Having problems with your 1997 Nissan Sentra ?

Air bag dash light came on and started blinking for no aparent reson.thanks for any help

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Most cases the air bag light comes on when battery voltage gets low. I would have the battery checked. Then perform this step to clear the light. If the light does not clear, then you have a hard code and the code should be checked so the proper repairs can be done. 57c86bc.jpg

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Air bag dash light came on and started blinking for no aparent reson.thanks for any help

Hello and thank you for using FixYa!Most cases the air bag light comes on when battery voltage gets low. I would have the battery checked. Then perform this step to clear the light. If the light does not clear, then you have a hard code a ... 1997 Nissan Sentra

Won't start i bought this car wrecked,hit in front,i have everything back together on it.when i turn the switch on all the dash lights come on but when i turn the key to start it all the lights go out.i turn the key back and they come back on,the alarm light blinks the whole time and the radio lights never dem either,one time i was putting the key in the switch and the alarm came on and off.so if you can help me with this please do

Hey it sounds like either a battery needs to be replaced, also If the car has an alarm, does the alarm use a key-fob. If you have the key-fob be sure to deactivate the alarm before you start the car. If you don't have the fob than you need to do a co ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

First my speedometer and mileage stoped working, then the check eng. light came on, the lights started blinking around the p n d4 d3 d2 d1 display on the dash......AND it is cutting out or skipping verrrry bad! Its not like when you need to change a spark plug, but like its not gitting enough gas! Is any of this a computer problem...like I said... it all started at the same time.....HELP!!!!!!!!!

Need to take it to auto zone or your near by parts store have computer checked auto zone scans it for nothing but it sound like the vss sensor ... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 2000 dodge caravan that the indacator light came on and I had a mechanic hook up a computer to it and told me it was the wires running to the fans which I seen it was hot and they were not coming on so I replaced it and now after I put it on it will not start and the dash lights blink bright and dem and it makes at ticking noise when you turn the key back off ticking ounce a second Please tell me you can help me just email me at [email protected] please

I would like to offer a suggestion here if i could but i just think yo need a different mechanic to work on the van, the dealer is the one with the best knowledge of the vehicle, they cost more but then they fix it faster in most cases, so the extra ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2006 hyundai accent 1.6 ltr. 2 weeks ago I punched the accelerator to pass a car and when I started to slow down I noticed the check engine light blinking and as I slowed down and came to a stop it was idleing rough and when I accelerate in low gear it runs rough and it eats my gas. I had a friend check it with a device under my dash and it read random firing 4th cylinder, I changed the plugs and it still ran rough, the wires and the timing belt look ok, can you help me?

There are many other possibilities too for this random misfiring:----\015\012\015\012Random Misfires can be tricky but normally caused by vacuum leak\015\012and contaminated fuel-\015\012\015\012En ... Hyundai Accent

Went to start 2002 explorer xlt. it clicked & theft dash light started blinking. (no alarm went off) all functions stopped working. No power at all. messed with the ignition a few times, turned items on & off. Finally everything came on & the truck started up. Worked ok for a few days. Now while driving the theft light is blinking & the radio keeps turning on & off. Would not start again this morning. did same thing turning items on & off. Finally started. We have no remote. only 1 ke

I would start by checking your battery terminals. Sounds like you have a loose connection, most likely a ground. If all looks good at the battery work your way to the solenoid and the ground at your engine as well as the "hot" cable at the satarter. ... Ford Explorer

When I go to turn on my 2005 mini, not only will it not start, but the headlights start to blink, the lights on the dash begin to blink also, the lights inside begin to dim and get brighter sporadically, and the windows start slowly ticking down, even if I remove the key. However from time to time, the radio will play, and everything seems normal, but when I go to start the car, it dies and starts having spaz episodes all over again. Help?

Sounds like an alarm issue ... 2004 Mini Cooper

My Toyota Matrix '03 will not start with car key, however, there is a light blinking on dash that tells me that a security system is activated. I don't have a remote to unlock the system. There is no sound alarma, car just will not start. After waiting an hour, car will start. Number/Code next to blinking light is Ad1800. Please help!

There\015\012 could be couple of things that are wrong though.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\011\011 1. Check the Air Filter2. The fuel Pump3. Oxygen sensorVisit Visit http://www.netlink.net/mp/volks/h ... 2003 Toyota Matrix

Dash lights the dash lights blink they will stay on for a while then they start blinking again. also the air bag light is staying on .

To my knowledge only a lexus dealership can correct the air bag light,\015\012also it seems that with the older lexus models that dash lighting is a\015\012common issue. I would suggest checking your fuses for loose or burnt\015\012out ones, as well ... 1994 Lexus LS 400

I have a 95 Lesabre. I was doing errands, stopped car, came out of store and tried to start car. The engine didn't turn over. All lights on dash came on when I turned key on and all went off when I turned key off, except the security light. Even with key off it stayed on. I was trying to call someone for help, when the security light went out. I tried to start again and it turned right over. A friend told me I might need to replace ignition key. What do you think?

Hi,The ignition lock cylinder is most likely the problem. It has the sensor that rears the key inside of it. The cylinder has two wires that come off run down the bottom of the steering column. This is where you are going to splice the re ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

1999 mazda protege 5 speed - We do not have the remore conrtol. Battery died, AAA tried to jump start, but nothing happened. I installed a new battery, but nothing happens, except the security system activates. Lights blink, red dash light blinks, overhead light flashes. Is security system preventing the starting? How do I reset? Dealer said they ccannot help, because car is too old. They installed the system before we took delivery.

If you can find the name of the alarm company that make the system, they probably have a 24/7 toll free number that you can find online. It does sound like the security system is not allowing you to 'steal' your own car. You could probably find the ... Mazda Protege

Help! I left my lights on in my 2003 VW Golf the other night.  I went out the next day, turned off the lights, the car wouldn't start.  We tried jump starting my car today and the lights (dash, interior and headlights) came back on, but the engine won't turn over.  Then, after trying to jump start again, I tried to turn the key and there was a clicking noise and all of the lights starting flickering, but the engine still wouldn't turn over.

Key off and out,diconnect negitive side of battrey then postive.clean terimals,charge battrey,connect postive cable (with key off)connect negitive.and start.\015\012your dead battrey is taking up a big load on system,so when you boost it the de ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

Batter light came on then abs light came on then air bag light came on radio started blinking gauges flat lined then all lights went dem then out and all this happened while I was driving on the highway what could this be?

The alternator is not charging. Have it checked/ replaced, and the battery will need to be charged and load tested. ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

Please help first it said "traction disabled" then would not start. let it sit went to try it again started only now its saying "theft security problem/car may not restart" "traction disabled""check coolant""check washer fluid" "service engine" and the dash lights blink on and off and the ABS symbol blinks is real sluggish to drive and my gas usage is blank or "lo" with plenty in the tank. Please HELP i need my car!!!

You sound like you have a computer problem on your car, as all this stuff would not go bad at the same time, unless hit by lightning or you had a major electrical melt down. You can try to disconnect fuses for the different systems you do not need an ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

My 97 suburbanbattery light came on and shortly after that close to home it shut off while driving. sat ten mins and then it started butn shut off about 20ft. Tried to hook up jumper cables to see if bat would start but didnt. also air bag light came on but then shut off. was going to take alternator and baterry to auto zone and have them check. Help

Your correct in thinking the altenator is bad;however,the battery may still be good but needs to be recharged. ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

I have chev s-10 4.3 v-6 started while driving the engine would shut off, pull to the side of road restart an drive off some times it would do the same 15 minutes later, pull off road restart an drive again, i noticed that when it shut off all dash idiot lights were not on, only when idiot lights came on would the truck start, now it will not start an there are no idiot lights, the radio will work, please help, thanks

Hi! Pretty much a PCM (powertrain control module) problem. The PCM has connectivity on all electric current that runs inside the car. If the PCM is faulty there surely be failure on the electrical somewhere. You will need to have the PCM resetted to ... Chevrolet S 10

88 Prelude - the S2 shift light is blinking on dash, the check engine light comes on at first start. no lights come on when I start the car the second time even after a few hours and it starts easily.. takes several seconds of cranking the engine to turn over on first try. Have replaced battery. Please help, single working mom needs car for work.

... 1988 Honda Prelude

Turned key..nothing happened, dead, no dash lights interior lights or mileage, released hood button, dash instruments came on, turned key car started..while driving radio goes on and off as well as the radio lights and the dash panel blinking, park car and it's dead again. what is the problem?

Check ALL Power and Ground connections coming off the Battery to circuit anchor points. Ignition and Services fuses for a Power supply. If all proves ok, then go to the Main Ignition control Relay and check the condition of the Pins and Recepticles. ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

The lights (all the lights) shut off while driving for 2 seconds then came back on ever since then they all ent hay wire when i use the left turn signal it blinks real fast and the dash lights radio lights flash as well when i press the breaks the dash lights come on please help

Hello! the culprit is the Turn Signal/Hazard switch...This is a combination switch and cost around $40 at your local auto parts store...Problem could be in the connector wiring to the switch as well..Visually inspect the following wires...The T ... 1999 Jeep Wrangler

The jeep wont start i tried to have it jumped that when i did that it turned over but wouldnt start the lights were flashing outside the dome lights wouldnt go out a blue light came on the dash next to the security light which was also on ..any help ?

... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1996 Cadillac deville my Digital dash board went out last week the only thing that you can see is the check engine light and yesterday I drove it to church it ran just fine and when it came time to leave it wouldn't start the lights on the dash where still off and the check engine light will still come one but its wont turn on but I can hear a clicking sound coming from the the engine please help thank you!!!

... Cars & Trucks

My 2000 Nissan xterra while driving the ABS light came on then the air bag and seatbelt lights started blinking and then the radio lights blinked a couple times and then completely went blank. Any suggestions what this might be?

Absolutely no idea offhand to be honest i would suspect a earth connection behind the dash somewhere as my first suspicion ,but it may pay to ask a local dealer as a dealer fitter who only works on one make of vehicle would undoubtly have more experi ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

2004 malibu: 101,000 miles no prior problems, engine runs great Problem started 2 weeks ago, I was getting into left turn lane and engine stalled.Put it in N and it cranked right up. Have had a couple of problems starting like was not getting gas, but eventually started. Today it stalled again at the exact same place. Engine turned but would not crank and dash lights blinked and a buzzing noise came out of the dash. A guy said it might be my security system so I turned alarm on and off and it

The security system can actually turn off the fuel pump, or the injectors. Read up on this link for some good info, symptoms, and alternatives to going to the dealer and spending 800 bucks. \015\012\015\012 ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

What's da the problem with my 2006 buick lacrosse headlights. my lowbeams (having trouble and they just dont work at all. ok. i have a 2006 lacrosse and one day i was driving then pulled over to run in the store and when i came out got in started the car my lights never came back on since, only the high beams work. ive changed the ambien light sensor, dash board switch, the bulbs and they still dont want to work, can u help me?

When you checked your sensor, did you check your wires? ... 2006 Buick LaCrosse

I need help!!! Today I was on my way to work and the odometer was flipping through numbers as if it were a glitch, and then going back to the correct reading. Yesterday morning, while on my way to work, the odometer again had the flipping numbers. A few miles down the road and on teh right side of the dash, the yellow 4x4, and on the left, the yellow windshield wiper fluid light, started blinking on and off. Another few miles down the road and the 4x4 and winshield lights stopped blinking, but

I just got the same problem on a 97 ford expedition, I have to start working on it, more likely would be a malconection issue or the swich unit check for any burned wires. and also check both the positive and the negative conection at the batrery. th ... 1999 Ford Expedition
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