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Why my 1997 ford explorer catalytic converter gets red hot

\015 1997 ford explorer catalytic converter glowing red hot\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Why my 1997 ford explorer catalytic converter gets red hot

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On 2001 ford taurus ses catalytic converters get red hot and i replace front and rear converters and still get red hot

... 2001 Ford Taurus

1999 ford contour catalytic converter getting red hot car running rough no check enginge light on

\012HelloThe engine\012and automatic transmission in this vehicles drive train\012are fully electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM\012(Power Train Control Module). Whenever a problem like this occurs ... 1999 Ford Contour

My 1997 Ford Taurus sho catalytic converter glows red and gets hot enough to catch on fire. Help please.

Usually this means there is way too much unburned fuel in the exhaust. Either the engine is running too rich, or one cylinder is not firing right. You need to get this to a mechanic ASAP. This can ignite the carpeting inside the car, and that would r ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Red hot catalytic converter, motor shaking, and no codes. It is a manual and you have to twice the rpms to get the normal speed. Was told the catalytic converter was clogged. I replaced the catalytic converter and still have the same issue.

Well you could have had a cat converter go bad before thats possible,either you now have a piece of the old broken cat stuck in the exhuast pipe,or you have what i think is a bad ignition module/coil pack and spark plugs causing a major misfire causi ... 2002 Saturn VUE

My catalytic converter gets red hot after 5 min of driving

Yes this could be the fault but you would have a light on the dash in the shape of an engine this is the eml light>engine managment light)this is the computer he is talking about unfortunatley yes it could be costlyit has a lot of miles on it hope ... 2004 Saab 9-3

Would a bad 02 sensor make the catalytic converter get red hot

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Catalytic converters get red hot

If you have a skip,,then thats what killing the cats..If the new one turn red on ya,,you probably already melted the inside..Need to fix the skip before you go any further..They wont warranty the cat if it melted on the inside ... 2001 Ford Taurus

New catalytic converter gets red hot

Have replaced sensors, plugs ,coils catalytic converter, get code p0301 & catalytic converter turns red when it has run a few min. ... 1989 Isuzu Trooper

Car bogs down after getting hot, service engine light flashing, 95 ford taurus gl . I got a computer diagnostic done, said random misfires, and the 2 "O2" sensors. However, the tech told me it was the coil pack. I replaced that, ran well, but today started bogging down again. Seems like could be catalytic converter, acts like it isn't getting gas.

Have the following tests performed : fuel system pressure test cylinder balance test as well as a injector balance test. Preferable an ASE Certified Tech will do the testing.Depending on what he/she says wel'll take it from there. Gotta know why i ... 1995 Ford Taurus

My mechanic is trying to check the ECM on my van and he does not get any data. The guy at Auto Zone could not get any either. Third guy tried with a Snap On anylizer and no luck. Problem started when the engine was bogging down for a few days and finally stalled. When trying to keep it running the manifold turned red hot. He changed both catalytic converters that were clogged and related sensors $$$$. The car will run at an idle for about 5 minutes or when a load is put on it chokes and quits.

The excessive heat that was caused by the clogged converters may have burnt some of the exhaust valves. Burnt valves will cause a loss of power, and if bad enough keep the engine from running. The excessive heat may have also melted the jacket on som ... 2000 Mercury Villager

2002 Ford Escape XLS 3.0L 4WD Firewall side Catalytic gets TOO HOT and melts insides?

Replace all of the ignition coils. You will pay about $450 in parts. That will fix your problem. It fixed mine. ... 2002 Ford Escape

I described a problem with my 1992 Lexus LS400 where the catalytic converters get so hot from raw fuel they turn red. You were kind enough to respond. You suggested changing the cats due to blocakage. I neglected to include in my original description that the cats are new. the problem is raw fuel. I am wondering if the crankshaft position sensor could be the problem. I had the main seal changed a few months ago and the mechanic found some frayed wires on the sensor that he taped. He said the se

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.You've already isolated the problem. It is the crank position sensor. The lousy mechanic didn't even bother soldering the wires. Hopefully the sensor is still okay because its possible that it got ... Lexus LS 400

Two of the catalytic converters of my kia sorento jeep get red hot. My check enging light is always glowing while driving. The vehicle emits a whistling sound on throtling and the vehicle power is ver

If you scan the error codes what does it say? You can get this done at any autoparts store (chain) for free. However it sounds to me like there is some air restriction in the intake that is causing the loss of power and the exhuast is running rich. ... 2003 Kia Sorento

My check engine light stays onTwo of the catalytic converters of my kia sorento jeep get red hot and my vehicle has no very low power

Duplicate see other post. This is an airflow issue at the intake. The vehicle could catch fire. Dont drive it. ... 2003 Kia Sorento

Why my catalytic converter get red hot on my 1992 lexus ls 400?

May be an over rich fuel condition.\015\012Repair the cause first\015\012The converter is as good as dead, as a result of the real issues ... 1992 Lexus Ls 400

When car is on the catalytic converter get red and hot

... Honda Civic

2001 windstar catalytic converter is getting red hot

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I have a 1998 ford explorer v6 4.0 L 4wd which loses power when i get it goin? Could it be the catalytic converter or the O2 sensor?

The exhaust converter could be blockedThey only last 12 to 14 years ... Cars & Trucks

Exhaust after catalytic converter on 94 GMC jimmy gets red hot

Could be pluged exhaust or 02 sensor or cat ... GMC Jimmy

1 - service engine light flashing. 2 - loss of power. 3 - catalystic converter got red hot and plugged. 4 - had plugs , wires and tune-up done. the mechanic told me that the engine is still missfiring and that he could not figure out what was wrong with it.He also told me that I should not replace the catalystic converter until the problem gets corrected or it will get plugged again. any ideas as to what it may be will be apreciated very much. thank you

Check timing' read the codes. get rid of the catalytic and run it and see what happns it could just be that i would also check the timing, and also you valves on the exit side if you havent found any other problems hope it helped ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I want to install a sensor (front) to my catalytic converter for my 1996 Ford Explorer. Where is the catalytic converter located and what do I do?

The sensor is in exhaust pipe before converter, the converter is under car in the exhaust pipe. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have a 97 ford explorer 6 cylinder 4.0 engine...after replacing some of the drums in the tranny it does not shift when it gets hot...the scanner said that the neutral/safety swith was bad...I rep it the same problem...I replaced the valve body same problem when car is hot but getting codes for ss3 and ss4....the tranny doesnt slip but it wont shift but its fine when car is cold,,,

This is a hydraulic leak inside,the seals,or wear on the seal surface.When the transmission heats up,it expands just enough for fluid by pass.The transmission needs hydraulics to shift,and to shift properly.If you can shift the truck by hand and make ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

96 mustang v6 temperature guage reads around the "m" letter on guage, and even at "a" letter on the "normal" area of guage readout....seems like it's running a bit hot, but i'm not a ford expert. I got this car for transportation and it seems to run strong but i"m worried about the guage getting up to 3/4 of the way & sometimes a tad higher. Never goes into the red, but i just got the car and havent really driven it on hot day. Fan kicks on w/ac on and even with it off when it gets up around the

Some of the factory gauges aren't very accurate if the fluid level is good and you get good heat inside I wouldn't worry about it, but I would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't over heat. If your still worried I would go to an auto parts stor ... 1998 Ford Mustang

2002 ford explorer fuel pump relay gets hot - 2002 Ford Explorer

... 2002 Ford Explorer
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