Having problems with your 1997 Ford Explorer AWD ?

1997 ford explorer is clicking when you give it some gas cant tell where its coming from

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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1997 ford explorer is clicking when you give it some gas cant tell where its coming from

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I have 05 ford tarus it's giving me code P1633 and po511. I could start the car but it won't stay on. you could give it some gas and it sounds like air is coming from somewhere. we checked all the gaskets. codes tell me auxiliary transmission fluid temp sensor curcuit low input and output shaft speed sensor circuit range performance. what does that mean and how do i fix it?

Has there been a collision recently? not sure why transmission problem would make engine not run. what do you mean it sounds like air is coming from somewhere? sounds like there is a problem in wiring harness. Ford has had a lot of problems with ... Ford Taurus

I have 06 ford tarus it's giving me code P1633 and po511. I could start the car but it won't stay on. you could give it some gas and it sounds like air is coming from somewhere. we checked all the gaskets. codes tell me auxiliary transmission fluid temp sensor curcuit low input and output shaft speed sensor circuit range performance. what does that mean and how do i fix it?

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I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. After driving 15-20 minuets and coming to a stop the oil gauge fluctuates wildly. Sometimes the check engine light comes on. When I put the vehicle in park and give it a little gas the gauge stops fluctuating. Is this the first signs of a malfunctioning oil pump?

Sounds to me like it could be a bad oil sending unit or gauge. I would take it in to a shop and have them test the oil pressure with their equipment. \015\012If they tell you the pressure is good try changing the oil sending unit first then if ... Ford Explorer Sport

My 1993 Honda accord makes a clicking sound after it's started and given gas. It sputters when you press the gas and you can hear the clicking sound that came from the main relay. I changed the main relay but it still makes that clicking sound that comes from the main relay. I can give it gas and it sputters but when I stop it will coast then I can give it more gas and it sputters.

... 1993 Honda Accord

Ignition will not turn to off and will not start when turned to start makes no noise or click or anything. battery is good starter is good. shifter moves all the time intermitantly. wont come out or go into park sometimes I have narrowed it down to the linkage and the neutral sensor but I cant find any information on how to adjust or repace the linkage and neutral sensor please if you can give me any information on where to find a repair manual that can show me or tell me how to fix these proble

Sounds like ign tumbler or ign switch is bad? If it wont come out of park checkto make sure brake lights are working if no could be brake light swicth which controls the shift interlock which if not working will not allow the shifter to come out of p ... 2000 Ford Escort

My 2005 Ford Escape has shut off twice now when I come to a stoplight. I can restart the engine, but it dies again when I give it gas. I have to put the car in neutral and give it gas, then put it in drive to get going again. I've been putting the car in neutral whenever I come to a light and that seems to solve the problem. But this is a dangerous problem to have and I'd like to know what's causing it. Just replaced the battery and that didn't fix it.

If you have no codes stored then its most likely the idle air control valve that is faulty,, but not being able to see all the strored data in the PCM its only a guess. ... 2002 Ford Escape

P0446 2006 ford explorer xlt 2wd v6 check engine light on, I already scanned P0446 front valve is working and rear solenoid too gas cap tight, but today I run with out the gas cap and the gas cap light didn't come on. I live in Puerto Rico during the day Temperature is around 90's I erase the code after it comes on in the morning and no code during the whole day, but at night or early in the morning during the first start of the day the check engine comes on again with the same code.

Check for any damage to the cap or on the wiring if no damage is visable replace the cap. ... 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Hello i have a 2003 kia spectra, first i am very machanically inclined just not sure exactly could be wrong, car will start right up idle fine, but once you give it gas engine does not respond or rev up, no power, almost like starving for gas, dont have a fuel pressure gauge! but i pushed on vaulve and gas come spraying out, i can hear the fuel pump working under seat, did notice clicking noise ive never heard before coming from what it sounds like the injectors.

Check your w.o.t. (wide open throttle) paddle switch it is located in your intake (remove the airfilter hose and look inside engine side) it signals the computer (tells it the throttle air volume so the engine doesn't stall from too much air/ too lit ... 2003 Kia Spectra

97 ford taurus is slipping in first .it tries to go but losses it drive the more gas i give .and sometimes it will **** in first as i give it gas. sometimes i can put it in low gear and it drive then i put in regular gear and it drives fine once it catches second gear ..sometimes when i come to a stop it will make a grinding sound

Sounds like you are low on fluid if not then it's time for AAMCO to take a look ... 1997 Ford Taurus

My '94 Ford Taurus stalls whenever its idling in neutral or drive, in park its completely fine. When I give it gas in drive or neutral its completely fine and runs perfect but if i come to a light, or slow down enough to where I'm not giving it gas it just dies on me. I've replaced my IAC Valve, my Fuel Filter and my cap/rotor. Help :(

Disconnect your battery black wire off for 1/2 hour reconnect turn on all assesorys lights radio blower start car leave run for 5 min shut off for 5 min idle is controled by the computer the load\015\012 brings the idle up. Should be ok if not ... Ford Taurus

My 03 chevy monte carlo has a po102 code and I know the mass flow sensor connector is bad but will this cause the battery to drain for no reason? I hear a clicking noise coming from the gove compartment area even when the battery is dead and if I boost the car it will start and I can drive it but the next day it won't start unless I give it some gas and it's a very rough start and will cut off it I dont keep giving it gas and then the battery just slowly dies in like a day or so and I have a bra

... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 95 legacy when i turn the winshield defroster on it just clicks like it wants to work but not and i cant tell were the click is comeing from Please hekp its getting cold and i cant see lol

... 1995 Subaru Legacy

I have a 2005 ford mustang (automatic) and whenever i come to a sudden stop..my car will not move forward imediately when i give it gas. When it finally does move, it kind of jumps forward. Also when im driving my car appear to slip out of gear, although im giving it gas it doesn't go any faster..just slows down. I think it may be my transmission, but i just had it rebuilt last year.

... 2005 Ford Mustang

I have a 2000 ford explorer that wont start alls it does is make a clicking sound when i try went to get gas it was running i turned it off when i tryed to start it wouldnt turn over it sound like it wasnt getting enough power or gas tryed it 2 more times slower and slower it sounded then i smelled something like a burnt wire or a nast fart now alls it does is click when i try!!! dont know if its the battery starter or whatever all the lights work gets power

There are a few things it could be. \015\0121) Solenoid is bad, or the starter is bad. Here are the instructions for removing the starter, the solenoid should be atached to the starter so by removing on you get both.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 Ford Explorer

My 1997 ford explorer 4x4 makes a clicking sound when you giv it gas

This is very common on these 4.0 engines most likely is ur rear timing chain tentioner. These engines have 4 chains alltogether. Good luck!! ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

97 ford explorer how can I tell if fuel pump is badwould not start other day friend came over guage showed 1/2 full of gas added more then he sprayed gas into gas line car started and has been runnung fine ever since. Was very hot out when car was not driven. Is this something to worry about? I am afraid to drive my car.

It is ok to drive your car. if it happens again try this hit tank with a stick hard a couple of times and not a piece of steel for the oveus reason (SPARKS) .IF IT STARTS IT MEANS YOUR FUEL PUMP IS ON THE WAY OUT IT IS AN EARILY WARING OR YOU HAVE DI ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have an 85 Ford E350 chassis motorhome that won't switch to the rear gas tank. When the you flip the selector switch at the dash, you can hear a click from the transfer switch on the frame. The rear tank is full of gas. I'm sure there isn't a pickup problem in the rear tanks as the generator's gas feed comes from the rear tank, out of a tee between the tank and transfer valve, and the generator runs fine. The transfer valve is a 6 hose unit. I have heard that not switching between tanks is cau

You should be able to hear the pump in the tank running. If you don't check the fuel pump relay. If you hear the pump running then the line/filter could be plugged. The white relay is the tank selector relay, the green relay is the fuel pump relay ... 1985 Ford Econoline

My car wont start light come on dash works when turn over engine it just click click click then nothing tried new battery dot work i have a 2002 ford taurus please help cant afford machinic

Hello. Begin by cleaning the battery cable connections with emery cloth. do both ends, the ends at the battery posts and the other ends too. Now make sure everything is really tight and try it again. If you still get the clicking sound, your star ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport. I been having problems with my temperature gauge needle it just starts to move up and down rapidly then my check gauge light comes on. But it only does that when I'm pressing the gas. When i come to a stop the check gauge light comes off the the needle spots moving. How much am I looking at to fix the problem and what could it be??

Thats a tough one alota possibilities. best offer is a bad ground. take jumper cables and just use the negative side-go from the batt "-" to the engine and check the gauge. then go from the batt to the body or firewall and try that. if either fixes i ... Ford Explorer Sport

Ok i just bought my 200sx and my check engine light comes and goes after filling it with gas, and now its staying on and my car is a manual and when i shift from like first to second and even third and then come to a stop or if im going down a hill ill go into neutral the engin stays reved but then when i come to a complete stop my car idols fine and sounds so good i cant even tell its on.... Had a cold smoke test done on it no leaks and engine is not knocking.... machanice said it might be a se

It sounds to me like the throttle position sensor is bad. The fuel injection cleaner might not help this case. Since your car newer than a 1996,you will have a computer system known as an OBD2. This diagnoses anything wrong with the car and will set ... 1998 Nissan 200SX

I have a ford explorer 1996 it turns over but wont start its happened about 4 diffrent times it can last from a day to a week i have gotten it towed to a mechanic twice each time by time it gets there its fine they cant find any problem starter is fine battery is fine he even checked wth gas pump gauge it read fine but when it wont start it is not getting gas it is fuel injected its driving me nuts its not reliable i dont know if it will start or not


2002 ford explorer won't start unless you push gas pedal down. Check engine light has come on. Shouldn't have to use gas pedal to start. What could cause this.

You need to have computer diag. done, to see why the engine light is on, any auto parts will do this for free, get back with us with the trouble code number, so we can help you diag. your trouble code. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have 2004 Ford Crown Victoria for a month or so now my headlights click and go on and off, when i am driving at night i have to hold the turn signal back like for the bright lights, thats the only way they stay on and then i will hear a click and they will come back on every once in awhile. They do this through out the the whole trip while im in my car on and off all night it is getting very troublsome and pissing me off, or im going to get a ticket from the cops if i cant find out what i can

Replace the headlamp dimmer switch if holding the directional back get these lights working properly ... 1992 Ford Crown Victoria

I have an 87 ford f150 4.9 six cylinder with dual fuel tanks.the truck sat for awhile [1 year +]. when i first started it ran for a mile or so and acted like fuel problem. i figured it was bad gas from sitting so long.i put fresh gas in rear tank and truck ran fine until rear tank got low again.now tank is full and have same problem like it ran outta gas.i cant hear either fuel pump come on when keyed.

Might be **** in the filter m8 sucked it up from the bottom of the tank, they dont tend to like it!! jezza ... 1987 Ford F 150
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