Having problems with your 1997 Mercury Sable ?

Have 1997 mercury sable alternator been checked it good and battery been checked it good but car wont hold charge any suggestion thank you

\015 Put brand new alternator on then had it and battery tested both are good but my car wont charge we also checked all the fuses\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Its your starter relay
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Have 1997 mercury sable alternator been checked it good and battery been checked it good but car wont hold charge any suggestion thank you

Its your starter relay ... 1997 Mercury Sable

Alternator is not charging the battery. The battery has been tested & will hold a charge. The alternator has been tested and is also good putting out 75 amps. I've checked the connections, all appear clean & solid. I found no blown fusible links. If you pull the negative cable off of the battery while the truck is running it dies. That's why I had the alternator checked. Any suggestions?

Thats not always a great way to diagnose alternator problems if you have alot of electrical components on your vehicle the alt will not run the vehicle,also the alt. is not going to charge your batt. its job is to maintain your batteries life, if you ... 1989 Ford F 150

Battery wont hold charge,it tests good, alternator checks good

... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

I left the dome light on over the weekend in my 1998 Jeep Cherokee limited, so I had to charge the battery, but now it wont start, seems like its not getting any gas, then I noticed the fuel gauge wasnt working, I checked fues and someone mentioned to me I may have to reset the fuel pump relay. I looked at the fuse box on the firewall and didnt see any switch to reset, does anyone have any suggestions to what the problem might be? Thank you.

There is no relay reset. You can try locking and unlocking the drivers door using the key. usually that will re-set the security system. ... Jeep Cherokee

My mazda miata 93 change the alternator but still wont charge, had history of jump starting it wrongly positive goes to negative and vice versa check every fuse its good , would the ecu be fry during the wrong jumpstart??? need help any suggestion?

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The car will take boost ,but wont hold charge, it has a new battery. had alternator, starter checked both r good

Something in your electrical system is drawing the battery down. I have seen brake lights that stick on, under the hood lights, trunk lights and so forth stay on when the owner doesn't realize it and this draws the battery down. Check all your lights ... Volkswagen Passat

2002 oldsmobile aurora battery regulator location.? I have had the alternator checked 3 different times by mechanics. 2 said its good, one said its bad. charge lights will come on at start sometimes, sometimes not till down road. Questions.? regulator, loose connections, alternator or any other suggestions. thanks..

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My daughters 2006 chevy cobal wont crank the battery is fully charged . i tested the batteryit has 12.75 volts at the battery and at the jump start terminal under the hood i also connected a fully charged jump start battery and it still wont crank lights come on strong checked all starting fuses and relays . i ran out of day light i havent checked to see if there is power to the starter yet will do that tomorrow . any outher things i should check thanks

Sounds like the starter itself has gone bad. If you can access it easily you can try to jump across the solenoid. Use a jumper wire from the hot lead to the exciter lead. If your not comfortable doing that DONT. Im pretty certain your starter is ... Chevrolet Cobalt

Charging problem Hi, We have a problem with the charging system on a 1999 Bora. The voltage slowly drops on the battery while the car is running. We took the alternator out and had it tested and it checks out fine. Checked all of the fuses and they're good. The wiring connections also seem fine. Where do we check next? The plug that goes on the alternator seems like it might be a good candidate if I knew where the other end goes...Thanks, Dave

The voltage regulator on the newer cars are in the pcm(computer) if its bad then the computer will need to be replaced but it sounds to me like it is alright. is the battery dieing out? if not, the alternator and the voltage regulator is working prop ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

Brake lights my brake lights wont work but when i turn on my parking brakes it works all the rest of my lights work i checked the relay switch under by the brake pedal its good i check the fuses thats good. my parking brakes and my brakes are on the same bulb so i was wondering if it could still be the bulb. thank you very much if you could help me because this thing is stressing me out thank you again. i have a 1993 honda accord

The bulb is a dual filament try replacing the bulb ... 1992 Honda Accord

Got a 1991 Ford F-250. Had problems keeping a charge so replaced the battery. Ran good for a couple days then wouldn't hold a charge. So had the alternator checked , and it was bad so had it replaced. Still nothing. Won't hold a charge. Not sure what else it could be.

Hi, since you have replaced the battery and alternator which are the two main things involved with the car holding charge and the car does not still hold charge. Then there is definitely a short somewhere in the car that you need to trace and fix. Yo ... Ford F-250

Have a 1996 nissian sentra the dummy lights wont come on speedometer does not work temp gauge does not work interior lights wont work also now car wont turn over fuses are good what should i look for checked ground and batery has a good charge

Check the fuse called meter under the dash. if it is blown, nothing works right. ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1998 ford f250 5.4 and it wont charge. its only putting out 11.4v i have checked all the wiring and have good power and ground cables and fuses are all good in the dash and under the hood, had the alternator and battery checked and both were good

If alternator and battery are both good then it has to be a wiring problem. Check your wiring again at the back of the alternator pay close attention to the connectors that plug in to the alternator.\015\012They could be loose. Also check that your b ... Ford F-250

Toyota Highlander, the batttery takes a charge and the car will run, After it sits idle for 2-3 days the battery loses it's charge. I have checked and none of the lights are on. Any suggestions on what I should check next to see what is bleeding off the charge. Thanks

The battery could be failing... quick way to find out is if you are not using it for a few days is to unhook the battery... when you want to start it see if it starts... if not the battery is failing... also you could hook a multimeter between the po ... 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

While driving the check gauge light come on and when i look what wrong the looks like it not charging when i shut off and turn it back it back up it got a new battery in why wont it stay charged jeep cherokee sport 1999 i relplace the battery and it wont hold the charge


Battery will not hold a charge....battery checked at Sears Auto Service and told battery is good, still doesn't hold a trickle charge

Renew it ,plates sulphated across ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

My 2003 impla (3.8) isnt starting and my very recently purchased battery cant hold a charge. i do have a sound system in it and i've unplugged the amp from the battery and still cant hold a charge. i've checked the starter and it is working. it simply wont crank. the battery posts are fine. i dont know if its the computer or a short caused by the sound system but this problem hasnt happend to the car before and the system has been in it for monthes. please help me, i really miss my car.

If battery is ok,some times a new battery is bad,have your charging system checked ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My check gauges light, brake light & ABS light comes on shortly after driving it & then the battery voltage goes down & the truck dies. Ive had alternator tested twice & its good, ive replaced the battery,& terminals & ive got good connection. I charged up my battery today & usually it will start (just cant drive to far before the battery is dead) but today it wont even start & my battery is reading full charge. It was acting as if it wasnt getting any gas. Could these two things be related? &

Check the wires coming off the altenator. They vibrate and break while engine is running. The insulation will still be intact, so gently pull each wire to see if one stretches. If it does, strip and splice the wire. Don't pull the wires out of the co ... 1999 Dodge Durango

I have a 1997 gmc jimmy 4.3 throttle body injection. Motor turns over, Has spark, And is getting fuel But it still wont start. I checked the spark by pulling off a plug wire and sticking a screw driver in it and holding it 1/4 inch away from block, (good spark) Also have checked the timing to make sure it didnt jump time. Still in time. has 64 psi fuel, So thats good. Also tried some carb cleaner in the throttle body and still nothing. Just shut it off one day and will NOT start up.

A few more things to check:\015\012\015\0121. Compression test. You must have the right amount of fuel, the right amount of air and then compress it and supply a spark at the correct TIME for the engine to fire \015\012\015\012So you ma ... 1997 GMC Jimmy


It has to be a problem with the battery. Since it is good, you need to check the wire ends that connect to the battery post. Make sure they are not loose and they are connected good. Make sure they are cleaned. You need to check all wires in the char ... 1990 Dodge Dynasty

Ihave a 1996vw jetta it wont start,it cranks but wont start, i checked for gas and there is gas,i don't have spark coming out of the ignition coil,ibought a new ignition coil but it seems like it's not the coil because after installing the new coil it wouldn't start,timing belt is good i checked it,i think is some kind of sensor but i'm not sure,I do have a scanner but there is nothing on the computer memory,I would really appreciate any help thanks.

On the front of the engine at the crankshaft pulley is a sensor. Ck the sensor and connector. This sensor provides the timing pulse for the ignition system. make sure all is secured properly. Also listen for the fuel pump working. It's a low hum at ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

It wont start the engine rotates but wont start checked the plugs and wires to see if there was spark and there wasnt any put a coil pack from another truck that was good just dont know what to do now other then follow all the wires and make sure they are all good any suggestions are very welcome


My cigarette light does not work. I checked for power..there is none at all. checked fuse. the fuse is good.. I had my ipod connected to the cassette adapter, the end that goes into the ipod the end fell into the cigarette lighter socket and it stopped working. Im thinking the wire got fried?? Is there anyway i can replace the only wiring for the cig lighter socket??... i need help. need my lighter working so i can charge my phone, ipod, and all the good stuff. Thanks if you can help me. i rea

Use a test light see how close to the lighter you have power if it's real close your fried inside go to a part store pu a universal lighter or power\015\012outlet and if you don't want to bother with the dash install use a small\015\012u ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Have 2002 grand am that I have not driven in about a month and went to go use it and it will crank over but wont start. The battery is fully charged, checked the fuel relay switch it is good and there seems to be fuel in the fuel rail. Have not checked for fuel pressure but I can spray starting fluid in it and it will run for a bit then die. It also has enough gas in it and spark is good.

Check the idle up or the magnetic valve ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

2002 FORD F250 V10-Gas, super duty, 4 wheel drive. Instrument panel out. Altanator not charging system. Replaced Altanator/ check fuses and battery both good. Fixed wire under the boot of the gear shift boot. Checked bulbs on instrument panelall look good. what is wrong? Thanks [email protected]

This definately sounds like a fuse or fuse link has failed..\015\012Don't look at the fuses, check them electrically with a test lamp or multimeter.\015\012And make sure you check both the internal fuse panel AND the fuse panel under the hood.\015\01 ... Ford F-250
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