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Got a leak in brake line of lincoln 1997 town car front driver side. its not hose what could it be. a/c was working last year condser not cold can i add 134a

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Got a leak in brake line of lincoln 1997 town car front driver side. its not hose what could it be. a/c was working last year condser not cold can i add 134a

... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Got a leak in brake line of lincoln 1997 town car front driver side. its not hose what could it be. a/c was working last year condser not cold can i add 134a

... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2005 Chevy Colbalt, last year the ac stopped working and I had the compressor switch replaced and I had freon added, it worked all summer , but now it is not working again I was told that the switch could be bad again or there maybe a leak, or the newier chevies ac units have a block and it could be clogged that or at the worse the compressor may have going out,I don't know what to try first , Any suggestions?

If it was less than a year since the AC was serviced take it back to the shop that repaired it. They should give you at least a year warranty on their work. you may have a leak in the system. ... Chevrolet Cobalt

My 1995 Plymouth Acclaim with the 3-speed automatic will not shift on its own. In Drive only first gear works, even at very high rpm. In D2 only second gear works, so at least I can drive 40-45 mph. After replacing seized shift cable, the steering column shifter will not travel to D1. Reverse works. I am unaware of any service done to the transmission in last 7 years. Could problem be - fluid added to full point when transmission not hot? Could problem be - the lockup clutch's solenoid swi

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Sc2cp my Saturn is the s series 3 door cope 5 spd manual. two issues going on first the sun/moon roof wont retract it recieves power am told the coil/ wire is sprung? Need to remove head liner visors to access and recoil? the air conditioner works cold air and heat works but the tank under hood and sensor light comes on if level drops below sensor max fill line and sometimes the tank is half empty checked for hose leak hoses good radiator flushed last month with regular 3000 oil change could i

... Saturn S-Series

My mother has a 1993 Oldsmoblile Cutlass Cierra. It's a 3.3. She had a new engine put in it last year. Now her car died yesterday. She had to have it towed home so my brother could look at it. He got it started last night and this morning but when it heats up it dies. The battery is good. The fuel pump works it had 45psi everytime we tried to start it. It would start but never turn over after that. We are completely stumped and need help on what it could be.

Check for spark. My guess would be the ignition module going out, but could also be the crank sensor. The module sits under the coils. Check all coils for spark. If any coil doesn't spark, you can try replacing just that coil, but the problem may ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 2003 Nissan Xterra that slowly after 7 years ran out of refrigerant. I bought a can of R-134A and a hose - but no guage. I emptied the bottle into the Low Pressure fitting and the car instantly started to produce cool air.. I dont believe that there are any leaks in the system .. but want to know if I should add another can of R-134a ? The A/C does nt get super cool , but definately colder than before. Do I need to purchase a compression guage to be sure and then add another c

Don't know what the capacity of your vehicle is, but if there is a leak, the lubricating oil that also resides with the refrigerant has gone as well. If that lubricating oil is not present, the compressor can be damaged. In order to ensure a good wor ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

Have a 99 Ford Windstar last tuesday night my heat worked comming home but when i turned the vehicle off and went inside for and hour and came back out to drive it again the heat no longer works. It blows cold air. I looked at the top raidator hose and when the vehicle is running I have no pressure. I can squeeze the hose, could it be my thermostat??

If the van didn't over heat then no. Sounds though as if you did loose coolant and got an air pocket in the system. refill and keep a check on the coolant level. If it keeps going down, then you will need to find the leak and repair it. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

1986 Corvette Z51 coupe...standard climate control.... Last year the A/C-Heater blower motor would only work on the first 3 settings (no high). After pulling it out of storage this year, none of the settings work (no blower motor). Relay on passenger side of engine bay has been replaced. Could this be a resistor issue or a bad blower motor?

... 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

My automatic trans. is just starting to slip in 3rd and 4th gear. (I think it is an "A518" 4 speed with O.D.) There are 150k miles on the drive train. I put on 50k easy miles in the last ten years. The trans. oil is clean. D1, D2, and R still work good. Could there be a linkage adjustment or a band adjustment I could do before taking it to a shop? I can do alot of my own work, but don't have too much experience with automatic trans. Thank you.

Hi, there are three sensors in the transmission that control it with the computer. One sensor controls 1st and 2nd gear with the shift. The second sensor controls 3rd and 4th gear and the shift. The third sensor controls OD and TORQUE CONVERTER LOCK. ... Dodge Ram 2500

Headlights dim 1998 Ford Mustang-changed headlights to HD which lasted for about a year. So put the old LED's back in but low beams were very dim. Then one side stopped working so I replaced the wire kit to the light and it worked great for a day. Now one side works, high and low beam but dim. The other side only high beam works. What could be wrong.

... 1998 Ford Windstar

Fan motor was working fine, today it doesnt, worked on all speeds b4 now nothing, checked the fan motor 12v works fine, the resistor was replaced new last year , could it be another resistor died???

Yes , it could be, check for voltage coming in to the resistor and out to the blower motor.If no voltage going to motor, bad resistor, if no voltage going to resistor, check fan switch.Also check fuses if no voltage going to resistor. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Heater would only work on high for last two years. One day it quit working, but we found that a fuse had blown. Now, a few weeks later, it quit again. This time it is not a fuse. The car is a 2000 Ford Focus. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks

Sounds like a bad swich. but since it all of a sudden quit on you the blower motor could be bad as well. you can connect power and ground to blower to see if it works. if it turns then the swich is bad. ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Just had water pump installed in 2001 impala, still overheating. Hoses are collapsing. Is this the thermostat? If I just replaced the thermostat, hoses, sensors, radiator cap last year, what could this be?

Water pump may not be sealed, have a look under the car for a few drips if it was the theromstat the pipes would expand not collapse. or maybe any water hose thats not sealed properly ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1996 Honda Civic. My windshield washer pump isn't working. This isn't a new issue and was not working before winter (Sept. / Oct.) timeframe. Also, I replaced the pump last year and checked the fuses (all OK). What else could it be? How can I check/fix it?

... 1996 Honda Civic

Blower fan only works on 4 and 5 settings last year it worked on 3 4 5 could it be the recitor on the fan if so loaction

Sounds like the motor might be going bad it takes more current to move the motor the resistore should be on the right side toward the fire wall on the black plastic housing. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

04 jeep cherokee 6cyl. We replaced the radiator last year, we have noticed the truck has been using more than normal amounts of antifreeze. When I drove to work the other day all the antifreeze leaked out( only 1mi to work) It also has a slight tapping noise when first started( not all the time) what could be the problem?

Your water pump went out. The sound was the bairings in side the water pump. The leak is from the seal also going out on the pump and it will leak all the fluid out. Replace the water pump. ... Jeep Cherokee

Over heating. four machanics checked ( dealer said nothing wrong, not over heating for them ) they changed temp. sensors they say. They check hoses and said all good. the radiator fine too. radiator does not use up water. over $400.00 with dealer. The last one found fans not working he said. put new kit in $400.00. Summer again and still over heating? Over heats intermittently. If What else can be wrong? They said this has caused transmission to go out twice in last two years. New engin put in a

You have two fans, one should cycle if the engine gets up to temp. say 190degs. The other should come on if you turn on the A/C. So start the engine check the fans, then turn on the A/C recheck the fans. One should be running with the A/C on. If not, ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I have blue smoke coming out of exhaust. . everyone's telling the rings are going bad in the motor and I should get rid of it. Could it be from a clogged catalytic converter? The guy who works on car tried to "unclog" the junk in the catalytic converter, he did not replace it. Could there still be some residue in there that's causing the blue smoke? Yes , it eats oil, but it has since I bought it three years ago and the blue smoke has been happning since last fall but it's getting worse, also in

The blue smoke and oil consumption is because of the bad rings. They are allowing oil to get by into the cylinders and it's being burned with the gas. If you don't want to put the money into an engine rebuild, you can try one of the many additives av ... Honda Prelude

IGNITION TROUBLES 99 TACOMA PRERUNNER, when i go to start it, the starter turns over a lot before starting, sometimes i have to turn they key off and wait a few seconds and the start it. it "coughs" slightly and then its fine. I have no other troubles with it. It does it more when its hot outside. I have a new (last year) starter and fuel hoses.....could it be the fuel filter? what else could it be. It runs perfectly other than that.

I just copy/pasted this from another message with much the same problem:\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Chevy express conversion van air conditioning keeps breaking. this is the eighth time we have had it break in 3 years, what could be causing this? We get it fixed and within a month it stops working . The air blows out but it is not cold. The last fix was to cut the line that lead to the back of the van because that was where the leak was, so the back of the van would not have air conditioning but it still worked in the front.

... 2004 Chevrolet Express

Last weekend I was speaking to one of you people about my 1994 Pontiac Sunbird that has been puttering at times. I just want to add that I have replaced all of the obvious things that could be going on such as, the fuel filter,air filter, all of the hoses are new and the alternater is new. I am wondering if it could be clogged feul injectors?

Try putting a can of redexe/wynns into 5 gallons of gas..its that easy... ... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

My 2004 GMC Yukon Driver Information System is stuck reading "English...French...Spanish....English..." and pressing the Personalization button has no effect. The DIS started acting funny about a year ago by shifting into different languages but it could be reset. Incidentally, the automatic door "Unlock" function stopped working last year.

... 2004 GMC Yukon

The blower in my ford focus was only working on number 4 since ive had it which is about 4 years. last week while i was warming up my car and cleaning off the snow i had the heater on and while i was brushing off the window i heard what sounded like the heater rev up and then just die. I checked the inside of my car and my heater wasnt working, now NO air blows from the vents.. i checked fuses i dont think i blew a fuse... is it the resistor?... what could it be? HELP!!!

It's about a $20ish part and yes it's a resistor for the blower motor.Pick op the Ford focus Hayns manual.I hope this helps you. ... 2001 Ford Focus

Odometer not working properly, only recorded 35km in the last 2 years but the speedo is working just fine. What could be causing this to happen

Replace the cluster ... Cars & Trucks
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