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How much oil and trans. fluid to change?

\015 I just bought a 1997 hyundai elantra wagon- auto transmission. I want to switch to Amsoil signiture series synthetic oil/ filter and amsoil transmission fluid. I don't have an owner's manual and don't know how much oil and trans. fluid it will take to fill to proper levels. Can you help me out?\015\012\015\012Also, the window washer doesn't function- can you point me to a possible solution? \015\012\015\012Thanks kindly- "kiarra"\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Check washer motoer as they jam up but often have problems with connections more often than not ,engine oil about 4.5 litres with filter ,gearbox ??never worked on an auto here in spain as spain only has macho men and autos are for tonto americanos and old people from northern europe.but getting all the oil out the transmission including the torque converter is going to be a job,remove the plate behind bell housing by the sump and turn converter as their may be a drain plug but i think this may only apply to older cars up till 1970 but have a look.As for this syncthetic oil i wouldnt bother use the cheapest from supermarket and change every 5000miles .all honesty your wasting you money on a shopping/golf course run around .trust me on this oil thing dont be blurbed by the publicity i used to test oil in ford dagenham factory and paying lots for a fancy container and beleaving the publicity ,trust me on this one
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I did an oil change on my 2001 daewoo lanos emptyed out the old motor oil and filled it with new castrol motor oil 4 courts to be exact and added 2 courts of trans mision fluid not knowing how much its currently had and spark plugs were changed as well as the oil filter.. when the car turned on out of the exaust pipe it throws out white smoke what could be the problem it didnt do it befor i did the tuneup.

First, how did the engine run before you did the tune-up? any missing or running hot? Any coolant loss? any coolant stains or fouling on the old plugs? Generally white smoke from the tailpipe is from a cylinder head gasket problem. It cannot have hap ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

How much oil and trans. fluid to change?

Check washer motoer as they jam up but often have problems with connections more often than not ,engine oil about 4.5 litres with filter ,gearbox ??never worked on an auto here in spain as spain only has macho men and autos are for tonto americanos a ... 1997 Hyundai Elantra

Hey. you responded to my question about the 91 regal acting sluggish the warmer it gets and the longer i drive it in one trip. ive pretty much knocked out the simple stuff. since i have owned it i have taken great care it. i used to work for goodyear. ive done water pump, alternator, belt, transmission fluid exchange and new trans filter. fuel filter, coolant flush, thermostat, rear struts oil change every 2 grand. and i threw a cold air intake on it for the hell of it. i think it could possibly

An air ambient temp sensor wouldn't have that kind of effect on the engine. I would lean more towards the CTS. Also I would check the vaccum line running into the MAP sensor as well. The mileage doesn't indicate a converter issue. ... 1991 Buick Regal

Yessterday a dealership replaced my thermostat housing and hose, changed the oil , topped off fluids on my 2005 Chevy Aveo. Today it was smoking from the tailpipe and the new hose after driving 60 miles. Dealer said it was ok. Check later, still smoking from hose, crack case looks empty, can see the bottom clearly and the trans fluid is brownish/clear. I think they screwed up. Shouldn't I see oil in the Ccase and the trans fluid be red or black and no smoke by now?

Smoke could be from hose clamp on hose not tight enough otherwise possible intake gasket problem, trans fluid should be red and if it is just a hint of browned and probably just needs a flush but if it is dark brown black something goin on with trans ... Chevrolet Aveo

After two years of garage storage, I have put my 2002 Escape XLT (3.0 6 cyl auto trans) back in service. Changed the oil (with a new oil pan to fix a leak) and replaced the fuel sensing module. When I stop driving, I smell an odor like oil dropped onto a manifold. Should I have transmission fluid flushed and/or changed? Is this a relatively easy DIY item ? Fluid reads OK on the dipstick.

Hello\015\012\015\012After a car has been in storage like this it is not UNCOMMON for it to have wierd smells. For lack of a better term "GOO" from the world, a bird that liked an unseen part of the engine block, the little mouse house i ... 2002 Ford Escape

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I too have had issues with the elusive trans plug. Unfortunetly i think the previous owner did not change the fluid. I noticed my car running rough and found out the fluid was dangerously low. After I had it filled, it has run much better since. My car runs failry well but i fear the trans has been slightly damaged. It locks into gear a little hard sometimes and doesnt shift as smooth as it should, espeacially when i first start to drive it. What do you think the damage is and how much do yo


Had the clutch changed in my 94 colt vista. the mechanic put auto trans fluid instead of gear oil. I'm under the vehicle now. I would like to drain the fluid and repplace with g-oil. Which bolt do I remove. The upper trans/ lower rear?

To drain it pull the lowest plug then fill it until it starts comeing out the upper plug. ... 1993 Plymouth Colt Vista

Fluids Is trans axle fluid the same as trans mission fluid and do you add it where you check with the dipstick. i've changed the oil on my vibe probably 25 times this time i think i drained the tranny fluid??? the fluid was very dirty looked a little red (not really) how am i sure that's what i did and what i need to do

Trans axle and transmission are the same in a front wheel drive car. After 25 oil changes, the trans fluid probably should be replaced anyway, if never done yet. Pontiac/Toyota do recommend synthetic trans fluid, which is quite pricey per quart from ... 2004 Pontiac Vibe

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Hi, there is a fill plug on the driver's side of the transmission. When the fluid is at the level of the fill plug, the level is correct. The fill plug is half way up the transmission and looks just like a manual trans or differential fill plug, wi ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

I have a1996 toyota camry 4cyl automatic transmission i bouth not to long ago i check the fluided levels when i got to the trans the oil was black so i change the gasket and filter and new trans oil and when i check the oil level it was still black

Make sure you are useing the correct oil There are abrasove plates inside the transmission that are supose to grip agenst each other to drive the shaft . Black is no good is should look red **** new if everything is working correctly but some transmi ... 1996 Toyota Camry

I just got an oil change and they added 6 quarts of oil and trans fluid..1 hour later i broke down and they are saying my trans is gone..i have a 2004 ford escape. is 6 quarts a lot of oil for my truck?

Yes it is a lot of oil to loose in the transmission,or the engine. ... 2004 Ford Escape


When starting your vehicle, cycle the key twice to pump up the fuel pressure. If the vehicle starts like normal, I would replace the fuel filter. Has the fuel filter ever been replaced??? I posted as a solution, but there is no option on this questio ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Transmission Fluid.. I have a 03 Oldsmobile Alero with a V6 engine i just made a trasmission oil change but im not sure how much oil those this transmission needs. I put 2 gallons but im still not sure if that is correct. How much oil those this transmission need?

The 03 alero doesnt have a dipstick. i was told that it takes about 7quarts of transmission fluid ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Radiator fluid getting into oil changed radiator no visible gaskets on intake or head leak no change in preformance other than loss of radiator fluid has engine cooler to radiator and trans cooler to radiator no visible leak around water pump heater works no fluid smell in passenger compartment

You might not notice a change in performance for a while, but the head gasket is blown and the water seeps down there at night or when it is cool. It won't do it when it is running because it gets burnt. Check your exhaust for steam, and get a compre ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 auto. At start up the trans pump sounds like lack of fluid whine. Put into gear & it drives for few minutes then slips to the point of stopping, if left idling it will move give throttle and it stays still like low fluid. Has high miles 190,000. Has reverse & 1st so the bands not broken, I'm thinking filter & oil change & adjusting bands but I cant read pan rail to see if it has the 42re or 42rh trans as band adjustment is different for both. vin is1j4gz58s6rc

Likely it's better to leave the bands alone. The servos have plenty of travel and unless it was "hammering" into gear (from excessive clearance there) likely adjusting them won't do much. Pan rail is stamped pretty deep...carb cleaner wont clean it u ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 lexus rx300. will not shift from 1st to second. took car for regular oil change. transmission worked fine before service. mechanic stated trans flid low and gaskit was wet, thought i had a leak. he added transmission fluid. immediately after service, trans would not shift from 1st to second. drained some fluid, shifted until warm then would not shift.

Well the 1st thing that needs to be done is a Transmission electronic control module tested, this trans is shifted by an electronic control module through electric shift solenoids inside the transmission, the 1-2 shift solenoid may be ... Lexus RX 300

I have a 2001 mercury sable. when the car is idling it shakes and idles a lil high ive had a tune up, trans fluid change and oil change. i was told that my right trans axle seal needed to be replaced. it doesnt shift smooth.

Take a spray bottle and put water in it and with engine running start spraying around the vaccum hoses and manifold intake, even ignition wires and coils...you are looking for vaccum leaks of some kind, or electical leaks. If the engine levels out at ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I have a 1997 mercury cougar xr7 v6 3.8l I just bought this car about 5 months ago. Since then I had an oil change place flush the Trans fluid and change the oil. The car has been acting stupid (for instance it will run like a dream and about 4 minutes later it will shake and act like the worst car ever). We have had the o2 sensors replaced and my brother has re-sealed the intake gasket, replaced the idle air control valve, and did a tune-up by replacing the spark plugs and the wires. The check

To be totally honest here i would need to drive it and see it when it plays up ,and i do feel that the advice given was good advice ,but to diagnose it correctly it would have to be running rough to diagnose it ,i suspect the previous owner knew some ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I am going to change the trans fluid & filter in my 1993 gmc 1500 4.3 & 4 speed auto trans. how much fluid will I be replacing (not draining the tork converter)

4-5 liters (put in 4 then start checking). ... 1993 GMC Sierra K1500

Schedule Maintenance I have done my regular oil changes every 2500/3000 miles. I am coming up on 67k miles now. Is there any type of full service from mazda such as trans. fluid change and things like that I can get done to the car to feel comfortable. I got the car with 57,000 miles and do not know what services were done previously. I woudl like to get the car completely looked over. Where could I Get information online on the pricing and stuff for this?

The trans should be serviced every 60,000, this is a recommendation for all automatic transmissions, also the cooling system hoses should be changed as well as a cooling system flush, the rest of the checks are fluid level checks, the trune up is du ... 2005 Mazda 6

POWER LOST hello, i have a 2004 toyota corolla s problem maybe or just needs maint. car has 158000 miles on it get oil change every 5000 miles ok if i leave he air and radion on it seem that the battery is dying out. if i don't it has a little more power. i check the battery and the little color code on top is green still. i am going to take it in next week for maint. filter change trans fluid maint. also the works maybe but if its the battery i will do that myself. i have always owned a toyota.

Well i fixed it and you will have to pay me 19.95 for my answer so you will give the answer to other people. i guess somethings in life are not free\015\012by the way \015\012if it makes a difference i am a woman. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Brought my 2003 CR-V in for oil change & was told needed rear brakes, rotors, differential fluid change. Cost brakes & rotors $485, differential $285. Sounds high to me. Is it? At auto repair shop, not dealer. Dealer much less!

Lots of eork for an 03 . SECOND OPINION!!! ... 2003 Honda CR-V

2007 honda odyseey VSA modulator does it impact power steering? had the recall repair completed today drove 30miles lost all power steering fluid vehicle has never leaked any fluid. 57,000 miles work completed by dealer, oil change, new master key cut, vsa recall, trans recall (reprogrammed for shudder)

... 2007 Honda Odyssey


Fluid Level Checking & Filling\015\012To Check: \015\012\015\012Connect a scan tool to the vehicle to read ATF temperature. ATF checking temperature should be 95° - 113°F (35° - 45°C) ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
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