Having problems with your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

When it gets really cold out the jeep wont start.

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Answers :

It's either fuel or spark, if it starts later in the day after it gets \015\012warmer out,\015\012 I would suggest you take a good look a your choke to see if it is \015\012binding or sticking, and also run it to empty and put some fresh gas in \015\012there and fill it up so it won't condensate as much and get a lot of \015\012water in your tank.

Could also be the crankshaft position sensor. This can be checked by \015\012reading codes from the engine controller\015\012.
Most autozone shop will do the scanning free of cost.


Check the video in the above link and it will be very helpful for you

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First thing you want to do is check you spark plugs. They do make a world of difference. New plus will start just about any cold car. If the plug and the plug wires, (which also determines factors) are both good, then you may have a faulty cold start injector
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When it gets really cold out the jeep wont start.

It's either fuel or spark, if it starts later in the day after it gets \015\012warmer out,\015\012 I would suggest you take a good look a your choke to see if it is \015\012binding or sticking, and also run it to empty and put some fresh gas in \015\ ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

95 jeep yj 4 cyl. hard to start when cold. wont start until i hear the clicking noise conming from relay fuse box. once the clicking goes through its few seconds the jeep starts right up. The problem is in the morning when its cold it is hard to get that clicking noise to happen. after driving and warm there is no problenm starting

Mine did the same thing. Replaced the computer and works like brand new. Hope this helps. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

When i turn it on on a really cold day at first some times it makes a clicking sound and wont start then after i get it to start it misfiring then the check engine will come on and start flashing i let it run for an hour and turn it off and turn it back on and it will start okay then the check engine light comes back on and starts flashing after a minute and then starts misfiring again and it wont go part 25 miles per hour is seems to not have any power what can i do ?

I would definitely scan the computer for the codes that are stored when the check engine light comes on and it misfires. One should know which cylinders are misfiring which could indicate a bad spark or bad fuel delivery to a particular cylinder or c ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a dodge mini caravan 2000. When i start the car the key wont start the engine. This seems only to happen when its really cold out side. It takes quite a few tries to get it to start.

What this sounds like is a clogged fuel filter and is an easy fix. The next time it is cold and you go to crank it, try turning the key to the ON position w/out cranking it and turning it off a few times. This will pressurize the fuel system. If it w ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Well, we have a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee. It runs/sounds perfect. It started getting hard to start when cold, losing power and jerking while driving. Also couldn't hear the fuel pump kick in so we changed out the fuel pump. It was fine for a few days with no problems. Check engine light started coming on but it didn't stay on. It would come on and go off with no rhyme or reason really. Engine sounded fine and had no problems. Finally, the check engine light came on and didn't go off. Fi

Seems as though you're on the right track what about the fuel filter, have you done a pressure test for the fuel pump as well as the fuel pressure regulator is good also plug wires, and the vacuum lines are not dry-- Rotted ... also after reattaching ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1990 Jeep Cherokee's engin temperature guage wont go above the minimum temperature unless it has been driving for about 30 minutes and even after it starts to slightly raise above that, i am still not getting any heat in my jeep. i just replaced my thermostat and have the coolent topped up. it has been about -25C or -13F outside, and it has been really hard to drive in this freezing weather with no heat

Your heater core may be clogged up. The temp of the inlet hose should be about the same as the outlet hose-under the hood. If one is signifcantly more hot then suspect a clogged heater core. You can try to back flush the heater core. Remove the h ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Hey there is have a 2003 jetta and when it gets really cold over night the next morning it will not start everything else turns on the radio the hearter wind sheild wippers but my car wont start. i just replaced the battery that was not it! what should i do? thank you, Justine

Check and clean your ground cables. Metal contracts when cold, of wich can loosen on the threads where it meets the chasis. Tighten them when its cold and give it a go. ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a corolla wagon L-extra automatic diesel, i have used it many years and i have rebuilt the engine as well. have a problem on cold start, the gear wont get engage. i have to step on the gas and wait for few minutes till it get engaged. i have put new transmission oil and cleaned the filter as well. i would be really appreciate it if you could help me out. thanks!

Im guessing you hav a stick--TRANS,if so check th WEIGHT OF the TRANS GEAR OIL,IF its too\015\012heavy,yea this is a prob when its cold,you need to change it put THE LIGHT-ONE or to FACTORY---\015\012SPECS, or maybe your clutch-pedal is not fully eng ... Toyota Corolla

Heater doesn,t work. Controls on dash sometimes light up & sometimes doesn,t. All of my fuses are good. It seems to act up mostly in the morning. Sometimes if I turn my head lights on my gauges quit working. I turned my head lights off & my gauges started working again. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. If anybody can tell me what to do,it would be grately appreiceated. It,s been getting really cold lately & I would appreceate any help I can get . Charlie

Morning Charlie,If it were me, I would check the wires coming & going to & from engine. Maybe something is crossed. That's what it sounds like, anyways. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

I have a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee. What happens is I can get it to start maost of the time every now and again it wont start. When I do get it to start I can drive for about 5 miles until it stalls and wont restart. It just cranks and cranks. When this happens their is no power going to the coil. I have replaced the transmission, engine, and may other things before this problem occured. I thought it was the ecu, so I replaced that and still same issue. When my jeep does stall and wont restart I c

I would say start with the fuel lot of times if you have rubber hoses they can what you call "vapor lock" causing the fuel to not flow, mite be your prob! Hope this helps! ... 1993 Honda Accord


Next time you replace your battery you need to find one with more cold cranking amps. It is much harder for the battery to produce the voltage needed in the cold. Batteries produce their peak amperage when new which may explain why you have no proble ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

201 jeep cher larendo, 110k, wont stay started, sound like it back firing into the engine, can this really happen, n if so how can it get fixed

I'm just going to guess here. but your description reminded me of something that happensfairly often. Remove the gas cap and smell the gasoline. Does it possibly smell like diesel fuel? Oily?Because if it IS diesel fuel, have the ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1986 4 runner sl. When the engine is cold,it starts up fine. If I drive it fffffor 45 minutes and the engine gets really warmed up(hot),and and then I turn the key off,,,,,,,5-10 min later when I go to restart it,it wont kick over,but if Im lucky and I got the pedal to the floor and cranking it like crazy,it might turn over butif it does turn over at this point,it runs horrible,hessitates bad,runs real rough,and even stalls out. Same with if it sits and coo;sdown for and hour and a half

Hi,\015\012For trouble shooting your car's problem we can look at these problematic parts:\015\012\015\012\015\012Air filter clogged.\015\012Fuel not reaching the carburetor or fuel injection system.\01 ... Toyota 4Runner

Have a 1886 toyota 4 runner sl. When the engine is cold, it starts up fine. If I drive it for 35 to 45 minutes and the engine gets really warmedup(hot),and then I turn the key off,,,,5-10 minutes later when I go to restart it, it wont kick over,but if Im lucky and I got the pedal to the floor and cranking it like crazy,it might turn over,but if it does turn over at this point, it runs horrible, hessitates bad,runs real rough and even stalls out. If I have it in drive and i have enough space in f

The o2 sensor is just a messenger,it should not cause this problem.I would check the pressure regulator,and the return line to the tank,if the regulator is not allowing the fuel to return to the tank,or the line is blocked to the tank on the return,t ... Toyota 4Runner

My seats quit moving and I checked my fuses the circuit breaker for the power seats was very very hot...So i ordered another circuit breaker and when it came in I installed it. It was working fine..then it started to work when it wanted to. Now my heated seats wont work and when I went to take the relay out to get it replaced there isn't one in there. I also checked the circuit breaker for the power seats again and AGAIN it was hot...I really need my heated/power seats..I live in a cold tempe

I would have this checked out by a trained technician or your likely to cause a fire. these seats do go bad over time and most can't be fixed they need replaced. ... Chevrolet Chevy

I dont know anything about vehicles..except how to drive them so this might sound stupid but what kind of battery do i buy for my 96 jeep grand cherokee? it wont start but it sounds like it wants to and the battery is old. plus its been really cold lately. is there a specific kind i should buy?

Yes only certain types and sizes of batteries will fit your Jeep.\015\012The best thing to do is visit a Autozone store. They are everywhere. They will check your old battery and if found bad they will replace it with one of theirs. You will on ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus. I drove it yesterday with no problems at all. I go to start my car this morning and it wont start. Its turns over just fine it dont even sound like there is a problem but then it wont start. Its has been really cold here so i dont know if the cold weather has something to do with it, but i never had problems in cold weather before. Please help....

You need to check and see if your getting any fire to your spark plugs it sounds like you may have a distributor that has gone out which is commen in that vehicle and if the engine light is on you can see if someone you know might be able to run the ... Chrysler Cirrus

Hello I have 99 gsxr600 my bike wont start unless I jump it with jumper cables once bike get warm it will start without a problem but it seems that when it gets cold I turn key switch and lights turn on a decent amount and its seems like it will turn on first try but then it just wont turn on after that it wont even turn ill keep trying till battery dies then ill let it sit for 20min. And it does same thing till I jump it again and it gets warm and turns on fine what do u think it is could it be

... Cars & Trucks

I have a remote start on my jeep. the other morning we had a terrible thunder storm, now my jeep wont start. it just about turns over, & the gauges DO NOT move. Could this be the remote start? How do I get get it to start?

Try jumping it. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1994 toyota camry the starter wont turn over when it gets cold? the starter is good and the battery is good. after a few turns of the keys it will start and after it gets warm i wont have the problem till it gets cold again.

My starter tested great in several shops also but a friend of mine said my starter is an original part and would be the "weakest link" in trying to correct the problem of turning over. No one had a solution so I got a new starter and WOW it works per ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I have a 1986 Dodge 600, With a 2.4L I have done a complete tune up on the thing a new fuel pump, timing set on the car and I still have a problem. When you start the car when the car is cold it runs like a dream, then as soon as the engine heats up it starts to sputter when I try to excellerate and gets worse the hotter it gets until ti stalls then wont run again until it gets cold

Make sure choke on carburetor is open when engine is warmed up.if all is good .carburetor is lean float bowl is low.in fuel .because the fuel pump weak or fuel filter stopped up.make sure idle speed is correct. ... Dodge W150

I have a 2006 Sebring Touring addition V6 (not a convertable) with 79000 miles. I have already replaced the o-ring at the MAP sensor. What is happening is at at cold start in the morning (doesnt matter if it was cold out or not), the engine will start but will act as if it really cold and shake a bit. THis doesnt happen when I try to start the car once I have driven it for a while. Also, 2 weeks ago, the engine started, but I had to press the gas petal down to the floor to get it to move at

Could be an O2 sensor but that will usually throw a fault code and check engine light. Try running Carburator/Injector cleaner through it and check your plugs and wires. It sounds like clogged injectors or a problem with the Coil pack. You might w ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

1995 dodge ram v8 it has a kill switch i have to push in while starting the truck, the truck trys to start its like it is not getting gas to the engine. if i get the truck started it runs fine once the truck is warm i can shut it off and it will fire back up no prolbem once it gets cold wont start again.

Can not find gas kill switch for 1996 dodge ram 1500 ... 1995 Dodge Ram

My 2002 jeep liberty was flooded in a car accident i swirved in to a canal now the jeep wont statr we tried to dry out everything we took out the sparkplugs, the air filter, made sure we dried everthing electrical, we replaced the starter, cleaned out the oil, and the gas tank. still it wont start it turns over but thats it oh i think also the computer got wet. do you know what i can do to get it started????

If the computer got wet, and you have been trying to start the engine, there's a good chance it is toast.You would need to know if you are getting spark to the plugs, fuel to the injectors, power and a ground pulse to the injectors, and normal co ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

My jeep wont start when its cold.. It takes like thirty min of stright trying to start it. its 1994 grand cherokee 4x4. when its warm it runs perfect but wont fire cold. Is this fuel issue or what? please help

Hi my name is Tom and I am here to help.This is a very difficult problem. It could be a number of things. I am going with my best guess. That being an issue of no fuel getting to the engine when it is cold. As you try a long time the ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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