 1992 GMC Jimmy

New fuel pump. fuel pressure to the fuel rail is fine , but the injectors wont fire

Did you by any chance check the FUEL FiLTER? ... 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1994 grand cherokee laredo 5.2. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump,crank sensor and ecm. I am getting fire from the coil and fuel in the rail but the injectors will not squirt. Does any one know what the problem may be?

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

DIY mechanic here some knowledge but just checkin for other possibilities.. my 2000 z24 turns over but won't fire up, has spark, fuel pump hums when the key is turned, but when i disconnected the fuel line from the injector rail, no fuel comes out when i start the car. can't see it being the filter cuz it was working fine one day, wouldn't start the next.. i could just be in denial cuz it's rusted bad and i can't see me getting the filter off without MAJOR difficulty.. filters usually slow over

If the filyter has collapsed inside, it could have also put undo stress on the pump and caused the impellor to have disintegrated. So you could be hearing a motor turning but not pumping. Saturate with a good rust penetrant and remove the filter. Not ... Chevrolet Cavalier

No fuel to the cylinders: Fuel at rail, electric at injectors, fire at plugs.Maybe fuel controls?

Check fuel pressure,\015\012fuel filter ... 1988 Ford Mustang
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