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I am not getting any spark to the spark plugs to get engine to turn over, start, or run. I already replaced the plugs and everything to do with them, the fuel filter, the air filter, and the relay switch. Fuses are all good. The starter is the last thing I replaced because it wouldn't even engage, now there is no spark......

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Answers :

Ignition moduel inside the distrubitor. around a $40 part. Two screws on distrubitor, two more on the moduel, and one wire connector and you're done.
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I am not getting any spark to the spark plugs to get engine to turn over, start, or run. I already replaced the plugs and everything to do with them, the fuel filter, the air filter, and the relay switch. Fuses are all good. The starter is the last thing I replaced because it wouldn't even engage, now there is no spark......

Ignition moduel inside the distrubitor. around a $40 part. Two screws on distrubitor, two more on the moduel, and one wire connector and you're done. ... 1997 GMC Sierra

There was an improperly installed after market fuel air filter and toggle switch installed on my car before I bought it. The wires were not properly grounded or intalled, they began smoking and melted all the way to the battery. The connector for the turn signal aftermarket lighs also burned and fused to negative side of battery. ECM replaced, sensors replaced, not blown fuse, starter checked, alternataor checked, spark plugs replaced, all wires seem to be connected and operational. No check

... Mitsubishi Galant

97 Chevy Blazer: 4WD 4.3L 6cyl Runs great all winter, as soon as it gets hot out, it stalls or quits after driving for a while after making a few stops on errands. Been to several garages and Dealers. The following have been replaced to try to solve the issue: Fuel filter, Battery, Altenator, Coil, Ignition Switch (Key was getting stuck in.),Fuel pump, Plugs, Air Filter, Fuses, Relays,etc. The temp gage is good, and shows no increase in over-heating. No codes coming up. Have good spark, have fue

Have fuel pressure tested has to be over 80psi mine was doing same thing first fuel pump had installed went bad after 3 months guy didnt change filter in tank.mechanic said never let go past quarter tank! ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer


Listen for fuel pump when u turn key to on [not start] should hear a hum-check for pressure at fuel port -if pressure need to start checking sensors a bad crankcase position sensor--camshaft position sensor --bad egr valve--can shut down and not allo ... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 saturn sl was intermittently starting, with some black smoke coming out when it started. would try to die when accelerating in first gear only. i replaced air filter, fuel filter/ fuel pressure regulater, spark plugs , ignition module ( used/work done at certified mechanic shop),fuel injectors, fuse/ relay box. had the starter & battery tested, both good. my mechanic friends now believe i have a bad pcm. how do you test a pcm to see if it's bad? the car also won' t pass smog, not

Just check the air intake tube for splits & clamp tightness 1st. You may also want your airflow sensor tested ... 1999 Saturn SL

On my 1995 chevy caprice the battery is new altenator good replaced fuel filter and spark plugs and wires, sometimes it starts some times it dont and now it will shut off sometimes when i put it in drive. today the head lights and instument lights wouldnt come on and i jiggled the wires going in to the fuse box under the hood by the alternate positive battery post and they came back on? any ideas? oh and it developed a miss in it in the last couple of weeks.

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1993 ford taurus, replaced all starting and charging componets still no spark to plugs. Checked all fuses and all fusible links. Replaced key switch, ignition switch,neutral safty switch,battery,starter,throttle position sensor,rebuilt distributor shaft,new cap and rotor,new plugs and wires,spout circut pin,ignition control modual,computer, I am told that the crank sensor in built into the distributor in the stator assembly. What is left to do ? At this time I am running out of cash and ideals.C

The camshaft position sensor sends a signal to the PCM, powertrain control module. The PCM then determines spark plug firing. Could be the camshaft position sensor.\015\012\015\0121996 is all I have\015\012Camshaft Position (CMP) ... 1993 Ford Taurus

Another 88 volkswagen fox not running. Hey i was wondering if anyone had any new ideas with an old issue. I drove my vw home and parked it and the next morning i couldnt get it to fire. Ive checked spark and it showed good, cold injector is fine, fuel pump is strong, battery is good, starter is good, air filter clean, no vacume lines open, plugs wires and distributer appear good and not corroded or burnt, fuses in the panel are good, someone suggested pulling the relay above the fuse panel and r

It is very tough to diagnose a no start when I am not actually there.And yes you need to be aware the suggested solutions are provided by the website and may have nothing to do with your issue.To review, you need compression, fuel, and a good ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 96 ford explorer. Driving one day and it just shut off. Replaced the fuel pump. It cranked over but did not start. Thinking it may be a bad pump i replace the new one. Still nothing. Replaced the filter and the fuel relay. Still nothing. Checked all the fuses,good. I can not hear the pump kick on. Reset the fuel reset switch. It does not pop out all the way. Running out of things to check. Its got good spark.

... 1996 Ford Explorer

Starter problems I have replaced the starter spark plugs and fuel filter all within 1week and the batterie has been read as being good. however it takes about 10 seconds for the car to fully get power. Also it has shut off twice since these items have been replaced but again stars up after about 10 seconds.

Petrol or diesel ???please use queens english??starter spark plugs ??now do you mean pre heaters or glow plugs,hot fingers,fire sticks the correct name is pre heater plugs if its what i think you mean.So come on learn the queens english so we can all ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a Toyota camry 2000 L.E it cranks but wont start i replace the Spark plugs and wires fuel pump fuel filter the Starter works i check for sparks the fuel line is good timing belt is good what can it be please help.

Is the engine check light ondo you have enough pressure at the fuel rail is the pump running when u swing the engine is the MAP sensor and crank angle sensor faulty ... Cars & Trucks

Here's one for the books. 2000 Jaguar S Type 4.0 Sport - no fuel pressure past fuel pump. Checked inertia switch, fuel pump fuses and relay - all good. Installed new fuel filter, fuel pump was shot - replaced fuel pump and I can hear the pump prime when turning the ignition switch on, but NO fuel pressure at fuel filter and fuel rail. Engine started with starter fluid, any help would be appreciated.

Check if the input side of the fuel pump has a restriction . a perished rubber hose can be a problem , the pump should be able reach a pressure 35 psi + and a flow of a quart every 30 seconds at this pressure. ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Hey guys .i have a 1990 chevy c2500. a while back it started running kinda rough when at low rpms... then it began blowing the ecm fuse after running for about 10 minutes, and the check engine light would come on. i know this was probably not the right thing to do but i put a just put a higher amp fuse in and let it be. ran good for about 6 months. about two weeks ago i gave a tune up, fuel filter air filter plugs wires, and also replace an o2 sensor that was bad. last week started running real

First check and see if you have spark at the sparkplug if you do then you need to check your fuel pressure.It sounds like to me that your fuel pump has went out to lunch.When you turn your ignition on try and listen for the fuel you should here it fo ... 1990 Chevrolet C2500

1991 F-150 windsor 351 will not start at times and dies while driving and will not restart. have done the following: Checked fuel pressure, it's at 40 PSI. Checked spark at ignition coil wire to distributor cap - checked okay Checked spark at the plugs - checked okay Checked fuses- checked okay Replaced: EGR valve position sensor Fuel pump Relay Solenoid TFI ignition module Fuel filter EEC relay switch Coil Plugs Wires Distributor Computer with a used one form junkyard Catal

If u have replaced the TFI ignition module then u need to replace the distributor pickup coil as well, if that has been done y ou may have a defective engine wiring harness, a defective ECM or a fuel pump that looses pressur ... Ford F-150

My 2000 gmc jimmly sle .. starts fine idles fine most of the time... when accelerator is pushed down slowly all is well... vehicle seems to bogg down going uphill with cruise control set... also boggs or chokes when accelerator pushed hard,, if i let off the accelerator it regains power.... replaced tranny last year... no foul smells no noises, no smoke... replaced fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, fluids all smell and look good..... unplugged iat and maf sensors starts better that way... a

Have someone check your fuel presure, it may be time to replace your fuel pump. It worked for me. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I put my battery in backwards. Have went thru the whole system lookin for blown fuses or relay switchs. Replaced coil, replaced ignition relay switch, battery's good. Engine won't turn over when I turn the key. Bypass the starter and sounds like its still getting no spark

Did you check your MAXI-fuses? Make sure you check these, as well. Check the wiring, as well. It could be the microcontroller. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 91 Ford Probe GT 2.2L Turbo. I have replaced the following parts: Spark plugs (gap .44) Spark plug wire (in the correct firing order) Rotor Distributor cap Fuel filter The problem I'm having is that the engine cranks but won't turn over. I cracked the fuel filter line to check for fuel coming out, good. I cracked open the fuel rail bolt at the end, fuel coming out. I checked for spark from the wire, sparking is good. I pulled the spark plugs out, fuel on the

Hi, the first thing i would get tested would be the head gasket you would need to get hold of a compression testing kit you can buy these and can possibly hire them from most tool rental places.If the engine is turning over are you sure t ... 1991 Ford Probe

No start have spark, fuel pressure, great compression. installed new distributor,starter ,cables and the relay, module is new and tested.ECM, distibutor connection plug, ignition switch, coil cap rotor wires and plugs timing gears, drained fuel tank,changed injectors and fuel pressure regulator with known good ones,fuel filter messed with the timing (3 of us) untill i'm blue in the face. checked firing order and timing. Today it wanted to start on can of brake clean but then it will not do it ag

Get a can of quick start and try it. did it backfire or anything like that. check the oil as well and see what colour it is. ... 1991 Ford F150

My topaz has a sputtering problem! starts fine, idles fine, and switches gears fine! now it is fine when going like in first gear but when it switches then it sputters having hard time to go then at the speed I need it is fine! I can go freeway speeds also and everything is fine for most part just very light sputter! also Ive had to (truely needed to) replace starter, fuel pump, fuel filter and all tune up necessities but still has this problem! seems to also make the spark plugs go bad faster!

Here is what I would do I would get carb cleaner and clean the carberator really good and depending on what happend there I would get a set of hotter burning spark plugs after carb cleaned then I would see if it still makes sputter and then all I cou ... 1994 Mercury Topaz

No spark no fuel no start! replaced and checked everything,fuses,grounds,relays,coil, plugs,wires,distributor,crank sensor,jumped fuel pump, works. timing right on, last code given was P1500, changed fuel pump relay, still nothing, checked for ecu power supply relay #.3 is none? also checked for relay #13 ho2s also none? Fuse 18 & 15 good, 1996 VW golf gti 2.0 L4 Automatic...now what?

Funny thing is I have a 2002 GTI with the exact same problem. have spent the last three days at work trying to figure things out.. best of luckn email me if you figure anything out. [email protected] ... Volkswagen GTI

2002 ford windstar won't start. I have replaced as follows: Coil pack Spark plugs and wires Fuel filter Starter Ignition switch Battery It rolls over but it won't start and it doesn't get spark what could it be?

... Cars & Trucks

Landrover discovery 1 1995 3.9 v8 has fuel at rails has spark starter turning motor over very good, replaced coil, spark plugs, ignition module,filters, airflow meter but vehicle wont start up. help p

Might want to have a compression test done on the cylinders. Could also be a timing issue...Coiuld also be crank sensor....These are what i would check first...if no change of help fill free to contact me and maybe i can help more.....good luck and i ... Cars & Trucks

My car has a system too rich bank one code and multiple cylinder misfire. When I purchased it I changed the fuel pressure regulator right away and the oil pressure switch because each had a leak. Oil got into the spark plugs but I dried it up , replaced the plugs, boots , coil packs , housing unit , and had the ignition module tested and it was good. I also changed the fuel filter, and the o2 sensor off of the exhaust manifold. Advanced auto parts told me my timing was jumping from 7 to over

... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

98 chevy 1500 5.7L will crank but won't start. I can hear the fuel pump kick on, replaced the fuel filter, crankshaft regulator, rotor, distributer cap, pcv valve, plugs, wires. I get a spark from the end of the wires. The fuel pump relay switch is good. There is gas in the hard line right at the throttle body. Took the hard line behind the fuel filter off, cranked it and gas came through. Had a computer hooked up and no codes were thrown. I don't know where to go from here. Help!

Change the EGR valve or clean it prior to changing it with fluid filim...........Hope this helps you out. ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

1996 Nissan Quest cranks but won't start. Replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, starter, fuel pressure regulator, spark plugs, coil, rotor, distributor cap and crankshaft position sensor. Had the ingition sensor tested, it was good. Still not getting spark. What could be wrong?

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\012\012go here for help ... 1996 Nissan Quest
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