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The engine was making a tapping noise and then the tapping became a loud knocking noise, then it sounded like something broke. Now the engine wont turn over to start. Could it be a broken rod or piston? The engine didnt overheat nor did the oil light come on.

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The engine was making a tapping noise and then the tapping became a loud knocking noise, then it sounded like something broke. Now the engine wont turn over to start. Could it be a broken rod or piston? The engine didnt overheat nor did the oil light come on.

... 1997 Kia Sportage

92 chevy blazer 5.7 liter. knock noise from bell housing area. also engine has intermittent rough idle...new plugs and wires new cap and rotor. pulled valve cover off didnt see any bent rods or broken valve springs. ideas?

Looks to me you have flywheel crack or bolts flywheel and torque converter end play ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

2002 mustang 5 speed 6 cyl.....does it have clutch fluid and if my clutch was goin out would it make my car die when i depress it? when i start the car there is a loud squealing noise.....also there is a tapping noise but is not a steady tapping like if it was a rod in the motor.....my service engine light came on rite after the oil was changed and the car is getting harder to start

Yes hydrailic and no will not affect engine. Engine problem is just more noticed when transmission not engaged.\015\012Squealing is probably pilot bearing--not a big deal.\015\012Tapping--maybe lifters pumping up \015\012Engine lig ... 2002 Ford Mustang


Was the engine flooded in water?The lifters need to be soaked in oil,they are hydraulic lifters,correct?The lifters need to be soaked in oil to fill them up,if they where not,then it may need a while before they prime up with oil.I believe this car u ... Audi A4

2000 Cavalier 2.4L DOHC It has a loud knocking / tapping noise like tapping on a piece of metal with hammer. It does increase with rpm. Looking at the engine, the sound is loudest on the passenger/ timing chain end. Oil pressure is good. Is there any method to determine rod bearing or valve / lifter area. I really do not want to take the upper end apart and it ends up being a lower end problem. I already replaced the timing chain tensioner. Any Ideas?

Your car is equipt with hydrolic lifters, They pump up as oil pressure inceases...they are the most common cause of a tap in your particualr model...not a very expensive repair since you do not have to remove the head to fix, but rather the valve c ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Knocking noise from engine. very loud when idling fades away at high rpm.saw crank pulley wobbling removed found keyway was not all the way in,not letting the bolt tighten all the way up. changed pulley and bolt , but the noise is still there. does'nt sound like a rod or main bearing. someone says it could be a broken crank, but the oil pressure light is not on. dont know what to do please help.

Here are the things that you need to check:1. Fan - make sure that the bolts of the fan are tightened.2. Oil - there could be a possibility that the oil pressure is low.3. Gas - try to use a higher octane rating gas. try that ... Honda Prelude

Hi, I have a 94 Pajero Nj 2.8TD with a 4M40 engine, and when the engine is revving over 2000, be it in gear or out of gear, there is a tap tap scraping noise which increases in speed with the engine. I have taken it to the mechanics and they have told me it is normal diesel noise. I really don't agree, any ideas? The noise is also slightly worse when the engine is cold, but is still present when hot. Any help muchly appreciated!

... 1988 Mitsubishi Pickup

After my oil change where 5w30 oil was put in engine, there is a tapping noise. i was told that i needed to replace the oil pump and rods because the wrong type of oil was used; it should have been 10w40 type not 5w30.

You didnt state the mileage but I am assuming it s probably at least 100K or close to it. When you switch to a lower thickness oil some parts that are worn usually don't have any affect onthem but in this case it sounds like you are experiencing a v ... 1999 GMC Suburban

1988 nissan 300zx turbo'd edition. the owner says the main bearing is goin out in the car and i was wonderin if that wud be a hard fix or wud it be easier to go ahead and replace motor? he said there was a knockin or tickin noise comin from the engine area and i was thinkin it to be the turbo bearings or a rod or something cuz i didnt kno anything about the bearings in a 300z. any info wud b appreciated

Main bearings are a major repair (engine rebuild stuff).I would be getting some quotes for a rebuild and also for second hand engines.Not going to be cheap either way. ... 1988 Nissan 300ZX

Car just stopped...no check engine light, no oil light, no warning at all it just stopped. i heard a squealing noise, but i didnt hear any lifter tapping or piston slap or any type of knocking, its buggin me out. the guy that sold me the car came to try and figure it out he said sumthin bout vapor lock and hydro lock but i neva heard of it... i spent 900 for it i need help bad

If the motor is hydro locked then it has a coolant leak in the cylinder head or intake. The gm 3.1 and 3.4 are very well known for issue. If the batt is fully charged and the engine will not turn over that probably what it is. It can be a very costly ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

Tapping noise coming from the engine on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country

Maybe.Carbon buildup is a common problem with today's engines and the fuel we use.The computer would have ******** the spark timing when the tapping was going on which would have caused the power loss on acceleration. Its possible you ha ... Chrysler Town & Country

Oil light came on and there was a moaning tapping noise....... then the check engine light came on... then there was only a slight tapping sound... i added a qt of oil and tried to drive the car home and the engine stopped. the commputor check on the engine said the crank angle sensor was bad along with the egnition sensor. If it is only sensors where did the noise come from?

Was the oil low before you added any? What computer check? You went to a shop to have it scanned? Have the code issues repaired first then move on to the noise issues. Not a very new car I hope your not the original owner because you should not hav ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Hi my name is adam. i have a grand cherokee limited 2001 4.7L . starting the engine from sitting in the morning i have a tapping noise comming from the engine which dissapears after about a min or so. driving during the day there is no noise at all only the start up????????? i done an oil clean out just the other day. still have the tapping noise

Hi Adam, Its sounds like you may have a sticky valve lash adjuster, try running hydraulic lifter additive in oil. If that does'nt fix it you may have to replace the lash adjuster. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine tapping....... I bought a 1999 isuzu vehicross with the infamous 3.5L (1rst G) & 38K miles on it. (yes,it burns oil) After looking @ the carfax report the previous onwer seemed to had all maintainance done. However the engine has this annoying tap,tap,tap,tapping noise. I've drove the car with this issue for the last 13K miles (51K) & never give me a problem......so far. The truck runs smooth,good MPG (around 20) EPA says 15,but the tap,tap,tap tapping is the only stuff that bothers me. W

Tapping and oil burning when both are together are tappet trouble. Get another mecanic to check. Any other part of the engine tapping would get a lot louder after a lot less miles. Sounds like tappets and valve stem seals are worn hence tapping and o ... 1997 Geo Metro

4.3 vortec engine , engine noise, knocking or tapping on top of engine, not when cold , but starts noise when it heats up, and gets louder as it gets hotter and hotter!!! Sounds like noise is in the center of engine!!!!

The knocking or ticking is going to determine if it is in the top end, lifters, push-rod or rocker arm issue or the bottom end that would include pistons or bearings.If it is a ticking noise, it will more than likely be a valve tra ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

2003 Volvo S40 making a tap. tap, tap, silent (repeated continually) while the engine is running. Noise appears to be coming from the top of the engine. Engine has been recently preplaced but the tap continues. Any ideas?

Please check to see if the slapping noise is from the belts, the idler , the water pump or alternator. Also check if this is the tappets or the valves, if so this might require a check up after removing the valve door covers. Check for o ... Volvo S40

Noisey engine Mind is a 3.0 DCi done 80k There is a loud tap, tap tap noise can be heard on tick over but when you rev the engine you get the sweet v6 growl. Low engine oil? or tappet? or is this a feature of this model. Can't hear it with windows closed but open the window and parked next behind another vehicle.

... 2005 Renault Espace 3.0

Top of engine tapping noise on 2001 daewoo lanos

... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

Tapping sound in the engine started 2 days ago. The sound comes and goes at startup (not always present at startup), and disappears on deacceleration. Engine oil is OK. Temp doesn't register above normal. Anybody have any idea what this is? My neighbor says it's a rod, but I had a rod go years ago on a Ford, and this doesn't sound like that. This is the second engine in the car, and this engine had a vacumn seal issue from the time I received it. (but shipping it back to CA would have cost

Usually caused by a failed hydraulic lifter. You can verify by removing the valve cover and finding a valve with excess clearance. The lifter/adjuster should be replaced ASAP to avoid damage to the cam lobe. If you would like instructions on repla ... 1993 Subaru Loyale

BMW 318i M42 Engine tapping and other noise. Have video

Could be the oil pump. Had the same problem w/ E 30. Installed a pressure gauge and check performance at different speeds. Pressure was consistently low against specs. Change the pump . . problem gone. ... 1996 BMW 318

Just had rear brakes replaced, also new part for up and down window action. And general maintenance(fluids, belts, oil, etc.) When I got car back, the engine seemed rougher and now has a tapping sound apparently coming from motor. Also at times a kind of 'brushing sound.' Shop owner said the noise was definitly from inside engine and that it would be fairly expensive to go into the engine to track it down. He also said it might be serious or if I didn't mind the noise the car might do just fi

Hello there Matt Thank you for the chat could you pleas do me a favor and go back to the caht session and give me a rate for the session so i can continue to help others like your selfBest regards Michael ... 1993 Nissan Altima

Engine has a knocking noise upon acceleration. Rod bearings, transmission, suspension has been replaced, the noise is still there, mainly when it is cold outside and the engine is cold. The noise sounds like it's coming from the right side.

... 2006 Hyundai Tucson


There is also a small valve body you are supposed to replace when replaceing the phasers... also there is a ssm for replacing the valve lash adjusters. alot of time the small engine tick you hear can be a cracked exhaust manifold too so checking thos ... Ford Fairmont

IN lite of my coolant leak, a bad pump will somtimes have a tapping noise. At time s at crank up there is a tapping noise but it sounds like its from a rod tapping from lack of oil. Could this be related to coolant leak?

First, change the pump. If it's bad just to protect the engine it has to be done! Second, The noise you hear has to be isolated. A sticking lifter can cause a tapping noise and is more common than rod or other bearing failures. BUT, if you have "cook ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Engine noise I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3L i bought new, it now has 110k miles on it uses no oil runs great. it has a noise in engine that has been getting worse the last year. its coming from the front of engine, i can take the belt off start it and its still there. its not a rod or wrist pin or bearings i don't think because when i put it in gear under load its stays the same, driving down the road whether under load or off the gas its the same it sounds to me like a chain tens

It is true that this engine DOES in fact have a timing chain. The 3.0L uses a timing belt, which has to be replaced at regular intervals. Typically, the 3.3 & 3.8, which both use a timing chain, don't have to be replaced nearly as often but sti ... 2000 Dodge Caravan
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