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Replace broken wheel studs on 1997 ford sho front wheel can't remove top center bolt in axle housing to bacck out broken studs and put in new

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Replace broken wheel studs on 1997 ford sho front wheel can't remove top center bolt in axle housing to bacck out broken studs and put in new

... 1997 Ford Taurus

My 1999 Expedition has a broken rear wheel stud. I punched out the broken one easily, but there is not room between the hub and backing plate to insert the new one in. I took the 4 bolts out holding the backing plate to wiggle it, but still not enough room. The new stud is same length as the originals. Is there a trick or do I have to pull the axle to clear enough room? Hope not.

Pull the axle is the only way ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Repairing broken stud for exhaust manifold. Have new gasket. Two gaskets r on when I pull manifold. Should I put multiple gaskets on when I bolt manifold back on are just the new one ?

Hi, no you only need to put the one new gasket on your bought you may find that the 2 you took off could have just been one gasket that has split into 2, some of the older asbestos gaskets where made in 2 halves and they did split so this might be wh ... Honda Accord


After you take off the tire and calipers and rotor use a hammer and tap it out then you just tap in the new ones ... 2000 Honda Accord

When I bought the car, the previous owners put a head gasket. He didn't tell me that he broke two bolts (sp? I'm a woman) in each end. When we drove the car, it began leaking from the two corners where the bolts were broken. That's what overheated the car. My son didn't put any water and it overheated the car. We had it repaired and the mechanic put a new head gasket and put two bolts in each corner and had it fixed. He put it altogether. The repairman also changed the oil, put some new oil, and

A hydraulic lifter can internally fail and not open and close the valve it serves as fully as it should. If a lifter is not going up and down at all, then the lifter and the camshaft have failed. That is serious and expensive to repair. Either condit ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

How to replace front broken wheel stud on a '02 jeep grand limited 4x4...steps involve to replace the bolt with a new one? thanks!

Remove wheel, brake caliper and rotor. Give the broken lug a good shot with a decent weight hammer and drive it out of the hub flange. Put new stud into hole, place a stack of washers on it and place the lug nut on backwards (flat side in)Use o ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Car almost died at intersection. Did want to stay running. Then slowly gained momentum. Drove home. turned it off. Restarted it no problem. Next day car won't start. Put in new battery, still wont start. Put in new starter, and tried to start. Broke of the little bell housing on top. Checked old starter. is fine. put in and loosened fly wheel to restart attempt and rule out transmission. Broke of bell housing again. Could I be putting the starter in wrong


Need to replace rt. front axle shaft bearing on 2wd ford escape. I have brake disc off and axle nut off. I have new disc, hub, bearing and nut. how do I get the hub and bearing out of the housing? the snap ring is located on the engine side of the housing or right behind the bolt hub? or if everyhting is heated up, does the bearing assembly and axle shaft pull straight out of housing? thanks, tom

\012Welcome to FixYa.com\012\012 i need to know year , make , model, including engine please\012\012\012Thank you for Using FixYa.com \012\012Kind Regards, Lee ... Ford Escape

I have a broken bolt (passenger side) on the thermostat housing and need to replace the thermostat. I've tried drilling out the bolt and extracting it with an easy out but no luck. Th remaining bolt kept it from leaking until I cleaned everything up but now I can't get a good seal and don't want to risk breaking the stud with bolt attached on the right side because an important bracket is attached to that stud and also to a throttle mechanism. any suggestions as to how to remove the bolt or

There is a new kind of easy out .. the old left hand spiral design doesnt work somtimes .. the new one is much better (more of a straight rib) ... use penitrating oil a few hours before attempting to remove .. \015\012\015\012in an emerge ... Cars & Trucks

2 of my wheel studs broke off on the same wheel on my 2000 grand prix, can i take 1 off another side and put on it till i can get a new 1?

Yes you can, i worked long time in tyre fitment garage in south africa, some of those cars have only 2 studs keeping the rim to the hub,but check if the stud is tight regularly. ... Cars & Trucks

I need some help on puting back together a passenger side front wheel axle for a 1995 volkswagen passat glx. i ordered this axle from a junk yard throght the mail and when it arrived it had all the ball bearings out of it. i tried putting the bearings back in the housing and adding grease and then i installed it on my car. the problem is that the axle will not flex at the transmission end so it can bend down some so it will go into the wheel hub. i suspect that i am not assembling the bearings i

It is recommended that the balls go back into the grooves each of them came out of. You cannot do this since it was already in pieces when you received it, It is therefore preferable that you rather replace the joint with a new on. (Using 2nd hand o ... Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1997 gmc seirra 1500 4 wheel drive i just put a new actuator in the front axle for the 4 wheel drive but wen i push the knob on the floor into to four low and put the truck in drive it jumps foward like its working and sounds like its working but the wheels will not pull

... 1997 GMC Sierra K2500

ABS indicator light came on soon after I replaced brakes. Dealership said computer indicated it was a wheel speed sensor. After disassembling my right front wheel, brake and caliper setup I discovered the real problem. One of the two caliper bolts had jiggled loose and fallen out so it was messing up the sensor. I replaced the bolt and put it all back together. It works line new but now I need the ABS light to turn off. Can you help?

Unhook the negative terminal on the battery for an hour. This will reset the code. ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Dismantling daughters Suzuki Alto 1989 to fit new head gasket due blown between cyl 2&3. Success removing inlet manifold after long time on lower center bolt. Considering if it should have been a stud? Cannot get direct access to front pulley on c/shaft.How is pulley removed to allow cam belt dismantle? Lift the body a little to get access for socket onto c/shaft bolt? Fri 6 Aug today 5pm so monday & L8tr later soonest for parts, here in central north island New Zealand. Have no technical da

... 2005 Suzuki SX4

Replacing auto trans in a v6 vn commodore.Can i leave my torque converter bolted to the flywheel and then attach the new gearbox? or can i put a paint mark across the flywheel and converter remove bolts and fit new trans and old converter together lining up the paint mark to keep the balance right? This is a rear wheel drive australian gm car.Sorry the car isnt a buick but it wouldnt let me post as a Holden.It does have a v6 motor that was derived from a Buick V8

Well You have a good car there so look after itas we make them 100% OK \015\012You dont have to mark the engine backing plate but you do have to take off the converter and leave it on the g/box and take it all out as 1 unit,,if you dont then ... 1990 Buick LeSabre

Broken back axle:structural damage? I got hit by a drunk driver and point of impact was back panel/rear wheel. The wheel snapped off about a foot along the axle. Insurers are looking after it but I'm trying to figure what structural tests I should get to be happy with condition if the cars not a write-off. How can I be sure the insurers don't save money by putting me back into a car that isn't quite right?

Sorry about your accident.Thats a good question.Take the car to several autobody shops for estimates if its possible.Perferably ones that have worked on Jaguars like yours.You have the right to choose the shop you want to work on your car.Any compete ... 2007 Jaguar XK8

Im changing a wheel bearing on 92 isuzu rodeo with c locks on the axle. i took the differential back plate of and drained the fluid. i went to take the pinion shaft lock bolt off and i broke the bolt in the center of the bolt. now i cant get the rest of the bolt and pin out. what can i do to get the bolt and pin out of the pinion shaft.

... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

Hyundai accent xs 1300 1998. Need the torque specs on head bolts, fly wheel, main bearing and big end bearing. Also need to know if the head bolts is strech bolts and do I need to put in new bolts

... Hyundai Accent

Broken wheel stud on the left front wheel-

Try spinning the hub around to different spots to see if you can wiggle it out. ... 1998 Honda Civic

Just had harmonic balancer put on and new belts he fogot the loctite glue so now has to undo bolt and put that on dur! but i am hearing a squeak in the wheel right hand drivers side AU car of my 1997 626 mazda v6 It starts as I accelerate and seems to stop for a bit when I put brakes on any clues much appreciated yes im a girl lol

It sounds like your brakes need to be replaced. the squeaking is actually a brake pad indicator rubbing on the rotors letting you know that the pads are low an need to be changed soon. if you let this go on for too long you may damage the rotors and ... 1997 Mazda 626

2000 mustang v6 3.8 automatic. Have a vibration gets real bad at 55 can feel it at lower speeds but not as bad balanced the wheels had a new rear end put in u joints are new tires are new. Almost seems like a vibration and a rubbing center console shakes.

... 2000 Ford Mustang

Looking for the motor mount bolt that is on the passenger side (mount is held on frame by 4 bolts) the large bolt large i need is thru the center of the mount into the engine,with access thru the inner fender of the right front wheel housing. 2003 pt cruiser std 2.4 engine.either the part number or size would be of great help.Thanks,chuck

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Hi, my '99 9.5 has new problem. I start then within 30 secs the main warning light, Brake Warning, Handbrake Warning, ABS Warning and AIR Bag Warning lights come on and I seem to loose AC cooling. A couple of times if I put all lights on, the fault disappeared. A couple of times if I hit the steering wheel housing hard (the well known act of SAAB owner frustration!) the fault disappeared . I have pulled housing apart to see if loose connector - nil. Fuses are OK. Any ideas? Would faulty ABS mak

Sounds like the ignition switch is defective, not the key cylinder buy the actual electrical switch the key operates, the symptoms are exactly like the ones stated for a defective switch, I recommend you replace it. ... 1999 Saab 9-5

Car tire I have a front tire that is flat and the bolts will not come off. did they put a L key with cars made in 1992? Also which way do you turn the bolts to come off to the front of car or to the back of the car? Will I need a new tire rim as I drove on flat a few blocks and also are 1992 rims aluminum or steel? what else damage could of occured with the wheel thing? Thankyou

Sounds like the lugnuts have rust on them inside. Or someone way over tightened them to begin with. The lugnuts come off counter clockwise. The rims on your 92 are aluminum. There is a possibility of the rim is damaged to the point of not working. bu ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 I put a new slave/throwout bearing in. I went to put it in gear and the stick shift is stuck in the neutral position. It won't go into any gear. When I start the truck, it is stuck in reverse. I jacked it up and pushed in the clutch and the wheels stop fine. The only thing I can remember doing was turning the driveshaft to line it up with the 4 holes on the housing without the stick shifter in place. Could this have thrown something out of alignment?

Sounds like you missed the ball socket inside the transmission housing. Remove the shifter and look closely. Remember pivoting will position the socket opposite the direction of movment of the shift lever. Insert the ball of the shifter correctly in ... Ford Ranger
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