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Car wont drive in reverse

\015 The car won't drive in reverse at all\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

\015\012 This is one of the answers you wish was not. The no reverse condition is an intenal transmission problem. It is either in the valve body or the transmission clutch pack is burnt up. you will need to take it in to a qualified transmission shop or put in a rebuilt if you are up to that.
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My 1997 Ford taurus transmission wont shift. I was driving and it stalled now it wont shift. If i put it in neutral i can push it and if i put it in park it wont move. If i put it in drive or reverse it wont go. The car turns on just fine. But if i put it in drive or reverse all it dose is rev up. I checked the shift cable and its good its shifts on the transmission but the car wont move.

Have you checked the transmission/gearbox fluid is at the correct level ? This will also cause this. Hope this is of help. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Hi I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. I reversed my car out of the driveway, put it in drive to drive forward.... I then put my foot on the brake because I was waiting for my son to get in the car. While doing that I thought I had put my car in park but it was still in drive & I turned the car off. Then I realized what I had done & I put the car back in park & tried to start my car & it wouldnt start. Can u please help me. Please let me know why my car wont start any more.

You might have triggered that crash sensor. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

The car shifts into drive and reverse, and drives fine. But when you put the car in park, the car will move if you push it. And then it wont shift into gear without grinding, unless you start the car in neutral. Then it drives fine.

Shifter or linkage is damaged or out of adjustment or tranny park gear is damaged! ... 1996 Hyundai Accent

Me and my friend replaced the front part of the transmission(pump?) in my 94 Camaro V6 Auto. After that the tranny works great except whenever the car warms up, reverse doesn't work. It works when you first start the car, and for the first few miles you drive, but when you drive for a while it wont go in reverse. All the other gears work fine.

Sounds like you have other problems like low /reverse clutches ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

I just did an engine swap and now my car wont turn over? its a 94 geo prizm the engine threw a bearing and was knocking i got a car for free that had a bad transmission, befor i did the swap both cars would start and drive...now that i did the swap and hooked everything back up the car wont turn over also the radiator fan will come on when i try to start the car i can take the key out and it stays on untill i put it in reverse? its a 5 speed, ive checked my plugs from the wiring harness tomorrow

... 1994 Geo Prizm

Lexus ls 400 1992. I bought the car knowing they replaced the catalytic converter with a smaller one, No biggie car worked fine. only issue was if you drove over 70 the car would **** a little, now 5 months later, sometimes when im driving it semms like it wont go into third gear. it lets me go 40 mph with normal idle then when i got 50 -60 it idles like crazy and it wont shift, then i stop turn the car back on its perfect any idea? also when I step on the break the reverse light on the dash tur

Have transmission checked ... 1992 Lexus Sc 400

My 1990 chevy caprice wont go in drive it just sits there ,it goes in reverse when i used to put it in drive it would take about 10 seconds to hop in drive and it make a loud clanking noise and **** the car real hard . now it wont go in drive at all

The bands are slipping and can only be repaired by a gearbox mechanic It is not something you can fis yourself. in extreme cases it is cheaper to have a reconditioned exchange gearbox fitted than to try and have your own repaired ... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

2001 merc sable AX4N floor shift will not move in reverse or drive. The car was working fine no slipping and went to garage to go to work and the tranny would not go. The shifter is shifting through the gears and the car will roll in neutral. With the car off, I put it in neutral and started the car, it lurched forward llike it was in drive, but it wont do it again. Plugged filter? Bad pump? I don't want to change the tranny if I don't need to.

I have a similar problem. Did you figure yours out? I think it might be the pump in the trans. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I have a 2002 dodge neon. It wont shift into gear. after a while if i put it in first i can put it in drive and it wont stall out. if i go to put it directly in drive it stalls immediately. my car also wont go in reverse.

If it has a manual transmission your clutch has gone bad and needs to be replaced ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Transmission Problem i was trying to drive my car and it wont accelerate at all. I hear myself pushing on the gas pedal but my car will just make a noise. It wont go in reverse either. I have to turn it off, restart it and it will work for a minute or so and im pretty sure its the transmission. From what I've researched so far on the web my car doesnt even have a trans fluid dipstick so what am i supposed to do? Am i to go buy some fluid and if so what kind and where do i put it because i can

Your transmission dipstick is hiding between the engine and the firewall[the wall at the back of the engine compartment];on the drivers side.look for a yellow handle.note location of dipstick tube.by using a long funnel,add fluid through dipstick tub ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

While driving it looses power. Will stop car and put in park. Get out and check basics Oil etc and ok. Restart car no problem. Put in drive wont go. Put in reverse will go. Stop, put in park. Put in drive will go. The D4 light on dashboard flashes on and off.

Sounds like there's a transmission problem there. Maybe try a transmission flush and fill to see if that solves the problem for about $100. If that doesn't solve the problem a transmission rebuild is probably the way to go to fix the problem.\0 ... 1995 Honda Accord

Car stopped while driving. car can be pushed forward & backwards while in drive or reverse. car wont restart

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1996 v6 3.0 taurus and my car turns on and you can accelerate the car but it wont move and i can put it on which ever gear and it wont grab the gear. i tried putting it on neutral and drive and reverse and it wont do anything

Hi, if this is a manual car, with clutch, then your clutch plate is worn and needs replacing, if it is an automatic, locate the dip stick for the fluid, while the motor is running, check fluid level, if it is not showing on dip stick you need to fill ... 1996 Ford Taurus

My 2002 Maxima GLE wont go in Reverse. When I place in Reverse the engine revs but the car does not move. The car has lost power while in Drive and the RPM's will not exceed 3,000 RPM. Does this mean I need a new Transmission..???

If your`check engine light is on, have the codes read to find out what is causing your transmission problems, but yours seems to be a common problem, the usual symptoms of a failed speed sensor in the 00-03 maxima. Have it checked out. ... 2002 Nissan Maxima

I have a 99 pontiac bonneville the transmission will go into reverse and drive fine but afte i get going and it gose to shift into 3rd it falls out of gear and wont move and no reverse but i can kill the car and restart and the car will go back in gear and pull fine for 1 or 2 min then back to nothing

... 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

Automatic transmission when i put the car in drive it wont take off but when i press the gas and get the engine to about 2 thousnad RPM then it will drive and take off it was doing the same with reverse but for a while the reverse straighten out then it started up again.

Sounds like you might have a sticky valvebody \015\012before i would do anything major try some trans tune ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

2000 olds intrigue 3.5 trans worked fine shut car off next day car wont move in drive worked in reverse if you start in first and slowly shift up drive will work but if you accelerate to fast trans will slip is there some sending unit that might be screwing up or is the trans just shot thanks broape

Sounds like the overdrive is stuck,or the lock up converter,look for a (I think it is a four wire connector)on the transmission,unplug it,and see if it will drive,you just will not have over drive,let it cool down first,or it will not come out of loc ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My car only shifts when i first start it but its still sluggish, and then when i come to a stop,it wont shift at all. I have to cut the car of and let it sit, in order for it to shift into gear for me to move it. when at a stop, it wont shift in reverse, or drive. Someone told me to change the transmisson filter. What do i do?

The trans filter won't help you\015\012\015\012Most likey you need to rebuild the transaxle,if it is 13 years old. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Not shifting i have a 94 v6 camaro my drive shaft came off on the freeway i replaced it with a new one i tryed driving it it wont shift out of first and it dose reverse power on the car feels realy weak i dont want to drive it because im afraid of the tranny messing up also the speedometer stoped working

Have you checked your automatic transmission fluid. If the shaft came out of the tail of the transmission, you loose fluid and that's what it sounds like as far as the symptom you described. As far as the speedo not working, I would check all your co ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

After a timing belt, tensioner and water pump replacement, car wont shift to 3rd and 2nd gear, also engine vibrates when in drive or reverse. Car was operating fine, I did the timing belt job as a pr

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Front wheel drive car back wheels wont tunr when in reverse -everything fine going forward

... 2005 Kia Sportage 2.7

2005 monte carlo, car wont move when i push gas in drive or reverse, engine running

... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Car wont go in to drive or reverse. starts and shifts fine

If you have no drive or reverse you have nothingCare to explainTime to save your money for a rebuild ... 1997 Ford Expedition

Car wont drive in reverse

Hello;\015\012 This is one of the answers you wish was not. The no reverse condition is an intenal transmission problem. It is either in the valve body or the transmission clutch pack is burnt up. you will need to take it in to a qualified ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

Please help i have 97 cavlier 2.4l dohc z24 and sometimes when i turn the car on and put it in to drive and depress the gas pedal the car wont move sometimes it stalls does the same thing in reverse

... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier
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