Having problems with your 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab ?

Had it scanned it reads p0016,p0353,p0508,p0344 and p0340. had the crankshaft pisition installed and a sensor bank 1 that goes on the muffler pipe but have a same problem

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Had it scanned it reads p0016,p0353,p0508,p0344 and p0340. had the crankshaft pisition installed and a sensor bank 1 that goes on the muffler pipe but have a same problem

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Installation of the Lexus ES300 muffler consists of course of the muffler and bolts to attach the muffler to the tail pipe, it also has wax like donut which is inserted into the muffler where the tail piple meets. My problem is there are a couple of long springs that go either between the muffler and the tail pipe OR on the tail pipe side. Which ever way it goes the bolts go through the springs to (I suppose) ensure proper spacing to ensure the wax like donut is not over compressed. The question

... 2000 Lexus ES 300

My car is rocking back and forth,almost like its choking but only wen its in parked or not moving and goes away when driving. also wen i put it in drive it accelerates without me pushing on the petal. and will keep accelerating. i noticed that my muffler was trapped under my bumper and i removed the sheet of metal that was blocking the exhuast pipe and the problem is still happening. any suggestions or tips i can do to my car will help me alot since money is to tight for me to afford a mechan

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I have a 2004 Grand Caravan with 140,000 miles. I have had a front end alignment that checked out fine as well as having the vehicle scanned and there are no motor problems the only thing that came up was the need for a new gas cap however, sometimes when driving between the speeds of 60-80 the vehicle goes into a vibrating shake. This at times disappears for weeks at a time. It is something like what you would hear with a muffler problem but the muffler checks out OK. Any ideas as to what

My guess is worn drive axle components. If the inner joints next to the transmission on the front drive axles get worn it can cause a judder or shaking at certain speeds. Sometimes this judder or shake happens after good axles are ruined after hittin ... 2004 Dodge Caravan

Hello. I am having an issue with my power steering on my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix. The fluid is rapidly leaking out and I believe the culprit is a leaking pipe. The leak is right where the pipe meets the fluid reservoir so I believe it might be a faulty O-Ring. The fluid is dribbling out quickly and not spraying out. Has anyone else had this problem before and would the O-Ring be the culprit usually. Also, what is the average cost for the metal pipe that goes to a hose that I assume attache

Check the resevoir has they do tend to crack at the bottom.If its the return pipe then change the O ring. ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 chevy impala 3.8. i am having problems changing out my [ thermal bypass pipe o ring seal] This is a little black plastic pipe with o ring on each end, a elbow shape piece. [[ i can get one end in, the end that goes into the back of the engine head, but the adle tension housing i might call it, i can't get that end to go in. do i have to remove that tension house to allow that bypass pipe to snap in place ?

Yes, you have to remove the tensioner to install the elbow. There is another fitting that goes in the other side of the tensioner that you may also need to replace as they tend to get damaged when removing the tensioner. I would replace both at the s ... Chevrolet Impala

I have an exhaust leak in my 98 ford ranger 3.0 auto long bed that I can not seems to solve. I have replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets, egr tube, and the muffler which all were leaking. I have taken the vehicle to two different muffler shops and they were unable to find any leaks in the under side pipes, muffler, converters. Is there anything above the exhaust manifolds that might cause this problem? As stated, I did replace the egr tube coming off the drivers side manifold and also repla

Have a smoke machine used on the exhaust system\015\012\015\012If your not familiar with one,they were designed for finding EVAP Leaks,and can be used for lots of things. \015\012\015\012A muffer shop with no smoke. That is Fi ... 2008 Ford Ranger 2WD

My 2000 durango 4.7 keeps throwing cod p0149. when i drive it down the highway it is fine but around town the check engine light comes on and it starts idling way rough and blowns heavy bleck smoke out the tail pipe it also has a kind of sulferic smell. but once it cools off and i reset the light it goes away. the shop just replaced the o2 sensors plugs and air filter. what else could be causing my problem. every once and awhile it also shows a code refering to vacume leak or fuel problem

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Mk4 golf gt tdi. Alarm keeps going off due to the car thinking the boot is open, the luggage compartment open light is permanently lite on the dash board however it goes off when I press on the brakes and comes back as soon as I release the pedal, I've removed the cover and checked the washer pipe all is fine I changed the boot latch for a new one and the problem still persists, sounds like a bad earth to me but no idea where, any ideas? Very annoying as the alarm continuously goes off :( only

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My check engine light has come on. I went to auto zone and they hook up the diagnostic computer. The code came back as bank one and bank two. I replaced the mass air flow sensor but when plugged in my explorer putters to almost shutting down. If I unplug from the sensor my explorer goes back to normal idle. What could my problem be?

It could be a bad one take it back and request a new one also you could try un hooking the\015\012battery for 5min so it clears the computer then hook it back up ant see if that works for you\015\012\015\012hope this he ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 1994 toyota pickup. When i get on the freeway, it sometimes wont shift into 5th gear for a while. It does do it eventually but its a bit sticky. It gets up to 4th just fine. Its 5th that is the problem. What do you think the problem could be?? Also when i first start her up, there is a bit of smoke that comes out the tail pipe. It goes away once shes warm. What do you think this is??

You've a gear box problem.Stop the car and repair it or substitute for a rebuild one (much cheaper). ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1966 Chevy Blazer ,73000 miles.. I have had 2nd fuel pump in new trottle sensor, and wiring to throttle done. . I was told i need new muffler, tailpipe ,and fuel tube where the fuel goes in cause its leaking. The problem is the the check engine light comes on then later stall when at a stop or driving.. Now being told it needs a computer part possible.. Could any the parts needed be the cause or the computer part ?.. This a intermittant problem

... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

After receiving the error code p0036, (Heated o2 sensor 1 Bank 1) I replaced my o2 sensor, Cleared the computer and drove it for a day in a half.... Then the Check Engine Light came on again. After checking the code for that problem it came up P0046 The OTHER o2 SENSOR, (Heated o2 sensor 1 Bank 2) so I thought that maybe when one goes bad, they both go bad... So after replacing the SECOND O2 Sensor I again cleared the computer. Again after driving it for a day and a half the **** check Eng

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1995 Mercury GM. Difficult to get going in the morning. Spits, Sputters. Seems to run fine atfter it has warmed up. Sometimes goes dead at an idle The engine light came on. (4) service codes indicated sometype of air flow problem near bank #1. 1 code inidcated that it could be a fuel flow problem. What do u think

Have a carburetor check, especially the air fuel mixture.When the right air fuel mix is attained, you have a smooth idle speed even at low rpm. ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis


The 4.0 ltr. over head cam motors had issues with warping exhaust manifolds. if you have one that will be your problem. ... 2007 Ford Sport Trac Limited

Problem is with temperature control. Even on a very cold day the needle goes up to the top and red light comes on. Had the car to the dealer and he replaced cross-over pipes, thermostat, and and another item I forgot what it was. Cost was very high. Had the work done about a month ago and now it is starting all over again. When I stop at a light the temp gauge goes up to 3/4 and then back down, and sometimes I hear what seems like water sloshing around under the dash. I had the car tow

It may be anything. The good news is that if the cylinder head gasket is blownup, then the temperature goes up and never comes down. If you wil not correct the coolant temperature soon, a bloun gasket will complicate the situation. Sounds like a poor ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The engine sounds very loud as if there were no muffler, therefore I was told I need to replace the "flex pipe". However I think that the problem is something else, possibly with the valvetrain. When you listen to the engine, this sound only comes from the back side of the engine. I have videos showing the problem. Hope this helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYlQPFRuT-A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdOE563FZxs

The flex pipe is located towards the rear of the engine, under the vehicle. It will be very obvious, you mentioned it was loud as if missing the muffler and coming from the rear of the engine. That sounds like a flex pipe and/or front pipe problem. ... Hyundai Sonata

I have got nissan vanette van ,i have done repairing the 3 brake pipes cos is was excessive corroded and after i done the pipes so i did bleed the brake out all the brakes,now the problem is i got is when i press the brake petal is goes half way down nothing till i feel the pressure after the halfway. so i bleed it all brake again now is excatlty the same. i wonder if the master cylinder need replaced it ?? the other thing is the rear compensated valved i cannot bleed that cos the nipple is alre

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2002 ford taurus overheats after aprox 30 minutes drive. Radiator and all refrigeration pipes where cleaned and flushed twice and are not obstructed but problem persists. New radiator fan and a new thermostat was replaced, and not solving the problem. Cant even run the AC for a wile because goes hot faster. Any solution?

Do you know for a fact there is no air in the cooling system and it is full of liquid coolant ? Are the fans coming on with the ac and when the engine reaches 220 degrees ?Is it possible the water pump is failing internally ? ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1994 olds cutlass supreme 3.4 and am trying to replace the egr valve the problem is i am not the one who took it apart and while trying to put everything back together i am lost i need to know if the exhaust pipe goes between the egr and the upper manifold


Mazda sting 323 1600 the hatch back: The problem is that when it is cold, it cannot idle without the foot on the accelerator. Sometimes, goes off at traffic lights. It has a free flow pipe as well.

... Mazda 323

Catalytic Converters It is not a problem. However, I want to know # of Cats 04 Quest has. How many Cats are there? I know there is one cat on each of exhaust manifold. Is there another one just before the main muffler (portion that exhaust pipe's diameter is bigger)? Is this portion considered as Cat?

You are correct. That portion of exhaust is indeed a catalytic convertor. This would be in the rear portion of the pipe with a flexible section that goes underneath the oil pan. Then you have a long muffler and a final muffler in the rear of the v ... 2004 Nissan Quest

Do you happen to know if the 2005 Corolla LE came standard with a stainless steel exhaust?The muffler itself does not seem to be the problem so I am concerned that one of the pipes has rusted through.

No they are not stainless still ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Check engine light on. took the car to auto zone to put it on a scanner. trouble code p0420. catalyst system efficiency below threshold. probable cause; large vaccum leak, fuel system fault, ignition system fault, or failed bank 1 catalytic converter. i put a new catalytic converter with the front flex pipe on. i put a new engine knock sensor on. i put a new oxygen sensor on. i put a new distributor cap and rotor on. light still on. dont know what the problem is

Diagnostic code produces P0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold-Bank 1. Probable causes are listed as follows: 1-air leak in exhaust before rear 02 sensor, 3-Fuel system fault,4-faulty catalytic converter. ... 2001 Nissan Altima

I have a sluggish 1994 suburban. It just started this problem. I can tell when pulling my boat or going up hills. I had just replaced the EGR valve because of the service engine soon light. I had also replaced the fuel filter. I also just had the muffler, center and tail pipe replaced. None of these were done because of it running badly. That didn't start until after I did this stuff.

I would start with this basic tune up procedure. Replacing the engine components secondary electrical circuit parts (plugs,wires,cap,rotor) is considered regular maintenance and will pay off in the end, if not solve your problem all together. In othe ... 1994 Chevrolet Suburban
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