Having problems with your 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class ?

Flat spot on acceleration c180 auto

\015 Flat spot on acceleration in first gear\015
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3.5 ra V6 major flat spot in acceleration second motor had same flat spot in other motor just got new cats done new spark plugs to try fix problem i think maybe fuel pump?or air flow meter? their is no engine light flashing or staying on though some auto electrician said something about double firing due to coil/leads being combined the rodeo drives but has to build up speed over long distance as bad flat spot

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Flat spot My 1999 Festiva auto is hitting a flat spot at 20kms it stays on that speed and chokes before gpoing at a higher speed - have just paid $200 to have a service done - changed spark plugs not difference the mobile mechanic said get some new leads?? Anyone have any answers?

Fuel pump is starting to go out on you. I just had the same problem. ... 1992 Ford Festiva

Dear Expert, I own a 1995 toyota Camry auto wagon 4 cylinder. When I start it and drive it first thing in the morning it is fine but when I get to an intersection and have to stop it starts the 'chugalugs" whilst I"m holiding it in drive. Then when I take off and accelerate it hits a real flat spot and does the "chugalugs" again. It eventually moves through the flat spot and accelerates. It seems to get worse as it warms up and the problem is becoming more frequent. I put a bottle of injector c

Kevin sounds like you were lickin on the heels of the problem with the injection cleaner however that wasn't enough to clear the severity opf your car's problem at this point. Go to parts store get a fuel filter.\015\012I would let the car sit ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have a 1997 Golf Cab Auto. When I take off after the engine has been allowed to cool, the auto transmission seems to stick and the car will have a flat spot where the car will lurch forward before engaging gear.

Check the fluid level for the transmission. If ok, seek help at your favorite transmission servicer. ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

Flat spot on acceleration c180 auto

... 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 4x2 auto trans.Just recently ive noticed a vibration coming in at about 52-55 mph seems to be from the rear axle also combined with this is sound akin to having a flat spot on the tire like a pitter patter at wheel speed, not only this there is clungking sound coming from the right rear wheel when taking a tight left hand turn.Ive checked diff fluid level, wheel nuts etc, a friend says it could be a UJ on its way out,any ideas.the truck has only covered 27000 miles.

Since the problem happens louder as you apply weight to a given wheel I would suspect you have a bad wheel bearing. Having a thump type sound on every revolution is an indicator that its wheel related. Also I have seen the steel tread seperate in a ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

Holden barina 92 auto- carby has a flat spot when accelerating after turning a corner. Does it need a tune up or is it caused by something else?

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Hi grand vitara td auto suzuki . when driving my engine cuts out have changed fuel filter checked oil water had computor check done. only happens when driving then starts stright away but slow building up speed and struggles to go over 70mph on moterway cuts out when engine is cold or warm no matter what speed or type of road im on when im driving i have noticed the accelerator dosent seem to be picking up and has flat spots which seems to cut engine out help pulling hair out

Hi,Sounds like moister is getting into the spark plug wires or ignition\015\012coil etc or you've a bad set of spark-plug wires.There is a\015\012anti-moister jell that you can add to the rubber boots of the\015\012spark-plug wires but fi ... Suzuki Grand Vitara

1999 daewoo lanos hi we have a problem with our daewoo,when you take off from the lights or parked it has a flat spot an when you drive it goes well but it lacks pickup power like it is choking new leads,fuel filter,when it goes it goes well but it seems to be choking,it idles good,touch the accellerater she goes,put your foot down it chokes or big flat spot,and then it goes,this happen all the time hot or cold can you help thanks

Try disconnecting vacuum advance tube from the distributor,block it off and see how the car reacts.you may have to do it to both if it has 2 Could also have a vacuum leak somewhere around the intake system ... 1999 Daewoo Lanos

My Volvo S60 D5 has a flat spot between 1500-2000 revs, during this flat spot it emits alot of smoke (unburnt fuel)?

... 2002 Volvo S60

My sentra 1.6 DOHC with carb got a flat spot when accellorate. i did replace the carb kit but the kar is still having a flat spot. Can any one assist me?

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Idling Problem/Flatspot hi..i have a 2006 bmw 320i 4dr sedan. I have a problem when the car is in park or neutral and you touch the acc. pedal really fast and then let go, there is a flat spot or miss in the idle sequence. When in drive it works fine or when in park/neutral and you keep your foot on the pedal it works fine. Its only when you mash and let go really fast at the very first moment the rpm starts to build, then i get the flat spot. Sometimes with the a/c off (and the idle-up not dise

2006 model?? dealer only encrypted software ,my advice is if it runs ok when driving normal then leave well alone ,this flat spot could be present to allow for something in the normal running ie tuning to keep the economy up ?? ... 2007 BMW 328xi Sports Wagon

I just purchased 1994 chevrolet astro van with 4.3l v6 engine and it seems to choke down when u try and accelerate a little hard to build up speed or when you try and give more gas going up a hill it does almost like a carburetor wit a flat spot,but it runs good but it just seems as when the gas pedal reaches a certain spot it dies down and once you press the pedal past the spot it runs fine, where to start other than the fuel filter i have changed that

Have you checked the tps or throttle position sensor?\015\012\015\012 ... Chevrolet Astro

I got a key this morning from Auto Zone to perfom the diagnotics on my 93 Ford Explorer but the guy did not know which spot to put the key. Hesaid if I put it in the wrong spot it could blow my computer. Any help would be appreciated. The car is running rough when started and never really runs smooth afterwards. I believe it is a o2 sensor but not sure.

Usually a rough idle is caused by a vacuum leak. It could be the intake gaskets leaking, have you had it tuned up lately it could be bad spark plugs or wires. Try running a couple cans injector cleaner through it. I doubt it's the O2 sensor. The chec ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

Harmonic Balancer I moved the balancer before I got a good look at the timing mark on it...To set camshaft sensor. It has to be 26' degrees above TDC. Is that spot center of the flat spot on the balancer or at the top of the first tooth on the balancer... This is a new rebuild motor and it was positioned after it was rebuild and sent to me... Thanks TC

What you explained is the proper way to set the camshaft sensor. ... Ford Windstar

Toyota land-cruiser VX 80 Series 4.2 diesel 1994 model auto pull off on slight incline on warm day the vehicle will not accelerate fwd accelerator flat select neutral while giving it a rev select drive will start moving very slowly once revs pick up the vehical is fine particularly on hot days. the auto box has being fully overhauled and the engine. the over drive light flashes on and off switch out

If the "overdrive off" light is flashing, this indicates an error condition in the transmission ECU.There is a diagnostics procedure you can follow, but it is a bit too long to go in to here. Try and track down a copy of the Toyota servic ... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

1996-2.4 cavalier-auto.. Seems a dead spot in throttle just above idle (idles perfectly) but when given slight throttle in 'D' starting out it has this 'spot'.. at maybe 800rpm..or so.. elsewise: starts & runs perfect..

Try replacing the throttle posistion sensor on the throttle ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Flat spot in first gear, pulls away then flats out then picks up again

Fuel filter might need to be changed ... Mini Cooper S

1994f150 5.0 motor cold runs good gets warm smell gas gets bad flat spot leave throttle same spot it will pick up and go like crazy

Hello! There are several areas to be checked... The fuel vapor return line and canister lines...On the left bank...Return line enters throttle body...check for leaks...Defective fuel vapor system will cause poor throttle response on a warm engine...C ... Ford F-150

Flat Battery Battery keeps going flat if not driven for a day,especially now that it is winter. Have disconected the boom box. I did jump start it twice, but have dammaged the good car battery. Had to replace it. Is there an easy fix or next step auto electricion? Is there a special jump starter for modern cars. I have a 2000 Pajero/2000 Corolla. I need some thing for my daughter to use in my absence.

Hi\015\012\015\012First of all, ensure none of the "hidden" electrical equipment is staying on, such as the trunk light for instance. You can do this by tipping the rear seats forward and looking into the trunk from there with the lid clo ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

Gday there I have a mitsibishi V6 2004 Magna and the tcl light keeps flashing and the gearbox is doing some strange things that feel like flat spots or like the bands slipping. It started after I had a flat battery and replaced the old one. Any help would be appreciated cheers Steve

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I just took delivery yesterday on a 2007 BMW X3 Sterptronic. Car has 39,000 miles and is BMW Certified. Dealer loaned it to me for several hours of test drive. Car seems to have significant stumbling, surging and flat spots at tip-in when I'm just pulling away from a stop. Curiously, this event tends to be minimal to un-noticeable when statring from and driving down a mild descending grade. On my final trip back to the dealer, road conditions were primarliy downhill to flat and I think I erroneo

Do not take it, unless if you got allot of money, and don't mind taking it is trouble. ... BMW X3 Series

Toyota land-cruiser vx 80 Series 4.2 diesel 1994 model auto pull off on slight incline on warm day the vehicle will not accelerate fwd accelerator flat select neutral while giving it a rev select drive will start moving very slowly once revs pick up the vehical is fine particularly on hot days. The auto box has being fully overhauled and the engine. The over drive light flashes on and off switch out

... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

200 4runner, V6 auto. Dead spot in the throttle and codes for lean on both banks. Cleaned the mass airflow and changed the fuel filter. Engine runs better at start up, but throttle dead spot is worse.

Make sure the MAF sensor is working properly. If ok, Check all intake hoses for cracks or leaks as this will cause lean codes. Other issues that may cause this is faulty cam sensor or if timing is off!! ... 2000 Toyota 4Runner

2009 focus 20Lt. petrol. hesitation, flat spot,

... 2009 Ford Focus
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