Having problems with your 1997 Mercury Villager ?

I need to see a coolant system hose that leaks does the intake have to be removed

\015 Just had radiator flushed but coolant leaks. do i really have to remove intake to change some of the hoses?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Yes there are cooling system hoses under the intake, here are instructions to remove the intake.

  1. Remove the Intake Manifold
    • 1Drain the cooling system and relieve the pressure in the fuel system. Disconnect the negative battery cable, the air intake duct, the IAC valve connectors, the throttle position sensor and switch connectors, and the EGR solenoid valve.
    • 2Pull the EVAP canister vacuum and purge hoses, the vacuum hoses from the EVAP, the brake cylinder, pressure regulator and EGR tube. Tag and disconnect the spark plug wires. Remove the distributor cap.
    • 3. Take out the three left bank injector connectors, the thermal transmitter, the ground harness, breather pipe and the upper manifold. Disconnect the fuel feed and return lines and plug them with golf tees to prevent fuel spillage.
    • 4Locate the right injector harness connectors and disconnect them as well as the fuel rail and injectors. Remove the coolant temperature switch harness connector and the water hose from the thermostat.
    • 5Loose the bolts on the lower manifold in sequence. Remove the bolts and left the intake manifold from the engine. Remove the gasket and discard it.
    • 6Clean the mating surfaces by scraping the old gasket material and carbon deposits. Clean the surfaces with solvent and inspect them for damage.
    Install the Intake Manifold
    • 7Put a new gasket in place and install the lower intake manifold to the engine. Tighten the bolts in sequence as follows: first pass-35 inch pounds; second pass-78 inch pounds and third pass 70 to 84 inch pounds.
    • 8Connect the ECT sensor connector, the fuel supply manifold and the right bank injector connectors. Connect the fuel lines and then install the upper intake manifold. Put the breather pipe in position.
    • 9Install the intake manifold ground cable, the thermal transmitter, the left bank injector connectors and the distributor. Reconnect the spark plug wires.
    • 10Continue reconnecting all the components, reversing the order in which they were removed. Connect the negative battery cable to the terminal. Refill the cooling system with the appropriate coolant.
    • 11Start the engine. Check for fuel or vacuum leaks.
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I need to see a coolant system hose that leaks does the intake have to be removed

Yes there are cooling system hoses under the intake, here are instructions to remove the intake.InstructionsRemove the Intake Manifold1Drain the cooling system and relieve th ... 1997 Mercury Villager

Coolant leak I have a 2001 Focus (16v Zetec) and about every 2 weeks I need to add more coolant. I did have a hose leaking but it was replaced and I still have to add coolant. I have taken it to a local shop but they were unable to detect a leak. Prior to having the hose replaced I could see coolant on the ground but afterward I don't see any place where it's leaking but I continue to have to add coolant. Can you help?

Check the oil for water by pulling the dipstick if its muddy brown you have a bad headgasket, also check inside on the passenger side carpet for wetness, does the car run okay? check engine light on ? please rate and good luck -jeff ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 2000 grand am gt its always had temp and coolant issues , it always needs fluid and never leaks ? so i've been looking around the motor that by the way has had the head gaskets replaced , intake gasket ,thermostat , hoses , new radiator , and i'm seeing antifreeze puddles around the thermostat and all the crevesas around that area , all i can see is a drip coming from somwhere under the thermostat ? and as far as the radiator reserve tank it will stay full , it will be empty it has a mi

Look in the valley by the t-stat , if there is coolant there it's the intake gasket. If not then replace the t-stat seal. one other place to check is the hoses going to the throttle body. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Heating and cooling system leak under intake manifold. I cannot see the heater hoses without removing the intake manifold. What should I be looking for, this is a major leak.Thanks, Eric

You are not going to know for sure until you pull the manifold, but should be a easy fix, will be either the round welsh plugs, a corroded steel tube , or hose and clamp.\015\012With the manifold off, a pressure test will squirt the coolant out ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

I am Trying to determine what Parts I need to fix the leganza I will be buying off of my Aunt. But the Diagram of the cooling system shows up way too small. It is leaking coolant from either a hose or a metal pipe under the intake manifold. I need a larger view than the one available on could you please email me one. 2001 Daewoo Leganza Terry R.

Have a look at the water pump. there are "weep" holes in the front of it and that's usually the first indication it is failing. ... 2001 Daewoo Leganza

Coolant leak Hi there does anyone out there know what causes my 1995 Grande Cherokee to leak coolant somewhere along the front of the intake manifold. I've replaced my water pump twice, my radiator, and all of my hoses. I've also had the system pressure tested for leaks. Is there a frost plug on the upper part of the engine at the front, or can the coolant be leaking at front of the intake manifold...?? Once the engine gets to operating temprature and you turn off the vehicle a short while later

Sup GBI believe you and I have the same problem thermostat housing if you look at this diagram on the left http://static.scribd.com/profiles/images/f51od9ss9yyjf-full.jpg it looks like the engine coolant temp sensor connects to it. her ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, I have a 97 Z-24 w the 2.4L and while searching for a mysterious coolant leak I removed the air intake tube which contains some sensor. I did this so I could see better. Well, I left that sensor unplugged and now I have a check engine light. I tried disconecting the battery, but that didnt clear it. Do I need a scanner to clear and what is this sensor anyway?

It will clear after 40 complete ignition cycles, or you can clear it with a scanner, it is the intake air temp sensor, it will not hurt anything if you ran it unplugged ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Vacuum leak I have an 05 chevy colorado 3.5 5cyl. I noticed a vacuum leak on the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold.Problem is that in order to fix the leak,the black plastic cover over the intake manifold needs to be removed or at least loosened.Any idea how this cover can be removed?

Mine is doing the same, it's your pcv receptor on the manifold. that hard plastic cover is actually part of the intake itself, if it "came off" it would cut your intake in half. that seem seals the two halfs together. you gotta pull the whole inta ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

Coolant leak I'm loosing coolant but can not see any leaks, i've checked hoses from engine to radiator, do not see any moister around the heads or intake manifold. Are there lines running to the back of the van for the rear heat? There is an odor of coolant when driving.

On these mini vans there are lines to back if it has temp control in back. How much water do you loose in what period of time? If no leaks found then check exhaust while running to see if coolant smell from there. Could have leak in gasket on intake ... 2004 Chrysler Town & Country

New intake new thermolstate new coolant water pump is good fins are ok. when u fill the collant full and open the 2 bleeder screws to get all air out until u see full coolant no air comes out . now drive the car 2 or 3 miles recheck coolant and it low. will not **** out of overflow tank. collant is low let all air out go drive the car again and the same problem. low collant and i dont see any collant leaks. no collant in oil. pressure test the system and it hold 28lbs 4 about 30 min. no leaks bu

Head Gasket Problem, or cracked head , the heat, then no heat is almost a dead giveaway. Good Luck ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1994 toyota camry v6, today my car boiled all the coolant out of the reservoir tank. I had a problem with disapearing coolant a few months back. I flushed the system tightened all the hoses and add a stop leak to the cooling system and refilled with coolant, the car ran great for a while. I never let the car over heat I could always tell when it needed coolant when I would hear the fans working extra hard to keep the car cool and when I turn the heat on full blast the temp would fall. I

Auto zone has a nice easy kit to ck head gakts or cracked head \012the fumes from the rad overflow tank Zoroaster rad-cap\012meeds to be sucked into a tube filled with chemical that changes color if it bad real easy to use good luck please re ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Radiator Flush I have drained the radiator and need to know what do from here. Do I leave the valve open while the engine is running and keep water from the hose introducing fluid into the cooling system? Or should I be going about this differently? Ultimately, I have a small leak in my head gasket and will be adding Bar's Leaks to fill the viod. The jeep has never overheated and loses water. I have to add water about every 4 days. I have checked the coolant system for leaks and found none. No w

There is no right or wrong for this one but on a car w/ no gasket leaks you can leave that valve open.Keep a CLOSE eye one the temp gauge and oil gauge while your doing it.Change that oil for sure after you flush & refill w/ anti freeze. Since yo ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Coolant leak I have the same problem; one of the rubber coolant hoses that disappersbehind the engine broke off wherever it is connected. From the pieceleft in the hose, there was a plastic connector inside the hose goingto whatever is behind the engine, and it finally degraded and broke off(1995 model). Please tell me I don't have to remove the engine to fix; i don't see any other way as there is no room to work.

During tyhe process of changing engines in my 95 trooper, I also put jpressure on that same area and the only solution is to lift the engine, and reolace the junction. I ahve a question for you can you separate the engine by removing the engine moun ... 1995 Isuzu Trooper

I own a 2006 chevy 2500HD with a 6.0L gas engine. I need to do a coolant flush. Through lots of research I found the flush valve for coolant systems was discontinued by GM in 2003. There is still a valve on my radiator however it looks to be plugged. Before removing the radiator hose to do a reverse flush (no radiator cap only a surge tank) I need to drain coolant above that level. Is there a way to do this or do I use the surge tank cap as I would the actual radiator cap?

... Cars & Trucks

I need to remove the upper intake manifold from my 2004 dodge intrepid 2.7 l engine to replace the water outlet from coolant system. How do I remove and replace the manifold? Will I need a new gasket?

First off, you need to label all of the electrical and vacuum lines connecting to the intake manifold. This will make reassembly much easier. Then, there is a torque sequence to be used during disassembly and reassembly. ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

I have a coolant leak somewhere under the turbo housing toward the block very hard to see i removed lower exhaust and shrouds around turbo to help see leak i notice a quarter inch hole in block just above cooling hoses that is very deep with no threads could that be a freeze plug?

No, under the turbo there is a cooling hose with a heat wrap around it that kind of looks like tin foil, that hose probably has a pinhole in it and needs to be changed, which is a difficult job (bad design). ... 1988 Subaru GL-10

1994 Grand Marquis (4.6L) leaking coolant. It drips from the front of the block under the harmonic balance. I need to remove the shroud so I can see the water pump which probably needs replacing. My manual says to remove the fan and then the shroud but there isn?t enough room between the shroud and the front of the engine to reach in and unbolt the fan. is there a better way? thanks in advance. ted

The fan unscrews without bolts. if you look between fan and pulley you wil see the big hex nut to unscrew. in other words it unscrews like a jar lid. p.s. it may be left hand thread it should say so on the shroud ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2005 cadillac cts that has no or very little heat, i checked the system for dtc's with a modis scanner no dtc's in the hvac system history or current, i removed the htr hoses only to see little or no flow to the htr core,during the summer the car leaked transmission fluid into the cooling system via bad transmission cooler, i replaced the radiator flushed the system three times replaceed the antifreeze with a 50/50 mixture did'ent notice a problem until it got cold. is there anything in

Replace the Thermostat. ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

2000 ford mercury sable ls i own this car and coolant leaks from under or off the side of the antifreeze reservoir i can't see this leak but only does it while running leaks a lot of antifreeze ways under the tank that holds the reservoir waterpump ? If so would i need to replace the lower radiator hose ?

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1997 Ford Expedition. I have a coolant leak in a heater hose at the back of the intake manifold, passenger side. Pressurized pinhole leak, so it only leaks when the car runs. Is there a quick fix or do I have to remove the manifold?

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My Granddaughter has a 2003 Honda Civic which has started overheating and the coolant will be low. Can see no leaks. Happens after 2-3 weeks of driving. A mechanic pressure tested the system and it holds pressure well. He did find a small leak by a hose and fixed it. Put new radiator cap on. The fan comes on. No apparent water in the oil. Does not smoke. I took the oil filler cap off with the engine running and noticed some air blowing out. Took the radiator cap off and ran the engi

Hi, its not good news im afraid by you describing that with the coolant cap off and revving the car causes the pressure to build up and push the water back out it sounds to me like the head gasket is on its way out, what you need to do is take it to ... 2003 Honda Civic

I have a 1994 cutlass s wagon. It had overheating issue and a coolant leak. I had the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets replaced and two quick release connector and some hoses replace by a local shop. Now I have no leak but the temp still creeps up when in stop and go traffic or at stop lights. I check car when this happens but the an does not come on. The only way I see the fan come on is I turn on the AC. Where is the switch that should turn on the fan when the temp raises?

The fans should come on when the car reaches 225 degrees. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Leaking coolant, noticed drip under motor area, close to lower hose, but could not see crack or split in hose this is a 1991 lincon town car v-8 at low speed 25-40 mph you have viberation, i was told there are boots that need lube/grease but can not find the location of the boots

The only way to find a coolant leak like this is to pressure check the cooling system and track the leak down. This may require taking your car into a service centre to have this done.Small leaks like this are hard to find without doing this and it m ... 1991 Lincoln Town Car

What type of coolant do I need to use in my 1999 Nissan Maxima SE? The lower hose developed a small leak and I'm replacing it, but don't know the type of coolant to use. Also, how do I "bleed" the cooling system to get any air out?

... Nissan Maxima

I know my intake gaskets are leaking on my 97 lumina 3.1 , but I'am not sure the head gaskets are bad, could coolant get in the cylinders from this? I was going to pressure test the cooling system over night to see if coolant would fill a cylinder ? I wondered if the tester could make this happen and make me think head gaskets were bad? I guess I'am being lazy and don't want to do compression check 6 times.

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