Having problems with your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer ?

Brakes When i apply my brakes there is this grinding and it's hard to stop my car not sure if i need all the parts or just new brakes by themselves

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Answers :

Sounds like you need new pads
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Brakes When i apply my brakes there is this grinding and it's hard to stop my car not sure if i need all the parts or just new brakes by themselves

Sounds like you need new pads ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

Part name and number needed...1998 Mitsubishi Mirage 2-door coupe...i bought the car, the front passenger side turn signal/parking light was broken and right front blinker wasn't working...ordered whole new assembly...went to install new assembly and noticed that the part the bulb plugs into, one of the wires is cut...i need a new connector or terminal or socket, i'm not exactly sure what part it is. it is where the wires go into and the whole part plugs into the back of the light. i can't find

Call your Mitsubishi dealer. The parts department surely has the part number and probably can order it for you if they don't have it. ... 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage

Driver side door and tailgate leaks when it rains.not through the window but between the door and car body itself..im pretty sure its the weather strip but not sure..also, the top part of my window to my tailgate(lift the window up, and tailgate comes down) is lifted up or something, instead of being an even surface with the truck and window the top part is sticking out and the bottom is slanted inwards, the window still shuts, just wondering if i need a new window or if there is some minor adju

First chk the seals and see if there is a gap. If there is, you may have to ajust the hinges. Loosen the hinge bolts and. Do not remove them . Leave them loose enough to push the top in with the windoe down and latched. Then push the wind inward ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

1994 Acura Integra LS- 2.0 lt B20 I have the AC installed and working with no leaks and the clutch works perfectly fine along with the compressor. The AC blows "Cool" , but not cold. What would I need to do/replace in order to make it blow cold like a newer car. I was thinking a new condensor or perhaps a new evaporator, but I don't know for sure. I don't want to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on parts and it still just not work. Also, I used a leak detector so I know I don't have

Quick and easy cheap fix. Go to walmart, get an 18 oz can of freon with the sealer and oil in it, pump up the low pressure side of the ac with 35 lbs of go juice, problem solved. I have a 94 rodeo, hasn't had a compressor in it for 5 years, I finally ... 1995 Acura Integra Coupe

When I brake there is a grinding, groaning sound which sounds like brakes (front), however I had new pads put on and rotars resurfaced. One place told me that subarus need to have organic pads, mine are ceramic, another told me that shims are loose and nothng I can do but wait untill I need the brakes replaced again. Third guy said that front axal is causing braking noise. Do I need new axal to fix noise? At this point I do not know who to trust. I just want to ready the car to sell it. It i

Hi,HI there! I would have the brakes looked at. It sounds like you may be hearing the warning tab from the brake pads touching the rotor, or possibly a backing plate. It could possible be the shield on the front drive axle rubbing on some ... Subaru Forester

I had to get a new gas tank on my car because someone had put flour in my tank messing everything up. now my problem is the new gas tank i got from a used part store cut off the hose that i needed to connect to the car and already got rid of my old tank. i need to know what i am looking for. the measurement is one inch on one side and one and a half on the other and about a foot long. can i just get any kind of fuel line from a part store. any help would help.

... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

How to retract/compress rear disc brake caliper piston on 2006 ford 500? Do you apply slight pressure in and rotate clockwise or what? I am replacing the pads and of course the new ones are too thick, I am not against buying a tool to accomplish this, however I'm not sure of how to do this, or the basic operation of this design. I would appreciate your advice, as the wife needs car monday, 4-20-09. Thank you, Doug

Thers a special tool called an ice cube , place it on the piston push and roate at the same time,there is a arrow on the calliper for direction to turn,you may have to crack open bleeder to release pressure. ... 2006 Ford Five Hundred

Have A 2008 Sorento, Have the throttle position sensor replaced 9/17/2011. On 9/21/2012 had ESC light and check engine lite come on. close to dealer to pull codes. was told needed brake light switch and new throttle pedel and reprogram with factory computer conection. I picked up both parts to put in myself, no brain items. deraler got ESC light off but engine check lite still on, car ran good 36 mi to home, p/u dinner engine off, restart engine check lite now off. Have code reader and picked up

... Kia Sorento

I have a 1995 eclipse GS-T. I bought it knowing it wasn't starting,which I easily fixed. It ran fine for a couple days, then as I was helping a friend move, the car decided to struggle to get to 40 mph and wouldn't rev over 3,000rpms. Since then I've replaced the ignition coil, plugs & wires, had battery charged ,and alternator tested. Now it won't start. The engine cranks but won't turn over. I'm pretty sure part of the issue is needing a new fuel pump, but also want to check the fuel pump rela

I don't think you have a relay issue. Test the fuel pressure. If there is sufficient pressure, there is what is called a "pre cat" that is bolted on the exhaust manifold by 5 bolts I believe. It is the big part of the exhaust under the hood and bolte ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 1990 BMW 535i. It seems that I need new bushings (not sure how they are spelled.) I heard that there are more than one set of them so I was wondering - first - what do bushings do and how many are there? Secondly, how I can identify which one is causing the "car to **** when I change gears and to make a big thump each time I shift gears? Lastly, replacing any of the bushings, how immediate and issue is it - I mean is it like your brakes that go slowly - or is it something that if I do

There are many bushings in BMW 535i\015\012As you mentioned the problem is while shifting gears .So the problem is in Shift Bushings Of the car.\015\012In many cases, the shift bushings have simply worn out and need to be replaced. Worn bushin ... BMW 535

My car has been acting strange. The brake light will cut on and off, but the is no problem with the brakes I have had them check, and I maintain thee needed amount of brake fluid in the car. Today the car began to shake and cut off several times before I got home. I have a feeling it needs spark plugs but cant be sure.

The brake light problem is likely the fluid level sensor - either mounted in the cap or in the side of the master cylinder. Typically these sensors are not expensive or difficult to replace and doing so may cure the problem. You did not state what ve ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

2004 Hyundai XG350 I drive aprrox. 60 miles a day to work in Phoenix, AZ. Stop/Tail Light Failure Warning light comes on when I step on the brakes. Had new front brake pads installed July 2009. brakes seem ok - no squealing noise but may need new pads? Not sure how often they need to be changed out . Can you advise on this? Also, how often do struts need to be replaced? Had front struts installed July 2009 . Also how often should anti-freeze be added? Last time was a year ago when i

... Hyundai XG350

I love scrap yards! Went to an auto salvage yard recently to look for parts for my girlfriend's 2001 VW Cabrio. I actually found the exact model/color of her car, only two years older. That never happens! Anyway, I needed parts to fix her drivers side window; new motor, window guides and brackets, and the car had it all except the cables were badly damaged. I am in need of a diagram that would preferably show how long replacement cables need to be and what kind of ferrules are needed for said ca

We have no diagrams like this. ... Cars & Trucks

Took my car to the repair shop because my power steering went out. They told me I needed a belt tensioner ,belt and a pulley they would gather their prices and i would do the same. They havent called so I am trying to find the parts on my own how do I know what parts to get? I looked the parts up. Do I need a timing belt tensioner? the guy never told me there are 2 kinds of belts in my car so Im not sure. I dont want to buy the parts and find out its the wrong ones.

No, the timing belt connects the engine to the cam-shaft (these lift and lower the valves). This belt normally has teeth on one side and is covered so you don't see it. This belt also drives the water pump.\015\012\015\012The power stee ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Brakes I turned in my car to change my brake pads but, after 2 months it needed to be changed again. This time they said I also need a new brake disc. How is it within 2 months I needed to replace the pads and disc when it took me three years to wear down the original brakes? Now again I need to replace both pads and disc. It also makes a knocking sound when the brakes is not engaged. What causes this? Is it something the mechanic did that's not right.

It sounds like the rotor (brake disk) is warped. That would cause the pads to wear much more quickly because the disk "wobbles".\015\012The warped disk can also cause the noise, depending on how bad the warp is.\015\012When most shops ch ... 2004 Mazda 3

My tail light is out on my 04 Chevy Trailblazer. I went to Autozone to get a new bulb. When they were replacing it they said I might need a new Tail Light Connector Plate since it was kind of crumbling apart. Sure enough, they replaced the bulb and it didn't light. They said I do need that connector plate, and said they should have one. They looked on their computer and said that for some reason it says they can't order that part for some reason. Can you help me figure out what part I need

I have found lots of used GM light parts for sale cheap over on ebay motors. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

1988 Plymouth Acclaim, brakes squealing sometimes when pressing and when in reverse car sounds like emergency brake is on.I am sure it needs front brakes and I would love to do it myself, I would love to do it myself, my father always said a woman should know how to repair a car but brakes I have never dealt with. And when I put the car in reverse the brakes sound like the emergency brake is on, which it is not. Only in reverse does this sound happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I a

I think it is great you are willing to tackle this repair. but if your health isn't very good I would not recommend you to do it yourself. I would recommend to take it to a trusted mechanic. if you do decide to take it to a mechanic I would re ... Plymouth Acclaim

Brake line rusted and broken, leaking out brake fluid severley in 1995 mercury sable. need 2 replace part. not sure whether its 3/16 o.d. or 1/4 o.d. Not sure EXACTLY what the particular line itself is called. i know that it is a steel brake line that runs under (not directly connected) the brake fluid fill reservoir. it has angles, not sure how many. checked o'reilly's and auto zone. they do carry brake lines (steel) however they are appearing to be straight tubes perefabricated w flares and co

... 1995 Mercury Sable

My car, 1994 Mazda 626 4cyl,would not pass emission testing. The shop said I had no compression in one cylinder. I was told I needed a valve job. As a part of that, I went ahead and had a new head gasket set. The shop has since replaced all the machined parts and the car won't start. I don't know much about car repair, but my theory is that it may be related to the timing belt and all the shop did was remove the parts that I mentioned above, sent the parts to the machine shop, got the parts ba

"Is the timing belt a consideration in the above repairs? \015\012Yes, the timing belt must be installed correctly or the engine will not start. The timing belt was removed and reinstalled when this repair was performed and any mec ... 1994 Mazda 626

I have a 2003 L200 sedan. I took my car to one mechanic to have the rear brakes fix. He only put on the brake shoes. When I got my car back, the brakes were very low and soft. I took it to another mechanic who said they missed parts and the drums had to be replace. Do I have drum or disc brakes? When I got my car back, the brakes were perfect. I just want to make sure I wasn't charge for something I don't have.

If the drums were replaced then you have drum brakes the l200 saturns had two options for brakes anti lock brakes it has all disc brakes without anti lock it has disc on front and drum on rear hope this helps ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I need a new power steering pressure hose for my 1999 mercury cougar..... the fittings are bad on mine......... this part is obsolete through dealers and the couple i have found are not the correct part..... i have tried searching every way i can and my mechanic has too. i need to know what the correct part # is (OEM - or other brand w/name & part # is fine with me) AND where i can get this item. car has been in the shop way too long & even though it's my POS commuter vehicle, i have a need for

Here is the phone number to the ford dealer in Conn. he can ship it to you. 203-488-8321. The line is right and there are only about 5 lines left in the country and i am waiting for the fittings to get here in a few days. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

My car was driving fine. It's a 2006 BMW 750 Li. WE take very good care of it. BMW suggest flushing the brakes as part of maintenance and I did. Three weeks later after paying $1500.00 for flushing brakes and other maintenance. The car brakes down again. This verbage is directly from BMW ''car needs the brake booster, master cylinder and vacuum pump. The estimated total is $2869 for the repairs''. Come on, it's 2006, 75K hwy miles. Could all of this happen after the transmission failed on it 3 m

Hi well no not really the transmission and the brakes have absolutely nothing in common. brake booster? ummm..dont think so, master cylinder is a good possibility 2 ways to find that out, check inside under dash ... 2006 BMW 750Li

I just replaced my rear brake drum cylinders. I bled the system, made sure clear fluid was running through it with no air bubbles, and that everything was put back together correctly. when I started up the car, however, I had no resistance on my brake pedal and my rear passenger brake was not operating at all. I re-bled the system and made sure there were no leeks. Still no brake resistance. Thinking it might be a bad master cylinder, I purchased a new one, replaced it, and made sure everything

The booster only makes the pedal easy to push,this would not be the problem,make sure the shoes are adjusted to where the wheel drags on the brakes as you turn the wheel,this is with no brake pressure applied.The shoes on both sides,both wheels,need ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

I have the engine code po 108 map/baro circuit high imput on my 1998 volvo s70 with a 2.3 turbo. i need to know what it wiil take to fix it to pass new york stste inspection as i cant afford a mechanic as i am unemployed. Also, if you know what the fix is, could you tell me the proximity of the part on the car and about how much the part willcost. i have already spent more than i can afford but my inspection is expired and i really need to drive the car.

To correct this problem u will most likely need to replace the Atmospheric pressure sensor, this is a fairly common problem. below is a link to the diagnostic testing that should be done before spending the $200 for the part.\015\012 ... 1998 Volvo S70

This car is new to me had work done on stearing last weak ? what kind of fluid dose it need for powerstearing I have heard it is not same as most cars it started making noise when turning after 200 miles after repair dose it need transmosion fluid or brake fluid i was told brake fluid not transmison fluid as that is what the shop put in. Thanks for the help Dennis

Powersteering fluid. Use Only Power Steering Fluid. ... 1994 Toyota Camry
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