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My car is burning oil

\015 White smoke is coming from the tail pipe\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My 03 Maxima (3.5l 255 hp) started burning oil at rate of 1 qt per 1000 mi. One guy at the dealer says this is normal, just keep adding oil, other guy at dealer says 'time to get a new car." Either way, it doesn't sound right, why is it burning that much oil? Checked for leaks, no leaks, car also does not smoke at all, still drives great. I've always used the synthetic 10w40, had regular oil changes. Car has 115,000 miles on it, I expected to get a lot more wear out of this car & I'm pretty disa

1qt per 1000 miles isn't too bad, all things considered. There is probably some leakage through the piston seals, which is to be expected after 115,000 miles. I would give a good quality leak-fix in a can a try, as they can really help with some of ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

2002 altima burns oil about a quart every 300 miles. I Just got this car engine is very clean . I had oil changed and they talked me into haveing an oil flush ran through the engine with the oil change. They said it was a mild dergent type flush. I have not had the car very long so I dont know if it burned oil before that point. But as i said I know it burns it about every 300 miles now. What can I do

Check your muffler, is it thick black? The engine is burning oil, you need new engine if the cylinder ring is bad (compression test), and new catalytic converter that poisoned by excessive oil. Many altima 02 has pre-catalytic converter ... 2002 Nissan Altima

Besides my car sensor is acting up now my car is burning oil I think. Cause I smelled burned oil yesterday and today. I noticed I been putting oil lately before the oil change mileage due. I have a 20

What is the make and model ... Cars & Trucks

I had oil change (synthetic 1st time) jun 2010 and now I havelow oil light on my dash borad. I took my car to mechanic who chnged oil and he told me that because my car has over 88000 miles so I have to use 10 w 40 oil instead I was using 10w 30 upto now. He said I need high mileage oil. My car burns low viscous oil. But I am not satisfied with his diagnosis. Any help will be appreciated. I am now thinking to sell my car.

Your mechanic is part right here ,its worn ok but you would need to run a oil pressure test with a manual gauge connected to the oil switch hole ,now as for using a different oil well this is a falacy as far as iam concerned because after a 1000kms o ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

My EOS started burning oil between 20 and 25k miles. I mentioned it to the dealership every oil change (3,000 to 4,000 miles). At first they dismissed it. However, it finally go bad enough that they started an oil consumption test. They were performing the test by weighing the oil when first put in the car. At the 720 mile mark the car went in and the oil was removed from the car and weighed again. I'm not sure what the difference was but.....the following phone call informed me that the car had

I certainly hope everything turns out for the best for you. engines are marked to identify them. this id is cast into the block. ask for some certification. identify your engine ... 2007 Volkswagen EOS Convertible

My car burns oil and gives a smell off whenever i drive it long enough for it to warm up i had to change the oil because the level was really low so i put high mileage oil. it has 80000 miles on it. i put the oil 2 weeks ago and its already burning the oil and it heats up to a little past the half and starts letting off burned oil smell. i fear that ill blow the engine help!!

It sounds like oil is getting past the rings. you can check the compression on each cylinder to see what one it is, or pull the spark plugs out and check each one you should be able to tell if oil is getting in the combustion chamber. If it is just t ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

2004 mazda rx8 burning oil every 1500mile is normal? i never used a car that burns oil. do i just add oil in the eng and it will b ok?.

... 2005 Mazda RX-8

I have a 99 Saturn SL2 with 180,000 miles. I have "slime" in the oil when I take off the Oil cap. I also burn through 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. I change and flush my oil every 3000 for the life of the car. (I drain the old oil, fill it with cheap oil, run the car for a a few minutes, then drain and put in good oil and filter.) It looks good when I first change the oil but the slime always come back. I fear a head gasket, and other ideas?

... 1999 Saturn SL

Seems like my car has oil burning, need new Manifold. I would like to know why my car burning this much oil; is there a Manufature recall on these two items?

If there is blue smoke coming out the tail pipe it is burning oil. If there is not blue smoke then it's not burning it would be leaking. And have you checked the oil level? Are you adding oil? if it has smoke in the engine compartment t ... 2003 Nissan Altima

Burning oil, a lot suddenly. Car started smoking and needed a quart of oil when the oil had been changed two weeks previously, and had not been low on oil. My daughter was driving when it started smoking quite a lot. It came through into the interior of the car. She stopped and looked at the engine and said that she could see oil spurting out. My husband couldn't see that. he added the quart of oil and drove it home and it was ok.

Possible blown head gasket or broken break line or rear seal or even valcover gasket. ... 2000 Nissan Altima

While driving my 91 dodge dynasty the oil pressure is fine, but when i am stopped at a light, the oil pressure goes to almost nothing and it starts burning oil, (oil needed changed after a week,) when the car is cold its fine, but once it warms up is when it starts. when idiling before shes completly warmed up youll hear a loud knock and the oil pressure drops. I havent had the car very long and have replaced : Battery, thicker oil, thermestat, and one of the sensors to work the temp gage.

If this is a loud knock from lower part of the engine then its the crank bearings, I personally think that the engine is done. ... 1991 Dodge Dynasty

My 1999 e- class burns oil Mobile 1 0W-40 where as the engine oil that was put in the US did not burn. Now that the car is in use in Nigeria what do you advice me to use?

Switch to non synthetic oil, of the CORRECT WEIGHT for your engine (specified in manual and on oil cap). and see of that stops the consumption. There is a semi synthetic available from Castrol, called high mileage blend. This oil actually helps c ... Mercedes-Benz Cars & Trucks


I have the exact same issue on my 03 Max SE (69K miles). A couple of ideas have surfaced from my maintenance guy, including valve seals may be worn. This would require removing the head, machining them, and replacing the seals. The other potential ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

OIL I switched to Castrol 5W-30, good ole regular oil and it doesn't burn as much! I had the same problem, the air filter was dirty as all heck, check it, the way the car gets it's air it is susceptable to sucking in a lot of ****! When the air filter is clogged it causes the engine to burn more gas, decreasing gas mileage and burning oil. Not saying this is your problem but it could be!

... 2006 Cadillac CTS

I have a 93 vw cabriolet, the oil light comes on only during idle after car has been running for 20 mins, i changed the oil and oil filter and the oil pump, the car isnt burning much oil at all, what can it be?

Switch to a different grade oil. (20W50 if you're not on it already). If this does not change the symptoms(and I doubt it would) the main bearings are worn. (Despite what you read about testing the pressure switch, they rarely fail) With bearin ... 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet

I bought car used at 45000 miles and after driving car for 2500 miles i had a STOP engine light come on.. i took it in and was told i need to use synthetic oil and i could go 6000 miles on it.. have had 2 oil changes since and every time i go in at 5000 and oil is still burning and its low oil levels... afraid of oil sludge build up that i heard these 2002 passats have... any ideas on what i should do to prevent engine failure?

The culprit of this premature engine failure was a build up of oil sludge, most commonly caused by engine coolant leaking into the oil supply. Although a large percentage of these engines continue to suffer from problems related to oil sludge, ... Volkswagen Passat

2000 taurus 3.0 flex fuel(lx) smelt burning gas checked the oil and the dipstick had practically no oil (nothing visible on dipstick), (no visible leaks, or smoke) filled with two quatrs of oil so i could monitor the oil level over the next few days... burned 2quarts of oil over a fridaymorning-sunday morning period, throughout that period having only driven it the total of an hour... when i took a 20min trip into town 10minutes in down the highway, car jerked, stoped for a minute or two jerked

... 2000 Ford Taurus

I have a 2000 Volvo S80, I recently noticed the oil was a little low so I added a couple quarts. I drove a little ways and I parked my car and next time I started it, white smoke was pouring out of the exhaust. It didn't have a sweet smell, it smells more like burning oil. I am not loosing any coolant, but the car does heat up fast but doesn't seem to overheat. I have not been driving the car because there is just so much smoke coming out of the exhaust. I have 115,000 miles on the car and feel

I have black smoke coming from tail pipe what could be wrong with it ... Volvo S80

Last night after coming off the interstate i made a sort of hard left then went to accellerate. Thats when i noticed a dramatic loss of initial power and loud engine noise. The engine noise persisted until i stopped and has not went away. I know this car to burn lots of oil and its been long over due for a filter change. I say this considering the car kind of changes its own oil by how much it goes through. I check the oil. of course low. I add oil this does not change the noise. It has changed

Sorry....you have spun a rod bearing the engine nose is the piston hitting the bottom of the cylinder head, because the rod bearing has spun and have stacked on top of each other, sounds like you are going to need an engine, but the good news is ther ... 1999 Toyota Corolla

My tack keeps bouncing up and down? Plus my car never makes it to 3000 miles for an oil change. The oil light comes on, I check it and I am so low it freaks me out! I can't believe how my car is burning oil. However, it oil looks like its brand new? You can still see through it...I park it in the garage and there are no leaks anywhere?? Can you help me with these 2 questions...here they are to be specific: 1. My tack bounces up and down while go slow. Then on the highway if I hit a big bump i

Sounds like the oil is blowing out the exhaust, did you check your tail pipe to see if there is any oil build up in it? ... 2002 Lexus IS 300

2002 Montero limited. Its been a great car but Car is using oil. (I'm at 106K miles) I'm down a quart or more at oil changes. I don't have an oil on the ground. Sometimes do have a burning smell like something is dripping on a hot pipe but can't find it. I do my oil changes very regularly every 3-5K miles more if I'm planning a trip

The oil leak is not coming from inside the engine since there is no blue smoke on startup - it sounds as if your piston seals are still good.\015\012\015\012Your problem lies in one of 2 places\015\0121. Head gasket leaking.\0 ... Mitsubishi Montero

My 2007 Magnum 3.5 burns half a liter of oil per 600 kilometers. The car has only 67,000 kilometers. This is not normal. The car has warranty. The dealer has avoided the issue passing it on to Crysler head office. Crysler head office is now saying this is normal oil consumtion for this vehical. if this is true, dont you think this a step backward in our quest to preserve our environment? I am sure the people would love to here more about this. So my question is ? Do you think this is normal oil

Sadly what the stealership is telling you is about correct. The manufacturers are contented when the car burns 1 liter of oil per 1000 KM. \015\012\015\012Like you I agree that this is not a green success story and like you I do not beli ... Dodge Magnum

1999 chrysler concorde 2.7 L Burning 2-3 quarts of oil per oil change. No leaks underneath. When car idles for 8-10 min or more you can really smell the oil burning. Any idea where to start

... 1999 Chrysler Concorde

Oil Leaks I have an 2003 Mits. Galant GTZ...with117K miles. My question is, i've noticed oil spots on the ground under the car, a burning smell when i've driven along with smoke. In addition to a squealing sound coming from the belts The temperature gauge does not move. I asked a mechanic who works with me and he said that it was my front crankshift seal. I asked if this will cause major damage if it goes unfix and he said as long as there is oil in the car it'll be fine. Is this true?

The seal will gradually start leaking more as time goes by and needs to be replaced, but in the mean time if u keep the oil full and it does not go below low line on dipstick you can drive with no engine damage. sometimes adding oil leak additive to ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I have white smoke coming from the tail pipe of my 1996 Cadillac DeVille. Not a blown head gasket, no water in the oil. Could it be my pistons or just needing new seal. Am I burning oil or have an oil leak somewhere? Only smokes after car has heated up but only when accelerating. More from right pipe than left with small amounts of water. Everything else works just fine. Please help I need the car for a little while longer.

Hi... it all depends on the colour of the smoke... usualy blueish smoke will mean it is oil burning and your piston rings may be getting worn if it is black then it might be running too rich etc.. a little bit of water is fine infact usualy it is a g ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille
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