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I have a 1997 towncar I had a plugged convertor, the second one i cut a patch out and cleaned it out, welded it back up, now i have a check engine light on. The oxygen sensors are in front of the converter. My question is this going to mess with the air fuel mixture? And if it will how can i bypass the second sensor or trick it into what it is supposed to read? Thanks, Mike

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Answers :

It won't mess up the a/f ratio. The Check engine light will be on because of the rear O2 sensors. To keep the light off you will need to install O2 sensor simulators.
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I have a 1997 towncar I had a plugged convertor, the second one i cut a patch out and cleaned it out, welded it back up, now i have a check engine light on. The oxygen sensors are in front of the converter. My question is this going to mess with the air fuel mixture? And if it will how can i bypass the second sensor or trick it into what it is supposed to read? Thanks, Mike

It won't mess up the a/f ratio. The Check engine light will be on because of the rear O2 sensors. To keep the light off you will need to install O2 sensor simulators. ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car


Have your ignition switch replaced this will fix the issue.very common! ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

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These is barely a fuel system related problem.\015\012\015\012Also you cannot rule out the idle control solenoid. That is a right idea bbut you will need to service the injector nozzles too.\015\012\015\012They are specialised ... Chevrolet Astro

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My 94 full size blazer starts and idles fine in park and in neutral. When I put the truck in gear and hit the gas, it'll start, then act like it wants to die. The Catalytic converter is off, I'm going to get that replaced. I've done the basic spark plug/wire/distributor cap replacement. Last year I changed the EGR valve. I changed the ignition coil today. Put on a new o2 filter. New fuel Filter. New k&n air filter. Could it be a bad fuel pump?

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Lacks power my car vw golf tdi 2002 lacks power the rpm will never go above 1500rpm the car gradually picks up to 100km over about a 4 kilometer stretch. if we hold the pedal about quater inch down the car will gradually pick up speed but you need to upshift before rpm gets to 1500rpm or nothing happens after 1500 rpm. at a idle if I floor the car the rpm will raise 1100rpm but never go above that.I thought it was the the catalatic converter so I replaced it then I replaced the fuel and air filt

Check the mass airflow sensor. When bad, there is reduced power and the computer uses a default setting ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I go a squirrel in my air filter and it chewed it up bad. When I started the van it ran for a few seconds and stopped and now it wont start. I cleaned the mess all out and it still wont start. Does the air filter system attach to the front of the carb where that butterfly part is at? Thanks, Tom... Any idea's

Yes it does - \015\012\015\012It might not start without a filter, have you fitted a new one?\015\012Thats ok if you noticed the damage before starting the engine.\015\012It will be fine so long as nothing was inhaled by the engine\015\012 ... Ford E-150

My name is mike miller NAM VET 1968-69 Thank you for answering my question. I have a 70-1970 7045214yb 1536 gm motors rochester Quadra jet There are 2 two mixture screws at the base looking at the front 1 one under the fuel filter and the second one on the right of it, which one is the fuel mix and which one is the air mix THANX MM

The air/fuel mixture screws meter the fuel that flows under each primary throttle plate when the throttle is closed at engine idle. Both of the air/fuel mixture screws control fuel flow.\015\012\015\012Turning the mixture screws "in" will ... 1998 GMC Blazer

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If you smell gas inside of the caravan, then something is wrong other than a tune up. You need to have the gas tank, gas vapor recirculation, gas lines, in-line filter, and gas filler tube examined. It could be linking in any one of these places. ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Changed out fuel filter because engine did not seem to get gas or start enless i put a gas soaked rag in the air cleaner...start for a couple on seconds then die...fuel pump seems to be working there is gas going to both sides of new filter...what else could it be.even unhooked the battery to reset computer....Please help Thanks John

You may have a faulty MAF, ( mass airflow ), sensor. Often an engine appears to have a fuel problem, when it's actually an airflow problem.\012The MAF is usually easy to check.\012Sitting on top of the air intake duct, between the air fil ... 1998 Ford Explorer

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First you need to check your fuel pressure with engine running you should have 9-13 psi if you don't replace fuel pump. ... Chevrolet C1500

I have a 97 ford explorer 5.0, I replaced the camshaft synchronizer on it. The guy that was assisting me pulled the old one out while I was looking for a paint marker to mark, therefore it was pulled incorrectly. I tried finding TDC and drop it in and it still won't crank. Also, we sprayed fuel in the throttle body and then it would crank and run very rough for a few seconds before going down. My question is is it out of time, and if so how can I fix it? Also, it seems as I the fuel pump has w

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Runs ok except at 4000 rpm or above..... it throttles down and right back up to 4000 rpm..... it does this every two seconds and as long as I hold the throttle open to 4000 rpm on the tack,it will only stop doing this when I go to 3900 rpm........ it runs as smooth as silk.......... feels like the fuel is disrupted at 4000 rpm........ just bought the car, so I don't know when the fuel filter was changed...... we changed the air cleaner..... it was so dirty, the car ran noticeably better after th

1. Replace the fuel filter. \015\0122. If the problem still occurs check the fuel pressure. Replace the fuel pump if necessary. Then test the car again. \015\0123. The best idea is to access the Engine Control Module (ECM ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Have a 2002 saab 9-3 that the check engine light comes on for days then goes out for days. had it to the dealership and they found no codes as to why. had the air filter, fuel filter and the throttle body cleaned. well now the other day the car stalls out on me and will restart run for a couple seconds but when i go to give it gas it stalls again! when starting it the next day it runs ok while sitting idle but after a few minutes it does it again

Have a mechanic check evap purge solenoid, has been known to cause this condition. ... 2004 Saab 9-3

I have a 2000 chevy blazer with v6-vortec it is a 2-wd. It has run great over the years ,lately when going down the road it is slow to accelerate ,balks and stutters,shutters then clears only to have it come back shortly.I have changed the plugs[gapped correctly] the distributer cap,rotor,ignition wire set,changed oil, replaced the fuel filter on the frame, also found a vaccume hose that was questionable changed it. Ive tried replacing the mass air senson[no change] the pressure sensor by the di

I would be interested in a few things: what is the fuel pressure and volume that the fuel pump is putting out? its possible that just because the fuel pump is running, its not putting out enough volume of fuel to keep up at higher rpm's, when more ga ... Chevrolet Venture

O.K. here it goes. I have had struts replaced, new Harmony Michelen Tires, spark plugs and wires changed, fuel filter and air filter replaced. Even changed the tranny with a spare I had left over from a wrecked Le Sabre. Here are the symptons. Even at idle sitting at a stop light it will flucuate between 750 and 1000 r.p.m.s Kind of jerking back and forth every 10 seconds or so. Then when you try to take off at a nice smooth acceleration it wants to hesitate and just not go like normal.

Hi! I believe that the fuel injectors got nothing to do with it. I suspect that you have a faulty MAF (mass air flow) sensor. This has big contribution on engine performance specially the idling. Please check the ECM and PCM too, for these are the br ... Buick Park Avenue

2002 Highlander starts to crank then just stops cranking after a couple of seconds. After coming back about 30 minutes later, same thing. Then I gave it a little gas before and during crank & it started up, but afraid to drive it anywhere. Fuel pump going out? Air intake issue?

... 2001 Toyota Highlander

Thank you for the input as far as your beliefs about it not being the torque converter as I was about to purchase one and have it installed. My question is what could cause this to be happening then? before I turn this engine over again and cause more damage that might have already occured in the fifty miles this second time around, I need to know what could possibly be causing the first crank and Main bearings to go as for sure now we know it wasn't a factory defective crank if the noise is sta

Your comment of "mainly on take offs on inclines" indicates excessive thrust on the crankshaft. If thrust is excessive it will travel longitudinally under load. This is verified by your other statements of "the crank could be pushed and pulled back ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Car has a very rough iddle when cold but fine when warm. Misfires at 4,000rpm and won't go any higher. Was converted to manual by previous owner. Any ideas why? done plugs and fuel filter, diagnostic codes comes up with air flow.

The problem may be in the mas. Mas Airflow Sensor. Locate on the air filter or in the line between the throttle body. Usually when these go out the car won't rev up very quick. if you slowly press on the gas pedal the rpm's will climb a little at a t ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

I have 97 Acura RL 3.5/V6, got 'Check Engine Light' on (OBD Code P0740) about a year, my car is running OK, except slightly low fuel economy (19 Miles/Gallon). My questions are: 1)Could it be just Solenoid problem or bad Torque Converter (need to rebuild Transmission)? 2)if it's Solenoid problem and I keep driving without doing anything, will Transmission go bad eventually? 3)To rebuild Transmission will include Solenoid replacement? Any suggestion would be much appreciated!

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