Having problems with your 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ?

Low coolant light flashes every other day but radiator is full so is the coolant tank what could be the problem?

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Answers :

My guess would be the low coolant sensor which could be in the overflow tank.
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Low coolant light flashes every other day but radiator is full so is the coolant tank what could be the problem?

My guess would be the low coolant sensor which could be in the overflow tank. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My 1995 Lumina is overheating all the time can only drive it a few blocks before heat gauge goes to the right all the way and hot light comes on. Had thermostat replaced and it seemed to help..for a couple of days, then problem re-occured. Engine fans are not coming on so we replaced the fuses...no help there. It is not loosing coolant as radiator is full and coolant tank is also full. Also the internal car heater does not produce any heat at all. Could a bad head gasket be causing all of t

... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

1998 deville 160,00 miles-veh sitting for over a year.. Changed radiator(cracked), alternator(drained battery would not idle after removing cables) replaced battery and oil pressure switch(oil on connector and low oil presssure illuminated) complete air oil and filter change and coolant tank(not reading coolant full)...The only sign now is oil light light began to flash after driving about 50 miles veh seemed to shake but it could have been the freeway drive,... what can this be.. kristie

Oil light on is BAD. the engine may be toasted. Have a Shop check OIL PRESSURE. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

My engine heat increased on a long trip. I noticed that the reservoir tank level was above the full mark at times of over heating. my radiator is a new one. my lower radiator hose busted twice in a single day, even after replacing with a new one. A mechanic said that the radiator cap could be too tight, so he released the cap valve a bit, using a wire. to my surprise this solved the problem. could it be the only problem?

Definitely replace this cap...my concern is the overheating on a long drive...this points to poor circulation, ie water pump, also check for sticking thermostat...replace and reseal. Hope this helps. ... Cars & Trucks

97 saturn sl2 temp light flashing and low coolant light flashing what could be the problem ? coolant is full and the heat works.

... 1997 Saturn SL

97 saturn sl2 temp light flashing and low coolant light flashing what could be the problem ? coolant is full and the heat works.

Engine coolant temperature sensor. ... 1997 Saturn SL

97 saturn sl2 temp light flashing and low coolant light flashing what could be the problem ? coolant is full and the heat works.

If the temp gauge is reading normal, the lights are flashing, and the coolant level is full, the level sensor in the coolant bottle is the problem. I'm a service consultant for a Saturn dealer and I've run across this many times. ... 1997 Saturn SL

Check engine light is on and the temperature gauge stop working at the same time. could the problem be the thermostat or is it a fuse? my cooling fans are running differently after the problem occured, they stay running after i turn the car off, the fans never did that before those problems occured, i just had the surge tank replaced and the radiator flushed with all new coolant about two weeks before this problem started. the coolant level has not changed at all since i got it back from the dea

First, make sure that the temp sensor is plugged in and working. If not change it. If problem persists, check fan relay and sensor. It is doubtful that the problem is the thermostat because if open the fans would never come on (running too cold) and ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

My 95 es300 got overheat on a hot day when i way sitting in the car with the air cond on for a long tine .when i drive home the temp gauge rose to 3/4 hot and the reservoir tank was bubbling pushing coolant out.In the morning i open the radiator cap the fluid is still full ,I started the engine then the coolant slowly rise up ,when the engine gets to normal temp I step on the gas and the coolant flow out more than before.I turn on the heater full blast but only gets warm air.What is the problem

Hi u problem its com from cooling fan if not working good 2 if radiatorclose doing the same problem 3.check C ... 1995 Lexus ES 300

Jeep overheated while sitting still/driving slow. low engine coolant light keeps coming on, but radiator is full and so is overflow tank. sitting at stop lights the rpm's drop down to 400. check engine light is on and produces code: p 0303 (misfire in cylinder #3) dont't know if they are all related. hoping it is just the thermostat....took to mechanic and he said that it was the fan but that i needed to take it somewhere else who could diagnose it because he didn't have the proper equipment

... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 99 mazda protege over heated and sprayed coolant all over, my first thought was leaky hose or blew the radiator, but I waited till day light to see if I could tell where it was coming from and nothing happened after 30 min of letting the car run, no over heating or coolant dripping. I was low on coolant before the overheat happened which may have been the problem, but as I let my car continue to run I noticed that the passenger side cooling fan was not running but the driver side was and afte

There are two fans on many cars, but one is for the radiator cooling fan and the other is an auxiliary fan which is energized when the air-conditioning is turned on. Try turning on your air-con and see if this fan comes on. Pressure test your system. ... Mazda Cars & Trucks

My BMW 318i SE (P-reg) overheats straight away when driven.Both oil and coolant levels are at required levels,however interior heaters will not blow warm air even when on full blast warm and radiator fan remains off even when engine is overheated and steaming hot.Cannot find any leaks on pipes or radiator etc.Please can you shed any light on what the problem could be.Thanks

There is a lot of things that may cause this situation,the thermostat not opening is my first guess.The coolant sensor senses the hot,218 degree coolant as it touches the sensor.But ,if the thermostat is not opening(stuck closed) ,then the sensor can ... BMW 318

Its me AGAIN. Same car same problem. I changed my water pump, flushed and back flushed my radiator, and changed my thermostat. The engine ran nice and cool for 2 days and now we are back in the red with coolant boiling into the fill tank. My cap could get changed because the seal is questionable but would a bad cap seal do this? Someone also suggested a heater core problem. What do I do now?

A bad cap will definately cause your problem. Put a new radiator cap on and your problem should be gone. The cap controls the pressure in your system (usually about 15 lbs) and for every pound of the pressure the boiling point of your coolant goes up ... 1994 Chrysler Concorde

I left my 98 Jaguar that I don't drive alot parked up for about 10 days while I was on vacation. I took it out for a run and within 5 minutes the heating gage was at max with the red light coming on. When I parked it both fans were going at full speed to cool it down. I took it out for a second time and once the heat gage got to max, I turn the heater on in the car and the gage came down to normal. The coolant resovar Is full. Could this problem bet the thermostat or the water pump. How do I d

Yes it could be the thermostat or the water pump, but the fact it cooled down with the heater means it is probably not the water pump.Besides, the thermostat is not very expensive and easy to do, so worth doing even if it something worse actual ... 2006 Jaguar XJ8

My coolant light is on and my 2000 alreo is over heating but the coolant tank is full. my coolant light is on and my car over heated last night but the coolant tank is full.... what wrong with my car, can anyone help? your problem?

... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I own a Hyundai Elantra 2003. Two days ago my check engine light came on. Prior to that I had my tank filled. After noticing the light on I looked up the check engine problem on the internet. The article I read indicated that not placing the cap on tightly could cause the light to come on. Went to the dealer they said the problem was a sensor related to the gas tank. They charged me over 400.00 dollars. The next day the trunk open light is on. They told me to bring in the car perhaps there is a

Check the connection for the trunk latch sensor the mechanic may have loosend it as he was working on the fule take. or if he removed it the sensor may not be adjusted. ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

94 mitsi magna. plastic coolant recovery bottle full but cracked plastic cap on the plastic 'T'connection for hoses to radiator and overflow. radiator empty, big hose from engine to radiator blew off. reattached hose, put water in radiator tank and have been able to drive car home. is this a coolant problem, a radiator problem, a head gasket problem etc

All of the above.. Replace hoses and T connector.. Proper fluids in place.. When a engine gets hot - that will certainly compromise the head gasket and/or the head.. A compression check will diagnose that..\015\012\015\012Go ... 1990 Mitsubishi Montero

Heater only blows light warm heat. radiator is not leaking and is almost full with coolant. what could the problem be?

Ur heater core may be leakin-is it wet on passenger floor or the vacuum control on dash may hav air leak-take it slow n dont break anything- ... 1994 GMC Sonoma

I have a 1998 Silhouette. I turn it on and leave it in parking for a long time and it does not overheats. But when a drive it for about 20 minutes it starts overheating. The low coolant light comes on not to long after I turn on the car even though the radiator is full. What could be the problem?

The low coolant light may be due to the sensor, these sensors go bad often, they are located on the front side of radiator. as far as overheating the first then i would do is a block test, this is done with a fluid to test if exhaust is entering the ... 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette

My son at college has a 97 Jetta and recently the coolant warning light on the dash came on. The engine temperature light did not come on. A mechanic said he needs a new radiator. How can we test the speed of the leak and know if it is safe to drive the car 440 miles home? He has coolant that he could add to the radiator on the trip. Then we could deal with the problem permanently here at home. Thanks in advance

First of all tell your mechanic to relax and breathe in a bit... If the radiator needed changing the temperature of the engine would either go up and overheat or it would vary ALOT from cold to hot to cold to hot, etc. when the car is running. In 99% ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

1998 Buick Park Ave started to overheat a few days ago. The overflow coolant tank was empty. I filled it with 2/3 coolant and 1/3 water/ This lasted 2 days and it was empty again. I repeated this process and after 2 more days the car began to overheat and the coolant tank was once again empty. What could be causing this problem? Any repair suggestions?

Bad head gasket ... Buick Park Avenue

1999 3.1 buick century engine. Engine seems full of coolant 50 - 50 strength. started this problem all of a sudden about a week ago. the problem is; only can drive for approx. 3 miles - temp comes up all of a sudden - temp light comes on - pull to side of road - shut off - loosen cap on radiator - the coolant girgles an d the coolant leaves the system and goes to the overflow and fills it about 3/4 full. we tighten rad cap and car will run and we can run that way but the heater in the car only g

Make sure your antifreeze or coolant isnt mixing with your oil it would be gead gasket and also check your thermostat ... 2002 Buick Century

1998 Caddy Deville, 155,000+/- Otherwise in excellent shape. Has an over heating problem. Not consistent. Replaced thermo, radiator, waterpump, overflow tank. Will run fine for several days at 196 degrees. Temp will flucuate 196 215. When it runs hot temp goes to 260, all kinda messages appear, idle engine, coolant hot etc anfd will blow the coolant out the radiator cap which was also replaced. I drive about 20 miles to work no problem, sometimes 40 miles not problem then say start home a

Hi! As a first course of action please check if the radiator fan is working fine. If the radiator fan is weak then theres a big possibility that the engine's temp will go up. If the fan seems to be good and since you replaced everything that involves ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

2005 maxima se with 37k miles service has been maintained according to owners manual.......here is the issu........coolant resavoir tank was very low ..........filled it to the max line (coolant in radiator was full) ........waited about 2-3 days checked again..........resavoir was down about 1/2 inch below the *low level line...........again i filled up to the max line........again the radiator was full............we are NOT seeing/smellling any coolant ......no wet parts in engine no wet spots

You need to check the front of the engine. it's hard to detect a small leak at the water pump because it is hidden under the timing belt cover. look under the crank pulley for water trails. some times with small leak it wont make it down or is blown ... 2005 Nissan Maxima

My 95 Taurus Sho 3.2L, stalls every day. All lights comes on when it stalls. The coolant reservoir is full but, the light in the panel shows LOW COOLANT. Ford Dealer can't find the problem. They used the scanner for Codes and no results. I changed the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the car still stalls, and the light stills shows low coolant. Ford Dealer Changed the ignition Model, but no result. In the morning with cold engine, the car will stall for sure and I have to wait 20 minutos to start

This most likely one of two things. Either you have a bad crank sensor or you have a water pump that is trickling coolant down on your crack sensor. I have experienced both of these scenarios with my 92 SHO. Good luck. BTW, the low coolant sensor is ... 1996 Ford Taurus
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