Having problems with your 1997 Oldsmobile 88 ?

Interior lights stay on while driving and for 10 minutes after exiting the vehicle

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Answers :

Usually there is a time delay power OFF switch to allow you about 20 seconds till the light goes off. now is this circuit has encountered some errors then the light can be turned ON till the circuit decides to switch off.
\015\012You can either choose to keep the interior lamps to off and choose a manual mode- switch manually when required than the auto door opening trigger.
\015\012If can get access to the delay power off unit which is usually placed under the dash , might need to repair or replace.
Replace the retain accessory power module. RAP module in short. This module operates upon shutting the ignition off letting the interior ligts to stay on and even the radio
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Interior lights stay on while driving and for 10 minutes after exiting the vehicle

Usually there is a time delay power OFF switch to allow you about 20 seconds till the light goes off. now is this circuit has encountered some errors then the light can be turned ON till the circuit decides to switch off. \015\012You can either ... 1997 Oldsmobile 88

Interior lights stay on while driving and for 10 minutes after exiting the vehicle '96 Olds 98

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My 2001 Jaguar S-Type Interior lights come on when I unlock the vehicle. They recently started staying on while driving and will only go off after after the vehicle is locked or idle for about 40 minutes. While sitting in the car with the door open, I'm getting a door ajar message. I do not get the door ajar warning while driving, but the lights remain on.

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My interior dome lights stay on even when driving. they only go off about 5-10 minutes after i turn off the vehicle

The dome light i think is timed off by the body computer but the door jamb switch is probably at fault. on this vehicle it is probably part of the door jamb latch assembly inside the door after removing the door panel???maybe ask a body or auto shop ... 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

Interior light stay on for 10 minutes after occupants exit vehicle.

Try lock with key fob should go right off. If not you may have bad door jam switch ... 2003 Ford Explorer

While driving; the vehicle runs fine and all of a sudden the dashboard lights will come on (security, battery, abs, fuel needle to empty, seatbealt), however the car continues to run. Sometimes it will stay on for more than 15 minutes and then disappears. Sometimes it will come out at the start and stays on for 10 minutes. While parked (all doors shut), the security lights remains lit. What causes this problem?

Ignition switch elecrical part of it is bad change it will take care of it ... GMC Sonoma

When locking vehicle after use,the interior dome lights stay on along with the lighting under the side mirrors.You also get two beeps of the horn using the remote to lock the truck.For no reason the alarm sounds at all hours of the night.While driving,the warning light for door ajar stays on constantly as does a regular beeping from the dash.

Good Evening. That sounds a little annoying, There is only one problem and that is the only way to isolate the problem is to be able to scan into the body control module which will show you which door or hatch is not closing properly. My advice would ... 2003 Ford Explorer

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My overdrive in my 01 ram 1500 5.9 liter will kick off and light will come after driving 20 or so miles, stay on until i cut the vehicle off for 5 minutes or longer. if continued to drive the trans temp light comes on. then will repeat process. Whats the problem? iv changed the TCC and O/D solenoids, it has shift kit and brand new converter, fluids and filter.

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I have an '06 Ford Focus with 63K. I'm getting an intermittent battery light. Started on the freeway with the air on. Turned air off...light went off. Passed a car and light went on. Let off of accelerator and light went off. Came back on and stayed on until I exited the freeway and stopped at a light. Came on when driving. Went off when I hit a traffic light. After stopping the engine for about 15 minutes, I drove home with no further problem. I hate intermittent problems. Why can'

Did u check that voltage under load? Check your voltage with the heater fan on 4, lights all on low/high, \015\012defrost, radio on, and see what's saying.Check battery. If good, then check your alternator output. If good, \015\012wiggle ... Ford Focus

Turn signal periodically the turn signal will stop working. When the truck is first started the turn signals will work fine. After 5 or 10 minutes of driving the turn signal will stop working. The interior indicator will stay solid as will the exterior turn signal lights ( all lights work). We have replaced the fuse and the turn signal switch.

Now replace the flasher unit! Frankster016 ... 2002 Nissan Xterra

My interior light stayed on while i was driving and would finally go off after an indeterminate amount of time, i removed fuse. at the same time my power windows stopped working in the vehicle and the message center on the roof console resets every time the vehicle gets shut down. anyone have any idea about the power window problem? also i could not find the fuse location for the windows in the manual. one more question anyone know what the biggest tire size that can be put on the 2004 grand c

Pull the rubber boot down inside the hinge of the driver's door. you probably have a couple of broken wires in there. splice them back together and good to go. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 99 expedition won't stay out of all wheel drive I changed the transfer case motor and now it stays I awd for about 10 minute then kicks back out and then the 4x4 light flashes and then it is ok until you shut the vehicle of and after you start it it will do everything all over again

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Hello thank you for pointing me in the right way. i replaced the alternator with a new one and that fixed the light switch over heating and light flickering. Now today i was driving my discovery and the idle goes up and down and sometimes it stays on 1200 rpm's and doesn't want to come down unless i turn off the vehicle and then when turned back on the idle goes back to normal until a couple of minutes it starts doing it again. Do you think it's my idles speed control sensor or is it the throttl

I believe it is the throttle sensor..So please try replacing it and check your car..Check whether you have a vacuum leak. With the hood opened and the engine \015\012running, listen for a loud hissing noise. Often times as these mot ... Land Rover Discovery

The throttle sensor light comes on after about 10 minutes of driving and the vehicle engine and tranny seem to bog down. Check Engine light then appears and stay on.

Hello...\015\012\015\012It would probably be a good idea to first get the codes that are being stored when the check engine light comes on. This info can be had by having a aut parts store, like Autozone to scan for the code with a scanto ... 2004 Dodge Durango

Yes after the vehicle warms up, especially when driving, turn off stop for a minute then restart it automatically goes close to the red part of gauge. When I drive it starts to come down when I stop at a light it will creep up or if stopped in waiting traffic I will have to place in neutral and step on gas to gt he needle to come closer to normal. On the highway it stays close to normal and at high speeds of 35-40 or more.

Check coolant level. Check rad for restrictions. (dirt, bugs etc) Check belt for wear. ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

My daytime running lights are not working on my 1998 jeep grand cherokee laredo. Also at the same time my interior lights shut off immediately after I remove the key from the ignition. There is no more delay. Usually they would stay on until I exit the vehicle. the hazzards are working, the fuse seem fine. thank you :O)

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This car is driving me crazy!! It won't stay running but all the lights and interior lights are bright!

E.C.M. ... Geo Prizm

I was driving my 2000 Honda Civic to work and all was well with it. However, as I started it up to drive home, the dreaded Check Engine light came on. I bought a new O2 sensor, and installed it, but the check engine light stayed on. I took the battery off, let it stay off for a minute, and then put it back on. I restarted the car, the light went away, I drove for an hour, and the light stayed off. However, I turned my car on this morning, and lo-and-behold the light came back on. In additio

Start by waiting overnight (until the engine is stone cold), then remove\015\012 the radiator cap and top off the radiator. Fill the reservoir to at least \015\012the\015\012minimum line. Run the car until it's at Normal Operating Temperature, ... 2000 Honda Civic

Just drove about 102 milles, got off the exit and as i started driving again my vehicle began to shake and the check engine light flashed on and off. i stopped and parked in a nearby lot,turning the engine off, waited a few minutes, then turned the engine on, the shaking began immediately. i checked the trans oil and the engine oil, both were fine. could this be a problem with the timing chain/belt? the car has never done this before and i have no idea.

Try putting some dry gas in the tank. There could be a little water in the tank. Also try a fuel injector cleaner. Simply follow the instructions on the bottles. Good Luck!!! ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

In my 99 Grand Voyager an alet chime stays on for 4 minutes while driving. No doors are open nor are any interior lights on. Is there a fuse I can pull for this chiming problem? Or where on the inside fuse panel is that fuse located

Check your engine temperature is okay i had the same problem whilst driving and thought a door had opened. but it was out of water and temp gauge through the roof. but car ran no problems. ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Door ajar light stays on and the interior lights stay on until i move. when i park the interior lights stay on for a few minutes then goes off.

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