Having problems with your 1997 Ford Explorer AWD ?

My 97 ford explorer 4 wheel drive flashes and when I turn the wheel it feels like its in a bind and comes to a stop

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Sounds like 4wd is stuck in 4 wheel low follow proper procedure to get in 2 wd update me on status
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My 97 ford explorer 4 wheel drive flashes and when I turn the wheel it feels like its in a bind and comes to a stop

Sounds like 4wd is stuck in 4 wheel low follow proper procedure to get in 2 wd update me on status ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

I have a 96 Explorer and I just tried to use my 4 wheel drive for the first time this year. Right away it seemed to drive "heavy" and eventually the 4WD and 4WDLOW light both started to flash... then go out. I tried to make a fairly tight turn and heard something rubbing (almost like my wheels rubbing my wheel wells) and then I couldn't move. I disengaged the four wheel drive and felt my truck settle (clunked and lowered) and then I could drive again. Thank goodness I was almost at a stop when

When the lights flashed the system was telling u a fault has occured in the transfer case engagement actuator, most likely the motor or the mechanism it operates stuck, have you ever serviced the transfer case? I would do so, that will most likely cu ... Ford Explorer

I have a 1997 chevy 1500 z71! When I shift into four wheel drive, the front wheels load up and start to shovel to one side or the other during acceleration. At slow speed turns, like sharp turns, the front end loads up and stops like the wheels are turning too far or something is binding causing the truck to not move.

Im having the same problem with mine. I thinke it's bad control arm bushings . the a frame is shifting and putting front drive axles in a bind. ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

4 wheel green lights flash on dash when in 2 wheel drive and when I stop from a high rate of speed like coming off the freeway the car gives a whirring noise and then a small clunk like shifting out of 4 wheel drive.

... 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD

I have a 2006 Tahoe z71 and just today it started to mess up, when I turn the wheel all the way its hard to accelerate and if I accelerate it slow it will come to a complete stop real fast, like if the brakes were on but the emergency brakes are not on , and when I'm when I'm driving and I'm coming to a stop you hear a noise that sounds like it might be coming from the brakes. Please help

Chk calibers and replace rubber brk lines to caliber ... Cars & Trucks

My 2003 mountaineer when I drive in reverse and turn will come to a stop if I don't really push on the gas. I have had the wheel bearings changed and the rear clutch fluid drained - that did not work - then had the rear clutch changed with a used one for $1,700. It also happens when I turn sharp going forward in a parking lot. Feels like the wheels are catching. Any ideas? Is this a saftey issue? Thanks, Matt

It sounds like your 4 wheel drive is engaged. whether on purpose or its stuck thats your problem, to double check jack up one of your front tires, if it wont turn then thats your problem ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

My 1998 ford explorer makes a loud noise (like an plane landing,when i take my foot of the accelerator, when i try to turn left or right it makes a loud grinding noise and won't move forward, it has only recently started to do this, it doesn't do it all the time maybe once or twice a day. When i stop the vehicle and change into neutral & select the 4 wheel drive selector by putting it into high or low 4x4 i hear a bang noise, then when i try to drive it is O K but then when i try to stop the noi

I would say your transfer case is on its way out. but it is hard to say that is a lot of info to take in but ya i say tranfer case is toste ... 1999 Ford Explorer

96 ford explore 4 wheel drive. works at first turn s/w lite comes on and it goes into 4 wheel drive after about 5 mins all lites 4w and 4w low litesw flash 6times but car stays in 4w,

... 1999 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem 1992 Mazda 929 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles Anti-lock brake light will light up on the instrument cluster when driving, and stays on. When vehicle is turned off, a whirring sound, like a pump or electric motor running, comes from under the hood in the engine compartment. This continues to run until the battery goes dead. The only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery when the vehicle is parked. Mechanics replaced a "relay wire" and the problem stopped for

Simply tap the black box under the hood on the passenger side. you'll see brake lines goin to it. Thats all I did & it has never happened again. ... 1992 Mazda 929

Is this vehicle worth repairing? My father purchased a 1998 Buick LeSabre which smells like mold (rust under seats and engine on all medal); air bag light won't go off; turn signals don't work auto; car STOPS for no reason - STOPS; really hot spot in middle/left side of steering wheel; no air conditioning; oil light won't go off; when driving sounds like emergency brake engaged; emergency brake pops up and down; gas pedel goes to floor for no reason at times; interior lights come on for no reaso

Check out popular mechanics auto , about dealers selling flooded cars, all the details are there ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

2000 Honda Passport: Clunking noise when coming to a stop and then starting from a stop from the rear end. Read on some other post sites to pull drive shaft and grease the yoke etc. DId that - and seems to be better when starting and stopping in a striaght line. The proble now comes when I turn the wheels, it pops and clunks - so if I am stopped at a light and turn Right (or left) it pops and clunks coming from the rear wheels axle????? Bearings???? I put new fluid in the differential and

... 2000 Honda Passport

Mazda rx8, it ran fine and then while driving just cut out, the red key light came on and when stopped did nothing if try to start, it doesnt even turn, battery fine. the key light comes on for second or two and then starts to flash. tried spare key and also dont work. all other electrical work, hooter flickers etc, as well as dash lights, but not speed gauge if moving. feels like can be imo biliser but why did it cut out totally while driving? is it imobiliser or complete ecu. after ignition t

I was driving my rx8 earlier, and it just cut out, its never done it before, i tryed jump starting it but nothing happened. the battery isnt dead because the radio is still working, could it be the spark plugs ? could that stop the car from starting? ... 2004 Mazda RX-8

I have a 95 Explorer. About two days ago the auto transmission slipped alittle shifting from second to third. Today the O/D off light started flashing and as I was driving the transmission shifted from overdrive to third and then like it shifted to neutral. After stopping and trying to shift from park to drive or reverse it would not go in gear. Only if I turned the ignition off and restart the engine it would go in gear. Then after about 1 mile it would shift from o/d to third and then after ab

Check the gearbox oil to start with as this can cause these types of problems, also have your cars ecu read with a fault code reader ... Cars & Trucks

Mitsubishi L200 Diff problems. The Diff light on the dash is staying on and flashing. If i drive in 4WDL for a few hundred yards it feels like the Diff lock has come on and the rear wheels feel to drag when i turn. The Diff lock shouldn't be able to come on even if i press the Diff lock button, then if i try 4WDH it doesn't want to disengage

... Mitsubishi Pickup

4 wheel drive is trying to engage on its own. light will flash three times . when you turn the wheel its like its in a bind

... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer 4x4 making a loud grinding noise almost like metal grinding and sometimes can hear a noise almost like its rubbing the tire coming from the rear of the SUV it's audible on the inside and the outside of the vehicle there's no fluid leak or Shutter when driving just a lot of very loud noise, it pulls at times when trying to make a U turn it jerked the wheel enough to startle me any idea of what this could be I know I need new pads and rotors could this be the issue?

... Cars & Trucks

Hey I was driving my 2002 mistubishi galant, and in stopped in the middle of the street. Like the wheel was hard to turn, and the brakes were to push on, and everything like the stereo, and lights all come on, but it won start,

Gas pump, timing belt, coil Distributor pickup coil, a number of things, look for the 3 elements, gas spark and air ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Toyota Camry v4 with ABS. When I turn right I hear a rubbing/grinding sound coming from the rear driver side wheel area. It doesn't happen all of the time. If I have been driving for more than 10 minutes it does happen a lot more. The sound stops when I put on the breaks. I believe that it might be the wheel bearings, but before I purchase that expensive part I would like to see what others think.

May be a wheel bearing and one can test this:  Raise vehicle and spin wheel while you hold your hand on the strut-spring.  If you feel a vibration and is different than the other, probaby is your wheel bearing.  Typically a wheel beari ... 2002 Toyota Camry

The truck makes a noise when starting out turning and stopping. I place the truck on jack stands and the front wheels turn count to each other and do move the front drive shaft. Running the truck in drive the front left wheel start to turn then stop and the wheel binds? I think it is a bearing /hub issue - thoughts? Thanks

May be the cv shaft between the diff and the bearing the joint freezes up on 1 cup and it will bind ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

4 wheel drive light flashes on periodically and vehicle feels like a wheel is locked into 4 wheel drive I drove over a set of rumble strips.Shortly after my 4-wheel drive indocator lights blinked on and off periodically. At slow speed in sharp turn it feels like vehicle is in 4 wheel drive. I manually engaged the 4 wheel drive low and then disengaged and it sounded as though vehicle disengaged. Vehicle seemed ok and I drove about thirty miles and then after hitting warning grooves in the middle

... 1996 Ford Explorer

My 98 s10 is stuck in 4 wheel drive low. i started the truck up and the switch went into 4 wheel drive high by itslef then was flashing and went into low. well i couldnt drive it like this so i pulled back in and tried to put it back in 2 wheel drive and nothing, i also tried to put it in 4 high and nothing. Its just like the buttons stopped working, but it is stuck in 4 wheel low. Someone please help

Pull the kick panel on the passenger side. there is a small box mounted there that is the computer that controls the actuator for the 4wd system. this is notorious for problems due in fact that the connector likes to pull out and away from the modu ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I just acquired my parents 2004 ford explorer from them and was wondering if the 4x4 auto comes on automatically or do you have to turn it on? they said there was some problems with the lights in the dash that notify you if your 4 wheel drive is on so just making sure im not driving it around in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement wasting gas because im not sure if it is on or not. And if it does snow does the 4 wheel auto turn on automatically or do i have to turn it on? thanks

Why would or how would a vehicle know it was snowing,\015\012and needed 4 wheel turned on?\015\012\015\012Of coarse you have to select a button to turn it on or off\015\012\015\012That said, it may not be working correct ... 2004 Ford Explorer

I am having several problems with my 93 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4 wheel all the time. First, every time I drive, it seems like it slips out of 4 wheel drive high into neutral, then we have to come to a stop put the regular shifter into neutral then put the gear for all wheel drive back into gear. Do we need a new transfer case? second problem we are having: my computerized panel that tells you when something needs filled, only comes on sometime and when it does stay on it lights up a section near

On your first problem, I would say the transfer case is gonna need some work if not totally rebuilt. You may try checking the fluid in the transfer case to start with. If it is low, the transfer case could be overheating and causing it to jump out ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. It has the Command Trac four wheel drive system. It sounds like it is stuck in four wheel drive. There is no apparent difference in sound between 4 wheel drive high and 2 wheel drive high. Though it will bind while turning in 4 wheel drive. Is there a relay that is supposed to release something in the transfer case as well as the front differential?

Hi, Have you tried backing up for approx. 50 ft to let the transfer case disengage? How many miles are on the vehicle? Any noise? When was the last time the transfer case fluid capacity was checked. Sorry for all the questions. No need to rate this r ... Jeep Cherokee

When i am turning my wheel, my jeep liberty renegade is making a grinding noise in the rear end. Not when i am just driving straight..it happens after i have stopped then start to turn. (left or right) it is louder when i am making a sharp turn...(like when i am in a fast food drive thru) also if i am in reverse and start turning the wheel while backing up. can someone please help me?

... 2003 Jeep Liberty
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